Roswell (TV series)

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Television series
German title Roswell
Original title Roswell
Roswell logo.jpg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1999-2002
length 42 minutes
Episodes 61 in 3 seasons
genre Drama , fantasy
Theme music Dido - Here with me
idea Jason Katims
music Joseph Williams
First broadcast October 6, 1999 (USA) on The WB
first broadcast
October 7, 2000 on Sci-Fantasy

Roswell is an American science fiction television series directed by Jason Katims . The pilot is based on the book series "Roswell High", written by Laura J. Burns and Melinda Metz, published by Pocket Books (USA).

The series was first broadcast on television from 1999 to 2002. It is about the high school students Max and Isabel Evans and Michael Guerin, who are not humans but aliens, who crashed on a spaceship on Earth in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico . When Max saves the life of his classmate Liz Parker one day, he draws the attention of the authorities - and the quiet life that the three youths in Roswell have led so far comes to an abrupt end.

The series was released on DVD in 2006 in German-speaking countries. From November 2006 all seasons of Anixe HD in Germany were broadcast in HD for the first time.

Frame story

Zan, Vilandra, Rath and Ava (later known in the series as the "Royal Four") were once members of the royal family from planet Antar. This is part of a planetary system made up of five planets populated with intelligent beings, which initially coexisted with one another in peace. The enemy ruler Kivar attacked his neighboring planets one day and seized control of Antar. Zan, the then king of Antar, his wife Ava and sister Vilandra, as well as Zan's deputy Rath, fell victim to him. After her death, her DNA and human DNA were used to create two sets of alien-human hybrids and clones of the royal four, respectively. In the series, these are Max (Zan) and Isabel Evans (Vilandra), Michael Guerin (Rath) and Tess Harding (Ava). The clones were sent to Earth to protect them from Kivar. They are expected to return one day and restore peace to Antar.

The spaceship with Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess (as well as the other set of clones and their four protectors) crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The US Army found the alien incubation pods and the two surviving Antarians and brought them to a military base for exploration. With the help of a young air force pilot, the aliens and the capsules were able to escape. Nasedo (one of the two surviving protectors) hid a set of clones inside a rock formation in the New Mexico desert. Over 40 years later, Max, Isabel and Michael left their capsules around the age of six. The fourth clone, Tess, which was trapped in her capsule, was later found and raised by Nasedo. Max and Isabel found a loving and stable home with their adoptive parents Philip and Diane Evans. Michael, on the other hand, grew up in the care of a violent foster father who is also an alcoholic.

At the beginning of the series, Max, Isabel and Michael are now 16 years old and students at Roswell High School. They are very careful not to attract attention and always keep to themselves. They know whether their extraterrestrial origin, but not where they come from and why they are on earth.

Narrative style

Although the plot of the series primarily revolves around the fate of Max, Isabel and Michael, Liz Parker predominantly takes on the role of the narrator. Almost every episode contains at least one scene that Liz shows while writing in her diary. Her voice from the off reveals her current thoughts to the viewer, which are intended to announce, underline or evaluate the events of the episode. The pilot begins with a spoken diary entry by Liz with the following words: "I am Liz Parker and died five days ago, but after that it got really crazy." In the second season this narrative style is largely no longer used, for the simple reason that Liz rarely writes in her diary. Instead, her best friend Maria takes on a similar role in some episodes, explaining what is happening in the clique in her own way by addressing the viewer directly via the camera.


season 1

Sixteen-year-old Liz Parker was shot and fatally shot while working as a waitress at the Crashdown Café, owned by her father, as a result of a dispute between two customers. Her classmate Max Evans rushes over and saves her life by the laying on of hands. As Liz discovered shortly afterwards, Max and his sister Isabel and their mutual friend Michael Guerin are extraterrestrials who crashed on Earth with their spaceship during the famous Roswell incident of 1947 . Although she swears Max to keep his secret to herself, Liz tells her best friend Maria DeLuca about it. The unconvincing attempt by the youngsters to cover up the real events in the "Crashdown Café" caught the full attention of the overzealous Sheriff Valenti . From then on, he follows her with the aim of finding out at any cost what really happened in the incident. The FBI also sends various agents to Roswell to investigate the matter as well. The problem of keeping secrecy thus becomes an important topic of the first season and has a great influence on the development of the relationships between the protagonists. A tender romance develops between Liz and Max, while Michael and Maria find each other in a passionate, and often explosive, relationship.

As a result of the events, the three aliens are forced more than ever to deal more closely with their origins. They meet the Antarian Nasedo and the new classmate Tess Harding , from whom they learn that she is one of them. In contrast to them, Tess has the knowledge of her past life as well as her supposed destiny: Accordingly, they are the clones of the "royal four" from the distant planet Antar. Max is the king, Isabel his sister, Michael his deputy and Isabel's companion, and Tess is Max's wife. Your mission is to return to Antar one day and free your people from the bondage of the enemy ruler Kivar .

season 2

After Max , Isabel and Michael found out about their destiny at the end of the first season, the relationships between Liz and Max and Michael and Maria split up in the run-up to the second season. Although the young people try to remain friends, the situation repeatedly creates tension in the group. At the beginning of the season, a new alien species is introduced, the " Skins ", who search for the royal four on Kivar's behalf on Earth, in order to win them over to his side or if they refuse to kill. When Nasedo is murdered by a Skin, Tess finds a new home with Sheriff Valenti and his son Kyle . She begins to settle in with the clique.

Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess learn that another set of clones of the royal four exist on Earth. Their names are Rath (Michael clone), Zan (Max clone), Lonnie (Isabel clone) and Ava (Tess clone). Max represents the recently killed Zan at a summit meeting of the kings of the planets in his solar system, which takes place in New York . Rath and Lonnie try to convince him to accept Kivar's offer of a truce, but Max would have to cede his right to Antar's throne to Kivar. Max refuses. After a subsequent unsuccessful assassination attempt on Max, Rath and Lonnie disappear without a trace.

During the season, Alex travels to Sweden for a few weeks. Shortly after his return, he tragically dies in a car accident. The police find clues that point to Alex's suicide, but Liz refuses to believe it. Through her research, she learns that he was never in Sweden, but lived at Las Cruces College and worked on the translation of the alien book that describes the fate of the "royal four". Although they find the translation, Michael, Maria and Liz initially fail to track down Alex's killer.

Meanwhile, Max and Tess get closer and closer, until they finally sleep together and Tess becomes pregnant. The baby cannot survive on earth, so the four decide to leave the planet, which is now possible for them based on the knowledge from the book of fate. At the same time, Maria and Liz realize that Tess has manipulated Kyle's memories and he manages to remember Alex's death. When she is confronted with this realization in the presence of the others, Tess finally admits to having regularly manipulated Alex's mind so that he translates the book for her. She tells of a deal that Nasedo once entered into with Kivar, which allows her to return home safely as long as she carries Max's heirs and delivers Max, Isabel and Michael to Kivar. Thereupon the group decides to stay behind and watch as Tess leaves the earth with the Granilith, a kind of extraterrestrial escape pod. Max confesses his love to Liz again and resolves to save his son.

season 3

The third and final season is about Max's efforts to save his son. His plan is to find a way to travel to Antar himself. To do this, he and Liz raid a gas station in Utah, in the basement of which he found a huge spaceship that apparently came from his planet. Liz and Max have to flee from the arriving police and end up in jail, which has far-reaching consequences for the rest of the season. When Max later returns to the ship, it is gone. His search leads him as far as Los Angeles, but it finally turns out that the spaceship is badly damaged and therefore not airworthy. Max returns to Roswell disappointed and with the feeling that he has to abandon his son.

Isabel begins a relationship with Jesse Ramirez , a lawyer several years her senior who works for her father's law firm. To the great disappointment of their parents , Max and Michael , the two get married around the middle of the season. When Jesse learns the truth about Isabel's origins, he has great difficulty accepting it, so that the friends fear that he will betray them. The relationship between Maria and Michael gains more depth this season, even if there is another break between them in the meantime. Michael takes a job as a night watchman at a local pharmaceutical company and does not notice that he is being sniffed out at his workplace.

It is revealed that the FBI is still investigating Max and his friends and planning to attack them. Liz develops supernatural abilities due to her healing from Max; Among other things, she gets visions of the future about people with whom she comes into contact, which also makes her the target of the FBI. The situation becomes even more complicated when Tess returns to Earth with Max's son Zan and falls into the hands of the military. She escapes by killing all people who stand in her way. Then she delivers Zan, who has only inherited the human DNA of his parents and is therefore unable to survive on Antar, to Max. She returns to the military base and blows it up from the inside to kill all agents present who are on the heels of Max and his friends.

Max's group decides to flee Roswell together. Before that, Max gives his son up for adoption in order to enable him to lead a normal life. After Liz, Max, Michael, Isabel, Maria and Kyle escape an FBI-planned attack during their high school graduation, they say goodbye to Sheriff Valenti and Isabel's husband Jesse, whom she forbids coming with them.

The last scenes of the season show the wedding of Liz and Max while Liz's father reads in her diary, which he received in the mail and which gives him information about the last three years of his daughter's life. The series ends with Liz's words and her last diary entry: "I am Liz Parker and I am happy."


main characters

Max Evans / Zan

Jason Behr

Max Evans (played by Jason Behr ) is the brother of Isabel and the adopted son of Philip and Diane Evans. In his previous life he was Zan, the king of the planet Antar. Like Isabel and Michael, he doesn't know where he's from or why he's on earth until the end of season one. Max has the ability of molecular manipulation, just like the rest of his alien companions. Even as a child he had the unique ability to heal the sick and injured. In the second season he is able to use his hands to create a kind of protective shield between himself and his enemies. It further turns out that the people he heals, including Liz and Kyle, are also beginning to develop superhuman abilities.

Max is forced to hide his true identity all his life. This makes him a complex character who on the one hand can be very shy and introverted, on the other hand can also be passionate and carefree. Before he even knows that he is the clone of the King of Antar, he takes the lead among his friends. Max has a strong protective instinct towards other people, especially those who are close to him. He always takes full responsibility for his decisions and actions. An important foundation of Max's character (and the series itself) is his love for Liz Parker, with whom he forges a deep, mysterious connection that can never be rationally explained.

At the end of the second season, Max has a child with Tess and learns that from the beginning her goal has been to return to Antar with his heir, which is yet another part of Kivar's plot against the royal four. With the baby in her stomach, Tess manages to escape to Antar using an escape capsule embedded in a rock formation. At the end of the third season, however, she returns to Earth, as her son apparently only inherited the human DNA of his parents and is not able to survive on Antar. After careful consideration, Max decides to put the baby up for adoption. A little later he flees Roswell forever together with Liz, Isabel, Michael, Maria and Kyle and marries Liz in an undefined place.

Isabel Evans / Vilandra

Katherine Heigl

Isabel Evans (played by Katherine Heigl ) is, like her brother Max, her best friend Michael Guerin and Tess Harding, a clone of the so-called royal four from the planet Antar. She and Max were adopted by Philip and Diane Evans. In the first season she begins a relationship with Alex Whitman, but due to Isabel's supposed destiny, it never has a chance to develop. In the second season she falls in love with Alex, who is killed shortly afterwards. Isabel takes a long time to process this loss. In the third season, to the great disappointment of her parents, Max and Michael, she marries the lawyer Jesse Ramirez. She also befriends Kyle Valenti. Isabel sees Sheriff Jim Valenti as a kind of father figure and even asks him to accompany her to the altar at their wedding when her adoptive parents refuse to attend the ceremony.

Isabel is a very popular girl at the school. She hides her friendly side under a facade of arrogance and coldness: She presents herself as an emotional, perfect and unattainable beauty. Isabel is very extroverted and fits into human society with ease. While Michael is considered a rebellious loner and Max is considered shy and quiet, Isabel takes an active part in social activities in Roswell. But deep down she longs for stability and security and would be nothing more than a "normal" girl like Liz or Maria.

Isabel has the ability of molecular manipulation, just like the rest of her alien companions. In addition, she has the special ability to visit the dreams of any person. Later, it is able to invade people's minds, even though it claims it only works when they are asleep.

Michael Guerin / Rath

Brendan Fehr

Michael (played by Brendan Fehr ) is one of the royal four of Antar and the clone of the alien Rath. He is found at the age of six with Max and Isabel and placed in the care of a violent drunk named Hank, while Max and Isabel are adopted by the Evans family. Michael is the group's rebel and outsider, largely due to the circumstances in which he grew up. Despite his intelligence, he is constantly on the verge of being expelled from school. Michael doesn't trust anyone but Max and Isabel and is ready to leave Roswell behind if he has the slightest suspicion that his secret has been revealed. With the help of Philip Evans, Michael can be legally declared of legal age at the end of the first season and thus breaks away from the situation with his foster father.

Although Michael cares as much as Max and Isabel about knowing the truth about their origins, he is obsessed with it and often acts selfish and reckless to achieve this goal. His tendency to act impulsively and make decisions, which often get himself and his friends into trouble, regularly leads to arguments within the group. Despite his negative qualities, Michael is thoroughly concerned for the well-being of his friends. Michael's special ability is to explode things that he is particularly focused on. However, due to his insecurity and inability to control his emotions, he has the slightest control over his powers, which subsides somewhat as the series progresses. At the end of the first season he learns from Nasedo how he can turn his fingerprints into those of a dead agent in order to gain unauthorized access to rooms of a military base.

Michael falls in love with Liz's best friend Maria during the first season, with whom he has an on-off relationship over the course of the series. Michael finally realizes that the earth is his real home, which he does not want to leave because of his love for Maria.

Tess Harding / Ava

Emilie de Ravin

Tess (played by Emilie de Ravin ) is the clone of the alien Ava, wife of Zan, king of Antar. She came to earth with Max (Zan's clone), Isabel and Michael, but left her incubation capsule later than the others. She was found and raised by Nasedo , who was apparently sent to Earth to protect the four from their enemy Kivar. When Tess' character is introduced into the series, the viewer quickly realizes that she is obsessed with Max and the fulfillment of her supposed destiny with him. It is only at the end of the second season that her real intentions regarding Max are revealed. Many years earlier, Nasedo had signed a deal with Kivar that should enable him to return safely to Antar as long as he brings Kivar the heirs of Max (with the help of Tess) and surrenders Max, Michael and Isabel to him. After all, it's Tess who fulfills Nasedo's part of the deal after he's killed at the beginning of season two.

Tess seems to be the only one of the four who has memories of her previous life, although it is never made clear whether these memories are just her own imagination, which she tries to convince Max, Isabel and Michael to gain their trust, or she had actually learned, with the help of Nasedo, to call them up from her subconscious. Their special ability is to manipulate people's thoughts and thus to fool their minds into things that are not real. She is also capable of mind control, similar to brainwashing. Later she is able to bring an illusion she has produced into reality, for example when she kills the “skins” with a fire she has created. This is possibly the same way she blows up the military building at the end of season three. Tess is traded as the most powerful of the clones, as Nasedo promoted her skills from childhood. She tries to help Max, Isabel, and Michael develop their own skills.

Another destructive effect of her ability becomes evident in the second season, when Tess manipulated Alex Whitman's memories for months so that he would translate the Book of Fate of the Four for her, which must enable her to return to Antar to carry out Kivar's mission. The overuse of brainwashing does serious, and ultimately fatal, damage to Alex's brain. Then she lets Kyle help her with the removal of Alex's corpse and manipulates his memories so that he can temporarily not remember anything.

Liz Parker

Shiri Appleby 2014

Liz Parker (played by Shiri Appleby ) is a student at Roswell High School. Her best friends are Alex Whitman and Maria DeLuca. Liz is the typical girl next door. She is very smart and honest, sensitive, self-confident and level-headed. She lives with her parents above the "Crashdown Café", a diner that belongs to her family, and works there as a waitress until the last episode. One day she is shot with a gun by a client and rescued by Max Evans, who she later learns is an alien. However, she realizes that he poses no threat to humans. For this reason, she begins to help him and his friends, consciously renouncing her previously orderly, normal life from the start. She falls in love with Max and ends her relationship with Kyle Valenti, with whom she has only recently met. Liz develops into the "brain" of the clique around Max, Isabel and Michael. She is always able to identify the core of her problems and to find an appropriate solution. But their determination and selfless manner can also be a character flaw that often leads them to make decisions that are fraught with too much responsibility. This is also a trait she shares with Max.

In the second season, Liz develops superhuman abilities due to her healing from Max. In season three, she blasts Tess twice with green energy that she can generate with her hands. Liz also gets visions of the future from people she comes into contact with. At the end of the series, she foresees the violent death of herself and her friends. With this information, they escape Roswell just in time before the FBI agents can kill them.

Max and Liz get married in an unknown location. She sends her diary, to which Liz has entrusted all of her (and Max's) secrets, to her parents to explain the events of the last few years and to inform them that she is now very happy wherever she is .

Maria DeLuca

Maria DeLuca (Majandra Delfino)

Maria (played by Majandra Delfino ) is the best friend of Liz Parker and Alex Whitman. She works next to school in the "Crashdown Café" owned by the Parkers. She is the daughter of a single mother whose main concern is that Maria will make the same mistakes as she did when she was young. Maria often comes across as crazy, silly and sarcastic. She doesn't do very well in academic subjects, but she is a very talented musician and has an interest in photography. Maria is a very loyal friend, confident and compassionate. Among the protagonists, she is the one who initially struggles the most with the burden of secrecy about Max, Isabel and Michael, but still proves an unexpected coolness in particularly precarious situations. Above all, her negative personality traits include her excessive vanity and jealousy, which are particularly evident in her relationship with Michael. However, she is a passionate person who finds it very easy to open up.

Maria falls in love with Michael Guerin, whose initial inability to have a relationship causes a lot of heartache for Maria. A passionate on-off relationship ultimately turns into great love. For them, Michael gives up his long-cherished dream of returning to Antar. At the end of the series, they flee Roswell with Liz, Max, Isabel and Kyle.

Kyle Valenti

Nick Wechsler

Kyle (played by Nick Wechsler ) is the Roswell Sheriff's only son. Nothing is known about his mother. At the beginning of the series, he was in a relationship with Liz Parker. When she meets Max, she breaks up with him. This leads to a temporary enmity between Max and Kyle. At the end of the first season, Kyle is accidentally shot by his father and healed by Max. So he learns of its secret. In the second season you learn that Kyle turned to Buddhism to better deal with this knowledge.

Over time, Kyle fits into the clique and becomes especially friends with Tess, who moves into the sheriff's house after Nasedo's death. At the end of season two, the gang finds out that Tess used Kyle to dispose of the body of Alex, who she killed, and that she subsequently manipulated his memory. Like Liz, he is afraid of developing superhuman powers, which will not show up during the series. In season three, Kyle becomes an important caregiver for Isabel and they become good friends. After a while, Kyle fears he has fallen in love with her, but soon realizes that his feelings toward Isabel are fraternal. In the season finale, he and Liz and her friends flee Roswell forever.

Sheriff Jim Valenti

Valenti takes on one of the antagonist roles in the first season , albeit a sympathetic one. As sheriff of Roswell, he is investigating the shooting in the "Crashdown Café", although apparently no one was injured and the young waitress Liz Parker insists that the red mess on her uniform comes from a broken ketchup bottle. But Valenti finds witnesses and evidence that refutes her story. He turns on the FBI, but after carefully examining the evidence, they exclude him from further investigations. Valenti then clings to Max's heels and soon understands that he and his friends are apparently keeping a significant secret that Valenti absolutely wants to fathom - especially because the FBI is also interested in it.

Despite his general aversion and skepticism towards Max and his friends, Valenti realizes the plight of the young people in the course of the season and begins, without knowing their secret, to protect them from the unscrupulous machinations of the FBI. Despite several attempts, however, the sheriff does not succeed in getting the youngsters to confide in him. It is only when Max falls into the hands of the FBI's special unit that Valenti is finally asked for help and learns the truth about Max, Isabel and Michael. In an attempt to help them, Valenti accidentally shoots his son Kyle, who is then cured by Max. As a thank you, Valenti assures Max and his friends of his unlimited support.

In the following seasons Valenti helps the gang by covering up various of their actions with the help of his professional position. He also invites Tess Harding to live in his house when Nasedo is killed. Through them, he and Kyle reintroduce old, long-discarded family traditions and grow closer again. Valenti is deeply disappointed with Tess' betrayal of her friends at the end of season two. When he resolves a missing person case based on Isabel's dreams, Valenti's actions become aware and he is examined. Since he refuses to provide information about the clique, he loses his job in the run-up to the third season and at times falls into a life crisis. In the middle of the third season he becomes the singer of the local country band "Kit Shickers" and thus fulfills a long-cherished dream.

Valenti is honored when Isabel asks him to accompany her to the altar at their wedding. However, he is replaced by Isabel's adoptive father when he still appears at the wedding ceremony. In the series finale, Valenti gets his son a job in the new sheriff's office, which Kyle refuses and advises him to look for the job himself. Valenti becomes Roswell's new deputy. At the end of the series there is a very emotional farewell to his son before Kyle gets into a van with Max and the others and leaves Roswell.

As the series progresses, Valenti has an on-off affair with Maria's mother, Amy DeLuca, but it remains unclear whether they have real feelings for one another; they never portray themselves as a couple in public. However, this welds Maria and Kyle together somewhat, as they often joke about their parents' relationship. Valenti also accompanies Amy to prom at her children's school. In the third season, he shows interest in much younger women, which Kyle is very embarrassed.

Alex Whitman

Colin Hanks

Alex (played by Colin Hanks ) is Liz and Maria's best friend. He is not let in on Max's secret for a long time, which creates a lot of tension between him, Liz and Maria. He falls in love with Isabel, but his feelings are not properly reciprocated. In the second season he disappears to Sweden for four weeks, supposedly as part of a student exchange program. Shortly after his return, he dies in a traffic accident. It turns out that he was forced by Tess to translate a book intended to explain the "royal four" how to return to Antar. Using her power to manipulate thoughts, she subjects him to regular brainwashing until he suffers permanent brain damage and dies. She then uses Kyle to help clean up Alex's corpse and manipulates Kyle's memory in the process.

Jesse Ramirez

Jesse is a 26 year old attorney employed by Philip Evans' law firm on Season 3. He has a secret relationship with Isabel, who is 18 at the time. Against her parents' wishes, Isabel marries him in the middle of season three. A little later, Jesse learns the truth about Isabel's origin, which causes a temporary rift between them. Jesse moves out of the shared apartment and is contacted by the FBI, who want to use him to get to Max, Isabel and Michael. Contrary to expectations, he protects Isabel and her friends, which welds the couple back together again. When the gang flees Roswell at the end of the series, Jesse wants to come with them, but Isabel persuades him to stay behind.

Supporting characters

Philip and Diane Evans

The Evans are the adoptive parents of Max and Isabel. They raised their children very lovingly without knowing their true origin. Isabel has a particularly close relationship with her adoptive mother and hates having to lie to her all the time. Throughout the series, Philip and Diane receive various suspicions about their children, but only investigate them in the third season, which leads to disputes between parents and children. Philip Evans in particular begins to distrust Max and Isabel and at times downright stalks his children. At the end of the series, Diane and Philip finally learn Max and Isabel's secret, which they seem to be handling well.

Jeff and Nancy Parker

Jeff and Nancy Parker are Liz's parents and owners of the Roswell Crashdown Café, where Liz and Maria work as waitresses during the show. Liz doesn't have a particularly good relationship with her mother, although they hardly ever quarrel. The relationship with her father, on the other hand, is very trusting and cordial. Although he loses trust in Max in the third season and forbids him to interact with Liz, he finally agrees, out of love for his daughter, to give him a second chance.

Amy DeLuca

Amy is the mother of Maria, whom she resembles in many ways. She was left by Maria's father when she was very young. Amy has an affair with Sheriff Valenti during the series, which initially seems very strange to Maria, but the relationship between her and Jim does not seem to work. In the second season she is taken hostage by Brody along with Liz, Maria, Tess and Max. To erase her memories of it, her memory is manipulated by Tess. Shortly thereafter, she shows signs of confusion in the form of self-talk about the hostage-taking. This makes it possible for Maria and Liz to identify Tess as Alex's murderer.

Deputy Fischer and FBI Agent Pierce

Agent Pierce is a member of a special FBI unit that specializes in hunting down aliens. He is first mentioned by Kathleen Topolsky, who warns Max and his friends about him. He is considered particularly ruthless and cruel. After Topolsky's murder, Pierce is summoned to Roswell in her place to arrest Max. Disguised as the new Deputy Sheriff Fischer, he hangs on Max's heels. Pierce finally manages to kidnap and torture him before his friends save him. When Pierce follows them, he is overwhelmed and taken to the UFO Center in Roswell. When he is freed by the unsuspecting Kyle Valenti, there is a hail of bullets with Jim Valenti, in which Pierce is killed. His body is buried by Valenti in the New Mexico desert. Nasedo takes the form of Pierce for some time to cover up his death and infiltrate the FBI.

Kathleen Topolsky

Julie Benz

Miss Topolsky (played by Julie Benz ) is a teacher at Roswell High in the first season. She works for the FBI and is supposed to scout out Max and his friends. When her cover is blown, she is pulled out of Roswell. Months later, she reappears, visibly mentally battered, and warns the gang about her own people, especially about the ruthless agent Pierce, who is after her. Kathleen is tracked down by the FBI and placed again in a mental hospital from which she allegedly escaped earlier. A week later she dies in a fire there. It is believed that the FBI murdered her and so successfully covered this up.

Ed Harding and Nasedo

Nasedo is an alien from the planet Antar and came to earth as one of four protectors of the clones of the "royal four" with a spaceship that crashed over Roswell in 1947. Two of his companions did not survive the crash. He, a surviving Antarian, and the two sets of clones were then taken to a military base by the US military. With the help of a pilot, they managed to escape. Nasedo hid a set of clones inside a rock formation near the crash site. The other set was brought to New York City.

Nasedo does not contain any human DNA and is therefore not in a solid form. His shapeshifting ability allows him to take on the appearance of any human. He killed a number of people while on the run from the FBI. At some point he made a deal with Kivar to turn Max, Isabel and Michael over to him. In addition, Tess Kivar is supposed to bring Zan's heir (Max), whom he will shape according to his ideas and use as ruler over Antar. Nasedo ensures that Max, Isabel and Michael leave their capsules earlier than Tess, then takes the latter into his care and prepares them for their assignment. In the series, he poses as a government employee named Ed Harding, who, along with his daughter Tess, has just moved to Roswell for work. At the beginning of the second season he is killed by a "skin".

Brody Davis / Larek

Brody Davis becomes the new owner of the UFO center where Max Evans works for season two. It is known that he is regularly used as a puppet by an alien named Larek in order to be able to communicate on Earth. This also explains why Brody adamantly claims to be regularly abducted by the aliens. Using Brody's body, Larek attends the New York Summit of the Kings of the Planetary System of which Antar is a member. In a conversation with Max, who is also present, Larek reveals that he and Zan (from whom Max is descended from) grew up like brothers and were very close. Back in Roswell, Brody invents a device with which he can retrieve the missing memories of his kidnappings and thus uncovered Max's secret. In doing so, he sustains brain damage and becomes dangerous for his fellow human beings. In order to wrest a confession from Max, Brody takes him, Tess, Liz, Maria and their mother and Maria's cousin hostage. Max finally convinces Brody to heal himself from him and thus make his memories of Larek disappear. At the same time, Tess manipulates Brody's memories of the hostage-taking.

Brody is the single father of a daughter suffering from cancer. She is cured by Max while she is in the hospital.


Not much is known about Kivar's origins. He decided to take control of Antar and started a revolution that cost the lives of many of the planet's inhabitants. He killed the then king and almost his entire family and took control of Antar. At first, Kivar did not know that Zan and the rest of the "royal four" had clones that were sent to earth by spaceship shortly after their death. Years later, Kivar sends some of his followers to Earth to call themselves the "Skins" and to search for the clones in which Kivar sees a threat to the maintenance of his rule over Antar, although the four neither know who Kivar is nor what happened to their home planet.

At the conference, attended by representatives of Antar's neighboring planets, Kivar is represented by his loyal supporter and leader of those skins, Nicholas. This makes Max the offer in favor of an alleged peace on Antar. In return, however, Max should, among other things, cede his right to the royal throne to Kivar. But Max refuses. A year later, Kivar takes possession of a human and tries to convince his former lover, Vilandra (Isabel), to return to Antar with him. The attempt ends with Isabel pushing him into the portal through which he alone is transported back to Antar. Max, Isabel and Michael threaten to kill him if he ever comes back.

The skins

The "Skins" are an alien life form that are on Kivar's side in the fight for power over Antar. They were sent to earth by him to find the clones of the "royal four", to pull them over to their side or to eliminate them. The skins have no human DNA and therefore do not have a solid body. In order to survive on earth, they create shells (false bodies) that last around 50 years. The skins are so named because their skin starts peeling as soon as their shells begin to reach the end of their shelf life. During the series, the teenage boy Nicholas Crawford takes on a leading role among the skins. Most of the skins under his leadership are killed by Tess at the beginning of the second season. Nicholas reappears several times later. Kivar uses Nicholas' body to attend the New York Summit.


main actor

role actor Voice actor Leading role
Guest role
Elizabeth "Liz" Parker Shiri Appleby Manja Doering 1-3
Maxwell "Max" Evans (Zan) Jason Behr Gerrit Schmidt-Foss 1-3
Maria DeLuca Majandra Delfino Sonja Scherff 1-3
Michael Guerin (Rath) Brendan Fehr Kim Hasper 1-3
Alex Whitman Colin Hanks Julien Haggége 1-2 3
Isabel Amanda Evans (Vilandra) Katherine Heigl Ulrike Stürzbecher 1-3
Sheriff Jim Valenti William Sadler Klaus-Dieter Klebsch 1-3
Kyle Valenti Nick Wechsler Tobias Müller 2-3 1
Tess Harding (Ava) Emilie de Ravin Diana Borgwardt 1-2 3
Jesse Esteban Ramirez Adam Rodriguez David Nathan 3

supporting cast

role actor Voice actor Season
Miss Kathleen Topolsky Julie Benz Judith Brandt 1
Ed Harding (Nasedo) Jim Ortlieb Hans-Jürgen Wolf 1-2
Jeff Parker John Doe Bodo Wolf (voice actor) 1-3
Nancy Parker Jo Anderson Arianne Borbach 1-3
Philip Evans Garrett M. Brown Frank Schenk 1-3
Diane Evans Mary Ellen Trainor Rita Engelmann 1-3
Amy DeLuca Diane Farr Liane Rudolph 1-2
Sean DeLuca
Maria's cousin
Devon Gummersall Timmo Niesner 2
Deputy Sheriff David "Dave" Fisher /
FBI Agent Daniel Pierce
David Conrad 1-2
Brody Davis (Larek) Desmond Askew 2
Nicholas Crawford Miko Hughes 2
Kivar Spence Decker 3

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