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Engie SA

legal form SA
ISIN FR0010208488
founding 2008
Seat Courbevoie , FranceFranceFrance 
  • Claire Waysand ( CEO ad interim )
  • Jean-Pierre Clamadieu (Chairman of the Board of Directors)
Number of employees 153,090 (2016)
sales 66.6 billion Euro (2016)
Branch power supply
Website www.engie.com

The Engie SA [ ɛndʒi ] (2015: GDF Suez ), located in the business district of La Defense in Paris is a listed energy group , originally emerged from the merger of the gas company majority-state-owned Gaz de France (GDF) and the conglomerate Suez in July 2008 under the name GDF Suez . The Engie share is part of the French benchmark index CAC 40 . The French state holds 24.1 percent of the shares in Engie.

The headquarters of the Engie Group in Germany is Engie Deutschland AG , based in Berlin. In addition, Engie holds 100% of the Belgian subsidiary Engie Electrabel , which is active in the Benelux countries .



Predecessor and namesake is the Compagnie universelle du canal maritime de Suez, founded by Ferdinand de Lesseps in 1858 for the construction and operation of the Suez Canal . The canal was inaugurated in 1869. In 1956, Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the canal and compensated the company. After the politically unsuccessful British-French attempt to militarily regain the Suez Canal ( Suez Crisis ), the company was renamed Compagnie financière de Suez in 1958 and focused on a large number of participations and investments in various industries. In 1959 it founded the Banque de la Compagnie Financière de Suez , which was renamed the Banque de Suez et de l'union des mines in 1966 . In 1974 the Banque de Suez merged with the Banque de l'Indochine to form Banque Indosuez . After François Mitterrand's election victory in May 1981, the Compagnie financière de Suez was nationalized in February 1982 ; In 1987 it was re-privatized.

In 1989 Suez took over the traditional Société Générale de Belgique (not to be confused with the French bank Société Générale ), the largest Belgian industrial holding company, which had extensive holdings in industry, banks and insurance companies. In 1990 the company was named Compagnie de Suez .

Merger with Lyonnaise des Eaux

In 1997 Suez merged with the leading French water supplier Lyonnaise des Eaux, in which Suez had been involved since 1967, to form Suez Lyonnaise des eaux , but the name was changed again to Suez in 2001 .

Lyonnaise des Eaux was founded in 1880 due to the enormous success of the Compagnie Générale des Eaux, founded by the French bank Société Générale, by its competitor, the Crédit Lyonnais , under the name La Lyonnaise des eaux et de l'éclairage (English: Lyon water and lighting) founded. During the first half of the 20th century, this company had developed into an important supplier of water, gas and electricity in France. Lyonnais also developed activities in North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia), Central Africa (Togo, Congo) and the Pacific (New Caledonia). With the nationalization of gas ( Gaz de France ) and electricity ( Électricité de France ) in France in 1946, the company changed its name to Lyonnaise des eaux and strengthened its position in the field of water supply in 1972 with the acquisition of Degrémont . It expanded its business to include heating and funeral services .

In the 1980s and 1990s Lyonnaise des Eaux expanded its economic activities to Great Britain , Spain and the USA . Most recently, Lyonnaise des Eaux was involved in the audiovisual communication sector and founded the cable television company Lyonnaise communications in 1986 . In 1987 the company took a stake in the private television channel Métropole Télévision (M6) . In 1990 Lyonnaise merged with Dumez , in 1996 sold all interests in the funeral sector and acquired 16 additional cable channels, making Lyonnaise the largest French cable television provider.

Development since the merger with Lyonnaise des Eaux

In 2004, Suez's main activities were in the energy supply (Tractebel with a controlling stake in the Belgian utility Electrabel ), water supply and waste management (Ondeo, Lyonnaise des eaux, Degrémont, Sita). Against the background of the disastrous development of its former rival in the water and media sector, Vivendi Universal , Suez announced in January 2003 its intention to divest its media holdings. This began in 2002 with the sale of his shares in TPS and became more concrete in 2004 with the withdrawal from the broadcasters M6 and Paris Première , and the cable operator Noos . In 2005 the majority at Electrabel was taken over.

Suez merges with GDF

Logo until April 24, 2015

In order to fend off a possible hostile takeover offer from the Italian electricity supplier Enel , the French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin announced the merger of Suez with Gaz de France in February 2006 , making the new group the world's largest company in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector . The French state was to remain the main shareholder of the merged group with a 35 percent stake. The merger was completed in July 2008. As part of this merger, the majority of the Suez Environnement branch was also floated on the stock exchange. Suez Environnement holds the entire water and waste activities of the former Suez Group. After the IPO, GDF Suez continued to hold a 35% stake in Suez Environnement. After the merger, sales increased to 83 billion euros (plus 17%) and profit ( EBITDA ) increased by 11% to 13.9 billion euros. The company intended to increase the share of nuclear power in the Group's energy production to 20%.

Since the merger

The British electricity company International Power was taken over on August 10, 2010 for around six billion euros.

On April 24, 2015, the group announced that it would be renaming itself Engie with immediate effect. The environmental sector (water and waste management), which was floated on the stock exchange in 2008 under Suez Environnement , took over the name Suez in 2015 ; Engie continues to hold a significant minority stake (32% as of October 2019).

Power plants

Generation capacity by energy source

Engie in Germany

Engie Deutschland GmbH (formerly Electrabel Germany)

legal form Corporation
Seat Berlin
management Manfred Schmitz (CEO)
Wim Broos,
Bernd Dinauer (2019)
Number of employees 4200 (2019)
sales 1.4 billion euros (2019)
Branch Sales, trading and generation of energy & energy services
Website www.engie-deutschland.de

The Engie Germany AG (formerly GDF Suez Energy Germany AG) - as to January 2009 Electrabel Germany AG changed its name - is the headquarters of Engie group in Germany, based in Berlin . Since the liberalization of the energy market in Germany in 1998, the company has been active in the sale of electricity, natural gas, heat and energy services, in electricity and heat generation and in trading. Industrial customers, distributors and public institutions are supplied with electricity, gas and energy services. The CEO of Engie Deutschland AG is Manfred Schmitz.

In 2001 Electrabel founded the sales company Energie SaarLorLux together with Stadtwerke Saarbrücken . The company supplies electricity, gas and district heating to household, commercial and industrial customers in the Saar-Lor-Lux region . From 2005 to 2011, GDF SUEZ Saarland GmbH (which operated as Electrabel Saarland GmbH until 2009 ) ran the business. In July 2011 the Römerbrücke power station was transferred to Energie SaarLorLux AG in Saarbrücken. In 2002 Electrabel entered into a cooperation with Stadtwerke Gera . Energy supply Gera sells electricity, heat, gas and energy-related services and operates the relevant networks. The power plants Gera GmbH generate electricity and heat in cogeneration .

In September 2008, the foundation stone was laid for a power plant in Wilhelmshaven . The Swiss energy company BKW Energie has a 33% stake in the power plant and WSW Energie & Wasser AG has a 15% stake. The hard coal power plant has an efficiency of 46% (the average efficiency of hard coal power plants in Germany is 38%) and was put into operation at the end of 2015.

On November 4, 2009, after approval by the responsible antitrust authorities, GDF Suez and E.ON completed an exchange of generation capacity that had already been agreed in July. GDF Suez received the hard coal-fired power plants Farge (351  MW net output) and Zolling (472 MW net output) from E.ON. In addition, GDF Suez acquired gas turbines with a capacity of 50 MW and a 50% stake in a 20 MW biomass plant at the Zolling site. Another component of the agreement was the Pfreimd (= Pfreimd) power plant group . These include the Reisach pumped storage power plant (99 MW), the Trausnitz run-of-river power plant (1.8 MW) and the Tanzmühle power plant with a pumped storage (28 MW) and a run-of-river system (3.3 MW). In addition, GDF Suez received electricity supply contracts from the Krümmel , Gundremmingen and Unterweser nuclear power plants with a total volume of around 700 MW. In return, E.ON received from GDF Suez, the coal power plant Langerlo (556 MW) and the gas power plant Vilvoorde (385 MW) up there as well as electricity supply from nuclear power plants Doel  1, Doel 2 and Tihange  1 totaling around 770 MW with delivery points in Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition, the Engie Group owns shares in Gasag in Germany and, through its subsidiary GRTgaz , in the Megal gas pipeline and in the BOG gas pipeline in Austria.

In September 2011, Storengy Deutschland Infrastructures, as a GDF Suez company, took over BEB Speicher (before the name was changed to Storengy Deutschland Leine), a subsidiary of BEB Erdgas und Erdöl . Part of the acquisition, the natural gas underground storage Reitbrook and pore storage Uelsen and cavern storage Lesum and Harsefeld including the associated memory marketing. Together with the GDF-own store provides GDF Suez with 14 billion cubic meters of gas (under standard conditions) the second largest European operator of natural gas underground storage facilities. In September, 2011 GDF Suez Energy Germany and WSW Energie & Wasser together a wind farm in the Lower Franconian Helmstadt at Würzburg bought. The Wuppertal public utilities took part with a share of 49%. The system is expected to deliver around 30,000 megawatt hours (average consumption of 10,000 households). The wind farm with a capacity of 12.5 MW (five wind turbines with 2.5 megawatts each) was officially inaugurated on June 24, 2012.


Fine by the EU Commission for sharing markets

On July 8, 2009 the EU Commission imposed fines of 553 million euros each on GDF Suez and E.ON / E.ON Ruhrgas . As part of the planning for the construction of the Megal pipeline , additional agreements were made in 1975 on the division of gas markets in France and Germany. The companies are accused of having continued to practice these market agreements in an inadmissible manner, although these, originally legal competition agreements, violated EU law since August 2000 after the opening of the European gas markets. Both companies stated that they had not violated EU law at any time and that they were taking legal action against the fines.

Operation of leaky drilling mud pits

Engie operates a drilling mud pit in Brüchau in Saxony-Anhalt for dangerous oil and gas waste which is highly toxic and radioactive. According to research by the WDR, the group had known since mid-2000 that pollutants from the landfill - including radioactive radium - were reaching the groundwater. The WDR has, among other things, an expert opinion from the year 2000 in which significantly increased levels of radioactive radium-226 in the groundwater around the drilling mud dump were detected. Internal documents from the company show that GdF Suez had been aware of the groundwater contamination since mid-2000 at the latest. A "water law permit" applied for by the company, which could have legalized the continued operation of the landfill despite the groundwater pollution, was expressly refused by the responsible mining authority in November 2002.

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