Timmo Niesner

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Timmo niesner (* 5. November 1971 in Berlin ) is a German actor , voice actor , dialogue author and dubbing director . He is the fixed dubbing voice of Elijah Wood , Topher Grace , Peter Sarsgaard , Shahid Kapoor , Tom Welling , Zachary Quinto , Paul Dano and Eddie Redmayne , among others .


Timmo Niesner had his breakthrough as a 12-year-old in the TV series I will marry a family , in which he played the eldest son Markus . This was followed by other television roles in Chicks for Cairo (1985), A Class of Its Own (1984–1985), Good Times, Bad Times (1993), Gynecologist Dr. Markus Merthin (1994–1995) and A Case for Two - Mordgefühle (1995).

Speaking roles (selection)

Dominic Cooper

Eddie Redmayne

Elijah Wood

Paul Dano

Peter Sarsgaard

Tom Welling

Topher Grace

Zachary Quinto



Other films

Audio books and radio plays

He can be heard as Dorgan Fink in the radio play mystery series Gabriel Burns ; In the fantasy series Offside the Paths , he plays the lead role Gaston Glück .

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