The Voice of Germany

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Television series
Original title The Voice of Germany
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) since 2011
Talpa Germany
length 120-180 minutes
Episodes 135 in 9+ seasons
genre Singing casting show
idea John de Mol
Moderation Current moderators
First broadcast November 24, 2011 on ProSieben

The Voice of Germany [ ðə ˈvɔɪs əv ˈdʒɜːmənɪ ] ( English for The Voice of Germany , also abbreviated TVOG ) is a German singing casting show that has been broadcast since November 2011 by the TV stations ProSieben and Sat.1 . It is based on the casting show concept The Voice , which was first implemented in the Netherlands at the end of 2010 under the title The Voice of Holland . The German edition is produced by Talpa and Schwartzkopff TV-Productions and, since 2015, by Talpa Germany . The winners of the first nine seasons are Ivy Quainoo , Nick Howard , Andreas Kümmert , Charley Ann Schmutzler , Jamie-Lee Kriewitz , Tay Schmedtmann , Natia Todua , Samuel Rösch and Claudia Emmanuela Santoso .


Around 150 participants are invited to the first phase of the television broadcast, the so-called “blind auditions”. There, the candidates, accompanied by a live band, have to sing in front of an audience on a stage. At first, the jury members can only hear the singer but not see them because they are sitting in a swivel chair with their backs to the stage. You can vote for a candidate by pressing a button to turn their chair towards the stage while they are speaking. The candidate goes one round if he receives at least one of the four jury votes. If several jury members have turned around, the candidate chooses his coach for the further rounds. In the blind auditions, each of the four coaches should get an equally large group of candidates.

This is followed by a training section in which the coaches prepare their candidates for the second phase known as the “Battle Round”. In the Battle Round two or three candidates from the same coaching group sing a song together. Only one of the candidates will advance after the decision of the respective coach. Since the third season (2013), a candidate who has not been elected by his own coach can be taken over by one of the other coaches through a so-called "steal deal"; if several coaches want to take on the same candidate, the latter chooses his new coach himself - similar to the blind auditions.

In the third season, the so-called “showdown” was introduced as the third phase. Each of the 48 remaining participants prepared a song of their own choosing. Then each coach decided which two of his candidates would compete against each other with their song performance. After the presentation of both candidates, the coach selected one of them for the live show phase, in which all four coaches with six participants each moved in. In the fourth season, the third phase was called "Knockouts". Three participants of the nine candidates in a group, selected by the coach, played a song of their choice one after the other. Then the coach selected one of the three for the live shows. Similar to the Battle Round, each coach took on one of the candidates from another group who were not directly elected; so all four coaches went into the live show phase with four participants each. Since the fifth season, each of the ten candidates has been singing a song in each coaching group, according to which the respective coach selects his three live show participants; In this phase, candidates from other groups that are not directly elected will no longer be taken on. In the sixth season, this third phase was renamed "Sing Off".

In the last phase, the live shows, the candidates compete against each other within their coaching groups and in the first five seasons were rated both by the coaches and by televoting by the television viewers. In seasons 1 to 4, the coaches had to distribute points for the song performances of their protégés, in season 5 they only chose one of their candidates for the semifinals. Already in seasons 1 to 5 only the TV viewers decided on the final victory. Since the sixth season, all decisions about the live shows have been made by the audience alone. Representatives of different coaches met in seasons 3 to 5 in the semifinals, in the other seasons only in the finals.




_Team BossHoss
_Team Nena
_Team Rea
_Team Xavier
_Team Max
_Team Samu
_Team Stefanie
_Team Michi & Smudo
_Team Andreas
_Team Yvonne
_Team Mark
_Team Michael Patrick
_Team Alice
_Team Sido
_Team Nico
_Team Stefanie & Yvonne
_Team Samu & Rea
_Team Michael
Season premiere final winner place 2 Other finalists "Winning Coach" Moderators Coaches (series)
1 2 3 4th On-line
1 11/24/2011 02/10/2012 Ivy Quainoo Kim Sanders Michael Schulte The BossHoss Stefan Gödde Doris Golpashin Rea Nena The BossHoss Xavier No online
Max Giesinger
2 October 18, 2012 12/14/2012 Nick Howard Isabell Schmidt Michael Lane Rea Garvey Thore Schölermann
James Borges
3 10/17/2013 December 20, 2013 Andreas cares Chris Schummert Judith van Hel Max Herre Samu Max
Debbie Schippers
4th October 9, 2014 12/12/2014 Charley Ann Schmutzler Lina Arndt Andrei Vesa Michi & Smudo Rea Michi & Smudo Stefanie Samu
Marion Campbell
5 15/10/2015 December 17, 2015 Jamie-Lee Kriewitz Ayke Witt Tiffany Kemp Lena Gercke Stefanie Michi & Smudo Andreas
Isabel Ment
6th 10/20/2016 December 18, 2016 Tay Schmedtmann Robin Resch Marc Amacher Andreas Bourani Samu Yvonne
Boris A. Stein
7th October 19, 2017 December 17, 2017 Natia Todua Benedikt Köstler Anna Heimrath Samu Haber mark Michi & Smudo Yvonne Samu
BB Thomaz
8th October 18, 2018 December 16, 2018 Samuel Rösch Benjamin Dolic Jessica Schaffler Michael Patrick Kelly Michael Patrick mark
Eros Atomus Isler
9 09/12/2019 11/10/2019 Claudia Emmanuela Santoso Erwin Kintop Lucas Rieger Alice Merton mark Alice Sido Rea Nico
Fidi Steinbeck
Freschta Akbarzada
10 October 8, 2020 End of 2020 Annemarie Carpendale Stefanie & Yvonne Nico Samu & Rea Michael

First season (2011–2012)

Ivy Quainoo , season one winner

The first season of the show aired on television from November 24, 2011 through February 10, 2012. The first season was moderated by Stefan Gödde and backstage by Doris Golpashin . The jury consisted of the pop musician Nena , the soul singer Xavier Naidoo , the singer and guitarist Rea Garvey and the duo Alec Völkel and Sascha Vollmer from the band The BossHoss . Ivy Quainoo won the first season with her song Do You Like What You See .

candidate Own song Result Coach (es)
Ivy Quainoo Do You Like What You See winner The BossHoss
Kim Sanders Haunted Second place Nena
Michael Schulte Carry Me Home third place Rea Garvey
Max Giesinger roof of the world fourth place Xavier Naidoo

Second season (2012)

Nick Howard , season two winner

The second season of The Voice of Germany was broadcast from October 18 to December 14, 2012 . The four coaches stayed the same as in the first season. The second season was moderated by Thore Schölermann . The winner of the second season was Nick Howard with his song Unbreakable .

candidate Own song Result Coach (es)
Nick Howard Unbreakable winner Rea Garvey
Isabell Schmidt Homesickness Second place Nena
Michael Lane Mrs. Lawless third place Xavier Naidoo
James Borges Lonely fourth place The BossHoss

Third season (2013)

Andreas Kümmert , winner of the third season

The third season of The Voice of Germany was broadcast on television from October 17 to December 20, 2013. In addition to the previous coaches Nena and the duo from The BossHoss, the jury included rapper and music producer Max Herre and songwriter, singer and guitarist Samu Haber for the first time . The third season was again moderated by Thore Schölermann and backstage by Doris Golpashin . The winner of the third season was Andreas Kümmert with his song Simple Man .

candidate Own song Result Coach (es)
Andreas cares Simple Man winner Max Herre
Chris Schummert The Singer Second place Samu Haber
Judith van Hel Fucking beautiful third place Samu Haber
Debbie Schippers Skin and Bones fourth place The BossHoss

Fourth season (2014)

Alec Völkel and Sascha Vollmer from The BossHoss announced that they will no longer be available as coaches this season. Five days later, Nena also announced she was leaving the show. On March 27, 2014, two new jurors were named as BossHoss successors: Michi Beck and Smudo from the Fantastischen Vier . On April 3, 2014 Samu Haber announced on Facebook that he will also be a juror in the fourth season. The third jury member was announced on May 6, 2014: Max Herre is leaving , but Rea Garvey is returning. On July 3rd, Stefanie Kloß's management announced that she would replace Nena on the jury. The fourth season was again moderated by Thore Schölermann and backstage by Doris Golpashin . The fourth season winner was Charley Ann Schmutzler with her song Blue Heart .

candidate Own song Result Coach (es)
Charley Ann Schmutzler Blue heart winner Michi Beck and Smudo
Lina Arndt Love in a cold room Second place Rea Garvey
Andrei Vesa Moving on third place Samu Haber
Marion Campbell Lifetime fourth place Stefanie Kloß

Fifth season (2015)

Jamie-Lee Kriewitz , season five winner

In early May 2015, Samu Haber announced his departure from the show. Andreas Bourani took his place. The other coaches stayed with the show. The presenter Doris Golpashin was replaced by Lena Gercke . The winner of the fifth season was Jamie-Lee Kriewitz with her song Ghost , which a few months later was also the German entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 . There Kriewitz reached the last place with 11 points.

candidate Own song Result Coach (es)
Jamie-Lee Kriewitz Ghost winner Michi Beck and Smudo
Ayke Witt See you soon Second place Andreas Bourani
Tiffany Kemp Have You Ever Been in Love third place Andreas Bourani
Isabel Ment In reverse fourth place Stefanie Kloß

Sixth season (2016)

At the end of April 2016 it was announced that Rea Garvey is leaving the jury and Samu Haber is returning. On June 14, 2016 it was announced that Michi Beck and Smudo as well as Andreas Bourani will continue to be there and that Stefanie Kloß will be replaced by Yvonne Catterfeld . On September 15, 2016 it was announced that the show will be broadcast on ProSieben on Thursdays from October 20, 2016 and on Sat.1 on Sundays. The sixth season winner is Tay Schmedtmann .

candidate Own song Result Coach (es)
Tay Schmedtmann Run, baby, run winner Andreas Bourani
Robin Resch Disneyland Second place Samu Haber
Marc Amacher Roots Boy Boogie third place Michi Beck and Smudo
Boris Alexander Stein Detached fourth place Yvonne Catterfeld

Seventh season (2017)

This season Andreas Bourani was replaced by The Voice Kids coach Mark Forster . Yvonne Catterfeld, Samu Haber as well as Michi Beck and Smudo are still there. The double moderation with Thore Schölermann and Lena Gercke also remained. The season started on October 19, 2017 and ended on December 17, 2017. The winner was Natia Todua . None of the candidates sang their own song that year.

candidate Result Coach (es)
Natia Todua winner Samu Haber
Benedikt Köstler Second place Mark Forster
Anna Heimrath third place Michi Beck and Smudo
BB Thomaz fourth place Yvonne Catterfeld

Eighth season (2018)

The jurors Yvonne Catterfeld, Mark Forster as well as Michi Beck and Smudo were still there, Samu Haber was replaced by Michael Patrick Kelly . The moderator duo of Lena Gercke and Thore Schölermann remained. The broadcast on television began on October 18, 2018 and ended on December 16, 2018. As in the previous year, none of the participants sang their own final song. The winner was Samuel Rösch from Michael Patrick Kelly's group.

candidate Result Coach (es)
Samuel Rösch winner Michael Patrick Kelly
Ben Dolic Second place Yvonne Catterfeld
Jessica Schaffler third place Mark Forster
Eros Atomus Isler fourth place Michi Beck and Smudo

Ninth season (2019)

In April 2019 Michi Beck and Smudo announced their departure from The Voice of Germany after five seasons. In May, Yvonne Catterfeld and Michael Patrick Kelly announced their departure. The return of Rea Garvey was confirmed on May 26, 2019 , with Alice Merton and Sido sitting next to him and Mark Forster for the first time on the chairs. A new feature was the introduction of a fifth coach, who put together a team of stuck participants for a comeback stage , whose two best talents met the other teams again in the semifinals.

candidate Own song Result Coach
Claudia Emmanuela Santoso Goodbye winner Alice Merton
Erwin Kintop How Bout You Second place Rea Garvey
Lucas Rieger Unlove third place Nico Santos
Fidi Steinbeck Wait a moment fourth place Mark Forster
Freschta Akbarzada My 3 minutes fifth place Sido

Tenth season (2020)



Moderators Seasons
1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 10
Xavier Naidoo
Rea Garvey 2
Max Herre
Samu Haber 2
Stefanie Kloß 3
Michi & Smudo
Andreas Bourani
Yvonne Catterfeld 3
Mark Forster
Michael Patrick Kelly
Alice Merton
Nico Santos 1
Michael Schulte 4


1 Nico Santos was comeback stage coach in season 9 (2019).
2 Samu Haber and Rea Garvey appear in the 10th season (2020) as a coach duo.
3 Yvonne Catterfeld and Stefanie Kloß appear in the 10th season (2020) as a coach duo.
4th Michael Schulte is the 10th season (2020) comeback stage coach.



_ Moderator
_ stand-in
_ Baby break
Moderators Seasons
1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 10
Stefan Gödde
Doris Golpashin
Thore Schölermann
Lena Gercke
Annemarie Carpendale


The German The Voice universe consists of three shows. In addition to the original format The Voice of Germany , the offshoots The Voice Kids (since 2013) and The Voice Senior (since 2018) are included. These have different age groups as a prerequisite for participation.

show Age group further information
The Voice Kids 8 to 16 years
The Voice of Germany 16 to 59 years
The Voice Senior from 60 years

All The Voice coaches

Coach records
1LIVE Krone 2016 - 1700-Red Carpet-Mark Forster-6166.jpg
Mark Forster (2016): Coach with the most season and format participations
The Boss Hoss Rock im Park 2016 (22 of 18) .jpg
Alec Völkel and Sascha Vollmer (2016): Coaches with the most format participations
Sasha (2012): Coach with the most season wins

The following table lists all coaches in the German The Voice universe, sorted in descending order according to the number of relays involved. If the number is the same, it is sorted according to the first year of participation.

Mark Forster (9 seasons) was involved as a coach on most seasons . In addition, with the duo Alec Völkel and Sascha Vollmer from the band The BossHoss, he is the only one who was involved in all three shows of the German The Voice universe.


_ Coach involved in the previous or current season
Coach The Voice of Germany The Voice Kids The Voice Senior Season (total)
Mark Forster 2017-2020
(season 7-10)
(seasons 3–7)
(season 1)
(including 2 × victories)
Rea Garvey 2011–2012, 2014–2015, 2019–2020
(season 1–2, 4–5, 9–10)
(including 1 × victory)
The BossHoss 2011–2013
(seasons 1–3)
(Season 7)
(seasons 1–2)
(including 2 × victories)
Lena Meyer-Landrut 2013–2016, 2019–2020
(season 1–4, 7–8)
(including 1 × victory)
Yvonne Catterfeld 2016–2018, 2020
(seasons 6–8, 10)
(seasons 1–2)
Nena 2011–2013
(seasons 1–3)
(seasons 5–6)
(including 1 × victory)
Samu Haber 2013–2014, 2016–2017, 2020
(season 3–4, 6–7, 10)
(including 1 × victory)
Michi & Smudo 2014–2018
(seasons 4–8)
(including 2 × victories)
Sasha 2016–2017, 2020
(seasons 4–5, 8)
(seasons 1–2)
(including 3 × victories)
Stefanie Kloß 2014–2015, 2020
(seasons 4–5, 10)
(Season 7)
Xavier Naidoo 2011–2012
(seasons 1–2)
Henning Wehland 2013–2014
(seasons 1–2)
(including 2 × victories)
Johannes Strate 2014–2015
(seasons 2–3)
Andreas Bourani 2015–2016
(seasons 5–6)
(of which 1 × victory)
Larissa Kerner 2017–2018
(seasons 5–6)
(of which 1 × victory)
Max Giesinger 2018, 2020
(Seasons 6, 8)
Michael Patrick Kelly 2018
(season 8)
(Season 2)
(of which 1 × victory)
Nico Santos 2019-2020
(season 9-10)
Tim bendzko 2013
(Season 1)
Max Herre 2013
(season 3)
(including 1 × victory)
Alice Merton 2019
(season 9)
(including 1 × victory)
Sido 2019
(season 9)
Your friends 2020
(Season 8)
Michael Schulte 2020
(season 10)



The casting show met some critical voices in the media. The selection of candidates is pre-filtered so that a conspicuously large number of candidates look attractive or bring moving stories with them.

The participants' contracts were also criticized. During the television show, candidates are usually told which songs they have to sing. Even after the show has ended, they are tied to the Universal Music Group . The financial terms up to and including the third album after the TV show are not negotiable.

Audience ratings

Season consequences Average audience Market share source
total 14 to 49 years total 14 to 49 years
1 17th 4.16 million 2.96 million 13.4% 24.3%
2 16 4.02 million 2.71 million 13.3% 23.0%
3 17th 3.67 million 2.33 million 12.2% 20.5%
4th 17th 3.52 million 2.21 million 12.0% 20.3%
5 17th 3.27 million 1.97 million 11.0% 18.8%
6th 17th 3.58 million 2.19 million 11.2% 19.2%
7th 17th 3.70 million 2.12 million 12.1% 20.2%
8th 17th 2.94 million 1.62 million 9.9% 16.6%
9 17th 2.84 million 1.49 million 10.1% 16.8%

The highest audience rating to date (5.24 million viewers and 17.6 percent) was achieved by Sat.1 with the broadcast of the second blind auditions edition of the second season on October 19, 2012 , 96 million viewers and 30.9 percent) tuned in on December 8, 2011, when ProSieben broadcast the fifth blind auditions edition of the first season.

The lowest ratings to date for the total audience (2.43 million viewers and 8.9 percent) and the advertising-relevant target group (1.28 million viewers and 13.0 percent) was achieved by the second live show of the fourth season on November 28, 2014 on Sat.1 .

The most-watched episode in a season is always a blind audition program, which is broadcast on Sat.1. In the first and fourth season, however, this was broadcast on ProSieben. The episode of a season with the lowest number of viewers was broadcast by Sat.1 until the fourth season and on ProSieben since the fifth season. Furthermore, a live show is always the least viewer episode of a season.

Chart placements

Only the titles are listed which were sung as separate titles in the final. In the first two seasons, the titles sung in the live shows were also available as download tracks and were able to place themselves in the charts.
The first season ended in February 2012, so the finalists of both seasons are listed for this year.

year finalist song Chart placements
2012 Ivy Quainoo Do You Like What You See 2 8th 12
Kim Sanders Haunted 13 37 34
Michael Schulte Carry Me Home 8th 30th 25th
Max Giesinger roof of the world 14th 39 65
Nick Howard Unbreakable 5 19th 26th
Isabell Schmidt Homesickness 20th 72 62
Michael Lane Mrs. Lawless 33 - -
James Borges Lonely - - -
2013 Andreas cares Simple Man 2 10 8th
Chris Schummert The Singer 12 20th 17th
Judith van Hel Fucking beautiful 20th 28 21st
Debbie Schippers Skin and Bones 57 - -
2014 Charley Ann Schmutzler Blue heart 3 33 12
Lina Arndt Love in a cold room 18th 43 29
Andrei Vesa Moving on 85 - -
Marion Campbell Lifetime 86 - -
2015 Jamie-Lee Kriewitz Ghost 11 65 26th
Ayke Witt See you soon 28 - 69
Tiffany Kemp Have You Ever Been in Love - - -
Isabel Ment In reverse - - -
2016 Tay Schmedtmann Run baby run 23 - 43

The most successful was the first season, from which the titles of all four finalists were able to place in the top 20 of the German charts.

Awards and nominations

year Award category Result
2012 Golden camera Best entertainment Won
German television award Best entertainment show Won
Kress Award TV programming Won
2015 LEA Award Artist / young talent promotion of the year 2014 Nominated
2016 German television award Best entertainment primetime Nominated
International Eyes & Ears Awards Best interaction campaign 3rd prize
Best on-air program spot: Show & entertainment 1st Prize
Best cross-media event campaign 3rd prize
2017 Bavarian television award entertainment Won
International Eyes & Ears Awards Best special form of advertising 3rd prize
2018 German television award Best entertainment show Won
International Eyes & Ears Awards Best use of music 3rd prize

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