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legal form Corporation
ISIN FR0000120644
founding 1919
Seat Paris , FranceFranceFrance 
management Emmanuel Faber , CEO
Number of employees 104,843
sales 24.7 billion euros
Branch food
Website www.danone.com
As of December 31, 2017

Danone is a multinational beverage and food company headquartered in Paris . The company has branches in around 120 countries around the world. More than 100,000 employees worldwide generate annual sales of over 24 billion euros. In the USA the company operates under the brand name Dannon .

Company history

Danone was founded in Barcelona ( Spain ) in 1919 by Isaac Carasso , nephew of Emmanuel Carasso , who was influential in Thessaloniki . The name Danone is the Catalan diminutive of the name of his son Daniel . During the Second World War , the company's headquarters were in New York , and it wasn't until 1958 that the company's headquarters were relocated to Paris, where it is still located today. In 1967 the merger with Gervais took place . 1973 Gervais-Danone merged with Boussois-Souchon-Neuvesel (BSN).

In 2001 Danone participated in Al Safi Farm ; the company's products will be marketed under the Al Safi Danone brand in the Arab region from that point on .

Danone factory in Bieruń, Poland
Danone plants worldwide

On July 3, 2007, the US company Kraft Foods announced a binding bid of 5.3 billion euros for the worldwide biscuit division of Danone with brands such as LU, Pim, Prince, Pepito and Mikado as well as Bolshevik (Russia), Opavia (Czech Republic) and Győr (Hungary). In return, Danone took over the Milupa manufacturer Numico . In 2013 Danone acquired Happy Family , one of the largest US manufacturers of organic baby food.

In 2016, Danone made a $ 12.5 billion offer to acquire The Whitewave Foods Company , which owned brands such as Alpro , Provamel and Silk. The EU competition authority agreed, subject to certain conditions. The approval of the US competition authorities was granted at the end of March 2017 after an in-depth examination. The authorities in the USA ordered the sale of the Danone subsidiary Stonyfield Farm (largest organic yoghurt manufacturer in the USA), which went to competitor Lactalis for 875 million dollars . WhiteWave's transaction to Danone closed on April 12, 2017. From 2017 to 2018, WhiteWave and Danone performed in North America as DanoneWave .

Danone in Germany

The Danone GmbH in 2007, headquartered in Haar near Munich achieved a turnover of 615 million euros and has a market share of 14.4 percent in Germany market leader in fresh dairy products. Müller-Milch followed in second place . Actimel is the most successful brand in food retailing in Germany in 2007. Activia has become the market leader in fruit yoghurt and has overtaken Ehrmann AG . The Fruchtzwerge are also market leaders in Germany in the children's milk products segment. The sister company Danone Waters Deutschland GmbH , based in Frankfurt am Main, sells the still mineral waters Volvic and Evian on the German market. With a market share of around 9 percent, it is the market leader ahead of companies like Nestlé , Gerolsteiner and Coca-Cola .

In Germany, Danone operates a dairy in Ochsenfurt and another in Rosenheim . The German headquarters are in Haar near Munich .


New logo
Old logo
Actimel brand logo

The brands in dairy products include Actimel , Activia , Danacol, Danette, Danone, Danonino, Dany, Essensis, Fruchtzwerge , Vitalinea and the vegan brand Alpro .

The Danone Waters division includes brands such as Aqua, Bonafont, Evian , Font Vella, Lanjaron, Ser and Volvic & Badoit

Infant nutrition brands include Aptamil, Bledina, Cow & Gate, Dumex, Gallia, Mellin, Milupa and Nutricia.

Medical food brands include FortiCare, Fortimel, Fortisip, Infatrini, Neocate, Nutricia, Nutrini, and Nutrison.

Criticism from consumer advocates

Grape fruit sweetness is a term used by Danone as part of the marketing of their fruit dwarf product . According to the manufacturer, “grape fruit sweetness (...) is a thick juice that is obtained from ripe grapes. It consists mainly of water, fructose and grape sugar. Grape fruit sweetness has a very special sweetening power. ” So chemically it is nothing more than invert sugar (glucose-fructose syrup).

Consumer protection associations see in advertising with grape fruit sweetness a misleading of the consumers because of the identity with the sweetening with granulated sugar. The grape fruit sweetness leads to dental caries and obesity to the same extent as any other sweetness with sugar . The Austrian Association for Consumer Information therefore brought an action against Danone in 2005 on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Consumer Protection.

The consumer organization Foodwatch announced in March 2009 that Danone's Actimel yogurt drink had received the 2009 Golden Puff for “the most brazen advertising lie of the year ”. More than 35,000 participants had voted for the golden cream puff: 47 percent of the participants considered the advertisement for Actimel as a supposed remedy for colds to be the most obvious case of fraudulent labeling. "Actimel does not protect against colds - it strengthens the immune system just as well as conventional natural yogurt , but is four times as expensive and twice as sugary," said Anne Markwardt from Foodwatch. Danone claims that the allegations are incorrect: Actimel has been shown to activate defenses, the company said. “ That is proven in more than 30 scientific studies. “In the UK, commercials for the product have been banned because of the unproven beneficial effects on children's health.

In 2018, Deutsche Umwelthilfe criticized the massive use of single-use plastic bottles from the Evian and Volvic brands: “The use of single-use plastic bottles, which weigh almost as much as refillable returnable bottles, is completely irresponsible. Instead of conserving resources and avoiding waste, corporations like Danone Waters are wasting fossil fuels with unprecedented excesses. "


Actimel's new bio-based packaging has been criticized because soil acidification , overfertilization , fine dust and space requirements have increased compared to the previous product. The same report, however, states that production requires fewer fossil fuels and releases smaller amounts of CO 2 .


The grandson of the Danone founder, Alexis Mital , works as a freelance writer , director and photographer .

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