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The Pik -Dame in the Anglo-American Journal

The queen is a card value of a playing card that appears in many different card sheets , on which an important woman is usually depicted. It is abbreviated with the first letter of the language in which the respective edition is used. So “D” (for queen ) in the French hand , “Q” (for queen ) in the Anglo-American or “V” (for Vrouw) in the Dutch hand.

In the German newspaper the lady appears as a → waiter .

French sheet

In the French print version of the French sheet , different women are depicted in each color and labeled with a name, Rachel, Judith, Pallas Athéna and "Argine". These are interpreted as

  • Lady of the Cross: "Argine", an anagram from REGINA (lat. Queen ), often for the biblical Mary (" Queen of Heaven")
  • Queen of Spades: Pallas Athene (Greek goddess of wisdom)
  • Queen of Hearts: Judit ( biblical ideal of piety)
  • Lady of diamonds: Rachel (biblical figure as ideal of beauty)

In the card games

The queen's ranking is usually as if she were the number 12 playing card.

In the card game of poker , the queen is the third-best playing card before the jack and behind the king , so there are 10 worse playing cards.

In Doppelkopf , the queens of clubs have a special role in the game process ("old ones").

In the game of Kaschlan , the queen of diamonds is the highest card.

The special "Queen of Hearts"

  • The Queen of Hearts (as the "Queen of Hearts") is an important figure in Alice in Wonderland .
  • Allegedly the Queen of Hearts in the English paper represents Elizabeth of York . In contrast to their French counterparts, however, no real people are officially shown on English cards.

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