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A family doctor is a resident (freelance) or one in a medical cooperation community such as B. a medical care center or a professional association employed doctor , who is usually the first point of contact for the patient with medical problems or even has to be in the context of the family doctor model .

He is usually the first point of contact , often together with a pharmacist , who is sought for medical questions and thus serves as a guide in the often confusing health system. Like every resident doctor, the family doctor is also legally obliged to, if necessary, e.g. B. in the case of more serious illnesses to make necessary house calls. In order to ensure medical care outside of office hours, doctors in private practice usually organize an emergency medical service .

Ideally, the doctor essentially knows the life or medical history of previous occasions, while in the case of new patients he first has to collect it in a long conversation ( anamnesis ). With a certain knowledge of the personal situation and the trust of the patient, family doctors can sometimes have better access to the patient than some specialists, even in the case of psychological problems or conflicts, and thus often take on basic psychological care as part of their family doctor work.

If necessary, the family doctor also writes the referral to a specialist, for a special therapy or to the hospital .


General practitioners in Germany are:

For those with statutory health insurance, billing for his services is carried out with the health insurance company via the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians , and for private patients with them directly. In 2004, a family doctor's practice in Germany had an average turnover of 176,100 euros. The cost share was 52.8 percent of sales. The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians announced in 2010 that general practitioners received seven percent more in 2009 than in the previous year. With a fee averaging over 206,000 euros (before costs are deducted), they now receive a higher fee than other specialized doctors.

There are around 60,000 family doctors in Germany. 18.5 percent of doctors in Germany are general practitioners who work with statutory health insurance. According to OECD statistics, the average income of a family doctor is 80,730 euros in Germany, 87,000 euros in Switzerland and 94,300 euros in the Netherlands. Private income is not taken into account. By 2020 around half of the general practitioners in Germany who practiced in 2013 will be retired. How the number of general practitioners develops, however, also depends on how many of the almost 10,000 human medicine graduates each year specialize as general practitioners and settle down as general practitioners.

Since the late 1990s, numerous health politicians have tried to strengthen the role of the family doctor in the health system.

The German Society for General Medicine and Family Medicine (DEGAM) represents the scientific and professional interests of general practitioners in Germany, in particular through the development of guidelines, statements to health policy institutions and research and young talent initiatives.

Related topics

  • Personal physicians are general practitioners in the exclusive service of an individual or family.
  • The family doctors includes primary care treatment of insured patients who are enrolled in this treaty. Billing is processed through a contractual partner, usually an association, and not through the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians.
  • Country doctors are general practitioners in rural areas .

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