Good times Bad Times

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Television series
Original title Good times Bad Times
GZSZ logo 2018.png
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) since 1992
UFA Serial Drama
length 25 minutes
Episodes 7050+
Mondays to Fridays,
7:40 p.m.
genre Daily soap
Theme music
  • 1992–1996:
    Bo Andersen - Right in the heart
  • 1996–2001:
    Viveca - Right in the Heart
  • 2001–2006:
    Sabine Grunert - Right in the heart
  • 2006–2014:
    Cover version - Mitten ins Herz
  • since 2014:
    Glasperlenspiel - I see into your heart
production Guido Reinhardt ,
Rainer Wemcken
First broadcast May 11, 1992 on RTLplus

Good times, bad times ( acronym : "GZSZ") is a soap opera produced by UFA Serial Drama . It has been broadcast on the German private broadcaster RTL from Monday to Friday in the evening program since 1992 . It is considered the most successful German television series in its genre .


"Good Times, Bad Times" was modeled on the Australian soap opera The Restless Years , which was broadcast from 1977 to 1981. While the first 230 books were adopted with a few changes, since the 231st episode of “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten” German scripts have been written.

The series “ Goede tijden, slechte tijden ” has been running in the Netherlands since 1990, also modeled on the Australian version and on an RTL Group ( RTL 4 ) station . In contrast to the German version, the Dutch series takes a summer break every year.


Filming began on March 16, 1992, initially in the Berlin Union Film Studios in Berlin-Tempelhof . The first episode aired on May 11, 1992.

In 1995 the GZSZ crew moved to the Brandenburg state capital Potsdam , where filming has been taking place in the famous Babelsberg district ever since . On the historic site of Studio Babelsberg - the oldest film studio in the world - more than 6000 broadcast GZSZ episodes have been produced in the so-called television center. One end is not foreseen.

The episodes are always produced seven weeks in advance. On 22 June 1998, with the 1500 episode in which the then Prime Minister of Lower Saxony and later chancellor , Gerhard Schröder who participated, Rekordeinschaltquote of 6.73 million viewers reached.

The actors are predominantly young talents without many years of acting experience, most of whom leave the series after a while in order to advance their television careers beyond soap operas. In the course of the series, these were, for example, Oliver Petszokat , Jeanette Biedermann , Rhea Harder , Yvonne Catterfeld , Mia Aegerter , Simone Hanselmann , Alexandra Neldel and Senta-Sofia Delliponti (as Oonagh). The series served u. a. as a stepping stone for careers in the music industry, so in 1994 for the band Caught in the Act and 1995 for Just Friends . Later, individual actors such as Jeanette Biedermann and Yvonne Catterfeld achieved top ten successes in the German charts, Oliver Petszokat even reached number one on the charts. Jörn Schlönvoigt reached number 8 in the German charts in 2007. The fictional band Dark Circle Knights , which appeared in the series from 2011 to 2012, reached number 69 in Austria. Oonagh reached several top ten positions, including number 2 in the German charts in 2015. In 2005, the playwright Rolf Hochhuth cast his play “Familienbande” at the suggestion of Hanne Wolharn exclusively with actors from the soap opera “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten”.

On May 18, 2016, the 6,000th episode was broadcast in second place on the television evening with 4.02 million viewers (13.9 percent). This is the best times, bad times is the oldest daily broadcast series on German television. Since July 2018 GZSZ has also been broadcast in France and Belgium. Au Rythme de la Vie begins there with episode 6063.


Features of the storylines

The ups and downs of growing up

The series is about mostly young people from a neighborhood in Berlin-Mitte . They go to high school , study , do a social year or are in their first years of employment, for example in the media , fashion , gastronomy and handicrafts . The lives of these people - according to the young target group of the series - are presented with its ups and downs. This includes facets from the areas of love , separation pain , intrigue , bullying at school or in work life , power struggles, difficulties in choosing a career , dreams of a career in singing, drugs or other crime , illnesses , disabilities and deaths .

Long-term identity changes

In the medium term, the audience experiences how these young characters sometimes go through significant developments and changes in their personalities , triggered for example by drastic external events . With the death of his parents and his girlfriend, the main character Philip changed from a teenage sun boy to a profound melancholic and later to a successful doctor. Another example is embodied by the main character Jasmin, who initially appeared in the series as sexually inhibited , but who, through the therapeutic processing of a long-ago rape trauma, has become a young woman capable of relating, who, among other things, puts a sextape of herself online about her stalled Help your career take off.

Main and sub-storylines

The main storylines usually extend over several months, with shorter secondary storylines - sometimes of a loosening nature - being included, which often only refer to a few episodes. The longer storylines often skip a few episodes, but are then reliably continued in later episodes. It often happens that the same character is involved in several storylines at the same time. As expected, the main storylines gain in drama and complexity during the anniversary episodes. In these episodes, serial deaths and other dire events can be seen in particular.

Representation of life and love forms

Some of the stories seem very realistic and, as is usual in this genre, often also sensitively address social developments towards new ways of life. With regard to love stories, this concerns, for example, triangular relationships or the emancipation of homosexuals - represented by several same-sex relationships since the beginning of the show, including Lenny and Carsten, Franzi and Paula, Anni and Jasmin, often combined with differentiated, benevolent accompanying portrayals of complex coming- out processes. The increasingly frequent initiation of love affairs via the Internet is also discussed , most recently shown using the lovers Lucy and Philip, including the associated opportunities and risks. Love triangles like those of John, Paula, Tim and Caroline or those of John, Leon and Pia are also covered in the series.

Taking up real social issues

Similar to the traditional ARD Weekly Soap Lindenstrasse, there are numerous storylines that revolve around real societal explosives: These included the torture scandals in the Bundeswehr - the main character Lenny was mistreated by fellow recruits in the Bundeswehr barracks in the same way as the real mistreatment of soldiers in Coesfeld . Furthermore, the increasing over-indebtedness of young people, the establishment of ever new (designer) drugs in certain youthful subcultures , the socio-ethical euthanasia of the seriously ill or the threat to freedom of the press from corruption are also discussed . The latter was represented in 2009 by the dispute between the story- telling editor Alexander Cöster and the (initially secret) publisher Jo Gerner.

Further examples:

  • When Lenny Cöster had to go to prison for a short time in 2008 because of a brawl abroad, his mother Iris was very worried and cited the case of Marco Weiss as an example of her concern .
  • The virus of the pandemic H1N1 2009/10 ( swine flu ), a major topic in Germany in 2009, was also taken into account at GZSZ: Lucy Cöster suffered from this form of flu during the time she was exchanging France. So she couldn't celebrate Christmas in Berlin.
  • The year 2010 was strongly marked by the efforts of the young illegal immigrant Dasha from Kazakhstan to stay afloat in Berlin.
  • After the botch in the Cologne subway expansion, which presumably caused the collapse of the historic city archive on March 3, 2009, for the 18th anniversary of GZSZ in May 2010 the corresponding items were built into the series: In the course of the expansion of the subway At the train station in the Kiez, the entire courtyard, including the Mocca and the hostel, was buried in a landslide .
  • The German discussion about tax evaders CDs was also taken into account in the script. Fearing that he could be exposed with such data, Jo Gerner stopped engaging in tax evasion . His nephew Patrick accused himself of having committed the crime and was later sentenced to prison for it.
  • The economic crises in Ireland and Greece were also discussed.
  • An organ donation scandal was shown in 2014 .
  • The refugee crisis was dealt with in 2015/2016 .

Occasional unreality and inconsistencies

On the other hand, there have always been and still are extremely unrealistic storylines such as series of murders - for example in the case of the "pantyhose killer" in 1994, which RTL turned into a kind of guessing thriller with competitions for viewers - kidnappings and the appearance of previously unknown relatives, often their own children or siblings whom the characters knew nothing about until then. There is also a discrepancy in the fact that the two characters Dominik Gundlach (at that time, before his adoption , still called Felix Löpelmann) and Patrick Graf Jr., were seen as infants in the early GZSZ years. In real terms, the two cousins, who are well over 20 years old in the later episodes, would have to be around ten years younger. Often the court proceedings that were seen at GZSZ were not negotiated as is the case in German court proceedings. The accused were taken under oath when they testified, although this is not possible in the German criminal process . Furthermore, the plaintiff and defense object to questions from the other side, which is only common in American criminal procedure law . It is also far from reality that the protagonists often change jobs, and this never seems difficult, as they quickly receive job offers from roommates or other neighborhood residents. Even in moments of unemployment, a lack of money is a regular issue, but never actually recognizable. In general, there is no lack of the latest technology (smartphone or laptop). Apartments are always equipped with all the necessary furniture or utensils.

The current figures

The Gerner clan

Wolfgang Bahro plays Jo Gerner

Jo Gerner is the longest standing and probably the most distinctive figure in the series. He is a businessman and lawyer with his own law firm and is very concerned about his own interests, but also has a very strong sense of family and a heart for children. Jo used to be financially committed to Villa Regenbogen. His daughter Vanessa, with whom he only came into contact in 1996, went to Taiwan in 1998 . Since his youngest daughter Johanna was born and his son Dominik, who was given up for adoption , moved to Berlin, Jo is no longer as unscrupulous as he used to be. He got into the series business when he was supposed to represent his then unknown brother Patrick Graf legally. Gerner has already stepped in front of the altar three times, was engaged twice, had several relationships and affairs. From 2007 to 2013 Gerner was married to Katrin. However, this marriage was a marriage of convenience for the benefit of their daughter Johanna. He briefly had a relationship with the younger magazine editor Sophie Lindh, whom he made editor-in-chief of Metropolitan Trends magazine . However, when she began an affair with Leon Moreno and she separated from him, he immediately dismissed her and tried in vain to attack the relationship. He is currently married to Yvonne Bode. In the beginning Gerner was only with Yvonne for business reasons, but discovered that he really loves her.

Sunny Lehmann b. Richter is Jos' granddaughter and lived with him in his apartment from 2015 to early 2017. She had a relationship with Vince Köpke, which Jo always wanted to stop. He already made sure that the two parted ways. The reason for his hatred towards Vince is the relationship between his father Leon, with whom Sophie cheated on him. Sunny also wanted to marry Vince in the meantime. However, he was tricked into using drugs by a friend. In doing so, he cheated on Sunny with another woman the night before the wedding. She could not forgive him for this even after therapy and they went their separate ways. She has been in a relationship with Felix Lehmann since October 2016 and married him on May 17, 2017. However, the two separated in August when Sunny found out that her husband had lied to her for months and tried to pin his intrigue on his brother Chris. After the separation, she was on a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. After that, she discovered her feelings for Chris and led him into a relationship until October 2018.

Flemming family

Ulrike Frank plays Katrin Flemming

Katrin Flemming (née Gabriele Galuba) is a tough business woman who often longs for love and security, but usually does not show it. She comes from a simple background. Her mother had a drinking problem and ran a snack . Katrin had her name changed in order to separate herself from the rest of the family. She had a long relationship with Leon Moreno. Through an affair with Gerner, she accidentally became pregnant and married Jo for the good of the child - to the chagrin of Leon. From 2008 to 2017 her first-born daughter Jasmin was in Berlin. Katrin worked as an interior designer for a long time . She then owned the lifestyle magazine Metropolitan Trends for a long time . A stroke due to overwork and financial problems with the magazine resulted in Katrin losing her magazine and putting her life into question. Her boyfriend, the young student Till Kuhn, finally helped her to get out of her life crisis. They split up when Till found out that she was unscrupulously trying to get her magazine back. She briefly returned to a management position at Metropolitan Trends, which improved her relationship with Sophie. She has since sold the magazine to a competing magazine and founded the real estate company KFI International. She was about to have a second wedding with Jo, but she decided against it when Till surprisingly comes back to Berlin. A short time later, the two have a relationship again. But when Till is diagnosed soon afterwards that he is ill, he decides to take his own life. After his death, Katrin falls into a deep hole. Now she's fine again. After Till's death, she set up a foundation to cure Lancaster syndrome. She was a partner in the real estate company KFI International, together with Jo Gerner and Sunny Lehmann. In the meantime they had lost KFI to Felix and Laura Lehmann, who then took over as W&L. She got her shares back from Laura through clever moves. Then she merged the company with Felix. Due to alcohol problems and persistent differences with Felix, she goes into inpatient therapy and passes her shares on to Jo with the agreement to get it back later.

Johanna Flemming is the daughter of Katrin and Jo and was born in 2006. Johanna was seriously ill in infancy. For the benefit of Johanna, Katrin and Jo led a marriage of convenience after Gerner had kidnapped Johanna in order to have her to themselves. Johanna goes to a boarding school, but visits her parents in the neighborhood regularly.

Moreno family

Leon Moreno comes from a showman family and came to Berlin with his brother Fabian and his adoptive sister Vanessa. Leon initially worked as a cook in the pheasant. From 2008 to 2013 he was a co-owner of the masonry. He sold his shares in Tayfun Badak because he had personal problems with the other partner , John Bachmann. Leon sat in a wheelchair for a while because of a fall down stairs . For a long time he was considered a daredevil and a riot . After he was married to Cora Hinze, he was married to Verena Koch since 2010 and has their son Oskar with her. Verena died in a car accident in 2011. Also in 2011, his illegitimate son Vincent Köpke came to Berlin. In 2014, Leon adopted Vince's former home sister Mieze. He had been with Sophie since early 2015. After a lawsuit against Jo Gerner for bodily harm, he had to begin his detention in the prison. Since Leon only went there to protect the real perpetrator, his convicted son Vince, he left the prison after this legal trickery became known. So that Sophie could take over the guardianship of his children during his imprisonment, the two married in prison. At the beginning of 2017 they got the news of Sophie's pregnancy. However, the unborn baby suffered from a serious illness, which led to a miscarriage. Then there was a marital crisis. In the meantime, however, they were happy again until Sophie had an affair with Jonas Seefeld. Then the marriage of the two broke up. However, Leon had a one-night stand with Maren Seefeld. Leon is the father of her child. He is currently with Nina and is doing the masonry again.

Oskar Moreno is the son of Verena and Leon. He was born on November 11th 2010 and his biological aunt Pia and John took over his sponsorship.

Bachmann / Höfer family

John Bachmann is the brother of Emily and Philip. John founded a party agency with Shirin. With Caroline Neustädter, John has a son who lives in Canada. After failed marriages with Paula and Pia, John has returned to the neighborhood and has a relationship with Elena. The relationship broke up in 2016. From May 2018 to July 2020 he was in a relationship with Shirin.

Jörn Schlönvoigt plays Philip Höfer and Sıla Şahin played Ayla Höfer

Philip Höfer is the twin brother of Emily and half-brother of John. He lives with both of them in a shared apartment . Only two years after Philip met his biological father Hannes, he died in a plane crash. Philip entered into a marriage of convenience with Dascha Petrova so that it could stay in Germany. However, this was soon canceled because she then met Tayfun Badak. Before that, Philip had two relationships with Franziska Reuter and Lucy Cöster. In August 2011 Philip carelessly ran over Verena Koch when she broke down around a blind curve at night. She died shortly after of her serious injuries, which made Philip feel guilty and hatred Leon. In July 2012, after some obstacles, he married his girlfriend Ayla Özgül. The marriage lasted two years until Ayla kidnapped her foster daughter and niece Kate. Philip is a doctor and works at the Jeremias Hospital. In the summer of 2018, he suffered an accident in which he lost his memory. In the meantime he remembered nothing and stopped practicing as a doctor. Then he was back together with Laura Lehmann.

Emily Wiedmann (nee Höfer, formerly Badak) is the twin sister of Philip and half-sister of John. Emily's attempts to make it big in show business failed. She worked as a model before she became addicted to cocaine and had to quit her job to seek therapy. After that, Emily tried unsuccessfully as a singer. Emily's first relationship was with Lenny Cöster, until she realized he was gay. This really cracked Emily's confidence. After that, she had relationships with Patrick Graf and Max Krüger (tuners). In 2013, Emily became the mother of Kate through a one-night stand. In 2014 she married Tayfun Badak. However, an affair with David Brenner quickly led to the separation and a pronounced custody battle over the daughter Tayfun had adopted. After the reconciliation, Tayfun lost his ability to empathize through brain surgery and left Emily. At the beginning of 2017, she met the craftsman Paul, who was new to the neighborhood. The wedding took place in summer 2018. She runs the fashion label Vlederbag.

Kate Badak is the daughter of Emily and a one night stand called Roberto. After her birth, her uncle Philip and Ayla temporarily took over her care. After a short time, however, Kate came back to Emily because she had clear thoughts through the relationship with Tayfun and felt responsible for the child.

Paul Wiedmann is married to Emily. He works for the Upcycling Buddies .

The Seefelds

Maren Seefeld is the mother of Lilly, Tanja, Jonas and Emma Seefeld. She went decades ago a brief affair with the Dark Circle Knights - Star Kurt le Roy and was pregnant with Tanja. They had a difficult relationship with each other for a long time, but this has now improved. Her remaining children come from a failed marriage. Maren Seefeld has a relationship with Alexander Cöster that was interrupted for some time because of his affair with the Metropolitan Trends intern Olivia. The two are a couple again and live together. She is currently part of the masonry workforce. In 2017 the Seefelds and Alexander Cöster bought the "Späti" and run it. After Maren becomes pregnant after a brief affair with Leon, Alex separates from Maren and buys half of the "Späti" from her. The relationship with Alex revived after the baby was born and Maren is the manager of the masonry.

Lilly Seefeld is Maren's middle daughter. She is very interested in science and has been an introvert for a long time. For a while she was unhappy in love with Vince Köpke. She felt very insecure in her demeanor and appearance, as she was often teased by her classmates. As a result, she developed bulimia . After some back and forth, she got together with Vince Köpke in 2013, shortly after a relationship with Till Kuhn (Bommel). The relationship ended in 2014 after Lilly fled with Philip. Most recently, she had a brief relationship with the illegal refugee Amar, who returned to his wife, who was believed to be dead. In the meantime, she was in a relationship with Tuner that ended with the death of Chris. They are now friends again. She studies medicine and works like Philip in the Jeremias Hospital.

Alexander Cöster (from Peine ) came to the neighborhood with his family to meet his half-brother Daniel. In the meantime, however, everyone has moved away, only he has stayed. He worked as editor-in-chief at Metropolitan Trends magazine , but was fired because of the interim bankruptcy. With the severance pay he bought an old taxi while drunk and worked as a taxi driver for a short time. He later returned to the newly founded magazine and has been working there under a pseudonym since a scandal. His marriage to Iris failed due to several affairs, including a. with his boss Katrin Flemming and the nanny of his children, Caroline Neustädter. He had a relationship with Anna Galuba, which failed because Alexander no longer wanted children. He has been in a relationship with Maren Seefeld since 2011, interrupted by an affair with Olivia, an intern at Metropolitan Trends. In 2018, however, he separated from Maren because she had an affair with consequences with Leon. However, he is now back together with Maren. In 2020 Alexander Cöster died in a car accident just before he wanted to go on a world tour with Maren.

Jonas Seefeld is the son of Maren and the younger brother of Lilly. He lived with his father in Munich for a long time and moved to the Kiez in 2014. He produces music himself and has a strong urge to be accepted and praised by others. He was with Mieze, Selma and Sophie. In 2017 he founded a scooter workshop / rental, but also works in the "Späti".

The Lehmanns

Rosa Lehmann is a charismatic banker who smells big business. That's why she gets in touch with KFI-Immobilien. She showered her firstborn, Felix, with a lot of pressure and discipline. It was only after the birth of her second son, Chris, that she developed feelings of motherhood. She devotedly takes care of her second child, which triggers envy and resentment in the heart of his big brother Felix, who was barely allowed to experience love from his mother. She is a lesbian and had a brief affair with Anni.

Felix Lehmann is an ambitious young banker on the threshold of his first own project, which also takes him to Berlin. Right at the beginning, Felix meets Sunny, whom he likes immediately - and his brother Chris Lehmann. In turn, he has not seen him for a long time and he is deeply at odds with him. He has been engaged to Sunny since 2017 and married her in May of that year. In August of the same year, Sunny separated from him because she found out about his machinations. After a car accident, he was in a coma and could neither speak nor move. He fought his way back to life bit by bit. In the meantime, he and Laura Weber engaged in evil machinations against Jo and Katrin, regardless of losses.

Laura Lehmann is still officially married to Felix Lehmann, but has since been in a relationship with Phillip Höfer.


Thomas Drechsel plays Max Krüger

Max Krüger - known as Tuner - was initially part of Lenny Cöster's clique and was a macho and daredevil. When he clashed with the clique Lenny and Carsten Reimann, he realized that he had to change his life. Since then, Tuner has become more socially accessible and is a partner and waiter in the clubhouse. He had a relationship with Emily Höfer. Tuner suffered from heart disease, but received a new heart transplant on time . Until recently he was in a relationship with Lilly Seefeld. He is the managing director of the Upcycling Buddies .


After the series took place in an unnamed big city in the first few years (“the city”), as signaled by the non-existent license plates beginning with ET, Berlin is now very often remembered as a location. The panorama of the city is shown several times per episode, well-known parts of the city such as Prenzlauer Berg or Tiergarten are mentioned frequently. Events that actually take place in Berlin and are characteristic of this city, for example the CSD , are often integrated into the storylines at the appropriate time.

Over the years, the series has centered on various cafés and restaurants that have been run by main characters, for example the pubs Allistairs , Siggis Bar and Daniels Bar , the Bluebird bar , the Fasan restaurant and the Mocca café . In addition, companies from the field of the media industry came up again and again, in particular the advertising agencies Löpelmann , Sisters , the newspaper editors of the local papers City-Lights and Morgenecho , as well as the editors of the lifestyle magazine Metropolitan Trends . Many of the younger main characters were among the students at the Viktoria-Luise-Gymnasium , where Elisabeth Meinhart and Clemens Richter taught. In the first year of the series , the domicile was of outstanding importance as a social institution ; Elisabeth Meinhart was the head of this facility at the time. Shops were Holms corner shop , Charlie's shop and Kais Corner as well as various boutiques . Other important locations were a motorcycle workshop (run by the former main characters Peter Becker and Heiko Richter ), general practitioners' practices (in the first years of the series the practice of Dr. Ulrich , later that of Dr. Gundlach , among others ) and the law firm of Dr. Jo Gerner . The Traumfabrik hostel (previously sleep laboratory ) was destroyed in a collapse in 2010.

Currently, next to the club masonry cafe, clubhouse , the grocery store convenience store , the fashion business Vlederbag and the Jeremiah - hospital and agency W & L before.

The North American state of Canada plays a major role in GZSZ , as many figures have decided to emigrate there since the beginning of 2009. At the beginning Paula Rapf decided to work on a farm there. Her best friend Tim Böcking followed her with his son Felix and his friend Caroline Neustädter finally came to Tim with her son Benjamin . In 2010 Tim's father Clemens Richter moved to Canada with his wife Elisabeth Meinhart . The character John Bachmann visited the country regularly because of the emigrated role characters. Baltic Sea vacations also take place frequently, and always when characters have problems. In addition, specials (e.g. anniversary episodes) are filmed on holiday islands such as Mallorca or Fuerteventura .

All current GZSZ main locations - whether "masonry", high school, shops or apartments - do not exist in real Berlin, but are film sets that are set up on the premises of Studio Babelsberg . They can be viewed in parts and only on guided tours from the neighboring Babelsberg Film Park .

Beginning of each episode

Before the beginning of each episode, excerpts of scenes from previous episodes are shown, which are relevant for understanding the episode that is now pending. This is followed by an intro in the form of theme music as well as the visual sequence of the main characters.


Since the beginning of “Good times, bad times”, several introgenerations can be distinguished. In the introversions of the first generation, which were used from 1992 to 1996, frames with the faces of the figures could be seen, which moved through the picture, with a scene from the series with the respective figure in the background. The faces changed from version to version within this first introgenation. A common feature of all versions of the first generation is that the logo was not shown at the end, as in the later introgenation, but in the middle, appearing together with the first two verses of the refrain , I see in your heart, see good times , bad times . At that time, the logo still consisted of a pink and a green bar that were perpendicular to each other.

In 1996, a completely new introgenation was heralded in a pink-light-blue color concept along with a new logo. The title song was shortened by one line of text ("You have a goal and you take every hurdle with feeling") and interpreted more quickly and more quickly by another singer. Instead of excerpts from scenes, individual shots of the actors were shown. At first they became blurred, then after a few seconds they faded into the picture more sharply and mostly moved in poses from one side of the picture to the other. If the image of the respective actor was out of focus, the next one appeared in the picture, so that mostly two main actors could be seen side by side. In the background, individual lines of text from the title song ran horizontally or vertically through the picture and in the middle of the picture individual short scenes were shown, which were colored according to the opening credits and were therefore difficult to recognize. Loving couples (including Saskia and Tom as well as Elisabeth and Daniel) could be seen kissing or hugging. While the superimposed actors in the foreground changed several times until 2001, the excerpts with these couples were always retained, so that the corresponding actors could still be seen in the background of the opening credits several years after they left the series. From 1998 two different opening credits were shown in parallel, alternating daily. The different versions were used independently of the respective episodes. If version A was shown in an episode in the evening, version B was shown when the same episode was repeated in the morning and vice versa. The latter only applies to the first broadcast on RTL. In the later repetitions on VOX and Passion, one and the same opening credits were always retained, even if an episode was broadcast several times. When the episodes from 2000 and 2001 were later repeated on VOX, curiously enough, two opening credits were shown that were never shown on RTL.

From 2001 onwards, individual scenes were recorded against a bluish background, mostly showing a portrait and a full body photo of the same figure. As a new feature, the names of the main actors were shown for the first time in a German soap opera. The theme song was also re-recorded again - this time with an even livelier vocal interpretation than ever before. This version was retained until September 4, 2006.

Logo 2006-2010

The intro, which was used from 2006 to 2010, was the result of another fundamental revision: the logo was slightly modernized (colors slightly modified) and the entire opening credits were adapted to this design. The title song has also been shortened so that only the refrain is sung. The actors wear clothes in the same colors and do not appear individually, but exclusively in groups. Couples, friends and even rivals were shown together, some people appear twice. There are hardly any cuts anymore, rather posed scenes are drawn through the picture from right to left. In this version, too, there were two alternating versions of the opening credits, but they only differed slightly from each other. One of the differences, for example, is that the serial dog Bolle can be seen in the first version . In 2008, the opening credits were updated after several actors left the soap opera. Since then, for the first time in years, there has been a single variant of the opening credits instead of - as before - two rotating variants.

Logo 2010-2014

In August 2010 a new intro concept was used again; again two different versions were used. Sketches of the Kiez and Berlin were faded in in the background . Again several figures could be seen at the same time and appeared in a kind of 3D . Episode 4803, which was broadcast on August 12, 2011, did not contain any opening credits on the occasion of the death of the series character Verena Koch . Since July 1, 2014, single scenes have been used again as opening credits. The actors can usually be seen at the edge of the picture, while pictures of Berlin can be seen on the opposite side. The capital is even more involved in the opening credits.

Logo 2014-2017

In May 2017 the concept of the intro was revised again. The shooting no longer took place on the green screen, as before, but in the real scenes. The individual figures are now shown in their respective typical living space.

Theme song

The title song Mitten ins Herz , written by Bernie Paul , could be heard in the opening credits from the beginning of the series until 2014. It was sung by Bo Andersen from 1992 to 1996, Viveca from 1996 to 2001, and Sabine Grunert from 2001 to 2006. The interpreter of the fourth version is unknown. In 2014 the song was modernized by the band Glasperlenspiel and has since been heard as Ich seh in dein Herz . The credits of the series are not shown by RTL, but in the repetitions on VOX and Passion it is or was broadcast. It is underlaid with the instrumental version, of which there are three different versions. Episode 1867 of November 30, 1999 contains a special version of the theme song.

The title song was also released on CD: The first version is included on the first two samplers for the series and on the album The Greatest TV Hits of All Time - The Best Cult Series . The second version can be heard on Volume 7 and on the anniversary CD for the 2000th episode as well as the three radio play CDs. The first Christmas album contains a special version, sung by the “Gute-Zeiten-Schlechte-Zeiten family”. The instrumental version from 1996 to 2001 was also published on the three radio play CDs.

End of each episode

The episodes each end with a cliffhanger , usually in the form of a decisive action - such as a momentous statement - of a character, which arouses curiosity in the audience about the next episode. In the first broadcasts, instead of the actual credits, a preview of the next episode with small scene excerpts will be shown next to inserted text panels and it will be pointed out that the next episode can be viewed immediately on RTLnow .

Broadcast dates

Since “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten” started broadcasting on May 11, 1992, the series has been broadcast on RTL Monday through Friday from 7:40 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. In the meantime, each episode is not only interrupted once, as it used to be, but twice by an advertising block of around 5–7 minutes each. The respective episodes are repeated on the following day at 8:30 a.m. From 2002 to March 2016, a weekly review was also shown every Saturday morning in such a way that the episodes broadcast Monday to Friday can be seen in full length directly one after the other.

From October 1995 "Good Times, Bad Times" was shown again on VOX from the first episode. Since broadcasting on RTL began in May and on VOX in October, all recurring events were postponed by half a year. The consequence of this was that, for example, the Christmas episodes were shown in midsummer. After the series had been on the VOX program for almost ten years, it was initially postponed to the night program at the end of 2004 due to the weaker audience figures taken by VOX.

On the pay TV channel Passion , “Good times, bad times” has been shown again from the beginning since December 2006. On December 31, 2007, the broadcast was canceled at episode 281 and started again at episode 1. In addition, the current episodes of the series can be seen on the same day before the RTL broadcast.

In addition, on TVNOW, for a fee, episodes can be seen that were long ago. Since March 2016, the current episodes can be accessed free of charge for seven days as a replacement for the canceled Saturday repetition.

In France , the soap opera has been broadcast under the name “ Au rythme de la vie ” since June 8, 2018, every morning at 9:45 am on the national channel France 2 . In Belgium on La Une .


Main cast

Current leading actors

Sorted according to the order of entry.

actor role Episodes Years Remarks
Wolfgang Bahro Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Joachim "Jo" Gerner 185– 1993– Lawyer, owner of the masonry property and partner in “Wealth & Living” , gives guest lectures in Harward,
son of Richard; Half brother of Patrick Sr. Father of Vanessa, Dominik, Patrick and Johanna; Grandfather of Sunny; Stepfather of Laura and Moritz; Husband of Yvonne; Ex-husband of Nataly, Patrizia and Katrin; Ex-fiancé of Elinor, Isabel and Sophie; Ex-boyfriend of Rebecca, Elke, Barbara, Sonja and Elena; Exaffair of Vera, Claudia, Julia, Elvira, Senta and Iris; One night stand by Charlotte, Anna and Andrea
Daniel Fehlow Leon Moreno 961–1512
Cook and owner of the “masonry”
father of Vince, Oskar and Emma Seefeld; Brother of Fabian; Vanessa's adoptive brother; Friend of Nina; Verena's widower; Ex-husband of Cora and Sophie; Ex-boyfriend of Kim, Katja, Katrin, Isabel and Pia; Exaffair of Daniela, Anna, Ariane and Sandra; One-Night-Stand by Flo, Christina and Maren
Guest appearance: Episode 1749 (1999)
Felix von Jascheroff John Bachmann 2277–5436
Employee in the “masonry”
son of Patricia and Hannes; Brother of Ben and Lena; Half brother of Philip and Emily; Uncle of Kate; Nephew of Senta; Cousin of Sandra; Father of Benjamin; Ex-husband of Paula and Pia; Ex-boyfriend of Julia, Caroline, Elena and Shirin; Exaffair of Emily and Jule; One night stand by Kathleen, Jasmin and Leyla
Ulrike Frank Katrin Flemming, married Flemming-Gerner, born. Gabriele "Gabi" Galuba 2632–2704
Interior designer and partner in “Wealth & Living”
mother of Jasmin and Johanna; Daughter of Irene; Sister of Anna; Ex-wife of Marc and Jo; Ex-girlfriend of Leon, David Carstensen and Bommel (through his suicide); Exaffair of Alexander, Kurt, David Brenner, Frederic, Anni and Nihat;
Supporting role from December 2002 to April 2003 Ulrike Frank played the role of Tina Zimmermann as the second actress in 2000, but only as a supporting
Anne Menden Emily Wiedmann, b. Höfer, dated Badak 3114– 2004– Designer and manager of “Vlederbag”
mother of Kate; Daughter of Lydia and Hannes; Twin sister of Philip; Half sister of John, Ben and Lena; Aunt of Benjamin; Wife of Paul; Ex-wife of Tayfun; Ex-girlfriend of Lenny, Patrick, Tuner and David; Ex-afair of John and Dominik; One night stand by Roberto
Jörn Schlönvoigt Dr. med. Philip Höfer 3114– 2004– Chief physician in the “Jeremias Hospital”
son of Lydia and Hannes; Twin brother of Emily; Half-brother of John, Ben and Lena; Uncle of Kate and Benjamin; Ex-husband of Dasha (fictitious marriage) and Ayla; Ex-boyfriend of Franzi, Lucy and Laura; One-night stand by Lilly and Elena
Thomas Drechsel Max "Tuner" Krüger 4227– 2009– Managing Director of the "Upcycling Buddies", coffee producer
son of Elvira and Edzard; Half-brother of Jacky; Ex-boyfriend of Emily, Jule and Lilly; One-Night-Stand of Lotta
supporting role from April 2009 to May 2010
Eva Mona Rodekirchen Maren Seefeld 4616–5154
Managing director of “Mauerwerk”
mother of Tanja, Lilly, Jonas and Emma Seefeld; Ex-girlfriend of Kurt and Alexander (through his death); One night stand from Leon
Iris Mareike Steen Liljane "Lilly" Seefeld 4629– 2010– Doctor and PhD student in the "Jeremias Hospital"
daughter of Maren; Sister of Jonas; Half sister of Tanja and Emma Seefeld; Ex-girlfriend of Bommel, Vince, Amar and Tuner; One night stand by Philip, Chris and Nihat
Felix van Deventer Jonas Seefeld 5544– 2014– Managing director in “Spätkauf”, resident DJ in “Mauerwerk”
son of Maren; Brother of Lilly; Half-brother of Tanja and Emma Seefeld; Friend of Merle; Ex-boyfriend of Lisa, Mieze, Selma, Lea and Sophie; One night stand by Melina
Valentina Pahde Sunny Richter dated Lehmann 5671– 2015– Partner and employee of “Vlederbag”
daughter of Vanessa and Frank; Granddaughter of Jo; Niece of Patrick, Dominik and Johanna; Ex-wife of Felix; Vince's ex-fiancee; Ex-girlfriend of Chris; One night stand by Nihat
Squidward Meilinger Felix Lehmann 6064– 2016– Managing Director of “Lehmann Bank”, partner in the clubhouse and managing director of “Wealth & Living”,
son of Rosa; Brother of Chris; Grandson of Heinrich; Cousin of Nele; Laura's still-husband; Ex-husband of Sunny; Brenda's exaffair
Niklas Osterloh Paul Wiedmann 6142– 2016– Employee in the "clubhouse", craftsman and employee of the "Upcycling Buddies"
stepfather of Kate; Son of Silke and Stefan; Brother of Anneke; Husband of Emily; Eva's ex-boyfriend
Maria Wedig Nina Klee, formerly Ahrens 6311– 2017– Deputy Managing Director at “Wealth & Living”
mother of Toni and Luis; Friend of Leon; Ex-wife of Martin; Still-wife of Robert
Chryssanthi Kavazi Laura Lehmann, b. Schmidt, former Weber 6269–6861
Employee in the “club house”
daughter of Yvonne and Yanis; Stepdaughter of Jo; Half sister of Moritz; Still wife of Felix; Ex-girlfriend of Philip; leaves Philipp and goes to her father in Greece for a while
Patrick Heinrich Erik Fritsche 6464–6537
Cook in the "masonry"
father of Merle; Half brother of Jan; Uncle of Ronja and Tim; Ex-husband of Shirin; Friend of Toni
supporting role from March to October 2018
Olivia Marei Antonia "Toni" Ahrens 6550– 2018– Policewoman
daughter of Nina and Martin; Stepdaughter of Robert; Sister of Luis; Friend of Erik
Timur Ülker Nihat Güney 6600– 2018– Employee in the “club house”, with the “upcycling buddies” and assistant in the office of Jo
Sohn von Mustafa; Cousin of Shirin, Nazan and Leyla; One-night stand by Lilly and Sunny; Exaffair of Kathrin
Gisa Zach Yvonne Bode 6680– 2019– Physiotherapist in the “Jeremias Hospital”
mother of Laura and Moritz; Wife of Jo; Ex-wife of Michael; Ex-girlfriend of Yanis
Ronja Herberich Merle Kramer 6938– 2020– Student at the “Victoria-Luise-Gymnasium”
daughter of Erik; Friend of Jonas
Vildan Cirpan Nazan Akinci 6978– 2020– Doctor in the "Jeremias Hospital", developer of a medical app, business partner of Felix
Leyla's sister; Cousin of Shirin and Nihat
Lennart Borchert Moritz Bode 7031– 2020– Bartender in the “masonry”
son of Yvonne and Michael; Jo's stepson; Half-brother of Laura; Henry's exaffair

Former leading actors

Sorted according to the order of exit.

actor role episode Years Remarks
Bernhard-Heinrich Herzog Oswald Löpelmann 19-69 1992 Ex-husband of Claudia; goes to Claudia in France when she has problems there.
The role was later played in episode 258 (1993) by Christoph Piesk . BRA. In 1997, Herzog also played the role of Steffen Jente.
Dirk Borchardt Bertram Koehler 5-70 1992 Father of Moritz; Husband of Denise; moves with his family to another part of town
Viktoria Voigt Denise Koehler 5-70 1992 Mother of Moritz; Wife of Bertram; moves with her family to another part of town
Suzanne Zialenbach Lilo Gottschick 4-51
Ex-girlfriend of Daniel; Michael’s exaffair; leaves town after taking André to a mental hospital
Natascha Pfeiffer Marina Geppert-Richter, b. Geppert 1-234 1992-1993 Wife of Karsten; moves with this to Bad Wiessee
Thomas Gohlke Karsten Richter 135-234 1992-1993 Brother of Clemens and Wilfried; Uncle of Heiko, Diana and Tim; Husband of Marina; moves with this to Bad Wiessee
Marie-Christine Herriger Julia Backhoff 4-240 1992-1993 Ex-girlfriend of Peter; leaves Berlin because of a job offer in Frankfurt
Johannes Berenz Dr. Frank Ullrich 1-242 1992-1993 Brother of Tina; Nephew of Helga; Friend of Sybille; Ex-fiancé of Elke; Martha's one-night stand; goes to Africa for development aid with Sybille
Dirk Meier Florian May 231-327 1993 Simone's affair; falls in love with her and travels to New York after her
Ines Victoria Macha Yasemin Mutlu † 240-360 1993 Friend of Heiko; falls victim to the pantyhose killer
Mirjam Köfer Diana Richter † 219-377 1993 Daughter of Wilfried; Niece of Clemens and Karsten; Cousin of Heiko, Tim and Frank; Ex-girlfriend of Tommy; falls victim to the pantyhose killer
Timmo Niesner Tommy Walter † 226-380 1993 Ex-boyfriend of Diana; falls victim to the pantyhose killer
Andrea Kathrin Loewig Iris Gundlach, b. Gebauer 248-480 1993-1994 Dominik's adoptive mother; Wife of Michael; dies by a car bomb of the pantyhose killer
Michael Trischan Jürgen Borchert 305-524 1993-1994 leaves town to begin a career as an art dealer
Neelesha Barthel Manjou Neria 395-568 1993-1994 Friend of Lukas; goes to New York with him and her father
Andreas Arnstedt Lukas Heitz 438-573 1994 Son of Daniel; Nephew of Alexander; Cousin of Lenny and Lucy; Friend of Manjou; this follows to New York
Alexander Eisenfeld Oliver Engel 259-585 1993-1994 Brother of Milla; flies to Japan to his parents
Andrea Höhne Claudia Löpelmann, b. Wedemeier 2-42 1992 Dominik's mother; Friend of Michael; Ex-wife of Oswald; Ex-girlfriend of Clemens; Exaffair of Jo; moves to the country with Michael; dies in December 2007 of a stroke outside of the series
Aelrun Goette 245-630 1993-1994
Udo Thies Dr. Michael Gundlach 241-630 1993-1994 Dominik's adoptive father; Widower of Iris; Friend of Claudia; Vera’s one-night stand; moves to the country with Claudia
Guest appearance: Episode 3882–3902 (2007–2008)
Matthias Matz André Holm 157-687 1992-1995 Friend of Rita Sahmel; goes to Italy with her.
Break: April to June 1993
Michael Rudiger Matthias Zimmermann 294-488
Son of Beatrice; Husband of Melanie; Ex-husband of Tina; goes to South America with his mother after building something up with Melanie
Hannelore Minkus Beatrice Zimmermann 320-750 1993-1995 Mother of Matthias; One night stand by Daniel; walking with her son to South America
votes appearance already in Episode 308
Victoria Storm Camilla "Milla" angel 243-898 1993-1996 Sister of Oliver; Widow of Joseph; Ex-wife of Tom; goes to Spain ; later returns to Berlin (see GZSZ offshoot Großstadtträume )
Guest appearances: episodes 949–950 (1996), 1500 (1998)
Alexander Kiersch Patrick Graf † 1-900 1992-1996 Son of Richard; Half brother of Jo; Uncle of Dominik, Vanessa, Johanna and Patrick; Husband of Elke; Tina's ex-fiancé; dies of a brain tumor
Guest appearance: Episodes 905–906 (1996) in a video message
Julia Gerke Jennifer Gruber, adopt., B. Pitt 621-910 1994-1996 Daughter of Joane and Cecil; Twin sister of Jessica; goes to England with her family
Judith Gerke Jessica Gruber, adopt., B. Pitt 642-910 1994-1996 Daughter of Joane and Cecil; Twin sister of Jennifer; goes to England with her family
Irene Neuner Dr. Rebecca Scheele 631-948 1994-1996 Mother of Kim; travels to her mother and then goes to the United States with Kim
Jan Sosniok Thomas "Tom" Lehmann 500-950 1994-1996 Brother of Andy and Chrissie; Ex-husband of Milla; Ex-fiancé of Saskia and Tina; Harumi's exaffair; One-Night-Stand by Ariane Lehnert; goes to Spain with Milla
Guest appearances: episodes 1283–1287 (1997), 1500 (1998)
Andreas Elsholz Heiko Richter 1-963 1992-1996 Son of Vera and Clemens; Half brother of Tim; Uncle of Felix; Nephew of Karsten and Wilfried; Cousin of Frank and Diana; Ex-fiancé of Ute; Ex-boyfriend of Tina, Yasemin and Mascha; One-Night-Stand by Elke; submerges
Saskia Valencia Saskia Rother 207-983 1993-1996 Daughter of Angela and Heinrich; Friend of Harumi; Ex-fiancée of Peter and Tom; goes to San Francisco with Harumi
Alexandra Finder Kim Scheele 713-1003 1995-1996 Daughter of Rebecca; goes to America
guest appearance: episodes 1497–1512 (1998)
Sandra Keller Tina Zimmermann, b. Ullrich 1-1023 1992-1996 Sister of Frank; Niece of Helga; Ex-wife of Matthias; Ex-fiancée of Tom and Patrick Sr. Ex-girlfriend of Heiko; Peter's exaffair; leaves Berlin
The role was later played in the episodes 1970–1976 (2000) and in the GZSZ branch Großstadtträume by Ulrike Frank .
Norbert Hülm Robert König † 699-1108
runs into a house that is being blown up, but his body is never found
Guest appearance: Episode 1632 (1998) as a delusional idea of ​​Cora
Claudia Weiske Elke Graf-Kruger, b. Opitz 1-931
Daughter of Ilse and Rüdiger; Mother of Patrick; Widow of Patrick Sr. Wife of John; Ex-fiancee of Michael and Frank; Ex-girlfriend of Jo and Rainer; One-Night-Stand by Heiko; goes to the United States with Rainer, separated from him and later remarried; died in 2012 outside the series in the USA (news of death in episode 5110)
Guest appearance: episodes 1765–1770 (1999)
Angela Neumann Vera Richter 1-1231 1992-1997 Mother of Heiko; Adoptive mother of Kevin; Ex-wife of Clemens; Exafair of Daniel; One night stand by Michael; flies to Sri Lanka with Kevin
Kea Könneker Christiane "Chrissie" Lehmann † 1019-1280 1996-1997 Sister of Tom and Andy; Ex-girlfriend of Nico; dies in a car accident
Julian Scheunemann Karl-Heinz "Charlie" Fierek † 247-354
Ex-boyfriend of Kim and Sophie; is shot in the courtroom
Daniel Enzweiler Jörg Reuter 986-1559 1996-1998 Ex-boyfriend of Nataly, Barbara and Sonja; disappears without a trace after a car accident with Sonja
Anne Brendler Vanessa Richter, adopt. Moreno 961-1611 1996-1998 Mother of Sunny; Daughter of Jo; Half sister of Dominik, Patrick and Johanna; Adoptive sister of Leon and Fabian; Granddaughter of Richard; Niece of Patrick Sr. Wife of Frank; Ex-girlfriend of Fabian and Felix; goes to Taiwan to open a hotel.
Guest appearances: Follow 5761–5778, 5860–5861 (2015), 6049–6054 (2016), 6255–6258 (2017)
Torsten Stoll Frank Richter 1269-1649 1997-1999 Son of Karsten; Nephew of Clemens and Wilfried; Cousin of Heiko, Tim and Diana; Husband of Vanessa; Father of Sunny; One-night-stand by Katja; goes to Vanessa in Taiwan
Guest appearance: Follows 1884–1888 (1999)
Alexander Schäfer Alexander "Alex" Hinze 1338-1713 1997-1999 Son of Doris; Brother of Cora; goes to his mother in Brussels
Alexandra Neldel Katja Wettstein 1072-1749 1996-1999 Daughter of Volker; Ex-girlfriend of Leon and Oliver; One-Night-Stand by Frank, Helge and Jan; leaves Berlin to look for Leon in Finland
Simone Hanselmann Anna Meisner 1383-1767 1998-1999 Ex-girlfriend of Clemens; is schizophrenic and is arrested when she becomes her "evil side" Judith
Oliver Petszokat Ricky Marquart 1369-1849 1998-1999 Ex-boyfriend of Nataly; One-Night-Stand from Cora; leaves Berlin in the direction of Stuttgart
Raphael Schneider Andreas "Andy" Lehmann † 667-1969 1995-2000 Brother of Tom and Chrissie; Husband of Flo; is poisoned by sect leader Michael Danecker, whereupon Flo does euthanasia at his own request.
Andy's doppelganger Thomas Schmidt also played in 1997
Laurent Daniels Philip Kruger 1205-1988 1997-2000 Ex-boyfriend of Fabian and Simon; moves to another part of the city (thereby switches directly to the GZSZ branch of Big City Dreams )
Nadine Dehmel Nataly Hunter 931-2043 1996-2000 Ex-wife of Jo; Ex-girlfriend of Jörg; Nico's one-night stand; leaves Berlin
Fenja Rühl Barbara Graf, b. Wiebe 284-407 1993 Sister of Martin and Sonja; Ex-wife of Richard; Ex-girlfriend of Jo, Peter and Daniel; Lara exaffair; is sentenced to ten years imprisonment for attempted child abduction of Betty Becker due to an intrigue of Sonja.
Guest appearance: Episode 2426–2457 (2002), whereupon she fled abroad after attempting to murder Sonja and has been suspected of being in South America ever since
Maren Thurm 904-1691 1996-1999
Mona Klare 1692-2071 1999-2000
Cathrin Vaessen Franziska Bohlstädt 1884-2083 1999-2000 Mother of Charlotte and Chris; Ex-fiancee of Jan; One night stand by Jo; goes to France to open a wine bar
Rainer Meifert Dr. Jan Wittenberg 1559-2091 1998-2000 Cousin of Moritz; Ex-fiancé of Charlotte; Ex-boyfriend of Flo; One-night-stand by Katja and Franziska; fled abroad
Franziska Dilger Inca Berent 1756-2211 1999-2001 Foster daughter of Elisabeth and Daniel; is taken away by the police after a rampage (shoots Chris) in the school
Jan Hartmann Christopher "Chris" Bohlstädt † 1849-2211 1999-2001 Son of Franziska; Brother of Charlotte; Friend of Xenia; One night stand by Flo; is shot by Inka in the school building (the shot was actually aimed at Nico)
Stefanie Julia Möller Charlotte Bohlstädt 1854-2213 1999-2001 Daughter of Franziska; Sister of Chris; Jan's one-night stand; after the death of her brother moves to live with her mother in France
Matthias Hinze Peter Becker, adopt., B. Meinhart 1-85 1992 Father of Betty; Son of Elisabeth and Robert; Adopted son of Gerda and Erwin; Half brother of Alexandra; Adoptive brother of Karin and Berthold; Husband of Melissa; Ex-fiancé of Saskia; Ex-boyfriend of Julia; Exaffair of Tina; Lara one-night stand; returns to Australia with his daughter
Guest appearances: Episodes 808–837 (1995), 899–906 (1996)
Sali Landricina 86-729 1992-1995
Patrick Harzig 1756-2422 1999-2002
Tina Bordihn Sonja Wiebe † 1310-1559 1997-1998 Marie's adoptive mother; Sister of Barbara and Martin; Ex-wife of Fabian; Ex-girlfriend of Jo and Jörg; Exaffair of Bernd; One night stand by Andy; dies from a self-inflicted explosion in Daniels
Tokessa Möller-Martinius 1560-2502 1998-2002
Tim Sander Kai Scholl † 1514-2510 1998-2002 Ex-boyfriend of Marie; is seriously injured by the explosion in Daniels ; as a result dies from irreparable damage to the liver
Rhea Harder Florentine Isabella "Flo Spira" Spirandelli di Montalban 893-2383
1996-2002 Daughter of Theresa and Albert; Niece of Henriette; Cousin of Xenia; Widow of Andy; Friend of Martin; Ex-girlfriend of Jan; Peter's exaffair; One-night stand by Leon and Chris; goes to Munich with Martin
Stephan Meyer-Kohlhoff Martin Wiebe 277-324 1993 Brother of Barbara and Sonja; Friend of Flo; goes to Munich with this
guest appearance: episode 375–376 (1993)
Norman Kalle 2079-2524 2000-2002
Mia Aegerter Xenia di Montalban 2032-2537 2000-2002 Cousin of Flo; Ex-fiancee of Ben; Ex-girlfriend of Chris; gets cold feet before her wedding and goes to Munich, where she lives with Flo and Martin from then on.
Guest appearances: Episode 2657–2689 (2003)
Hendrik Borgmann Moritz Demand 1936-2539 2000-2002 Ex-boyfriend of Sandra; Senta exaffair; One night stand by Marie; goes on a world tour with his houseboat
Christin Baechler Patrizia Bachmann, b. Honest man 2277-2708 2001-2003 Mother of Ben, Lena and John; Sister of Roland and Senta; Ex-wife of Hannes and Jo; accepts a job offer in Cape Town on
a cameo consequences 3708-3714 (2007), Senta and Hannes' funeral
Peer Kusmagk Ben Bachmann 2452-2771 2002-2003 Son of Hannes and Patrizia; Brother of Lena and John; Half-brother of Emily and Philip; Ex-fiancé of Xenia; Verena's one-night stand; goes to his mother in Cape Town
Ralf Benson Fabian Moreno 961-1972
Marie's adoptive father; Brother of Leon; Uncle of Vince and Oskar, ex-husband of Sonja; Ex-boyfriend of Vanessa, Silke and Philip; goes into the witness protection program ; later has to go to jail for his criminal past
Jeanette Biedermann Marie Balzer 1744-2687
Adopted daughter of Sonja and Fabian; Ex-girlfriend of Kai; One-Night-Stand by Moritz Demand; goes to the monastery in Romania to help homeless children
İsmail Şahin Deniz Ergün † 2583-3148 2002-2005 Ex-husband of Sandra (through own death); Ex-boyfriend of Verena; succumbs to his injuries on the day of his wedding after falling from a window
Raphaël Vogt Dr. Nico Weimershaus 944-3168 1996-2005 Father of Antonia and Sebastian; Friend of Julia's; Ex-boyfriend of Cora and Chrissie; Nataly's one-night stand; Julia travels to London and finally stays there with her
Yvonne Catterfeld Julia Blum 2316-2360
Friend of Nico; Ex-girlfriend of John and Jonas; goes to London for an audition and stays there with Nico
Dominic Boeer Jonas Vossberg 2779-2946
Ex-boyfriend of Julia; Isabel's exaffair; disappears when he loses Julia to Nico
Nina Bott Cora Hinze 1338-3328 1997-2005 Mother of Antonia and Sebastian; Daughter of Doris; Ex-wife of Leon; Ex-girlfriend of Nico; Ricky's one night stand; gets a job offer and goes to Taiwan with her children
Uta Kargel Lena Bachmann 2961-3447 2004-2006 Daughter of Patrizia and Hannes; Sister of Ben and John; Half sister of Emily and Philip; Ex-girlfriend of Tim and Henrik; leaves Berlin
Natalie Alison Isabel Eggert † 2851-3502 2003-2006 Mother of Felix; Daughter of Konrad and Ingrid; Ex-fiancee of Jo; Ex-girlfriend of Leon; Jonas' exaffair; One night stand by Tim; dies of a car accident after giving birth to her son
Catherine Ursinus Cornelia "Nele" Wenzel 3215-3566 2005-2006 goes to America
Hanne Wolharn Senta Lemke, b. Biedermann 2085-3698 2000-2007 Mother of Sandra; Sister of Roland and Patrizia; Aunt of Ben, Lena and John; Friend of Hannes; Exaffair of Moritz and Jo; One-Night-Stand by Clemens; dies in a plane crash
Klaus-Dieter Klebsch Johannes "Hannes" Bachmann † 2506-3703 2002-2007 Father of Ben, Lena, John, Emily and Philip; Friend of Senta; Ex-husband of Patrizia; is seriously injured in the plane crash and later dies in hospital
Stefan König Sebastian Winter 3351-3816 2005-2007 Ex-boyfriend of Franzi; Ex triangular relationship with Emily and Verena; taking a modeling job in France to
Robert Lyons Vincent Buhr 2890-3639
Friend of Jana Colditz; Elisabeth's ex-husband (marriage of convenience); Ex-boyfriend of Verena; goes to Sydney with Jana
Jasmine Tawil Franziska "Franzi" Reuter † 3336-4000 2005-2008 from October 2005 initially supporting role in
Paula's affair; Ex-girlfriend of Sebastian and Philip; dies in a fire in the pheasant
Anna Frenzel-Röhl Sandra Ergün, b. Lemke 1894-2515 2000-2002 Daughter of Senta and Thomas; Niece of Roland and Patrizia; Cousin of Ben, Lena and John; Friend of Marc; Widow of Deniz; Ex-girlfriend of Moritz, Kike and Sam; Exaffair of Leon; circumnavigated the world with Marc and now lives with him in Portugal
Guest appearance: Follows 4811–4813 (2011) to Verena's funeral
May of Bremen 2530-4003 2002-2008
Arne Stephan Marc Hansen 3453-4003 2006-2008 Friend of Sandra; Ex-husband of Katrin; sailed around the world with Sandra and now lives with her in Portugal.
Arne Stephan also played Marc's mentally ill twin brother Viktor Hansen
Josephine Schmidt Paula Rapf 2595-4163 2002-2009 Foster daughter of Daniel; Ex-wife of John; Ex-girlfriend of Markus; Exaffair of Franzi (through her death); One night stand by Tim; goes to a friend in Canada
Pete Dwojak Henrik Beck 3171-4188 2005-2009 Ex-boyfriend of Lena, Sveta and Iris; One night stand by Verena and Katrin; goes to Thailand
Roman Roth Tim Böcking 2492-2918 2002-2004 Son of Clemens; Half-brother of Heiko; Nephew of Karsten and Wilfried; Cousin of Frank and Diana; Father of Felix; Friend of Caro; Ex-boyfriend of Lena; One-night stand by Verena, Isabel, Emily and Paula; kidnapped his son Felix to Canada
Guest appearances: Follows 4326–4338 (2009), 4571–4573 (2010)
Oliver Bender 2995-4190 2004-2009
Hans Christiani Agamemnon Rufus (AR) "Daniel" 8-4293 1992-2009 is only called "Daniel" (as a nickname); Father of Lukas; Half-brother of Alexander; Friend of rose; Ex-husband of Elisabeth; Ex-boyfriend of Lilo; Vera's exaffair; One night stand by Beatrice; goes to America with Rose on Route 66
Jessica Ginkel Caroline "Caro" Neustädter 3463-4338 2006-2009 Mother of Benjamin; Friend of Tim; Ex-girlfriend of John; Alexander's exaffair; emigrates to Tim, Felix and Paula in Canada from
voice appearance in episodes 4442–4444, switched to " Der Lehrer "
Alexander Becht Leonard "Lenny" Cöster 3895-4473 2007-2010 Son of Iris and Alexander; Brother of Lucy; Friend of Carsten; Ex-boyfriend of Emily; had to serve a sentence in the Plötzensee prison for armed robbery and serious bodily harm.
Guest appearances: Follows 4516, 4524–4536, 4553–4563 (2010), in which he was given prison leave and finally moved to Rosenheim with Carsten to get a job in a social Facility to start
Felix Isenbügel Carsten Reimann 4091-4563 2008-2010 Supporting role from October 2008 to August 2009
son of Frank Reimann; Friend of Lenny; moves with this to Rosenheim
Sarah Tkotsch Lucy Coester 3862-4563 2007-2010 Daughter of Iris and Alexander; Sister of Lenny; Ex-girlfriend of Philip; One-Night-Stand by Dominik; went to Tokyo for an internship with a well-known photographer and was later employed there; studies today in Paris
break: December 2009 to March 2010
Frank-Thomas Mende Clemens Richter 1-4577 1992-2010 Father of Heiko and Tim; Grandfather of Felix; Brother of Karsten and Wilfried; Uncle of Frank and Diana; Husband of Elisabeth; Ex-husband of Vera; Carola's ex-fiancé; Senta one-night stand; emigrates to Canada with Elisabeth.
Guest appearance: Episodes 4811–4813 (2011) at Verena's funeral
Long break: November 1996 to March 1997
Lisa Riecken Elisabeth Meinhart-Richter, b. Meinhart 1-4577 1992-2010 Mother of Peter; Grandmother of Betty; Wife of Clemens; Ex-wife of Daniel and Vincent (fictitious marriage); Ex-girlfriend of Hartmut and Volker; emigrates to Canada with Clemens
Guest appearance: Follows 4811–4813 (2011) to Verena's funeral
Kristin Meyer Iris Cöster, b. Conradt 3671-4643 2007-2010 Mother of Lenny and Lucy; Ex-wife of Alexander; Ex-girlfriend of Henrik; Exaffair of Jo; accepts a job offer as a street worker in Munich
Susan Sideropoulos Verena Koch † 2179-2205
Daughter of Claus; Half sister of Pia; Mother of Oskar; Wife of Leon; Ex-fiancee of Casimir; Ex-girlfriend of Deniz, Henrik and Vincent; Tayfun Exaffair; One-Night-Stand by Ben, Alexander and Armin; dies of an aortic tear as a result of a car accident.
Guest appearances: episodes 4803-4812 as a corpse and daydream, 4901 as an illusion on New Year's Eve
Lena Ehlers Dascha Badak, b. Petrova 4415-4905 2010–2012 Ex-wife of Philip (fake marriage) and Tayfun; goes back to Kazakhstan
Lena Ehlers played Karin Becker in 1992 as the first actress
Samia Dauenhauer Jacqueline "Jacky" Krüger 4905-5073 2012 Daughter of Elvira; Half sister of Tuner; goes to Hamburg to a dance school
Bjorn Harras Patrick Gerner, recognized, born Count 4366-5000
2009–2012 The role was embodied in episodes 991–1207 (1996–1997) by the child actors Josephin & Viktoria Kunze.
Son of Elke and Jo; Half-brother of Vanessa, Dominik and Johanna; Uncle of Sunny; Grandson of Richard; Ex-boyfriend of Jasmin and Emily; falls from a roof in a drug frenzy.
Guest appearances: episodes 5022–5023 in a video recording, up to and including episode 5137 as a corpse
Björn Harras played the supporting role of Nils “Driver” Barkhoff from April to August 2009
Senta-Sofia Delliponti Tanja Seefeld 4630-5264 2010-2013 Daughter of Maren and Kurt; Half sister of Lilly, Jonas and Emma Seefeld; Ex-girlfriend of Zac; Exafaires of Vince, Bommel and Dominik; goes to Australia
Guest appearances: Follow 7068– Comes to Berlin to help Maren deal with the death of Alexander.
Raúl Richter Dominik "Nik" Gundlach, adopt., Geb. Felix Löpelmann 3882-5637 2007-2014 The role was played in episodes 416–654 (1994–1995) by the child actors Chris & Erik Matzas.
Son of Claudia and Jo; Foster son of Michael; Half-brother of Vanessa, Patrick and Johanna; Grandson of Richard; Uncle of Sunny; Elena's ex-husband (by own death); Ex-fiancé of Jasmine; Julie's ex-boyfriend; Emily and Kata's exaffair; One-Night-Stand by Pia, Tanja and Nele; succumbs to severe head injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident (episode 5632)
Jascha Rust Zacharias "Zac" Klingenthal 4697-5646 2011-2014 Son of Lars and Christina; Brother of Charleen; Ex-boyfriend of Tanja; Claire's exaffair; goes to Silicon Valley for an internship
Isabell Horn Pia cook 4197-5436
Daughter of Claus; Half sister of Verena; Oskar's aunt; Ex-wife of John; Ex-girlfriend of Leon; Tayfun Exaffair; One-Night-Stand by Dominik and Anni; moves to Essen after separating from John (changes to Alles Waswas )
Franziska van der Heide Mieke "Mieze" Lutze 5311-5811 2013-2015 Ex-girlfriend of Jonas; Vince's one-night stand; goes to London
Ramona Dempsey Anna Nele Lehmann 5306-5818 2013-2015 is only called "Nele"; Niece of Rosa; Cousin of Chris and Felix; Ex-fiancee of Mesut; Dominik's one-night stand, leaves Berlin after separating from Mesut
Tayfun Baydar Tayfun Badak 4146-6035 2008-2016 Adoptive father of Kate; Son of Semira and Cem; Friend of Emily; Ex-husband of Dasha and Emily; Ayla's ex-boyfriend; Verena and Pia's exaffair; goes to San Diego
Vincent Kruger Vincent "Vince" Köpke 4668-6080 2011-2016 Son of Leon; Half-brother of Oskar; Nephew of Fabian, ex-fiancé of Sunny; Ex-boyfriend of Lilly; Tanja's exaffair; Kitty One Night Stand; goes to LA
Rona Özkan Selma Özgül 5869-6085 2015-2016 Cousin of Ayla and Kemal; Niece of Oya and Birol; Ex-girlfriend of Jonas; moves back to her parents in Freising
Sıla Şahin Ayla Höfer, b. Özgül 4328-5443 2009-2014 Daughter of Oya and Birol; Sister of Kemal; Cousin of Selma; Ex-wife of Philip; Ex-fiancee of Kaan; Ex-girlfriend of Tayfun; Friend of david; goes to Cuba with David
Nadine Menz 5489-6142 2014-2016
Philip Christopher David Brenner 5459-6142 2014-2016 Friend of Ayla; Ex-boyfriend of Emily; Katrin's exaffair; goes to Cuba with Ayla
Merlin Leonhardt Till "Bommel" Kuhn † 5070-5556
Ex-boyfriend of Katrin (through own death); Ex-boyfriend of Lilly and Sarah; Tanja's exaffair; suffers from an incurable nervous disease and commits suicide (subsequently seen in episodes 6179-6184 and 6210-6211 in Katrin's daydreams and in episode 6182 as a corpse)
Supporting role from August 2012 to December 2013
Guest appearance: episode 5652 (2014)
Mustafa Alin Mesut Yildiz 4751-6207 2011-2017 Friend of Emma Knapp; Ex-fiancé of Nele; Ex-boyfriend of Maja; goes to Frankfurt / M with Emma Knapp.
Supporting role from May 2011 to December 2013
Elena Garcia Gerlach Elena Gundlach, b. Castillo 5291-5331
Widow of Dominik; Ex-girlfriend of John and Jo; One night stand by Philip; goes back to Spain
supporting role from July 2013 to March 2014, main role from October 2014 to May 2017
Janina Uhse Jasmin Flemming, recognized, adopt. Nowak, b. Melanie Galuba 3902-6305 2008-2017 Daughter of Katrin and Frederic; Half sister of Johanna; Granddaughter of Irene; Niece of Anna; Ex-wife of Kurt; Ex-fiancée of Dominik and Frederic; Ex-girlfriend of Patrick and Anni, John's one-night stand; goes to New York City to work as chief designer
Luise von Finckh Luisa Juliane "Jule" Vogt 6126-6380 2016-2017 Daughter of Erika and Rainer, half sister of Anni; Ex-girlfriend of Tuner; Exaffair of John; takes an apprenticeship in Heidelberg
Guest appearance : Episode 6579 (2018)
Luise von Finckh played the supporting role Claire Latour in 2012
Linda Marlen Runge Andrea "Anni" Brehme 5295-6579 2013-2018 Daughter of Christel and Rainer; Half sister of Jule; Ex-wife of Amar (fictitious marriage); Ex-girlfriend of Jasmin; Exaffair of Rosa and Katrin; One night stand by Pia; travels on after a festival and leaves Berlin
Lea Marlen Woitack Sophie Lindh 5464-6707 2014-2019 (Still) wife of Leon; Ex-fiancee of Jo; Ex-girlfriend of Jonas; accepts a job offer in Singapore
Eric standing firm Christian "Chris" Lehmann 5640-6713 2014-2019 Son of pink; Brother of Felix; Grandson of Heinrich; Cousin of Nele; Ex-boyfriend of Sunny; One night stand by Lilly; goes into hiding after a break-in at a pharmaceutical company
Maximilian Braun Luis Ahrens 6311-6786 2017-2019 Pupil
son of Nina and Martin; Robert's stepson; Brother of Antonia; goes to New Zealand for a year
Nik Breidenbach Alexander Cöster † 3668-4229 2007-2009 Father of Lenny and Lucy; Half-brother of Daniel; Uncle of Luke; Cousin of Stefan's; Ex-boyfriend of Maren (through own death), ex-husband of Iris; Ex-boyfriend of Anna and Olivia; Ex-affair of Katrin; Verena's one-night stand; dies in a traffic accident
Guest appearances: episodes 7034–7041 as a corpse and daydream
Clemens Löhr played the supporting role Casimir von Leibhold in 2005
Clemens Löhr 4266-7033 2009-2020
Nils Schulz Robert Klee 6724-7039 2019-2020 Father of Brenda; Still-husband of Nina; Stepfather of Toni and Luis; accepts a job offer in Cape Town
Annabella Zetsch Brenda Schubert 6550-6622
Daughter of Robert; Nina's stepdaughter; Ex-affair of Felix; goes to Cape Town with Robert
Guest appearance: Episode 6730-6731 (2019)
supporting role from July to October 2018
Gamze Senol Shirin Akinci 6363-7051 2017-2020 Niece of Mustafa; Cousins ​​of Nihat, Nazan and Leyla; Ex-girlfriend of John; Ex-wife of Erik; leaves Berlin feeling guilty about Alexander's death

Supporting cast

Current supporting actors

Sorted according to the order of entry.

actor role Episodes Years Remarks
Daniela Hansen Daniela 1972–55xx
Cook in “Masonry”, previously cook in “Pheasant”
Ex-Affair from Leon
Kathleen Richter Kathleen 2 ??? - 2001– Waitress in "Masonry", before that waitress in "Fasan"
One-Night-Stand by John
Kathleen Richter already in 2000 played the role of a guest at a benefit event for Villa Regenbogen (episode 2000)
Mia Sophie Lange Johanna Aurelia "Motte" Flemming 3600-3936 2006-2008 Student at a boarding school in Rheinsberg,
daughter of Katrin and Jo; Half-sister of Jasmin, Vanessa, Patrick jr. and Dominik; Sunny aunt; Niece of Patrick sen. and Anna; Granddaughter of Richard and Irene; School friend of Charleen
Finja Büngel 3937-5254 2008-2013
Layana Forester 5255-5809 2013-2015
Charlott Reschke 5810– 2015–
Kata Wandro Kata 4528–6 ???
62 ?? -
Employee in the "club house"
Ex-Affair of Dominik
Lenny Ottl Oskar Moreno 4845–6 ??? 2011-2018 Pupil
son of Verena and Leon; Nephew of Pia and Fabian; Half-brother of Vince, grandson of Claus
Joey 6680– 2019–
Bastian disk Ole 5 ??? - 2014– Waiter in the "masonry"
Susanna Okonowski Lea Reibitz 6 ??? - 2017– Nurse trainee in the Jeremias hospital
Ex-girlfriend of Jonas
Livia Gaiser Leyla Akinci 6995– 2020– Employee in the "club house" ;
Sister of Nazan; Cousin of Shirin and Nihat; One night stand by John

Former supporting actors

Sorted according to the order of exit.

actor role episode Years Remarks
Heidi Weigelt Ilse Opitz † 8-29 1992 Mother of Elke; dies in episode 53 as a result of a car accident, but off-screen
Christian Oskar Spitzl Michael Döring † 1-36 1992 former teacher at the Victoria-Luise-Gymnasium ; Husband of Annette; Affair between Elke and Lilo; is stabbed by his wife and then appears in Elke's mind up to and including episode 51
Claudia Arnold-Brauner Annette Döring 40-51 1992 Wife of Michael Döring; turns himself in for the murder of her husband
Ilonka Breitmeier Birgit Seitz 1-69 1992 Office hours assistance in the practice of Frank Ullrich ; goes on vacation and meets a millionaire there
Michael von Rospatt Friedhelm Hahnich 63-82 1992 Farmer ; Husband of Margot; Father of Trude and Hannes; Thanks to Heiko for saving his life, Heiko let him live and work on his farm for a while
Edeltraut Elsner Margot Hahnich 64-82 1992 Farmer ; Wife of Friedhelm; Mother of Trude and Hannes
Oliver Reinhard Arne Blund 65-82 1992 Farm workers on the Hahnichs' farm
Brigitte Mira Simone Harvey 83-97 1992 Fortune teller; cheats Marina out of her money
Julien Haggége Hans Gordon "Flash" 91-104 1992 Residents in Domi goal; flies out of the home after it was discovered that he had stolen Elisabeth's brooch
Michael Griem Erik West 100-107 1992 Psychopath; Ex-husband of Helga Markmann; wants to kill them, is admitted to psychiatry
Regina Nowack Mrs. Marschner 107-120 1992 Neighbor of the judge; Mother of Nicole; urges her daughter Heiko to marry because he is wealthy
Beate Schwarzbauer Nicole Marschner 103-121 1992 Neighbor of the judge; Ex-lover of Kalle Groß; has the intention to marry Heiko Richter because he is wealthy, her plan failed
Gundi Eberhard Trude Hahnich 64-82, 122 1992 Daughter of Friedhelm and Margot; Sister of Hannes; is expecting a child from Kalle Groß
Marcus Vick Kalle Groß 99-122 1992 works on the Hahnich's farm ; Friend of Heiko Richter; goes back after realizing that Nicole Marschner was only using it, is expecting a child from Trude
Fritz Hammer Franz Minden 38-123 1992 Elke's lawyer in the Michael Döring case and in various other cases; Friend of Frank Ullrich
Constanze Harpen Thea Klein 3 1992 Patient of Frank Ullrich; accuses him of sexual harassment, turns out to be untrue
Margot Rothweiler 85-124 1992
Oliver upholstery Martin Sommer 74-132 1992 good friend of Marina and Elke; goes to Munich to become a sound engineer
Margarete Hamm Ursel summer 111-132 1992 Mother of Martin Sommer; cold hearted and selfish
Inca Victoria Groetschel Lena Hartwick 45-134 1992 Secretary at the Löpelmann agency
Nora Bendig Helga Markmann 78-154 1992 Ex-fiancee of Walter Bornat; Ex-girlfriend of Daniel; wrongly pretended to be Helga Ullrich
Peter Wieland Walter Bornat 115-157 1992 Publisher of Elisabeth Meinhart ; Ex-fiance of Helga Markmann; Brother of Isabelle Bornat
Christiane Maybach Isabelle Bornat 141-146 1992 Sister of Walter Bornat; eccentric and dominant
Mike Zobrys Sebastian rhyme 140-164 1992-1993 Son of Hilde Reim; he was mistakenly diagnosed with cancer; goes to another city with his mother to be treated in a special clinic
Klaus Schindler Armin Braun † 151-165 1992-1993 Manager of Lilos Hotel ; Call girl killer (killed Josie Kaufmann, Elfi Krach and Frau Bild); Peter pushes him off the hotel roof while trying to kill Elke
Manuela Winckler Hilde Reim 91-166 1992-1993 Receptionist in the Classic Hotel and short-term office hours assistant from Frank Ullrich ; Mother of Sebastian Reim; goes to another city because of her son
Esther Hellmund Ute Lorenz 135-182 1992-1993 Heiko's teacher and ex-girlfriend
Monica Gruber Martha Neumann 181-200 1993 Owner of a pension ; Sister of Sybille Vogler; nurses Frank Ullrich to health during his amnesia
Bernd Ludwig Rudiger Opitz 65-78
1992-1993 Father of Elke; goes on a world tour
Dascha Lehmann Tanja Marein 153-204 1992-1993 Niece of Holger Bachstein; Friend of Markus Born; goes back to her parents
Hannes Stelzer Otto Kowalski 207-226 1993 Owner of a joinery; Head of Peter Becker; sells his business to Jo Gerner
Gytta Schubert Helga Ullrich † 153-229 1992-1993 Aunt of Frank and Tina; Beloved of Daniel; she kills herself because of an incurable disease
Rudolf Geske Holger Bachstein 91-232 1992-1993 Uncle of Tanja Marein; Neighbor of the Domi target
Gordon Munro Markus Born 148-232 1992-1993 Residents in Domi goal; Friend of Tanja Marein; goes to her and starts training
Eva Probst Jessica Naumann 4-103
former teacher at Victoria-Luise-Gymnasium,
good friend of Elisabeth Meinhart
Ursela Monn Mrs. Walter 233-238 1993 Mother of Tommy; crushes her son with extreme motherly love
Caroline Grothgar Sybille Vogler 192-242 1993 Sister of Martha Neumann; Friend of Frank Ullrich; goes with him to Uganda
Detlef Lutz Arthur Rankert 37-251 1992-1993 Commissioner in various cases
Klaus Munster Erich Kauffeld 238-251 1993 Bank robbers; Uncle of Anni Kauffeld; is arrested by the police with the help of Tommy Walter, ARDaniel and Elisabeth Meinhart
Dita from Aster Anni Kauffeld 237-260 1993 Niece of Erich Kauffeld; flees from her criminal uncle to the Domi target; befriends Tommy Walter there; finds her mother again through a newspaper article and leaves town with her
Egon Hofmann Siggi 226-281 1993 lost his bistro in poker to Daniel; Guest appearance: Episode 745 (1995)
Egon Hofmann also played the supporting role of Dieter Nowak from 2008–2009
Tommaso Cacciapuoti Bruno Zampieri 263-295 1993 Talent scouts in the fashion industry; Ex-affair of Tina
Arthur Meyer Arthur 9-303 1992-1993 Waiter at the Allistairs
Juana-Maria von Jascheroff Cornelia Blau 240-308 1993 best friend of Vera Richter; Ex-girlfriend of ARDaniel; goes to Munich because of a job offer
Sybille Heyen Anja Brandt 273-313 1993 former student of the Victoria-Luise grammar school; Author of several ransom letters; is admitted to psychiatry
Zsolt Bács Volker Arnold 277-317 1993 PR manager at the Löpelmann agency; Saskia Rother's ex-affair
Kevin Klockzin Max Probst 249-324 1993 Son of Annette Probst; Nephew of Michael Gundlach; leaves Berlin with his mother
Guest appearances: episodes 375–376 (1993) on Michaels and Iris 'hen party and wedding, 492–493 (1994) at Iris' funeral
Wookie Mayer Simone Sontheimer 271-324 1993 Photographer ; Wife of Manfred Sontheimer; Florian May's affair; leaves Berlin and goes to New York
Debora refuses Hilda Berg † 332-350 1993 Deputy office hours assistant in Michael Gundlach's practice ; falls victim to the pantyhose killer
Werner Kanitz Erwin Becker 1-25
1992-1993 Father of Karin and Berthold; Adoptive father of Peter; Ex-husband of Gerda; leaves Berlin after separating from his wife; After his return, he has to flee the city because Karin reported him
Christiane Christiani Gerda Becker 1-25
1992-1993 Mother of Karin and Berthold; Adoptive mother of Peter; Ex-wife of Erwin; leaves the city with Karin after separating from her husband
Christiane Christiani also played the role of Rosalinde "Rose" Blümel in 2009
Walter Jacob Rudolf Söllner 237-373 1993 Father of Hartmut Söllner
Ernst Wilhelm Lenik Wilfried Richter 124-134
1992-1993 Carola's husband; Brother of Clemens and Karsten; Father of Diana
Birgit Anders Carola Richter 124-134
1992-1993 Wife of Wilfried; Mother of Diana; Ex-fiancee of Clemens
Carolina Vera Nicole Ehlert 318-384 1993 Photo model; Waitress in the pheasant ; Ex-affair of Matthias Zimmermann; goes to Milan because of a job offer
Robert Schröter Jack Conrad 354-390 1993 Temporary job in Siggis' bar
Lutz Moik Richard Graf † 48-186
1. Actor of the role, then played by Peter Groeger in 1996
father of Patrick sen. and Jo; Dominik's grandfather, Patrick jr. and Johanna; Sunny's great-grandfather; Ex-husband of Barbara Graf; dies in the course of the plot of the 1754th episode (1999) outside of the series happening
Lena Ehlers Karin Becker 1-3
1992 Daughter of Gerda and Erwin Becker; Sister of Berthold; Adoptive sister of Peter; goes to boarding school
Lena Ehlers also played the leading role Dascha Petrova from 2010–2012 .
Heinke Huettmann 317-420 1993-1994
Gerd Blahuschek Hartmut Söllner 335-429 1993-1994 All-round craftsman ; Ex-boyfriend of Elisabeth; leaves the city because he granted Daniel happiness with Elisabeth
Marcus Ulbricht Tobias Gericke † 283-485 1993-1994 Pantyhose killer (killed Hilda, Yasemin, Diana, Tommy, and Iris); commits suicide
Heath Domanowski Annette Probst, b. Gundlach 284-324
492-493, 559
1993-1994 Sister of Michael Gundlach; Mother of Max; Ex-girlfriend of Martin Wiebe
Dagmar custom Rita Sahmel 554-599
Friend of André Holm; goes with this to Italy
Denise Zich Daniela Zöllner 783-823 1995 goes on tour with the band Just Friends and later separates from this
guest appearance: Episode 874–875 (1995), 918–926, 988–989 (1996)
Mariella Ahrens Elinor Black 793-833, 837 1995 Ex-fiancee of Jo
Anna Luebbecke Lizzy Ehlers † 746-928 1995-1996 best friend of Kim; was stabbed to death with scissors by Charlie's crazy aunt Eva Reichel
Mey Lan Chao Harumi Shimizu 928-983 1996 Saskia's partner; Ex-affair of Tom; goes to San Francisco with Saskia
Gerd Lukas Storzer Götz von der Heide 852-1062 1995-1996 former employee of "City Lights" and later assistant to Jo in the restaurant "Fasan"
Manfred Callsen Dr. Rainer Falk 1083-1208 1996-1997 Ex-boyfriend of Elke; goes with her to the United States
Frederic Sieber Kevin Schäfer 1143-1231 1997 former member of the Street Kid Gang; Vera’s foster son; goes with her to Sri Lanka
Roland Boecker Volker Wettstein alias Guido Ahrens 1086-1125
Father of Katja; Ex-boyfriend of Elisabeth; forced his daughter to become a drug dealer and was eventually shot by police while escaping
Claudio Maniscalco Felix Reinecke 1066–1130
1 ??? - 1 ???
Magician ; Vanessa's ex-boyfriend
Inca Loewendorf Astrid Seiter † 0000-1708 1997-1999 dies of a virus transmitted through a mouse
Susanne Evers Silke Balzer † 1706-1787 1999 Mother of Marie; Partner of Fabian; is badly injured by her ex-husband David in an outburst and dies in hospital
Herbert Ulrich Simon Nilsson alias Thomas Rieplich 1812-1903 1999-2000 Author ; Ex-husband of Philip Krüger; once murdered the real Simon Nilsson to impersonate him and is arrested after he married Philip
Christian Olsen Michael Danecker † 1819-1888
Head of the sect "Ring der Welt" ; poisoned all sect members during the "Journey to Another Dimension" as well as Andy, Nataly, Cora and Nico; was arrested and later killed himself with a cyanide capsule
Rimbert play bird Anton Weimershaus † 1895-2000 2000 Father of Nico; is terminally ill with mericoblastosis and dies on the day his granddaughter Antonia is born
Frank Reidock Bernd Kohlweyer † 1994-2083 2000 set up a hostess service with Sonja and wanted to sell Inka as prostitutes in Armenia; gets caught in the propeller of his private jet during Inca's liberation by Kai and Marie
Verena Araghi Tiffany Banquet 2055-2095 2000 original owner of Moritz 'houseboat; gave this to Xenia and Chris shortly before they left Berlin
Wolfgang Grindemann Roland Biedermann 1188-1232
1997-2000 Brother of Senta and Patrizia; Uncle of Sandra, Ben, Lena and John; Waiter in the pheasant (with breaks)
Rudiger Sander Konrad Scholl 1832-2517 1999-2002 Kai's father (with a break)
Patrick Dewayne Kike Valdez 2984-3084 2004 Drama student ; Ex-boyfriend of Sandra; leaves town
Ignazio Caporrimo Marc Lüders 3090-3154 2004-2005 tried under pressure from his community to deprive Lena of the millions she had won
Roswitha Dost Irene Galuba † 3147-3149
2005 1. Actress of the role, played in the memories of Katrin by Martina Baumann in 2008 (episode 4049 & 4057).
Mother of Katrin and Anna; Grandmother of Jasmin and Johanna; chokes on a pretzel and suffocates
Shai Hoffmann Jürgen "Scout" Fahl † 3200-3271 2005 Gang member; was hit by a subway during a test of courage
Clemens Löhr Casimir von Leibhold 3312-3335 2005 Ex-fiancé of Verena (decided after her "altar mask" for the savior Vincent); wanted to produce Leon's cooking show
Clemens Löhr played the lead role from 2009 to 2020 as the second actor Alexander Cöster †
Daniel Jan Gardener Sam Michalak 3325-3414 2005-2006 Carpenter ; Father of Lotte; Ex-boyfriend of Sandra; goes back to Freiburg
Wolfgang Finck Herbert Schüttler 3329-3520 2005-2006 Owner of a car workshop ; Uncle of Paula's ex-boyfriend Markus; sexually molested her when she was his trainee
Caroline Beil Juliane Welker 3535-3556 2006 Henrik's ex-affair
Arne Stephan Viktor Hansen † 3459-3570 2006 Twin brother of Marc; Cousin of Sven Lutterbek; was schizophrenic ; kidnaps Sandra and shoots himself after her liberation
Arne Stephan also played Viktor's twin brother Marc Hansen from 2006–2008 as the leading role
Branco Vukovic Sven "Lutti" Lutterbek 3496-3589
Authorized representative of the Hansen shipyard ; Cousin of Marc and Viktor Hansen
Julia Kratz Eva Worch 3566-3681 2006-2007 Pimp ; is arrested on Henrik and Sveta's initiative
Ulrike Haase Sveta Lewandowska 3622-3681 2006-2007 former forced prostitute ; Henrik's ex-girlfriend
Ulrike Haase played the role of Viola Voigt in 2005
Gloria Iberl Jana Colditz, b. Chadley 3801-3830 2007 Friend of Vincent Buhr and former member of the sect Conception ; Daughter of sect leader Jonathan Chadley; emigrates to Australia with Vincent
Philipp Rimmele Gerd 0000-3905 2000-2008 former waiter at "Mocca" ; is gay ; emigrates to Ibiza and a short time later comes to visit Berlin because of Sandra's wedding
Beate Fritsch Heike Rieckmann 0000-4002 2002-2008 former secretary of Jo Gerner
Eva-Maria May Kim Miller 3879-4059 2007-2008 drug addict model; former girlfriend of Emily
Daniel Fripan David Repkow 4088-4164 2008-2009 Lenny bullies and abuses in the federal government
Daniel Fripan previously played the role of a work colleague of Dominik in 2008
Egon Hofmann Dieter Nowak 4130-4283 2008-2009 Husband of Edith; Adoptive father of Jasmin; Has to go to prison for eight years without parole because of the attempted murder of Katrin and the rapes of Jasmin
Egon Hofmann played the supporting role Siggi in 1993
Christiane Christiani Rosalinde "Rose" flowers 4273-4293 2009 Friend of Daniel; goes with this to America on Route 66
Christiane Christiani played the supporting role of Gerda Becker in 1992
Annemarie Eilfeld Lisa Ritter 4296-4325 2009 1. Actress of the role, played by an extra in episode 4336.
Member of the girl group Cosmic Chicks
Matthias Rödder André "Andy" Amos 4288-4336 2009 Talent scout; Manager of the band "Cosmic Chicks"
Dorothea Gebhard Pauline Schuhmacher 4296-4336 2009 Member of the girl group Cosmic Chicks
Timmi Trinks Benjamin Neustädter 4445-4448 2010 Son of Caroline Neustädter and John Bachmann (in the dream of the latter)
Harald Richter Ralf Becker 4396-4464 2009-2010 Kiosk owner ; was beaten up by Lenny on Christmas Eve in 2009
NN Gregor 3911-4488 2008-2010 Waiter in the "Mocca"
(successor to Gerd)
Claus Stahnke Ronny "The Hell" Heller 4107-4530 2008-2010 Owner and lessor of the “masonry”; Former professional boxer
from the end of 2009 to July 2010 only made irregular appearances
Claudia Jakobshagen Vera Trebe 4419-4521
2010 Smuggler of illegal immigrants
Claudia Haupt Elvira Kruger 4508 - ???? 2010–201x Ex-wife of Edzard; Mother of Tuner and Jacky
Daniela Hoffmann 5454 - ???? 2014
Suzanne Kockat Anna Galuba 4065-4124
2. Actress of the role, previously embodied in memories of Katrin by Laura Gosemann (episodes 4049, 4057).
former prostitute; former trainee at “Metropolitan Trends”
daughter of Irene; Sister of Katrin; Aunt of Jasmin and Johanna; Ex-girlfriend of Alexander; Ex-Affair of Leon; One night stand by Jo; goes to Munich because of a job offer
Kalle Haverland Manfred Kowalski 4680-4826 2011 Patrick's protector in prison
Cem Erzincan Murat Cengiz † 4388-4399
former gang member of Tayfun; Dominik's kidnapper; goes into hiding and is later found shot off-screen
Guest appearance: Episode 4598 (2010), when Tayfun wanted to visit his father in Kreuzberg
Stefan Eggers Stefan 2 ??? - 49 ?? 2001-2011 Waiter in the "masonry", previously head waiter and briefly managing director of the "Fasan"
Özgür Özata Dr. Kaan Demir 4709-4732 2011 Doctor at Jeremias Hospital ; Ayla's ex-fiance
Sinan Al Kuri 4738-4994 2011–2012
Kai crab apple David Carstensen 4930-5001 2012 Henchman of Bayan Linostrami; Ex-boyfriend of Katrin; shoots at Gerner and then dives under
Kai Holzapfel already played the role of a referee in 2008
Murat Seven Hakan Buran 4390-4399
former gang member of Tayfun; Dominik's kidnapper; According to his statement, he is carried away during the kidnapping process.
Guest appearance: Episode 4598 (2010) when Tayfun wanted to visit his father in Kreuzberg
Matthias Unger Bayan Linostrami 4439-5033 2010–2012 Masterminded the kidnapping of Dominik and Patrick and the instigation of Murat's murder; were sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for the above crimes (several and long pauses)
Luisa Gieselmann Zoe Latour 5048-5069 2012 Exchange student from France
Luise von Finckh Claire Latour 5048-5069 2012 Exchange student from France ; Zac Luise von Finckh's affair
starred Jule Vogt since 2016
Adriana Möbius Julie Moreau 5075-5102
Acting student from Paris ; Dominik's ex-girlfriend; goes to Australia
NN Tom 4487-5198 2010-2013 Journalist at "Metropolitan Trends"
was fired after two warnings
Tim Williams Kurt Le Roy 4822-4956
2011-2014 Singer of the band " Dark Circle Knights "
father of Tanja; Ex-husband of Jasmin; Ex-boyfriend of Maren; Katrin's ex-affair
Jana Hora -Goosmann Christina Klingenthal 5438-5442 2014 Businesswoman from Dubai
wife of Lars; Mother of Zac and Charleen
Ingo Naujoks Edzard Wilhelm Kruger 5265-5279
Elvis impersonator
father of Tuner; Ex-husband of Elvira
David Owe Bo Larsen 5547-5xxx 2014 Boss of the mafia that wants to take over the masonry
Anna Juliana Jaenner Olivia Christians 5654-5816 2015 Alexander's ex-girlfriend
Achim E. Ruppel Rainer Brehme 5 ??? - ???? 2015 Father of Anni and Jule; Husband of Christel
Dieter Bach Dr. Frederic "Rico" Riefflin, b. Schulze 5835-5927 2015-2016 Chief physician of the cardiology in the "Jeremias hospital"
father and fiancé of Jasmin; Ex-affair of Katrin; was slain in the affect of Maren (episode 5923)
Yvonne Ernicke Andrea Heinrichs 5 ??? - 6209 2015-2017 Secretary at "KFI International"
one-night stand from Jo
Thando Walbaum Amar Akram 5768-5821
Translator for “Katrin Flemming Immobilien”
father of Abinona; Husband of Aminata and Anni (marriage of convenience); Ex-boyfriend of Lilly; goes back to his family in Ghana
Sascha Pederiva Roberto Falciani 5043
Father of Kate; Emily's one night stand; disappears under Emily's pressure back to Italy
Katja Sieder Sarah Wegner 6088-6104 2016 Bommel's ex-girlfriend
Armin Benz Armin Kretschmar 1953-xxxx 2000-2016 Waiter in “Masonry”, previously waiter in “Bluebird”, before that bartender in
Verena's “Daniels” one-night stand
Anne-Catrin Märzke Dr. Maja Brünning 5865–6 ??? 2015-2016 Doctor in the "Jeremias Hospital"
Mesut's ex-girlfriend
David Meier Luis Kramer 5963–6 ??? 2016 Pupil ; Buddy of Jonas
Oliver Franck Dr. Martin Ahrens 6328-6442
2017-2018 Lawyer
father of Luis and Antonia; Ex-husband of Nina; goes to Stuttgart
Luisa Wietzorek Miriam Althoff 6456-6514
2018 The author
poses as Anneke Wiedmann
Manuela Wisbeck Nicole Muller 6594-6651 2018 Deputy Managing Director in “Masonry”
sister of Axel; Friend of Nicholas
Janina Kranz Karla Borchert 6713-6772 2019 Intern at “Vlederbag”
stalker from Emily; goes to mental hospital after she kidnaps Emily
Markus Ertelt Jan Schilling † 6753-6826 2019 Managing Director at RPU
father of Ronja and Tim; Half brother of Erik; Husband of Milena; is shot by Toni, then dies of excessive blood loss.

Episode cast

The following table lists actors who do not have a fixed supporting role, but only appear sporadically in isolated episodes. It is sorted according to the order of entry.

actor role episode Years Remarks
Michael Siebert Norbert Sommer 3599– 2006– former family man and solar technician ; now homeless person who lives in the neighborhood
NN Danny 3 ??? - 2006– 2006–2008 owner, since 2008 only employee in "Spätkauf"
Tamer Alagöz Tarek 3 ??? - 2006– Owner of the "Fallafel"
family father of Turkish origin
Emilia Klauk Kate Wiedmann, b. Hofer 5219– 2013– Daughter of Emily and Roberto; Adopted daughter of Tayfun; Stepdaughter of Paul; Granddaughter of Hannes and Lydia; Niece of John, Philipp, Lena and Ben; Cousin of Benjamin
Joana Schümer Rosa Lehmann, b. Merchant 6056-6154
2016– Owner of the "Lehmann Bank"
daughter of Heinrich; Widow of Konrad; Mother of Chris and Felix; Aunt of Nele; Anni's ex-affair

Guest appearances (selection)

Stars from music and show as well as other celebrities have guest appearances on the series at irregular intervals. These were, in chronological order, for example:

Brigitte Mira (1992), Caught in the Act (November to December 1994), Just Friends (1995 to 1996, 1997, 1998), Lucilectric (1995), Tic Tac Toe (December 1996), Blümchen (1997), Rosenstolz (1998 ), Gil Ofarim (1998), Gerhard Schröder (June 22, 1998), Thomas Gottschalk (2000), O-Town (2002), Klaus Wowereit (December 2002), Gracia Baur (2003), Jenny Elvers-Elbertzhagen (2003) , Hape Kerkeling (2005), Martin Semmelrogge (October 13, 2005), Rolf Hochhuth (November 2005), US5 (December 9, 2005), Caroline Beil as Juliane Welker (July 24 to August 11, 2006), Cornelia Schindler ( 2006), Axel Kruse (2006), Matthias Platzeck (November 14, 2006), Lisa Bund (July 10, 2007), Britt Hagedorn (January 10 and 11, 2008), LaFee (April 9 and 10, 2008), Sabine Bätzing (September 1, 2008), Udo Walz (May 10 and 12, 2010), Motsi Mabuse (November 12, 2015), Heinz Horrmann (January 19 and 20, 2016), Conan O'Brien (November 11, 2015) 2016) and Carolin Niemczyk (February 4th and 5th, 2019).

And with an unknown date: Frank Zander , Joy Fleming , Barbara Valentin , Ursela Monn , Carlo Thränhardt , Eberhard Diepgen , Herbert Feuerstein , Manfred Stolpe and Atemlos .

A wide variety of bands have performed once a month at Club Mauerwerk since 2008 . They usually play one or two songs, but unlike the other guest stars, they have no speaking role (with the exception of Nena , DJ Antoine and Vanessa Mai ). These were in chronological order:

Jennifer Rostock (July 10, 2009), Mando Diao (July 23 and 24, 2009 / August 23, 2017), Nena (October 5, 2009), 2-room apartment (February 12, 2010), Luxuslärm (April 2010), Tom Gaebel (May 11, 2010), Glashaus (June 22, 2010), Unheilig (July 19, 2010 / December 17, 2010 / May 23, 2012), Amanda Jenssen (August 17, 2010), Esmée Denters (September 15, 2010) , Stanfour (September 15, 2010), The Baseballs (November 16, 2010), Royal Republic (February 16, 2011), Bosse (March 16, 2011), The Wanted (April 18, 2011), In Extremo (May 10, 2011) 2011), Cassandra Steen (June 8, 2011), Blind (July 14, 2011), Lovers Electric (July 28, 2011), Skindred (November 11, 2011), Marlon Roudette (January 26, 2012), The Overtones (6 July 2012), Ed Sheeran (August 30, 2012), Eagle-Eye Cherry (October 16, 2012), Chima (November 21, 2012), Die Happy (December 18, 2012), Haudegen (January 21, 2013), Leslie Clio (February 18, 2013), Mrs. Greenbird (April 10, 2013), Saint Lu (April 17, 2013), Stereophonics (May 21, 2013), Frida Gol d (19. June 2013), Grossstadtgeflüster (August 9, 2013), Sunrise Avenue (October 22, 2013), Elif (November 21, 2013), Birdy (December 16, 2013), Family of the Year (February 24, 2014), Rebecca Ferguson (March 18, 2014), Andreas Bourani (April 25, 2014), Marla Blumenblatt (May 19, 2014), Kaiser Chiefs (June 16, 2014), Schafe & Wolfe (August 22, 2014), Staubkind (November 19, 2014 ), Nessi (January 23, 2015), Tom Beck (June 24, 2015), Jack Savoretti (August 19, 2015), Lena (October 15, 2015), DJ Antoine (December 9 and 10, 2015), Max Giesinger (April 22, 2016 / October 30, 2018), Graham Candy (August 12, 2016), Wincent Weiss (December 7, 2016), LP (January 6, 2017), von Welt (as a silent concert in the clubhouse) (14. February 2017), Tim Bendzko (April 18, 2017), Vanessa Mai (June 15, 2017) and Glasperlenspiel (January 28, 2019).

In 2012 there was the so-called Mauer-Flower-Festival Open Air, where different bands and artists performed. In 2013 there was the Mauer-Flower Reloaded 2.0 , which took place in the masonry . A third edition of the Mauer-Flower-Festival followed in June 2018 . Various bands also performed here. These were in chronological order:

Rea Garvey (May 22, 2012), Silbermond (May 23, 2012), MIA. (May 24, 2013), Kraftklub and Aura Dione (both May 25, 2012), Revolverheld (September 16, 2013), Backstreet Boys and Gleis 8 (both September 17, 2013), Gentleman , The Feeling and Christina Stürmer (all 18 September 2013), Rea Garvey, Namika , The Night Game , Mike Singer , Kim Petras and Welshly Arms . (every June 18 and 19, 2018)


Sorted according to the order of entry.

actor role Started Exit Remarks
Murphy 1994 1994 Oliver Engel's dog; is handed over to his best friend Lars after his emigration
Silvermoon 1997 2001 Barbara Graf’s racehorse, which is tended by Flo after its owner has gone underground
Soapy 1999 1999 Marie and Fabian's pony; is given back to a farm
Gonzo † 2004 2005 first dog of Emily and Philip; fell from a skyscraper roof in a scuffle between John and Philip
Bolle † Bolle † 2005 2009 second dog of Emily and Philip, later also of John; was put to sleep
1. Dog in this role died in real life on February 20, 2009 in a traffic accident (could be seen in the series until April 2009)
Jolly 2009 2012
Lisa 2012 2015
Sunny Chucho 2015 2017 Dog of Elena and Philip, later only Elena; leaves Berlin with her
Klausi 2017 Oskar's mouse

Figures timeline

Timeline of current main characters since 1992

1990s 2000s 2010s 2020s
2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0
Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Joachim "Jo" Gerner
Leon Moreno Leon Moreno
John Bachmann
Katrin Flemming
Emily Wiedmann
Dr. Philip Höfer
Max "Tuner" Krüger
Maren Seefeld
Lilly Seefeld
Jonas Seefeld
Sunny judge
Felix Lehmann
Paul Wiedmann
Laura Lehmann
Nina Ahrens
Toni Ahrens
Nihat Güney
Yvonne Bode
Erik Fritsche
Merle Kramer
Nazan Akinci
Moritz Bode
2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0
1990s 2000s 2010s 2020s

Former main characters timeline since 1992

1990s 2000s 2010s 2020s
2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0
Oswald Löpelmann
Bertram Koehler
Denise Koehler
Lilo Gottschick
Marina Geppert-Richter
Karsten Richter
Julia Backhoff
Dr. Frank Ulrich
Florian May
Yasemin Mutlu
Diana Richter
Tommy Walter
Iris Gebauer-Gundlach
Jürgen Borchert
Manjou Neria
Oliver Engel
Dr. Michael Gundlach
Lukas Heitz
Claudia Löpelmann
André Holm
Matthias Zimmermann
Beatrice Zimmermann
Patrick Graf
Heiko Richter
Tina Zimmermann
Milla angel
Saskia Rother
Jennifer Gruber
Jessica Gruber
Dr. Rebecca Scheele
Tom Lehmann
Kim Scheele
Elke Opitz
Vera Richter
Robert King
Chrissie Lehmann
Charlie Fiereck
Jörg Reuter
Vanessa Moreno
Katja Wettstein
Frank Richter
Astrid Seiter
Alex Hinze
Anna Meisner
Ricky Marquardt
Barbara Barbara Graf
Andy Lehmann
Nataly Hunter
Phillip Kruger
Dr. Jan Wittenberg
Franziska Bohlstädt
Inca Berent
Chris Bohlstädt
Charlotte Bohlstädt
Peter Becker Peter Becker
Martin Martin Wiebe
Flo Spira
Sonja Wiebe
Kai Scholl
Moritz Demand
Xenia di Montalban
Patrizia Bachmann
Ben Bachmann
Fabian Moreno Fabian Moreno
Marie Balzer
Dr. Nico Weimershaus
Cora Hinze
Julia Blum
Deniz Ergün
Jonas Vossberg
Isabel Eggert
Lena Bachmann
Nele Wenzel
Senta Lemke
Hannes Bachmann
Vincent Buhr
Sebastian Winter
Sandra Ergün
Franziska Reuter
Marc Hansen
Agamemnon Rufus (AR) "Daniel" Daniel
Paula Rapf
Tim Böcking
Henrik Beck
Caroline Neustädter
Clemens Richter
Elisabeth Meinhart-Richter
Lenny Coester
Lucy Coester
Iris Coester
Carsten Reimann
Verena Koch
Patrick Gerner
Dasha Badak
Jacky Kruger
Tanja Seefeld
Dominik Gundlach
Zac Klingenthal
Pia cook
Puss Lutze
Nele Lehmann
Tayfun Badak
Ayla Höfer
Vince Koepke
David Brenner
Selma Özgül
Jasmine Flemming
Mesut Yildiz
Bommel Kuhn Bobble
Elena Gundlach
Jule Vogt
Anni Brehme
Sophie Lindh
Chris Lehmann
Luis Ahrens
Alexander Coester
Brenda Schubert
Robert Klee
Shirin Akinci
2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 0
1990s 2000s 2010s 2020s

Economical meaning

The soap is considered to be a prime example of the German industrial assembly line production of television entertainment. The market share among 14 to 49 year olds was around 18 percent in 2014, which is significantly above the broadcaster average. This results in high advertising income, in 2007 it was 218 million euros, compared to only moderate production costs of 70,000 to 80,000 euros per episode. A commercial costs 30,000 to 60,000 euros, depending on the season, and up to 24 can be placed per episode. The main buyers are Ferrero , Procter & Gamble , L'Oréal , Danone and McDonald’s . The series is considered RTL's cash cow .

Audience ratings

GZSZ annual average rates in the target group from 2007 to 2016 and cf. RTL cut
year Time slot spectator Market share
total 14 to 49 years total 14 to 49 years
2007 Mon - Fri, 7:40 p.m. 3.69 million 2.05 million 13.7% 21.2%
2008 3.82 million 2.21 million 14.7% 23.3%
2009 3.49 million 2.04 million 13.4% 21.6%
2010 3.59 million 2.15 million 13.4% 22.2%
2011 3.75 million 2.17 million 14.0% 22.6%
2012 3.36 million 1.86 million 12.8% 20.2%
2013 3.25 million 1.79 million 12.5% 20.3%
2014 2.91 million - - 17.8%
2015 2.66 million - - 16.9%
2016 2.84 million - - 18.2%
2017 2.74 million - - 19.1%
2018 2.84 million - - 19.6%




Actor as part of GZSZ

German Soap Award 2011

Prize winners:


German Soap Award 2012

Prize winners:


“Big City Dreams” as an offshoot

The Big City Dreams series was created as an offshoot of the daily family series “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten” and ran on RTL every Monday in prime time from May 8, 2000 . Originally 26 episodes of 45 minutes each were planned, but due to poor audience ratings , the series was withdrawn from the program after the seventh episode on June 26th. At least nine other episodes were completed but have not yet aired.

In late April 2000, the role of Tina Zimmermann returned for a few episodes on Good Times, Bad Times . Her sudden appearance causes suspicion among her former acquaintances, especially since she warns Clemens Richter of the growing competition and offers him to take over City Lights . He declines her offer, but gives her a job. Tina initially pretends to support the editorial team in their fight against a new magazine from the Jansen publishing group. Only later does it emerge that she works for the competition and wanted to take advantage of internal information. City Lights will eventually be hired and sold to save the editors' jobs. Philip Krüger thinks Tina is a lying snake and therefore doesn't want to work for her. But he realizes that he was wrong about her and moves to another part of the city to be closer to his new job.

The founders of the lifestyle magazine Pool , published by the Jansengruppe, are Tina Zimmermann and Eric Palmer, who often clash because of their different motivations. Thematically, the magazine deals with careers, club life, extreme sports, glamor and eroticism. The hard day-to-day editorial work begins with its business and private ups and downs, intrigues and love affairs. In the course of the first episodes, in addition to Tina and Philip with Milla Engel and her brother Olli and Steffi Körte, three other characters appear who are already known from the mother's series.

actor role Remarks
Michou Pascale Anderson Samira
Herb Andress Friedrich Jansen publisher
Caspar Arnhold Alex
Zsolt Bács Eric Palmer Editor-in-chief
Laurent Daniels Philip Kruger Scene DJ
Alexander Eisenfeld Oliver "Olli" Engel Brother of Milla
Ulrike Frank Tina Zimmermann, b. Ullrich Editor
Ina Paule Klink Stefanie "Steffi" Körte
Stephan Luca Stefan Mählert Real estate manager, fiancé of Milla
Martin Luding Benedikt Bartel
Christoph Mory Markus Seibert Press officer
Mehdi Moinzadeh Ignacio "Nacho" de Pedro
Marie Munz Evelyn Scholl Photographer, sister of Hannah
Nikolaus Okonkwo Paul Koepcke Sports journalist
Jasmin Rana Schöler Li Pham
Anke Schwiekowski Hannah Scholl Sister of Evelyn
Winfried Stahlke Dr. Hans Reimann
Victoria Storm Camilla "Milla" angel Olli's sister, Stefan's fiancée
Sylvia Wintergreen "Maggie" Hartmann Editorial secretary


In several episodes of Good Times, Bad Times found crossover instead with other RTL series:

  • The roles Melanie Schmidt and Horst Dahnke from Hinter Gittern - Der Frauenknast , played by Sigrid M. Schnückel and Thomas Engel , had an appearance at GZSZ in 2000 when Barbara Graf had to go to prison.
  • On May 7, 2010, Jo Gerner made a guest appearance in episode 924 of Everything that counts .
  • The 18-year anniversary in May 2010 to complete at GZSZ the All-that-counts roles Richard Steinkamp and Simone Steinkamp (played by Silvan-Pierre Leirich and Tatjana Clasing ) a guest appearance.
  • On May 14, 2010, Katrin Flemming-Gerner made a guest appearance in episode 928 of Everything that counts .
  • In June 2010 the lifestyle magazine Metropolitan Trends reported on Isabelle Reichenbach , an ice skater from Everything that matters .
  • In the Sat.1 soap opera One like none , the wedding of the main characters Manu and Mark was celebrated in the original GZSZ neighborhood . Arne Stephan , the actor in Mark , played with GZSZ from 2006 to 2008 .
  • The fictional 'GUFA-Bank' from Everything that counts was also mentioned at GZSZ at the end of 2010.
  • At GZSZ, the fictional social network “explorefriends” , which also plays a role in Unter uns and Everything that counts , is mentioned or shown at GZSZ .

Through guest appearances and crossovers in the context of the other series mentioned, Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten is part of a common series universe of Alles Waswas , Der Puma - Fighter with Heart , Good Times, Bad Times , Big City Dreams , Behind Bars - Der Frauenknast , SK-Babies and Between us .

CD, DVD and books

CDs, books and DVDs appear irregularly for the series.


From 1993 to the present day 44 music CDs have been released. In the beginning, current chart hits and vocal performances by actors were published several times a year. After a three-year break, the 43rd issue was published in October 2006. The first eight albums were released as single CDs, later all followed as double CDs.

In addition to the series, six albums have been released so far: "The Good Times Bad Times Family: Christmas With Us - The Christmas Album of the RTL Series Stars" (1994), "The Good Times Bad Times Family: Christmas With Us 2 - The new Christmas album of the RTL series stars "(1995)," Merry Christmas To You "(1997)," I Love You "(1998)," 2000 - The Anniversary CD "(2000) and" Unter Stars - Music & Tips for 12 Zodiac Signs ”(2001).

In 1998 three radio plays were also published: “Charlie”, “Cora & Nico” and “Flos & Andy's dream wedding”.


On May 7, 2010, a DVD box with the first 50 episodes of the series was released for the first time. Episodes 51–100 appeared on July 16, 2010. Another box with episodes 101–150 appeared on November 5, 2010. Box 4, with episodes 151 to 200, was released in October 2012.


So far, 56 books have been published (from January 1996 to July 2007) as well as three summaries of novels from episodes 1 to 300 and three books with short stories for the series. The book series “Hautnah” has been available in paperback format since September 2007.


The annual RTL donation marathon is always a theme in the soap. Usually the main characters collect within the story for the fundraiser of the station. In addition, extras roles for the soap were already auctioned on the charity auction platform United Charity during the charity marathon .

After leaving GZSZ, Clemens Löhr switched behind the camera and is now the director of the series. Before that, he was a guest director several times.

In 1993 Juana-Maria von Jascheroff played the role of Cornelia Blau, who in real life is the mother of Felix von Jascheroff, who in turn has played the role of John Bachmann since 2001.

"Look2know" is the fictional internet search engine used in the series.

"Lovers & Lies" is a fictional daily soap (similar to GZSZ itself) that is often mentioned and watched by the many residents of the neighborhood (also like to watch together).


  • Kerstin Goldbeck: Good entertainment, bad entertainment. The television review and the popular . Transcript Verlag, Bielefeld 2015, ISBN 978-3-8394-0233-7 .
  • Eckhard Pabst: Pictures of cities, pictures of life. Conceptions of urbanity in the TV series “ Lindenstrasse ” and “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten” . Ludwig-Verlag, Kiel 2015, ISBN 978-3-937719-66-5 .

Web links

Commons : GZSZ  - collection of images, videos and audio files

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