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Television broadcast
German title Pop stars
Original title Pop stars
Popstars Logo.jpg
Country of production Germany (2000–2015), Switzerland (2001), Austria (2011)
Year (s) 2000-2015
Tresor TV Produktions GmbH (2000–2012), Brainpool TV GmbH (2015)
length 60 to 135 minutes
Episodes 184 in 11 seasons
genre Reality TV , talent show
idea Jonathan Dowling
Moderation See moderation
first broadcast
2000 on RTL II (Season 1–2 and 11, DE edition)
ProSieben (Season 3–10, DE edition)
 2001 on TV3 (Season 1, CH edition)
 2011 on Puls 4 (Season 1, AT edition)

Popstars is the title of an internationally produced reality TV program. The show accompanied documentary compilation of pop bands whose members depend on season and current concept singers and / or dancers are.

Through the constant selection of candidates, interactive elements of conventional casting shows flow into the concept. A jury makes most of the decisions about the candidates. In contrast to formats such as Deutschland sucht den Superstar , television viewers can only partially vote using televoting .

Pop stars in Germany

1st season (2000)

No Angels logo
No Angels 2008, without Vanessa Petruo
subtitle You are my dream
jury Simone Angel , Mario M. Mendryzcki, Rainer Moslener
The resulting band No Angels
By-product (s) Curly , Fresh'n'Juicy, Verena Stanley
Coaches Detlef Soost
Moderation -
Theme music M 2000 - Pop Muzik

In September 2000, the private television broadcaster RTL II began broadcasting a German version of Popstars . In the search for a pure girl group (similar to the Spice Girls ), over 4,500 young women aged 18 and over applied, from which a total of 32 participants traveled to a subsequent workshop in Mallorca after a successful audition and a successful recall . During the week-long singing and dance training under the direction of the choreographer Detlef 'D!' Soost reduced the number of participants to eleven based on the judgment of the jury members Simone Angel , Rainer Moslener and Mario M. Mendryzcki. The remaining finalists then returned to Germany.

In November of that year, Nadja Benaissa , Lucy Diakovska , Sandy Mölling , Vanessa Petruo and Jessica Wahls learned within a special edition of the format that they would emerge as winners of the competition and become part of the final formation. A little later, the band moved into a joint domicile in Dortmund and began preparing for their debut album. In preparation for the first single of the quintet, RTL 2 started a survey at the same time, in which the band name should be determined; the choices were the later title of the first album, Elle'ments , Champaign and No Angels . According to the survey, the latter won, but, as it later turned out, had been determined before the survey.

On average, 1.7 million viewers watched the first season, which consisted of 15 programs.

After the end of the first season with the first appearance on The Dome in February 2001, both the debut single Daylight in Your Eyes and the album Elle'ments entered the German, Austrian and Swiss charts at number 1. The No Angels , who appeared as a quartet after Jessica Wahls' pregnancy in 2002 , were considered the most successful girl group in continental Europe until their temporary separation in December 2003 with around 5 million records sold worldwide and three other number one positions in the German single hit parades . In January 2007, the band members announced that they wanted to make a comeback attempt, but without Vanessa Petruo , who decided against a comeback. One year later, on March 6, 2008, the band won the German preliminary round for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest and represented Germany at the competition in Belgrade on May 24, 2008. There the group finished 23rd with 14 points. After the band from 2010 only as a trio, the three remaining band members concentrated again on their solo careers. The band only got back together for a few appearances. After a last joint appearance in early 2013 for the RTL II's birthday show, the creative break in June 2014 turned into a final separation.

2nd season (2001)

Bro'Sis logo
Bro'Sis 2003, without Indira Weis
subtitle You are my dream
jury Detlef Soost , Alex Christensen , Noah Sow
The resulting band Bro'Sis
By-product (s) Yasmin K. , Senad, Johnny MC
Coaches Detlef Soost, Artemis Gounaki , Salva Grillo
Moderation -
Theme music Missyna - Life

After the success of the No Angels, RTL II called on both women and men to participate in the second season for the first time in the summer of 2001. We were looking for a band in 26 episodes that musically resembled the Fugees . The number of members of the band remained open. More than 11,000 participants faced the verdict of the newly appointed jury in Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Stuttgart and Hamburg, including once again choreographer Detlef Soost, producer and DJ Alex Christensen and radio presenter and singer Noah Sow . The minimum age was again 18 years. After successfully completing a recall and re-recall, 53 people made the jump to the so-called airport show in Düsseldorf; 33 then flew to Ibiza to take part in two-week singing and dance training.

While the band candidates with singer and lyricist Artemis Gounaki were given a vocal coach for the first time , Sow left the jury during the workshop due to differences. Soost and Christensen reduced the number of participants to six men and four women, eight of whom moved into a loft set up in Munich. After several weeks of training, Ross Antony , Hila Bronstein , Giovanni Zarrella , Shaham Joyce , Faiz Mangat and Verena 'Indira' Weis finally found out on November 11, 2001 that they were the winners of the competition and that they were part of the formation Brothers & Sisters , or Bro 'Sis , would be.

An average of 1.71 million viewers followed the second Popstars season, which consisted of 26 episodes.

The band's first single release, I Believe , sold over 800,000 copies in its release week alone, far beating the No Angels' launch. Although the accompanying album Never Forget (Where You Come From) also reached number 1 in the German, Austrian and Swiss album charts and produced three other top 10 hits, Bro'Sis did not succeed in achieving the constant success of the No. To tie in Angels. The remaining five band members split in early 2006 in favor of solo careers.

3rd season (2003)

Overground logo
subtitle The duel!
jury Detlef Soost , Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen , Sabrina Setlur
Bands that emerged Overground and Preluders
By-product (s) Fabrizio
Coaches Detlef Soost, Artemis Gounaki
Moderation Arabella Kiesbauer (final show)
Theme music Jasmin Wagner - Live your dream

After a two-year break, the Munich-based production company Tresor TV and ProSieben started broadcasting the third season of Popstars in August 2003 . Here, based on the British model, the concept of a duel, a contest between a boy group and a girl group , was incorporated into the series for the first time . In the course of the restructuring, the rapper Sabrina Setlur and the producer Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen took their places in the jury alongside Detlef Soost . Gounaki stayed with the ensemble as a singing teacher.

Within five large city castings, over 12,000 young women and men applied for a place in the two bands. A total of 46 candidates sang and danced to take part in the decision-making show at Düsseldorf Airport; 27 immediately traveled to Orlando ( Florida ), where the participants rehearsed choreography and singing in four weeks. After the end of the workshop, the jury decided Ahmet “Akay” Kayed , Ken Miyao , Marq Porciuncula and Meiko Reissmann formed the boy band Overground ; Tertia Botha, Miriam Cani , Anh-Thu Doan and Rebecca Miro formed the girl group Preluders . After studio recordings were unsatisfactory for the producers, Anne Ross and Fabrizio Levita were later joined by other members of the bands; The latter, however, left Overground only a little later in favor of a solo career.

The two groups then attempted within a three-week club tour through Germany to advertise themselves and the promo singles previously published in McDonald's restaurants. On November 3, 2003, the Preluders emerged as intermediate winners in the finale moderated by Arabella Kiesbauer with their top- selling cover version of the REM hit Losing My Religion , but in the final decision, Overground could claim victory after the telephone vote .

An average of 2.52 million viewers followed the third Popstars season, which consisted of 15 episodes. The final was watched by 4.55 million viewers. 3.5 million took part in the telephone voting.

Like the No Angels and Bro'Sis, Overground then landed with their debut single Schick mir 'nen Engel and the accompanying album It's Done! at number 1 in the German, Austrian and Swiss single and album charts. However, the quartet did not succeed in building on the success of their debut with their second album. The band had been on a break since the summer of 2006, and various members have since attempted solo careers before the band finally broke up in 2008.

The Preluders felt the same way. With the title Everyday Girl from the album Girls in the House , they only achieved their first and only top position in Germany. Further publications of the Preluders could no longer place in the top 20 of the German chart. After the band had shrunk to a trio, the split was announced in autumn 2006.

4th season (2004)

Nu Pagadi logo
Nu Pagadi 2004
subtitle Now or never!
jury Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen , Lukas Hilbert , Sandy Mölling
The resulting band Nu Pagadi
By-product (s) Tryna
Coaches Detlef Soost , Artemis Gounaki
Moderation Oliver Pocher and Barbara Schöneberger
Theme music Beverley Knight - Come As You Are

From August to December 2004, a fourth season was announced on ProSieben and announced as “definitely last” with the corresponding subtitle Now or Never! broadcast, from which the band Nu Pagadi emerged . For the fourth season there was no duel with the aim of finding a mixed pop band. In the jury, producer Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen , singer and co-winner of the first season Sandy Mölling and copywriter Lukas Hilbert judged and decided .

In the final on December 8, 2004, Markus Grimm , Patrick Boinet, Kristina Dörfer and Doreen Steinert prevailed over their competitors Katrin Feist and Richard Mantarliev in a telephone vote. The result was determined by an internet poll before the show and by telephone voting during the show.

Soost and Gounaki stayed with the show as dance and singing coaches this season as well.

5th season (2006)

Monrose logo
Monrose 2009
subtitle The country needs new angels!
jury Detlef Soost , Nina Hagen , Dieter Falk
The resulting band Monrose
By-product (s) Bisou , Arjeta Zuta
Coaches Detlef Soost, Arno Schmitt, Robin D., Marilena Grafakos, Julie Denise Hyangho, Stefano Maggio, Rafael Antonio
Moderation Oliver Petszokat
Theme music No Angels - Daylight in Your Eyes

In allusion to the No Angels, ProSieben went on air on August 10, 2006 under the motto New Angels, the country needs the fifth season, which consisted of 16 episodes. For the first time since the first season, only women were wanted for the band. Castings were held in five German cities and a total of 5,189 applicants took part. In addition to choreographer Detlef Soost , the jury also included punk singer Nina Hagen and music producer Dieter Falk .

In the first phase, the first three rounds of the auditions (with recall and re-recall) were presented in one show per city. In the recall and in the re-recall, a member of the No Angels each joined as guests ( Nadja Benaissa in Frankfurt am Main, Jessica Wahls in Stuttgart, Lucy Diakovska in Hanover and Sandy Mölling in Dortmund). The 20 female candidates selected as part of the decision-making show in Munich then took part in themed workshops in Ischgl , until after four workshops eleven girls (originally only nine were planned) moved into the Bandhaus in Munich.

On November 23, the six finalists selected Senna Guemmour and Bahar Kızıl to join the band called Monrose by jury decision . The third and youngest member of the band, then 16-year-old Mandy Capristo , was chosen by audience voting. The band's first single called Shame had been sung in the studio by all six finalists.

The fifth season of Popstars was unexpectedly well received by the television audience. The final on November 23, 2006 reached a peak of around 5.83 million viewers; this corresponds to the best value ever for a Popstars episode, but the episodes before that also consistently reached highs. The market share in the target group of 14 to 49 year olds relevant to advertising for the television format rose several times during the season to over 22 percent; among 20 to 29 year olds, almost half of all TV viewers sometimes watched pop stars . An average of 3.37 million people watched the fifth season, which consisted of 17 episodes.

6th season (2007)

Logo from Room2012
Room2012 2008
subtitle On stage!
jury Detlef Soost , Nina Hagen , Dieter Falk , Jane Comerford , Marusha
The resulting band Room2012
By-product (s) Popstars Dance Company, Mehdi, Marcella McCrae
Coaches Detlef Soost, Jane Comerford, Rafael Antonio, Julie Denise Hyangho, Arno Schmitt, Stefano Maggio
Moderation Oliver Petszokat
Theme music Monrose - Hot Summer (until September 13, 2007)
Monrose - Strictly Physical

ProSieben started the sixth season of the casting show on June 14, 2007 under the motto Popstars on Stage . It consisted of 26 episodes including final broadcasts in which the "hottest live act in Germany" was sought. In addition to singing talent, this time the focus was on expression, dance style and performance arts; the candidates worked specifically towards professional stage presentations. For the first time, pure dancers were also sought separately from the established singer casting. In addition, male candidates took part again this time.

The “workshops” phase, which took place in Füssen , was completed after four broadcasts in August. In a special casting in the Netherlands , already retired and other interested candidates (including from the Netherlands) had the opportunity to qualify again for the final phase of the show. After appearances abroad in Prague (singers) and Brussels (dancers), the singers and dancers trained together in the Bandhaus in Berlin for the first time since October 2007.

After the band house, the remaining candidates returned to Füssen, where the qualifying show and workshops had already taken place. While the singers still have to make further decisions, the first decision after the band house was also the final for the dancers, whereby the previously eliminated candidate Armin ("Shorty") was nominated because one of the dancers scheduled for the final had voluntarily dropped out prematurely .

All five finalists of the dancers - known to the public by their first names Aziz, Darren, Raik, Armin ("Shorty") and Vika - finally made it into the Popstars Dance Company formation on November 8, 2007 , which will be the future popstars band to support some live performances. On December 6, 2007, in a more than three-hour live show in Cologne, the decision was made which singers would be the front people of the band. All male winners were determined by the jury itself, the German candidates Julian (20 years old, production assistant from Netphen), Sascha (23, fitness trainer from Dortmund) and Cristobal (20, hotel specialist trainee from Obertshausen) are represented at Room2012 , while the Dutchman Norman (23) retired. The television audience decided between the remaining candidates Tialda (22), who was among the last ten at Idols (the Dutch version of Deutschland sucht den Superstar ), and Marcella (19), by televoting . Tialda made the jump into the band.

The formation composed in the final went on tour as “Room2012” immediately after the broadcast .

The band's first album is called Elevator , the first single is Haunted . On March 7, 2008, Naughty But Nice, the second single, was released, which only reached number 52 in the German single charts.

In August 2008 it was announced that the record contract from Room2012 expires in October 2008 and will probably not be renewed. In March 2009 the band announced via a letter to their fan club that the members would like to concentrate on their solo careers in the near future.

7th season (2008)

Queensberry band logo
Queensberry 2009
subtitle Just 4 girls
jury Detlef Soost , Loona , Sido
The resulting band Queensberry
By-product (s) Diyana
Coaches Detlef Soost, Kate Hall , Marco da Silva , Alexander Geringas
Moderation Oliver Petszokat and Charlotte Engelhardt
Theme music Monrose - Strike the Match (until September 25, 2008)
Monrose - Hit'n'Run (until November 20, 2008)
Queensberry - No Smoke (demo version of the first band member)

Under the motto “Just 4 Girls”, the seventh season of pop stars, which was designed for 16 episodes, was broadcast on Pro7 from August to December 2008. The castings took place in Hamburg, in Europa-Park Rust as well as in Dortmund and Dresden. As in 2006, only women aged 16 and over were wanted. 2,275 candidates applied for the auditions. For the decision-making show taking place in Munich at the Circus Krone about entry into the workshop, 21 candidates qualified, including four for the first time via an online casting. In the end, 16 girls flew to the five-week workshop at the “Maritim” hotel in Sharm El Sheikh , Egypt. Here they received singing training from Kate Hall and dance training from Detlef Soost and Marco da Silva. Since several candidates left the workshop unscheduled in the first few weeks, four new candidates were added in the fourth week who had already been eliminated in the casting. In the end there were twelve candidates left who moved into the band house in Munich.

Three of the four band spaces have already been allocated in the band house. With the 20-year-old Leonore "Leo" Bartsch from Bernshausen in Lower Saxony , a participant who had already reached the semifinals in the fifth season of Popstars, was the first to achieve her goal of becoming part of the Queensberry band . The following week she was followed by 16-year-old Victoria Ulbrich from Bergheim , and 19-year-old Gabriella De Almeida Rinne from Berlin became the third part of the band.

For Red Nose Day , the remaining eight candidates recorded the Christmas song I Believe in Xmas , which was released as a single on December 5, 2008. The song was written by producers Pete Kirtley and Tim Hawes and reached the UK Top 10 in 2002 when sung by The Tweenies .

For the election of the fourth band member, three different albums were recorded, each with one of the three remaining candidates. All albums were released on December 12, 2008, before the final broadcast. Decisive for the choice of 17-year-old Antonella Trapani as fourth band member was the placement of her album in the German Media Control Charts along with the result of a televoting.

On average, 2.55 million people watched the seventh season, which consisted of 16 episodes plus a live finale.

8th season (2009)

Logo by Some & Any
subtitle You I
jury Detlef Soost , Michelle Leonard , Alex Christensen
The resulting band Some & Any
By-product (s) Elif Demirezer
Coaches Detlef Soost, Kate Hall , Stefano Maggio, Rafael Antonio
Moderation Giovanni Zarrella and Charlotte Engelhardt
Theme music Last Man Standing (demo version of the later single by the winning duo)

The eighth pop stars season, in which a duo was sought for the first time, was under the motto you & me . The castings took place in the German cities of Munich, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Berlin. A total of 5,211 candidates applied. In advance, the presenter Oliver Petszokat was looking for talent on a nationwide scouting tour in discos. The broadcast began on August 20, 2009. In addition to Soost, the jury also included the singer and songwriter Michelle Leonard and the juror Alex Christensen, who was already active in the second season . In the probation show in Stuttgart, 34 participants fought for entry into the pop stars workshop. 25 candidates finally flew to the workshop in Las Vegas . 15 candidates made it into the band phase in New York . Several smaller auditions for vocal performances and recordings were carried out here. The candidates who victoriously applied for such a job automatically advanced one round. In the last week of the Bandhaus, the jury divided the last twelve candidates into final duos. Five duos made it into the final phase, which took place again in Germany.

For the first time, ProSieben hosted two live broadcasts, which took place in the Arena Oberhausen and were moderated by Charlotte Engelhardt and Giovanni Zarrella . The first live show, described by ProSieben as the semi-final, took place on December 8th and had the motto “Popstars meets Disney”. The last three duos were supported by the singer of the band Stanfour , Konstantin Rethwisch, Roger Cicero and Cassandra Steen as godparents. In the broadcast, to the displeasure of the audience in the hall, no couple was eliminated during the televoting, contrary to what was announced. The media supervisory authority therefore investigated due to delay and spectator deception. In the finale on December 10th, in which Leona Lewis , Mando Diao and Rihanna appeared, Some & Any was announced as the name of the duo, which also resulted in loud boos from the audience. Vanessa Meisinger and Leonardo Ritzmann emerged as the winners of the season. On June 7, 2010 the breakup of the band was announced.

On average, 2.13 million people watched the eighth season, which consisted of 19 episodes including a warm-up program and two live programs.

9th season (2010)

LaVive logo
LaViVe 2010
subtitle Girls forever
jury Detlef Soost , Marta Jandová , Thomas M. Stein
The resulting band LaVive
Coaches Aino Laos , Dion Davis
Moderation Charlotte Engelhardt
Theme music Monrose - This Is Me

The ninth season of Popstars, in which a girl group was again sought, had the motto Girls forever . A casting tour, for which candidates between 16 and 30 years of age could apply, took place from April 11 to May 10, 2010 in 16 German cities. The candidates were judged by music editors. In June 2010 there were two open auditions in front of the pop stars jury - Detlef D! Soost, Marta Jandová and Thomas M. Stein - in Offenbach and in Duisburg. Twenty applicants passed, plus four candidates from an online casting. The broadcast of the season began on August 19, 2010. The selection process after the castings consisted of several phases - referred to as talent check, workshop, girls at work and live shows - in which the number of participants was reduced. Other artists were regular guests at the castings and in the workshop. Of the 24 applicants in the talent check, 20 made it to the workshop, which - like the talent check - took place in a loft in Munich. The following Girls-at-Work phase took place in Nashville . There the last eleven candidates recorded the song I Swear with songwriter Gary Baker , which was originally sung by John Michael Montgomery in 1994 .

Then ten participants moved into the last phase, consisting of four live shows, in each of which a future band member was elected via televoting . In the first live show on November 18, 2010, the band name " LaVive ", determined by online voting, was announced and the 22-year-old Sarah Rensing was elected as the first band member. On November 25, 2010, the 24-year-old Meike Ehnert joined the band as the second. In the broadcast on December 2, 2010, 17-year-old Julia Köster became the third member of the band. In addition, all of the remaining candidates presented No Time for Sleeping , LaVive's single, together. In the final show on December 9, 2010, 20-year-old Katrin Mehlberg was elected fourth member of the band.

On average, 2.33 million viewers watched the ninth season, which consisted of 17 episodes.

The band split on March 13, 2011.

10th season (2012)

Melouria logo
Melouria 2012
subtitle The route is the goal
jury Detlef Soost , Lucy Diakovska , Ross Antony , Senna Guemmour
The resulting band Melouria
Coaches Kate Hall , Detlef Soost, Ross Antony, Lucy Diakovska, Arno Schmitt
Moderation Nela Panghy-Lee
Theme music Mike Candys - Sunshine (Fly So High)

In 2011, pop stars paused for the new format The Voice of Germany . The auditions for the tenth season of pop stars finally took place in March 2012 in 19 German cities and in Vienna. In addition, candidates were sought using so-called applicant boxes that were set up in cinemas and discos. Another place in the workshop was allocated via online casting. We were looking for a mixed band of men and women. The first episode was broadcast on July 5, 2012 on ProSieben. The workshop took place on the island of Ibiza . New in this season was the awarding of points in the casting, in which each jury member can award 0 to 3 points. The candidate must receive at least 8 out of a maximum of 12 possible achievable points in order to be eligible for the recall. This procedure was continued in the workshop. The season had a total of 13 episodes.

The final took place on September 20th, a week earlier than originally planned. Falling audience ratings were given as the reason for the move. After the one-year break, an average of only 1.50 million viewers followed the tenth season.

The winning band Melouria broke up on May 1, 2013.

11th season (2015)

Leandah 2015
subtitle Completely new tones
jury Stefanie Heinzmann , Miss Platnum , Bella Garcia
The resulting band Leandah
Coaches Jini Meyer , Pamela Falcon, Pepita Maria Bauhardt
Moderation Collien Elmen-Fernandes
Theme music

In April 2013, Brainpool announced that it had acquired the rights to the format and that it was holding talks with several television stations about broadcasting new seasons from 2014. In March 2015, the production company announced that the eleventh season 2015 will be broadcast on RTL II and that a girl band will be sought within eight episodes. The jury consisted of the dancer and choreographer Bella Garcia and the singers Miss Platnum and Stefanie Heinzmann . For the first time since the show began in 2000, Detlef Soost was no longer represented. Jini Meyer from the band Luxuslärm supported the participants as vocal coach . The broadcast began on August 17, 2015. 27 candidates were able to qualify in advance for the new season and were henceforth trained in the so-called "Popstars Academy", the after-work house and a specially constructed container building on the grounds of the Knapsack chemical park in Hürth . Carly Rae Jepsen , Glasperlenspiel and Sarah Connor were guest stars on the season. In addition, the YouTube stars Maren Merkel reported backstage on the pop stars set in their “Maren mittendrin” section and Bianca Heinicke in their “Bibi's diary” section.

Due to the low number of viewers, the station removed the repeat on Saturday after broadcasting the second episode. After the third episode was broadcast, RTL II postponed Popstars from prime time on Mondays , so that an episode of Die Geissens - A terribly glamorous family was broadcast in advance from September 14, 2015 . After the audience numbers of the casting show had dropped to just three percent market share, the remaining two episodes were broadcast on Saturdays on the broadcast date that was originally intended for the repetition. In addition, the finale was no longer broadcast as a live broadcast, as originally planned, but as a recording. The final broadcast with the 6 finalists was recorded in the Popstars Academy on October 5, 2015 and broadcast on October 10, 2015. Collien Ulmen-Fernandes was the moderator . Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi were present as reporters at the final. The winning title of the winning band Leandah was released as a single on October 12th, but could not place in the top 100 of the German single charts. On average, only 0.53 million viewers followed the eleventh season, which marks the weakest value of all seasons.

The winning band Leandah broke up on February 5, 2016.

Pop stars in Switzerland

1st season (2001)

The Swiss television station TV3 started in 2001 with a Swiss edition, for which around 1200 girls applied. At the end of the casting, on November 11, 2001, the band Tears with members Tiffany, Evelyn, Amanda Nikolic and Romina was determined.

The first single MUSIC immediately reached first place in the Swiss charts. With the second single Dreamin 'there were scheduling problems, the title was only released over a year after its first release. The band could not repeat the success of the first title.

The band announced a six-month break in 2002, which in reality then lasted over a year. The subsequently released single I Found Love did not achieve the expected success. After the band had produced the soundtrack for the German film Mädchen Mädchen 2 , which resulted in two more singles ( Funky Freakshow and Distorted Overdrive ), they announced the split in December 2004.

However, Evelyn has been successful again as a solo artist since 2010. Together with Mike Candys and Patrick Miller , she reached the top of the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the songs One Night in Ibiza and 2012 (If the World Would End) .

Pop stars in Austria

Logo of the boy band Kilmokit
Kilmokit 2011
subtitle Mission Austria
jury Detlef Soost , Fernanda Brandão
The resulting band Kilmokit
By-product (s) BFF
Coaches Kate Hall , Anna Demel
Theme music Hurts - Better Than Love

After ProSieben decided in 2011 to pause the format and instead broadcast the casting format The Voice of Germany , a season of the show was produced in Austria under the motto Mission Austria . It was broadcast between October 2 and November 27, 2011 on ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG's Puls 4 channel. Detlef D was part of the pop stars jury! Soost and Fernanda Brandão . First of all, we were looking for a boy group and a girl group that competed against each other in the final. The winning band received a record deal worth 100,000 euros. In June 2011, a pre-casting took place in eight cities, to which female and male candidates aged 16 and over could apply. 50 made it into the recall in Vösendorf . 19 candidates then moved into the band house.

In the band house, the two bands Kilmokit (boy band) and BFF (girl band) were provisionally filled with three candidates each. The other participants took part in the regular decision shows as challengers in order to be substituted into one of the bands. The jury had eight exchange options. After each appearance of the previous band and the challengers, a so-called battle took place, in which one or more band members had to fight to stay in the band. During the Bandhaus phase, candidates were sent home at irregular intervals. In the final on November 27, 2011, the boy band Kilmokit won the televoting .

Kilmokit and BFF broke up in 2013.

The semi-final on November 20, 2011 had 90,000 spectators, the final 75,000. For 12- to 49-year-olds, the average market share of previous programs was 6.1 percent, for 12- to 29-year-olds it was 10.2 percent. According to Puls 4 2011, there are no concrete plans for a second season.



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Miss Platnum
Bella Garcia


Both jury members and candidates criticized the program Popstars .

The juror Noah Sow , who left the show during the workshop in the second season, later accused both her colleagues and the production of not having a say, among other things. In addition, the candidates were deliberately put under pressure due to a lack of water in order to achieve the "greatest possible emotions".

Also, Alex Christensen , also a judge of the second season was the over-emotional in Popstars counter and it holds the candidates for pure puppets. “The people there work, I always call them casting victims. After all, they are voluntary victims, nobody took them by surprise or forced them to participate. "

In his biography The Inside Me , Ross Antony , candidate for the second Popstars season, was grateful for the support he received from outside steering: “One day I read in the newspaper that jury member Alex Christensen was very critical of the Broadcast expressed. He wasn't going to do it a second time, it said. He sees us as "voluntary victims". Personally, I didn't think it was bad that our careers were looked after so intensively. [...] I [thought] it was great to have a press officer who coordinated all media inquiries. I was even happy not to have to decide what the first CD cover should look like. Or that I was given tips on my styling. It would have been all too much. Our success developed so rapidly that in the first year I was fully occupied with realizing this new life. To process everything that happened every day. "

Christensen himself commented on his criticism of pop stars in the course of an interview on the occasion of the 8th season, in which he - contrary to his earlier statements - was back on the jury, to the effect that the candidates he previously described as "casting victims" today they know better what to expect because pop stars are no longer the only casting format. In addition, the format has changed, has matured and “grown up” overall , which is why it is interesting for him again, as it is something new for him too.

Nadja Benaissa , candidate for the first Popstars season, considers the minimum age of 16 for candidates to be too young: "If someone drops out of school or training and goes there with huge visions ... and then after a few months from today tomorrow nobody will be interested in such a person anymore, that is a psychological trauma. At that time you were only allowed to take part with us from 18 ... “ .

Markus Grimm , candidate of the fourth season, criticizes that the program is more about cannibalizing personal fates than good votes: "If you don't have at least one difficult fate that can be cannibalized with a camera, you hardly have a chance"

Sido , juror of the seventh season, criticized the inauthentic behavior of the candidates, who adapt to the expectations of the producers. "They know:" Today I have to cry, they need a few tears here on the show, then I'll cry. "They do it all by themselves. That can be pretty tough and disgusting. ” Like Noah Sow, he also criticized the lack of a say: “ There is a traffic light in the studio that the audience and the candidates cannot see - only the jury! When someone stood in front and sang to us, the creators of the show signaled who should get ahead and who shouldn't. If it flashed red, we had to say 'no'. If the candidate is green, the candidate should advance. Even if he can't do anything - only because of an exciting story. "

Even Vanessa Petruo , candidate of the first Popstars season, voiced their criticism. Your song Call Dr. Music , featured on her solo album Mama Lilla Would , is about the criticism of the music industry that doesn't care about young people, but puts them in the limelight, unprotected and unprepared, and the criticism of the candidates who stand out from let the hype drift along. Looking back, she says: “Life as a pop star is like a pact with the devil. You are living your dream, but the devil will swallow you for it, and you have never been seen again. "

Juror Christensen also does not believe in a longer career for the artists created through TV castings: “I know that Robbie Williams was also cast at the beginning of his career. But the man is an entertainer of the century. You don't usually find someone like that on a TV show […] I believe that real artists only become stars [the old-fashioned way] who excite the masses not just for one summer but for a lifetime. "

Pop stars in other countries

Countries in which own Popstars programs were produced

Popstars first aired in New Zealand in 1999 , producer Jonathan Dowling found the five-piece girl group TrueBliss here . Dowling sold the concept to other countries, first to Australia and England, then to more than 50 countries worldwide.

The show was the inspiration for Simon Fuller's program Pop Idol , which runs in Germany under the name Deutschland sucht den Superstar .

Although pop stars got off to a successful start in most countries, the programs were gradually withdrawn from many television channels, to failure and due to poor ratings.

Winner in other countries

First season No Angels (dissolved)
Second season Bro'Sis (dissolved)
Third season Overground (resolved)

Preluders (dissolved)

Fourth season Nu Pagadi (dissolved)
Fifth season Monrose (dissolved)
Sixth season Room2012 (dissolved)
Seventh season Queensberry (dissolved)
Eighth season Some & Any (dissolved)
Ninth season LaVive (dissolved)
Tenth season Melouria (dissolved)
Eleventh season Leandah (dissolved)

In some countries, such as Denmark, France and the Netherlands, there was only one winner at times. There were also formats in which two bands were formed, usually a girl group and a boy group, which competed against each other. The winner was mostly determined from the sales figures of the debut singles. This procedure has been used in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria and the United Kingdom, for example.



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