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Fort Napoleon (Ostend) : the painter Heinrich-Otto Pieper (* 1881) installed a painting above a chimney called The Barbarian . It is an allegorical parody of the Bremen Town Musicians

A pastiche [ pɛʁsiflaːʒ ] (of French persifler [ pɛʀsifle ], "taunt, ridicule") is a witty, imitative and often critical Ver spot processing of a genre of an artistic work or a particular state of mind in general. The term is mainly used in the performing and visual arts , especially in literature and journalism.


The form of persiflage combines well with the rhetorical strategies of satire compare, in particular through the stylistic devices of hyperbole and exaggeration . This is not about a content- related or stylistic transformation as in parody or travesty , but the ingenious satirical distortion of content, topics or motifs is in the foreground. The corresponding verb is "satirize (someone)".


Tree swing cartoon
oldest known version from 1973

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A suitable example is Georg Kreisler's "Geh'n ma Tauben poison ...", a parody of spring songs .


While the parody in literature is a comical, exaggerated imitation in the same form but with ridiculous content, imitation of the form is not necessary in the parody. A parody can, for example, consist of changing a text in such a way that the external form is adopted, but the text is given a completely new content. In the case of the parody, on the other hand, the same content with critical undertones tends to be witty and witty ridicule. In the media reporting - often to the chagrin of the artists - wrongly no distinction is made between the two. Persiflage is often used as a synonym for parody or as a generic term for parody and travesty .

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