Jack (playing card)

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The Pik -Bube ( Jack of spades ) in American Anglo-Journal

The jack - also known as a boy or farmer - is a card value of a playing card that appears in many different sheets of cards , on which an important knight or soldier is usually depicted. It is abbreviated with the first letter of the language in which the respective edition is used, ie “B” (for jack ) or “V” (for valet ) in the French paper and “J” (for jack ) in the Anglo-American paper (see below).

In the German newspaper the jack appears as → Unter .

French sheet

In the French print version of the French sheet , the depicted knights are given names, starting with diamonds Hector, "Lahire", Ogier and Lancelot. These are interpreted as

Anglo-American Journal

The boy was in English-speaking first knave ( Scarce or Jack ), but mid-19th century, should be printed as playing cards with identification marks in the corners, it was feared that confusion between the "boys", abbreviation Kn , with the King ( king ) the K is abbreviated. That is why the “boy” was renamed from knave to jack , and the card has been printed with a “J” ever since. Jack was a common name for a simple man, the lumberjack is called, for example, “lumberjack”.


The jack's ranking is usually as if he were the number 11 playing card. Since it is the first card with a face, it is used as the minimum requirement for something in many games. In some forms of poker, but especially on machines , a pair with jacks or better is required to win a game. In the card game of poker , the jack is the fourth best card before the 10 and behind the queen , so there are 9 worse cards. In the game of Skat , the "pawns" are usually the trump cards, as is the case with the pawn . In Doppelkopf , the jack of clubs plays a special role depending on the game variant ("Karlchen Müller"). In Jass , the Jack of Trumps (Swiss German: Trumpfpuur) is the highest of all cards with a value of twenty points, the three jacks of the other colors are worth two points. The Jack of Trumps beats all cards.