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Gerrit Schmidt-Foss (2011)

Gerrit Schmidt-Foss (born September 15, 1975 in West Berlin ) is a German actor , audio book interpreter , dubbing and radio play speaker . He is also active as a dialogue book author and dialogue director. He is the German dubbing voice of Leonardo DiCaprio , Jim Parsons , Jorge Garcia , Jeremy Renner , Giovanni Ribisi , Scott Caan , James Van Der Beek , Sung Kang ,Sean Gunn and Wentworth Miller .


Movie and TV

Gerrit Schmidt-Foss is the younger brother of Dennis and Florian Schmidt-Foss . He came to the radio at the age of seven through his eldest brother Dennis. He then took part in radio play productions at the broadcaster Free Berlin and was referred to the Berlin dubbing studios as well as to film and television via the children's agency of Annelie Rohrbeck, mother of the radio play speaker Oliver Rohrbeck . In 1984 he worked in the 13-part youth series Ravioli as Pepe "Lallemann" Düwel. After further guest appearances in children's programs like Bettkantengeschichten and Löwenzahn as well as early evening series like Ein Heim für Tiere und Praxis Bülowbogen , Gerrit Schmidt-Foss was engaged in 1990 for the role of Dieter Lohse in Loriot's comedy Pappa ante portas . In 1995 he passed his Abitur. Until 1996 he played the student Fabian Frosch in a total of 23 episodes of the ZDF family series Our Teacher Doctor Specht .


One of his first big appearances was the cinema production The Last Emperor (1987), in which he dubbed Tsou Tijger as a young Puyi . In 1989 he received a long-term engagement as the German voice of lead actor Jerry O'Connell in the Canadian sitcom Ultraman - My Secret Self (1989-1992). In This Boy's Life (1993) Gerrit Schmidt-Foss was first engaged for the dubbing of the then 17-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio . After changing speakers had been used in subsequent productions, he was again chosen for William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet (1996); director Baz Luhrmann decided that his voice would come closest to DiCaprio's voice. Since then, Gerrit Schmidt-Foss has established himself as the US actor's German dubbing voice.

With a few exceptions, he has also dubbed Jeremy Renner , Giovanni Ribisi and James Van Der Beek since 1997 , including in all six seasons of the youth series Dawson's Creek (1999-2004). In the KiKA documentary series to be continued and in the MDR documentary series My Challenge , he acts as an off-speaker . He was also involved as a speaker in the television documentary 24h Berlin - A Day in Life (2009), which was nominated for the Grimme Prize .

In addition, Schmidt-Foss works as a dialogue book author and dubbing director. He wrote the German texts for the comic book adaptations Iron Man (2008) and Iron Man 2 (2010). He was also responsible for the German version of the family comedy Cinderella Story (2004), for the dance film series Step Up (2006), Step Up to the Streets (2008) and Step Up 3D (2010) and for the video game adaptation Hitman - Everyone dies alone (2007) responsible. He has directed the action film adaptation GI Joe - Secret Order Cobra (2009), the literary adaptation London Boulevard (2010) and the crime film Law of the Road - Brooklyn's Finest (2010).

Among other things, he dubbed the following actors:

Jeremy Renner

Josh Gad

Leonardo DiCaprio

Scott Caan

Steve Zahn

Sung Kang



Audio productions

Directed by Ulli Herzog worked Gerrit Schmidt-Foss at a young age in designed exclusively for children radio program Ohrenbär with. Starring public in radio plays broadcasters he took over also in not the savvy of Boris Vian (WDR, 1998), as well as in the two-part, the Berlin Airlift thematizing documentary radio play Berlin Airlift of Felix Huby and Ulrich Werner Grimm (WDR, 1998). He also took on the leading role of Joshua Ismael Cohen in Stuart Kummer's The Cruise (WDR, 2014). He received several years of role engagements in radio play series as Bibi's friend Florian in Bibi Blocksberg (since episode 68, 1997), as the comforting owl Ezechiel in Elea Eluanda (2003-2009), as Derek Ashby in Point Whitmark (since 2001), Terry Sheridan in Jason Dark's radio play adaptation Don Harris, Psycho Cop (since 2006) and as a narrator in Die Playmos (since 2007) and in the Maya the Bee radio plays (since 2013). Gerrit Schmidt-Foss is also part of the speaker ensemble in the Lauscherlounge and has so far participated in both sound carriers and live radio plays, for example in the three-part Der Trek nach Westen by Oliver Rohrbeck or in the thriller Plan B by Ivar Leon Menger .

As an audio book interpreter, Gerrit Schmidt-Foss set the historical youth book Alexander the Great by Auguste Lechner and the unabridged version of the satire Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift to music . In the also unabridged audio book production of the novel Exposed by James W. Nichol , he took on the role of the psychopathic serial killer Bobby (2010). A compilation of successful stories by children's book author and illustrator Janosch (2011), which Schmidt-Foss interpreted together with Detlef Bierstedt , was published under the title Das Beste von Tiger und Bär . In addition to Maria Koschny , he was in the audio book for “The Poison Diaries. Volume 1 ”by Maryrose Wood . With Vera Telz and Uve Teschner he could be heard in “Dem Himmer So Fern” by Kajsa Ingemarsson and together with Inka Löwendorf he interpreted “Secret Place” by Tana French . In the mammoth epic The Last Heroes , he plays the main role of Count Guildenstern.

Those interested in computer games know his voice, for example, as Prince of Persia in Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time , as Cuano in Das Schwarze Auge - Drakensang: Am Fluss der Zeit , as Valerian Mengsk in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty , as a hero in Arcania - Gothic 4 and based on his serial role of the same name as Xander Harris in Buffy - Chaos Bleeds . He also lent his voice to Jason Brody, the protagonist from Far Cry 3 .

On the 2003 album Die Prophezeiung des Techno-Projekt E Nomine , Schmidt-Foss was a guest speaker on the title Laetitia .

Private life

Gerrit Schmidt-Foss is married and has three sons. The family lives in Berlin.



  • 1998: Golden Screen - Badge of Honor as the German voice of Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic
  • 2011: The Silhouette in the category “Best Dubbing Actor in a Leading Role / Film” as the German voice of Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception


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