One like none (TV series)

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Television series
Original title One like none
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Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 2009-2010
length 20 minutes
Episodes 212 in 1 season
genre Soap opera
Theme music Aleen  - Do you know what love is
  • Rainer Wemcken
  • Markus Brunnemann
  • Guido Reinhardt
  • First broadcast November 16, 2009 to September 17, 2010 on ORF eins , Sat.1

    One like none is a German soap opera . It was broadcast from November 16, 2009 to September 17, 2010 on weekdays at 6 p.m. on Sat.1 and ORF Eins .

    Since May 2012, the digital pay TV channel SAT.1 emotions has been broadcasting the entire episodes of Eine wie keine at regular intervals.


    Manuela Berlett is a happily married woman until her husband Ralf cheats on her and files for divorce. Together with his girlfriend Lindi, he portrays Manu as a bad mother, whereupon her custody of eight-year-old Daniel is withdrawn. With her new job as a cleaner at the Berlin luxury hotel Aden, she wants to prove to the court that she is able to exercise custody and at the same time bring order back to her life. In Aden she meets his general manager Mark Braun, who she likes straight away, but in his arrogance in the world of the rich and intrigues pursues his own goals and initially only abuses them for his own purposes. In Aden everyone has their own goals, and Manu gets caught between the fronts of the hoteliers.

    Most of the storylines take place in Hotel Aden (actually the Westin Grand Berlin )

    Over time, Mark and Manu became friends. Both have feelings for one another, although they don't want to admit it. Mark's fiancée Alexandra is still in the way of the two. After she found out that Mark did not come from a wealthy family and was an impostor, she separated from him and entered into a relationship with Mark's brother Philip. The luck between Manu and Mark is still being tested by numerous intrigues by Philip and Alexandra.

    main characters

    Manuela and Mark Braun

    Manuela Berlett comes from a rather middle-class background. With her new job as a cleaner at the Grandhotel Aden , she immersed herself in a new world and met her dream man: General Manager Mark Braun. At first, however, he wasn't interested in Manu. In addition to her job, she had to fight for custody of her son Daniel. It wasn't that easy, because her ex-husband Ralf made her life hell. Manu's best friend Eva and her sister Jana were at her side with help and advice.

    Mark Braun was initially General Manager at Aden and was in a relationship with the hotel heiress Alexandra Aden. He soon discovered feelings for the maid Manuela Berlett. After it came out that Mark comes from a very middle-class background and Alexandra noticed that Mark had lied to her, she broke up with him. Until Mark was allowed to work as general manager again, he worked as a page to make ends meet.

    Daniel Berlett

    Daniel "Danni" Berlett is the son of Manu and Ralf. Daniel initially suffered a lot from the separation from his parents and the custody battle over him. Danni has learned to get along with his mother's companions.

    Ralf Berlett and Lindi Kurowski

    Ralf Berlett is Manu's ex-husband. With her he has their son Daniel Berlett. Ralf is the owner of a car dealership. Ralf and his girlfriend Lindi fought unfairly for custody of his son and then won it. He later left Berlin with Lindi. However, since his dealership went bankrupt, he returned to Berlin and made Manu's life difficult again.

    Lindi Kurowski is Ralf's smart farmer friend. Lindi had to dig for a long time to conquer Ralf, one of the best games from Neukölln. She wants to start her own family with the car dealer in order to get hold of a “safe place” in the world. Lindi knows that she will never have Ralf to herself as long as he is in constant contact with Manu because of Daniel. That is why she does everything to ensure that Ralf gets custody of Daniel and keeps it. In return, she does not shy away from any intrigue, however perfidious.

    Eva Zielinski and Oliver Gradmann

    Eva Zielinski is Manu's best friend and is always there for her. Thanks to her cheeky, open manner, she looks extremely attractive at second glance. She works near the Grand Hotel Aden in the quaint Turkish snack bar 40 Räuber and falls in love with Oliver, Mark's best friend.

    Oliver Gradmann is Mark's best friend and the hotel's chief financial officer. Accordingly, he works closely with Mark. He's a bald, full figured guy and has a great theatrical temperament. Sometimes he threatens to despair of Mark's latest capers. The two have known each other for a number of years, but Mark only reveals as much of his past as is necessary.

    Jessica Schneider and Moritz Berg

    Jessica Schneider is a conformist appearance. When she gets a chance to jump several steps up the corporate ladder, if she gives up and even betrays her old loyalties for it, she cannot resist. The friendship with Manu will teach you that there are more important things in life than career and professional standing.

    Moritz Berg is very intelligent, but too stubborn to make anything of it. Rather, he shows off his cleverness in his coups in order to impress his friends and the girls - which he manages without any problems, because he has a big mouth, looks good and can be very charming. Strictly speaking, he is a little James Dean who, through his shrewdness and persuasiveness, makes him admire and like to have him around.

    Alexandra Aden

    Alexandra Aden was Mark's future fiancée. She is glamorous and elegant. Since the separation of her parents, she has been commuting between her father's noble hotel and her mother's noble stud. As long as Alexandra is the focus, her friends can count on her generous support. But anyone who wants to dispute the position of the attractive heiress quickly realizes that behind the noble facade there is a tough and hard-calculated fighter who would not give up her status for anything in the world.

    Philip Sachs and Gina Pollodoro

    Philip Sachs is Mark's older brother and future heir to the Sachs investor group. He wants to earn the respect of his rich stepfather Adrian Sachs at all costs. Meticulous and unscrupulous, he is usually one step ahead of his opponents. However, he feels that for Adrian he is only a substitute for a "real" son and does everything to meet the expectations of his stepfather. Philip rises to become the equal hotel director of the Aden and ousts Mark.

    Gina Pollodoro is the deputy hotel manager. She is small, wiry, and pathologically ambitious. Like Mark, she mastered all the steps on the corporate ladder with hard work - unfortunately, she landed a position below him because she lacks that little bit of ... chutzpah. She's going for Mark's job, and she's happy to work with Philip for that. Gina mostly uses her attractiveness for her career. She is incapable of real love. It is only when her long-term affair Carlo takes a different direction that Gina realizes what it feels like to be all alone in the world.

    Opening credits

    The theme song of the series is "Do you know what love is" by Aleen .

    Up to episode 135 you saw an opening credits with the story that Manu came to the hotel as a new worker after her ex-husband took her son away and she met her dream man Mark. From episode 136 to the end of the soap, the opening credits saw individual scenes that had already been shown and more characters from the series than before.

    Actors in the opening credits (in chronological order)


    One like none was produced from September 2009 to July 2010 by the UFA sisters Grundy UFA and Phoenix Film in the Berlin Union-Film studios. After Anna und die Liebe, the series was the second co-production by Sat.1 and the Austrian broadcaster ORF eins . The main roles of Manu and Mark were played by Marie Zielcke and Arne Stephan . The daily soap was initially set up for 254 episodes, due to the poor ratings, 212 episodes were produced. The exterior shots of the central location mentioned in the series “Hotel Aden” in the film were taken in Berlin at Friedrichstrasse 158 to 164 at the corner of Behrenstrasse, the hotel “ Westin Grand Berlin ”. Westin Grand had concluded a cooperation agreement with the production of the series.

    The audience numbers have been below the station average since it was first broadcast. With numerous appearances by celebrities, Sat.1 tried to drive up the ratings. In order for more young people to watch the series, the creators had decided to put the younger actors in the foreground. This concept became known in April 2010. However, since the ratings only increased minimally and the soap opera was still well below the broadcasting average, the last scene was shot in July 2010. Instead of the planned 254 episodes, the series ends after 212 episodes. On September 17th the last episode was broadcast on Sat.1. Since September 20, 2010, the whole soap has been shown again on weekdays on sixx in the afternoon program.


    Actor as part of "One like none"

    German Soap Award 2011




    In the order of entry.
    actor Role name consequences Years Remarks
    Marie Zielcke Manuela "Manu" Braun, b. Blaschke, married Berlett 1-212 2009-2010 Former concierge in Aden
    Previously house maid in Aden
    Wife of Mark, mother of Daniel, sister of Jana, ex-wife of Ralf, ex-fiancee of Toni
    Arne Stephan Mark Braun 1-212 2009-2010 Former General Manager at Aden
    Temporarily Page
    husband of Manu, half-brother of Philip, son of Ingrid and Adrian, ex-fiance of Alexandra, stepfather of Dani

    main actor

    In the order of entry.
    actor Role name consequences Years Remarks
    Christian Kahrmann Ralf Berlett 1-107
    Break from April to August 2010
    Dealership owner
    Daniel's father, Manu's ex-husband, Lindi's ex-boyfriend
    returns to Berlin to deal with the bankruptcy of his dealership
    Mirjam Heimann Lindi Kurowski 1-107
    Break from April to August 2010
    Beautician in Aden
    Former chambermaid in Aden
    Ex-girlfriend of Ralf, ex-affair of Oliver
    leaves Berlin, returns to Berlin penniless
    Alexander Turk Daniel "Dani" Berlett 1-212 2009-2010 Son of Manu and Ralf, nephew of Jana, stepson of Mark
    Anett Heilfort Eva Gradmann b. Zielinski 1-212 2009-2010 Managing Director at Julius; Former employee at Aden
    Former employee at 40 Räuber
    Oliver's wife
    Philipp Romann Philip Sachs 1-212 2009-2010 Former hotel manager at Aden
    Half-brother of Mark, son of Ingrid, stepson of Adrian, ex-fiance of Alexandra and Gina
    Muss in custody
    Regine Hentschel Paula Gabrian 1-212 2009-2010 Housekeeper in Aden
    Suleyman's friend
    Elisabeth Sutterlüty Gina Pollodoro 1-212 2009-2010 Former general manager in Aden
    Ex-fiancee of Philip, ex-affair of Carlo, Jürgen and Philip
    Thomas Engel Marcel Rehtaler 1-212 2009-2010 Concierge at Aden
    Pilar's ex-boyfriend
    Prodromos Antoniadis Oliver Gradmann 1-212 2009-2010 CFO at Aden
    Former General Manager at Aden
    Former employee in a wholesale market
    Eve's husband, Lindi's ex-affair
    Recover spark Karin Keller 1-212 2009-2010 Former Secretary of the General Manager at Aden
    Carlo's friend
    Emigrates to the south with Carlo.
    Isabell Ege Jessica "Jessi" Schneider 1-212 2009-2010 Housekeeping and Guest Assistant at Aden's
    girlfriend from Mo, ex-affair with Bilge
    Olgu Caglar Bilge Üzüm 1-212 2009-2010 Owner of Julius'
    Former Guest Assistant at the Aden
    son of Süleyman, ex-affair with Jana and Jessi
    Hussi Kutlucan Suleyman Üzüm 2-212 2009-2010 In-house technician in Aden
    Former owner of snack bar 40 Räuber
    Bilge's father, Paula's friend
    Anna Schäfer Emily Körner stage
    name: Emily K.
    4-118 2009-2010 Fashion designer
    Ex-Affair of Julius
    Goes to Paris
    Günter Barton Julius Aden † 4-145 2009-2010 Former owner of the Aden
    Ex-husband of Elisabeth, father of Alexandra, godfather of Chris, ex-affair of Emily
    died of heart failure due to lack of help from Philip
    Birte Berg Elisabeth Aden 4-212 2009-2010 Head of a stud,
    widow of Julius, mother of Alexandra, ex-girlfriend of Fernando
    Ivonne Schönherr Alexandra Aden 4-212 2009-2010 General manager and owner of the Aden
    daughter of Julius and Elisabeth, ex-fiancée of Mark and Philip
    Ron wooden shoe Anton "Toni Montana" Berg 5-212 2009-2010 Former head bartender in Aden
    Moritz's brother, Manu's ex-fiance, Jana's ex-boyfriend
    goes to Brazil
    Sophia Thomalla Chris Putzer 6-205 2009-2010 Former apprentices, housekeeping and guest assistant at Aden, former owner of Julius
    Alister's daughter, Julius ' godchild, Moritz's ex-girlfriend
    is going back to Switzerland
    Mathias Kahler-Polagnoli Carlo Pisani 7-212 2009-2010 Former head waiter and restaurant manager at Aden
    Karin's friend, Gina's ex-affair
    Emigrates to the south with Karin
    Eugen Bauder Moritz "Mo" Berg 78-178, 189-212 2010 Employee at Julius
    Former employee at 40 robbers
    Brother of Toni, friend of Jessi, ex-boyfriend of Chris, ex-affair of Nelly
    Ronja Peters Diana "Jana" Blaschke 103-105
    2010 Break from March to April 2010 head
    bartender at Aden
    Sister of Manu, aunt of Dani, ex-girlfriend of Toni, ex-affair of Bilge

    supporting cast

    In the order of entry.
    actor Role name consequences Years Remarks
    Alexander Huber Viktor 1-212 2009-2010 Waiter in the Aden
    Jasper Vox Gandhi Vox 1-212 2009-2010 Philip's dog, Manu's former foster dog
    Karla Shepherd Denischa Martens 1-212 2009-2010 Housekeeping in the Aden
    Joachim Kappl Adrian Sachs † 13-15
    Break from December 2009 to May 2010
    June 2010 to August 2010

    Father of Philip and Mark, Ingrid's ex-husband
    dies from injuries inflicted on him in the course of a dispute with Philipp
    Christian Feist Knut Stocker 52-94 2010 Ice rink leaseholder
    Ex-boyfriend of Manu
    leaves the city after separating from Manu
    Olivia Silhavy Ingrid Sachs 68-81
    2010 Break from March to April 2010
    Break from May to June 2010
    Break from June to September 2010

    Mother of Mark and Philip, widow of Adrian
    goes back to Austria, often visits Berlin

    Prominent guest appearances

    In the order of entry.
    More prominent role date Remarks
    Larissa Marolt Larissa Marolt November 25, 2009 Winner of Austria's Next Topmodel 2009 , eighth place of Germany's Next Topmodel 2009
    Verena Wriedt Verena Wriedt December 16, 2009 Sat.1 - presenter of the tabloid magazine STARS & STORIES
    Marie Nasemann Amanda Stern, b. Sybille Klein January 15-27, 2010 Third place from Germany's Next Top Model 2009
    Ben Dick Rockerty March 2-4, 2010 German pop singer, television presenter and actor
    Leonore Bartsch, Gabriella De Almeida Rinne, Antonella Trapani and Victoria Ulbrich
    Queensberry March 24-25, 2010 German girl band, winning band of pop stars 2008
    Bernhard Brink patient June 25, 2010 German pop singer and presenter
    Livingston Livingston June 28, 2010 British rock band
    Giulia Siegel Mariella Freifrau von Weyher July 16-22, 2010 Model and DJane, daughter of Ralph Siegel
    Tony Marshall Tony Marshall July 21, 2010 Pop singer


    • One like none played in the same series universe as Anna and Love . In episode 400 of Anna und die Liebe , the series character Brigitte mentioned that she had ordered shower powder for € 120 from the Aden .
    • Karin Keller's house was the same house that served as the exterior view of the Plenske's house in the series In Love with Berlin . Both telenovelas ran on Sat.1
    • The last episode was shot on the outdoor location of the GZSZ neighborhood on the Babelsberg Film Park. Arne Stephan shot as Marc Hansen in the neighborhood during his GZSZ time.
    • When the series stopped showing on television, "Anna und die Liebe" mentioned that Julian's father Theodor had spent four weeks in Aden.

    Director (selection)

    Director consequences
    Hans-Henning Borgelt 1-5, 51-55
    Micaela Zschieschow 11-15, 156-159
    Lars Morgenroth 46-50, 121-125
    Michael Kaleve 51-55, 71-75
    Conny Dohrn 56-60, 86-90, 111-115
    Olaf Götz 61-65, 96-100
    Seyhan Derin 66-70
    Peter Zimmermann 76-80
    Kai Meyer-Ricks 81-85, 131-135, 151-155
    Julia Peters 101-105, 140-145
    Tina Kriwitz 116-120
    Franziska Hörisch 126-130
    Markus Hansen 136-140

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    Individual evidence

    1. On the set of "Eine wie keine"
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    3. "One like no one" - the end is sealed!
    4. sixx launches “Ewk” and “Brothers & Sisters” , accessed on August 12, 2010