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A king of diamonds

KaroFrench : Carreau ; english : diamonds ; ♦or ♦( four-color sheet ) - is one of the four game colors in the French playing card sheet .

In the German newspaper it corresponds to Schellen Bay schellen.svg .

In older game descriptions, diamonds are often referred to as "corner stones". In Switzerland the color is still called "Egge" ( corner ). The term "Karo" came into the German language in the 18th century via the French carreau and goes back to the Latin quadrum "Viereck, Quadrat".

Character encoding

The character is already included in the CP437 and thus also in the WGL4 . In Unicode a black and a white ♢ diamond are defined:

character Unicode Entity in HTML
U + 2666 BLACK DIAMOND SUIT ♦ or ♦

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Individual evidence

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