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Robert James Smith (born April 21, 1959 in Blackpool , England ) is a British singer and guitarist . He co-founded the rock band The Cure (1976) and became the group's front man in October 1977 after Peter O'Toole left . He was also involved in various other musical projects, including a. from 1982 to 1984 as lead guitarist of the group Siouxsie and the Banshees , as part of the project The Glove (1983) and together with drummer Jason Cooper and guitarist Reeves Gabrels as the third member of the band project COGASM.

Personal development

Robert Smith was born the third of four children. He has a brother and two sisters. A sister was married to Pearl Thompson , one of the guitarists on The Cure. Smith was raised a Catholic and attended Notre Dame High School and St. Wilfrid's Comprehensive School in Crawley . He got good grades in high school, but when he started playing guitar at the age of eleven it quickly became apparent that he had found his passion in music. Smith married his childhood sweetheart Mary Poole in 1988, to whom he dedicated the song Lovesong on the album Disintegration . The two decided early on not to have children.

Identification mark

Robert Smith (1985)

Robert Smith often wears smeared red lipstick on stage. The original plan was to wear the lipstick normally. However, after the lipstick smeared during his performances due to closed eyes and the proximity to the microphone, Smith decided to make this his signature mark.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
A Forest (with Blank & Jones )
  DE 14th 09/29/2003 (9 weeks)
Da hype (with Junior Jack )
  DE 90 03/15/2004 (1 week)
  CH 99 02/22/2004 (1 week)
  UK 25th 02/14/2004 (4 weeks)
Not In Love (with Crystal Castles )
  UK 54 December 25, 2010 (2 weeks)

Smith worked with various musicians and groups during his musical career.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s he was guitarist with Siouxsie and the Banshees and released the album Blue Sunshine in 1983 with Banshees co-founder Steve Severin under the band name The Glove . He played in the background vocals on the 1980 album The Affectionate Punch by the Associates . The cure song Cut Here (2001) deals with the suicide of Associates singer Billy MacKenzie in 1997.

Smith collaborated with Blink-182 in the song All of This in 2003 and sang a cover version of the Bee Gees hit To Love Somebody on Corgan's debut album The Future Embrace (2005) with Billy Corgan . At an MTV unplugged show, The Cure played a mixed version of the Korn song Make Me Bad and Cure's Inbetween Days together with Korn .

Contrary to his intention in the late 1980s to never get into the mainstream, which should have happened after the album Japanese Whispers at the latest , Smith is also open to excursions into dance music in the new millennium. In 2004 he sang on Junior Jack's club hit Da Hype and on Junkie XL's Perfect Sky (also as a co-author). He also recorded a cover version of the Cure classic A Forest with Blank & Jones . On the Faithless album To All New Arrivals , the song Spiders, Crocodiles & Kryptonite was a remix of the Cure hit Lullaby . Smith is also responsible for the vocals on Paul Hartnoll's song Please from his 2007 album The Ideal Condition .

In 2010 he contributed the vocals for the song Come To Me by the British instrumental post-rock band 65 Days of Static and for the song Not In Love by the Canadian electronic band Crystal Castles . The following year, 2011, there was a collaboration with the band The Japanese Popstars on their song Take Forever .

year Band / musician contributed to
1979 Siouxsie and the Banshees Band member 1979–1980 and 1982–1984
1980 Associates The Affectionate Punch (album) - backing vocals
1980 The Stranglers The Stranglers and Friends - Live in Concert (Album) - Guitarist on 3 songs (Get a Grip on Yourself, Hanging Around, Down in the Sewer)
1983 The Glove (aka Steven Severin & Robert Smith) Blue Sunshine (album)
1993 Cranes Jewel (Song) - Remix
1997 Cogasm (aka Jason Cooper, Reeves Gabrels & Robert Smith) Orgazmo (film)
1997 David Bowie 2 songs (The Last Thing You Should Do & Quicksand) with David Bowie during his 50th birthday concert
2000 Reeves Gabrels Yesterday's gone (song)
2004 Blink-182 All of This (Song)
2004 Tweaker Truth Is (Song)
2004 Earl Slick Believe (Song)
2004 Billy Corgan To Love Somebody (Song)
2004 Junior Jack Because hype (song)
2004 Junkie XL Perfect Sky (Song)
2004 Blank & Jones A forest
2005 Korn + The Cure Make Me Bad / Inbetween Days (Song) - MTV Unplugged
2006 Placebo + The Cure If Only Tonight We Could Sleep (Live) (Song)
2006 Faithless Spiders, Crocodiles & Kryptonite (Song)
2007 Paul Hartnoll Please (song)
2010 Anik Jean J'Aurai Tout Essaye (Song)
2010 65daysofstatic Come to Me (Song)
2010 Crystal Castles Not in Love (Song)
2011 The Japanese Popstars Take Forever (Song)
2015 The Twilight Sad There's A Girl In The Corner (Song)
2015 Eat static In All Worlds (Song)


In early 2010 Robert Smith played a cover version of the Fain / Hillard song Very Good Advice for the Alice-in-Wonderland soundtrack. After the newly recorded solo Cure songs Pictures of You (Paulmac Remix) for the soundtrack to One Perfect Day (2004), it was the first actually official solo release under the name Robert Smith. In 2010 he covered the song Small Hours for a John Martyn tribute album . This album was released in 2011. In 2012 he contributed a cover version of the song Witchcraft for the soundtrack album Frankenweenie . In 2015, Robert Smith recorded a cover version of The Twilight Sad song There's A Girl In The Corner , which appeared as the B-side on their single It Never Was The Same .

Smith was a guest speaker on an episode of the American television series South Park .

Robert Smith is the subject of the song "Robert Smith in my pub" by Tommy Finke .

In the title role of the film " Cheyenne - This Must Be the Place ", Sean Penn plays a rock star whose appearance is reminiscent of Robert Smith.


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