King (playing card)

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The King of Spades in the Anglo-American paper

The king is a card value of a playing card that appears in many different card sheets , on which a ruler with a crown (and other royal symbols) is usually depicted. It is abbreviated with the first letter of the language that is used for the respective edition. So "K" for König in the German-speaking area and also for king in the Anglo-American newspaper . When » French journal " with French inscription "R" stands for Roi , in the Dutch journal "H" stands for army.

The king also appears in the German newspaper .

German sheet king Upper Under
French sheet King (R Roi) Lady (D) Jack (V valet, servant)
"American paper" King Queen Jack (previously knave )

The king's ranking is usually as if he were the number 13 playing card. In many games the king is the second highest card, in others (such as the binoculars ) it is worth less than a ten .

In the game of Rummy , you can play 10-Jack-Queen-King, for example, or you can play King-Ace-2.

In the card game of poker , the king is the second best playing card in front of the queen and behind the ace , so there are 11 worse playing cards.

Interpretation of the royal images

In the French print version of the French sheet , different rulers are shown depending on the color :