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BEB Erdgas und Erdöl GmbH & Co. KG

legal form GmbH & Co. KG
founding 1986
Seat Hanover
  • Ronny A. Hauck
  • Dr. Dominik Schröder
Number of employees approx. 20
sales approx. € 650 million (2011)

The BEB Erdgas und Erdöl GmbH & Co. KG , based in Hanover is a historic German oil and gas production company; the shareholders of BEB are 50% subsidiaries of Shell Germany and ESSO Germany .


The company is active in the areas of exploration and production of hydrocarbons, and the purchase and sale of crude oil and sulfur. The BEB Group is the largest German natural gas and sulfur producer. Almost half of the natural gas produced in Germany is covered by BEB production. The exploration and production activities (upstream) of the BEB Group extend over the entire federal territory with a focus on Lower Saxony.

ExxonMobil Production Deutschland GmbH, Hanover (EMPG), carries out these activities on behalf of the BEB Group on the basis of corresponding service contracts. After the sale of the transport and storage activities, the BEB Group no longer has any operational activities of its own and acts as a pure holding company.

Company history

Prehistory and foundation

Kuxschein from the Elwerath union dated December 1, 1925

The abbreviation BEB is historically derived from the name Brigitta Elwerath Betriebsführungsgesellschaft mbH .

The Brigitta was as mining law union active in 1932, the first trades meeting took place in 1921, the naming rights date from the year 1867. As the owner were each about 50% Mij.tot Exploratie van Delfstoffen (MED, The Hague , Shell group) and the Jadev Corporations Delaware ( USA , Esso group) entered.

The Elwerath was founded in 1866 with the aim of reducing iron ore, the active oil business began 1920. 1951 took over the German Shell AG and Esso AG for the first time shares in the company, but were each 11.5% still in the minority, in 1962, increased the Shares to 16% each, then to 50% each in 1966.

On April 24, 1969, the Brigitta and Elwerath unions were united under the umbrella of the BEB Brigitta and Elwerath Betriebsführungsgesellschaft mbH (50% Deutsche Shell AG and 50% Esso AG). BEB Brigitta und Elwerath, with 25% of the shares, was one of the determining shareholders in Ruhrgas AG , the largest long-distance gas network operator and natural gas trading company in Germany in the second half of the 20th century .

Company headquarters in Hanover

The legal form of the mining trade union was abolished according to § 163 of the Federal Mining Act of August 13, 1980 on January 1, 1986, so that the Brigitta and Elwerath unions were converted into a GmbH and from this point on as Brigitta Erdgas und Erdöl GmbH and Elwerath Erdgas und Erdöl GmbH operated. From this point on, the operating company was called BEB Erdgas und Erdöl GmbH.

Sales and transfer of operations

On September 1, 2002, oil and natural gas production was separated from BEB and transferred together with the MEEG business to the ExxonMobil subsidiary EMPG. Shell thus gave up direct control over the execution of production.

As part of the liberalization of the gas market, the natural gas trading business was transferred to EMGMKG (ExxonMobil) and SEMKG (Shell) with effect from April 1, 2004, so that BEB has been operating purely as a transport and storage service company since then.

With effect from October 1, 2007, the corporate structure was simplified, the previous GmbH & Co. KGs were merged with their associated companies, so that now, in addition to BEB Erdgas und Erdöl GmbH, only BEB Transport GmbH, BEB Speicher GmbH and BEB Transport und Speicher Service GmbH was there.

The transport pipeline network of BEB Transport GmbH as well as the entire BEB natural gas transport business were taken over from July 1, 2008 by Gasunie Deutschland , based in Hanover.

With effect from September 1, 2011, BEB Erdgas und Erdöl GmbH sold its 100% subsidiary BEB Speicher GmbH with the two underground natural gas storage facilities in Uelsen and Harsefeld and the natural gas storage business to Storengy Deutschland Infrastructures (a subsidiary of the GDF Suez Group). The takeover includes the two underground natural gas storage facilities in Uelsen and Harsefeld and storage marketing.

At the same time, the crude oil and sulfur marketing were transferred to the companies owned by the BEB shareholders and are now being looked after by Shell Erdgasbeteiligungsgesellschaft mbH and Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH on Shell and by Esso Deutschland GmbH on Esso.

BEB still has an 80% stake in the Deurag-Nerag GmbH oil refinery , the operator of the former refinery in Hanover-Misburg .


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  1. According to the annual financial statements in the Federal Gazette.

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