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Spades or also French Pique or English Spades ♠ or ♠(four-color hand) is a playing card suit in the French hand . Symbolically, it is an upside down , black heart with a stem at the bottom.

Spades symbolize a pike or a horse-dealer or a halberd . The card color is Schuufle ( shovel ) in Switzerland and in some German areas, e.g. B. in the Rhineland, called Schüppe / Schippe (shovel). In the German leaf it corresponds to foliage or green, leaf or shovel, called grass in Bavaria. Bay gras.svg

Spades are the second most valuable color in numerous trick-taking games , especially skat , and the most valuable color in bridge .

Word origin

The name comes from the French pique , which means spit or lance. The word for the mountain peak is not directly related to this ( see Piz ). In a saying , spades also stand for resentment.

Character encoding

The character ♠ is already included in the computer character set CP437 and thus also in the WGL4 . In Unicode a black ♠ and a white ♤ spades are defined:

character Unicode Entity in HTML
U + 2660 BLACK SPADE SUIT ♠ or ♠

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