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Kaschlan , Kastellan or Kurrhahn is a simple card game that closely belongs to the category of similar games such as Durak or Dog . It is designed for two to five players. You need a skat sheet for this .


The origin is not entirely clear, the game probably originally came from East Prussia . According to Frischbier, it was a popular Prussian card game among children and women (e.g. in Danzig , where it was called Kurrhahn ).

Rules of the game

Game preparation

The cards are shuffled well and distributed to the other players. Everyone gets five cards. The remaining cards form the deck of cards that is placed in the center of the table. The top card is revealed. This card indicates which color in this round stocking is. The players are now allowed to pick up their cards and the game can begin.

The game

The player to the left of the dealer begins. He (the dealer ) plays with his left neighbor (the taker ). The dealer presents the taker with one or more cards of equal value (e.g. tens or kings). If there are two or more cards of equal value, any other card may be added as a "coachman". However, more cards may never be presented than the taker has in hand. The dealer immediately fills his hand up from the deck of cards so that he has at least five cards. If another player also has cards of the same kind that are on the table, he may add them and then also fill up to five cards.

There are now a maximum of five cards. The taker now tries to stab all of these cards. A normal card (wrong suit) can be won with a higher card of the same suit or with a trump card. A trump card can only be won by a higher trump card. The order of the cards is: seven, eight, nine, ten, jack, queen, king, ace. The very highest trump is the queen of diamonds, also known as the Kaschlansche.

The taker can cut the cards individually.

Example (without trump): The dealer has presented the taker with the diamonds and the eight of spades. If he now has less than five cards in hand, he fills up to five cards from the pile. Another player has the eight of hearts in hand and places it with the other eights. If the slave cards King of Diamonds , Jack of Hearts , Ace of Hearts , Cross Eight and Ace of Clubs on hand has, he can to put the cross to the other eight eights. Then he can play the eight of diamonds with the king of diamonds, the eight of hearts with the jack of hearts and his eight of clubs with the ace of clubs. He cannot take the eight of spades and must therefore take it up.

Only when the taker has cut all the cards presented can he refill his cards from the stack. Then he himself becomes the giver and his neighbor on the left becomes the taker. If he had to pick up a card because he could not stab it, he is not entitled to give. His next player is the next dealer.

The final phase

It goes on like this, and the pile of cards gets smaller and smaller. When there are no more cards there, things get exciting. Because now no more cards are picked up, you have to try to get rid of all your cards. Whoever does not succeed in this last has lost the game.

If a player gets rid of all his cards during the game, it is game over for him. If he was in the role of the dealer, the player in front of him becomes the new dealer and the taker retains his role. But if he was the taker and has tapped all the cards, the next player becomes the taker and the dealer retains his role. In the unlikely event that both dealer and dealer get rid of all of their cards, the new dealer becomes the new dealer after the dealer.

Individual evidence

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