Missing - Desperately wanted

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Television series
German title Missing - Desperately wanted
Original title 1-800-Missing (from 2nd season: Missing)
Country of production Canada , United States
original language English
Year (s) 2003-2006
length 45 minutes
Episodes 55 in 3 seasons
genre Detective film , mystery
Theme music Gloria Reuben - This Dream is Real
Kira - Til I find you
idea Glenn Davis ,
William Laurin
production John Calvert ,
Paul Quarrington
music Andrew Lockington ,
Lou Pomanti
First broadcast August 2, 2003 (USA) on Lifetime
first broadcast
January 14, 2005 on Kabel Eins

Missing - Desperately Seeking (Original title: 1-800-Missing , later missing ) is a Canadian - American Crime - Mystery series, which was produced from 2003 to 2006 of NDG Productions.


The series is based on the books in the 1-800-WHERE-R-YOU series by the American writer Meg (gin) Cabot , who writes under the pseudonym Jenny Carroll . Leading actress Gloria Reuben was replaced by Vivica A. Fox after she dropped out at the end of the first season.


The first season of the series aired in the United States in 2003 under the title 1-800-Missing . In order to avoid confusion, the US television stations broadcast the message after the first episode and before each subsequent episode of the television series that the number of the headquarters for missing persons was not 1-800-Missing. Therefore, the name of the television series was changed to Missing from the 2nd season . The German dubbed version was shown on Kabel eins from 2005 . The third season was broadcast for the first time on German-speaking television in the first quarter of 2006.


The focus of the plot is Jess Mastriani (played by the Canadian Caterina Scorsone ), who is struck by lightning in the first episode and has had clairvoyant skills ever since. She has visions of missing people and is therefore contacted by the FBI . From then on she helps the federal police in cases of missing persons and later becomes an FBI agent herself. In the cases that she works on, a variety of topics are played out, from kidnapping out of jealousy to ransom or other extortion.

The structure of the series is similar to Without a Trace , but also takes up elements from the television series Dead Zone . A concise theme during the criminal cases is the element of the supernatural and the positive tone of the series, which is often crowned with a happy ending; so the kidnapped person is mostly found alive.


Jess Mastriani

Special Agent Jess Mastriani went to the FBI after seeing some missing people in visions. The FBI initially only hired her as a “special advisor”. After a year she decided to work as an agent for the FBI in order to be able to work better and to be in control of the cases herself.

Nicole Scott

Special Agent Nicole Scott could be one of the best agents in the FBI if she didn't have a problem - she struggles with her boss's authority and is in love with her coworkers, even if she struggles to admit it.

Antonio Cortez

Special Agent Antonio Carlos Cortez is introduced as a forensic scientist at the beginning . Over the course of the series, however, he developed more and more into a field agent. At the end of season 3, he dies in a car explosion after he and Nicole decided they wanted to try again and they agreed to meet for breakfast. In the end it turns out that Nicole could have died too if she had got into the car. But Antonio could have survived too if he had got into Nicole's car.


1st season (2003-04)

In these episodes, Jess works with FBI agent Brooke Haslett ( Emergency Room actress Gloria Reuben ). Both are not very sympathetic at first, but then get to know and appreciate each other. Two other leading actors are Sunny Estrada ( Justina Machado ), the "research specialist" who does not investigate directly, but comes up with background knowledge, and Alan Coyle ( Dean McDermott ), the superior of the women, who holds his protective hand over them. As the season progresses, Jess wonders if she would be useful to the FBI if her clairvoyant powers were gone. In her private life, she is torn between her boyfriend Hunter and an FBI agent. Brooke is also offered a senior position in San Francisco . The last episode of season 1 ends with Jess deciding to become an FBI agent herself and Brooke being transferred to San Francisco. The first season takes place in Indiana , Jess' home, which is why her mother and brother appear frequently.

2nd season (2004-05)

After the end of Season 1 it was decided to make a radical change. The original title was changed to Missing , and of the four main cast only Caterina Scorsone aka Jess Mastriani remained. She is now an FBI agent, has a different hairstyle (red hair) and is becoming increasingly self-confident. Her new partner is Nicole Scott ( Vivica A. Fox ), who in the past has often come into conflict with her superiors because she does not always adhere to the regulations. Other members of their team are Antonio Cortez ( Mark Consuelos ) and John Pollock ( Justin Louis ). As the season progresses, all characters evolve. At first Jess doesn't get along with Nicole's unconventional, direct nature at all, but then they become friends. Also, it turns out that Nicole and Antonio had an affair when they worked together in Phoenix in 1999 . Assistant Director Pollock is extremely unfriendly at first, but becomes more and more approachable as the series progresses. The last episode ends with all four solving an extremely difficult and dangerous case together and Pollock giving every two weeks vacation as a reward. Then you can see that Antonio and Nicole are together again.

3rd season (2005-06)

The first episode takes place just two weeks after the last of the second season (after the vacation). At the beginning, a new team member appears, Janey Cooper ( Alex Appel ). But she is already shot in the eighth episode. Pollock has a marital problem, which is why he is finally on leave. Antonio and Nicole also have a relationship, which is why he is toying with the idea of ​​leaving the FBI (relationships between FBI agents on a team are not allowed according to the series). So that he stays with the team, Nicole ends the relationship. Antonio receives death threats at the end of the season and is almost stabbed to death while trying to arrest a suspect. Later, on an operation, the clerk disguises himself as an FBI agent and tries to shoot Antonio. Nicole can get ahead of him and save Antonio's life. At the end of the episode, they arrange to meet for breakfast. Antonio opens the car door, gets in and closes it, whereupon the car explodes in front of Nicole's eyes.

Guest actor


  • 2006 Image Award for Vivica A. Fox in the category Outstanding Actress in a Dramatic Series

The series was nominated for two other Image Awards in 2005, namely in the categories of Outstanding Actress in a Dramatic Series ( Vivica A. Fox ) and Best Supporting Actor in Television ( Mark Consuelos ).

Series with similar storage

In Medium - Nothing is hidden (with Patricia Arquette ) is about a psychic who helps the authorities in the investigation of crimes, but not, as in Missing , the FBI, but the prosecutor's office. In contrast to Missing , Medium also comes up with a far more gloomy mood and often the psychological stress of the medium through the visions is in the foreground.

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