Martin Faber

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Martin Faber (* around 1587 ; † April 13, 1648 in Emden ) was an architect , painter , cartographer and councilor of the city of Emden in East Frisia .


Born probably in Emden in 1587 as the son of the blacksmith and later voluntary municipal rent master Hermann Martens Faber, Martin Faber left his hometown at an early age in order to train his artistic talents on extensive travels in Italy , France and the Netherlands . Among other things, he devoted himself in Rome to the engraving .

In 1616 he settled in Emden as a painter and soon became widely known as such. In 1618 he joined the Emden painters' guild as a member, which later elected him to be their senior man.

From 1626 he was entrusted with a number of important public offices, in 1630 he became Colonel and in the same year President of the College of the Forties, the highest representative of the Emden citizenship. In 1631 he became councilor and a year later deputy for the entire city fortifications and in 1634 city ​​architect.

Until his death on April 13, 1648 he was one of the most respected citizens of Emden and is still one of the most important artistic personalities in the city.

Preserved works of art

  • Liberation of Peter
  • Queen of Sheba
  • Judgment of Cambyses
  • Consecration of alms recipients by Paul
  • Self-Portrait (1613)
  • Portrait of the mathematician Johan Sems
  • Hikers at a castle ruin (pen drawing)


  • New Church (Emden)
  • Port gate (Emden)
    The port gate in Emden