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An energy supply company (abbreviated EVU , energy supplier for short ) is a company that is active in the energy supply . German energy law understands “supply” to mean the basic supply of consumers, i.e. the direct supply of private and commercial end customers with grid-connected energy sources, such as:

Because of their importance as a basic supply and because of the special market conditions (e.g. lack of competition in the district heating sector , electricity and gas networks as a natural monopoly ), energy supply companies are subject to special public controls, e.g. B. Regulation of network charges for electricity and gas networks, and must meet special legal requirements. In many cases, they are wholly or partially owned by the public sector and organized as municipal utilities or other municipal works .

While the narrowly interpreted, law-based understanding of the term is also the commonly used one, in the extended, e.g. For example, in a scientific sense, companies that are involved in the supply of non-line-bound fuels such as heating oil , coal briquettes , wood pellets, etc., as well as those from preliminary stages of supply such as energy generation , energy trading , energy storage or energy transport over long distances , are also considered to be energy suppliers .


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Individual evidence

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