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Playing card ace of hearts with three heart symbols, which show the color heart of the playing card.

The color denotes one of the two properties of a playing card , the second property is usually the value . Most map sheets use four colors, represented by one or more symbols on the map. Some decks of cards use additional cards that are not of a suit, such as the joker .

The term color has no connection with the colors of the symbols on the playing cards, except for four-color playing cards . Most card game rules require players to show their colors . With Fehlfarben those colors are called, are not in a game through stocking are.

Colors in the different map sheets

French sheet

The French leaf uses the following colors:

Symbols of color ♣ ♠ ♥ ♦
Germany cross Spades heart Diamonds
Switzerland cross shovel heart corner
Austria Meeting Spades heart Diamonds
Finland risti pata hertta ruutu
Estonia risti poti artu ruutu
France Trèfle Pique Cœur Carreau
Greece σπαθί μπαστούνι κούπα καρό
England clubs spades hearts diamonds
Netherlands clave shop tough ruiten
Denmark Klør Save Hjerter Rudder
Poland trefl spades kier check
Serbia meet spades herc Diamonds
Italy fiori picche cuori quadri
Brazil pause espadas copas ouros

In southern Germany, corner stones are often used instead of diamonds . Regionally also shovel instead of spades .

The value of the colors (descending): spades ( ) - hearts ( ) - diamonds ( ) - clubs or clubs ( ).

German sheet

The German newspaper uses the following colors:

Symbols of color Bay acorn.svg Bay gras.svg / Bay leaves.svg Bay Herz.svg Bay schellen.svg
German Acorn
grass of

Switzerland has its own variant of the German Gazette with slightly different colors and symbols:

Symbols of color Acorn, German-Swiss Sheet, 2.svg Shields suit Fleur.svg RosendeutschschweizerBlatt.svg Schellen Neu.svg
German Switzerland Acorn Shields Roses Ring

Italian-Spanish sheet

The Italian-Spanish sheet uses the following colors:

Symbols of color Suit Bastoni.svg Suit Spade.svg Suit Coppe.svg Suit Denari.svg
German Rod sword Chalice coin
Italian Bastons Spada Coppa Denaro
Spanish Basto Espada Copa Oro


In addition to the major arcana, there are also four rows of tarot cards , traditionally represented by a staff (fire element), sword (air element), chalice (water element) and coin (earth element). Strictly speaking, however, these are only referred to as colors when the tarot is used as a game; in esotericism the terms series or series are preferred.

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