OC, California

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Television series
German title OC, California
Original title The OC
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2003-2007
length 41 minutes
Episodes 92 in 4 seasons ( list )
genre Youth series
Theme music Phantom Planet - California
idea Josh Schwartz
production McG , David Calloway ,
Mike Kelley
music Christopher Tyng ,
Richard Marvin
First broadcast August 5, 2003 (USA) on FOX
first broadcast
October 2, 2004 on ORF 1
main actor
supporting cast

OC, California (Original title: The OC ) is an American television series . OC stands for Orange County in the US state of California . The series started on August 5, 2003 on FOX and quickly became one of the most profitable series of 2003/04. On February 22, 2007, the final of the fourth season, the last episode of the series was broadcast in the United States.

In the German-speaking countries, the series began to be broadcast on the Austrian television channel ORF 1 in October 2004 . The series began on ProSieben at the beginning of 2005, and in the spring of 2006 it aired SF Zwei for the first time.


1st season (2003-2004)

The series takes place in the coastal town of Newport Beach in the Orange County district of the US state of California . The teenager Ryan Atwood is caught stealing a car with his brother Trey and arrested. Sandy Cohen is assigned to serve as a public defender and has Atwood's release provided that he is under the supervision of a parent or guardian until the scheduled trial. Ryan comes from a difficult family background: his mother Dawn is an alcoholic and her current boyfriend AJ is violent. When Ryan returns home, Dawn throws her son out of the house. Sandy, who, unlike his wife Kirsten, the heir to a successful real estate empire, comes from a middle-class background, takes Ryan home out of pity. While Kirsten disapproves of Sandy's decision, his only son Seth, who has had a boring outsider life so far, is happy about the guest of the same age. Since Dawn has run away and Ryan only left a note, the Cohens decide to become Ryan's foster parents . Ryan now lives permanently in the Cohen's pool house; he and Seth become best friends in time.

Ryan passes the entrance exam to the private Harbor High School and learns about the life of the upper class of Newport Beach, but also its dark side. He befriends the Cohen's neighbor Marissa Cooper. Marissa's long-time friend Luke does not like the close contact between her and Ryan, which is why there is often friction between the boys. The Coopers' marriage falls apart when Marissa's father Jimmy robs his wealthy customers of their money through bad investments and as a result goes bankrupt. Marissa's mother Julie files for divorce in order to maintain her standing and position in Newport's high society. On a trip to Tijuana , Marissa catches Luke with one of her best friends, which leads her to attempt suicide, which she survives thanks to Seth, Summer and Ryan. After her mother's failed attempt to admit her to a mental hospital, Marissa moves in with her father, Jimmy, while her little sister Kaitlin stays with her mother. When Julie starts a relationship with Marissa's ex-boyfriend Luke, the relationship between mother and daughter deteriorates even more. At Ryan's request, Luke ends his relationship with Julie, as this only harms Marissa more. Luke moves to Portland with his father a little later . Julie starts a relationship with Kirsten's father, Caleb, and the two marry at the end of the season.

Marissa and Ryan become a couple. Their romance enables Seth to get closer to Marissa's best friend Summer, whom he has secretly raved about since childhood. Summer develops feelings for Seth, but does not admit them for a long time because she does not want to sacrifice her good standing in Newport for him, the comic freak and outsider of the school. As a result, Seth starts a relationship with Anna from Pittsburgh that originally wanted to help him win Summer over. Summer is jealous, which impresses Seth and increasingly damages his relationship with Anna. Eventually Anna ends the relationship and moves back to Pittsburgh due to her homesickness. Seth and Summer become a couple. However, Summer insists on keeping her love a secret. She continues to ignore Seth in public and at school. To urge Summer to make an official commitment, he publicly confesses his love to her in a kissing contest at the school. In doing so, Summer finally overcomes her fear of loss and confesses to their relationship.

The most stable relationship is that between Seth's parents Sandy and Kirsten Cohen, although they too have had some crises to deal with. Problems are, for example, Kirsten's sister Hailey and Kirsten's father's group of companies. Because Sandy earns only a small income from his job as a public defender, many think that he is merely taking advantage of his rich wife. Through a colleague, he got a well-paying job in a law firm . On his behalf, he had to sue Kirsten's father's company a little later, which led to another big family dispute.

During her therapy , Marissa meets the nice and interested Oliver, a mentally unstable young man who falls head over heels in love with her. She does not notice this at first and considers him, like almost everyone else except Ryan, a friend. Only when Oliver threatens Marissa with a weapon does she realize that he is not yet cured and turns away from him. Her relationship with Ryan is then permanently disturbed by Marissa's lack of trust in him. Despite Marissa's efforts to make it up to her, Ryan breaks up with her and she succumbs to alcohol. At the end of the school year he leaves OC with his ex-girlfriend Theresa, who is pregnant - unclear whether it is from Ryan or her ex-fiancé Eddie. Seth is now also pulling out of Orange County: Without saying goodbye to his parents or Summer in person, he sets off on a sailing tour with his boat.

2nd season (2004-2005)

When Theresa realizes that Ryan is unhappy with her and without his new family, she claims she lost the baby so that Ryan can return to Newport Beach without feeling guilty. Ryan finally manages to persuade Seth, who has sailed to Luke in Portland , to return to Newport Beach. So Seth and Ryan move back into their familiar surroundings. However, Summer is still angry with Seth and has a new friend: His name is Zach and he is, like Seth, a comic fanatic. Seth thinks Zach is just a better form of him because in addition to his love of comics, he also plays water polo and has a father who is a politician.

Seth then falls into a relationship with the club owner Alex, which breaks up again after a short time when Alex's ex-girlfriend shows up. Meanwhile, Marissa has a hot affair with DJ, her mother's gardener. But after he gets wind from Ryan, who is back in Marissa's environment and realizes that she only has eyes for the former outsider, he tries to overlook this first and to continue a relationship, but finally separates from her. But not everything is clear between Ryan and Marissa either and Marissa spends a lot of time with Alex. The two fall in love. Seth now realizes that he can't just be friends with Summer. But he tried that first so as not to lose her completely. But then he starts to fight for her. He is also not deterred by setbacks on her part and shows her his love again and again.

Ryan falls in love with a new student in his class, Lindsay Gardner. After a while they find out that Lindsay is an illegitimate child of Caleb Nichol, who is now married to Julie Cooper. After a while, Lindsay leaves Newport with her mother and moves to Chicago . Her relationship with Ryan does not keep her in Newport either, although it is difficult for her to leave him. Now Ryan is devastated too.

Things are not going so well between Alex and Marissa because they live in different worlds and Marissa is all over her head. In the end, they peacefully separate and Alex leaves Newport. Ryan and Marissa get together again and Summer can't run away from her feelings either and realizes that she still loves Seth. She leaves Zach and returns to Seth. Caleb plans to divorce Julie but has a fatal heart attack shortly before filing for divorce . While Julie is comforted by her ex-husband Jimmy, Kirsten drowns her grief in alcohol, whereupon she is admitted to a rehab clinic .

Ryan's brother Trey is out of jail and now also lives in Newport. He falls in love with Marissa, who doesn't want anything from him, whereupon Trey tries to rape her. Marissa and Trey try to keep this incident a secret from Ryan in order not to destroy the relationship between the siblings. When Ryan finds out about this, however, he immediately drives to Trey's apartment and starts a fight with him. Just before Trey manages to kill Ryan, Marissa shows up and shoots Trey in the back with his pistol. Shortly afterwards, Seth and Summer appear.

3rd season (2005-2006)

It starts the final year of high school for everyone. Trey disappears after he has woken up from the coma and Kirsten is still in rehab. Ryan, Seth, Marissa and Summer send their applications to the universities .

After Marissa is expelled from high school for the shooting, she has to attend public high school, where she quickly makes friends, including Johnny, who falls in love with her and finally admits it to her. After becoming a widow, Julie Cooper seeks solace in Jimmy. This then asks for her hand because he thinks that Julie will inherit a lot of money from Caleb, but this turns out to be wrong because Caleb was broke. After the debt collectors maul Jimmy, he decides to leave Newport. Marissa notices but understands, but begs her father never to come back. Julie has to live in a trailer now that she is broke , but hides it from Kirsten and Marissa, who lives temporarily with Summer. When Kirsten realizes Julie's situation, she offers her to set up a company together. The two then set up a dating agency to bring the rich and famous from Newport together. One of her first customers is Summer's father, Dr. Neil Roberts. He and Julie get closer and become a couple. Summer is not enthusiastic at first, but quickly makes friends with the idea, because Marissa is already like a sister to her and she wants to see her father happy. Eventually, Summers father asked for Julie's hand.

Meanwhile, Marissa's sister Kaitlin returns unannounced from boarding school and shows her great interest in Johnny, but realizes that he only has eyes for Marissa. After Marissa chooses Ryan, Johnny gets drunk with Kaitlin out of desperation and the two climb a rock. Kaitlin calls Ryan and Marissa for help, but they are late and only see Johnny slip and fall into the depths. He is taken to the hospital, where he succumbs to his serious injuries a little later. Then Johnny's cousin Sadie comes to Newport to help Johnny's mother. Ryan helps Sadie renovate the house, and the two grow closer. He separates from Marissa, who then begins a relationship of alcohol and other drugs with Johnny's ex-enemy, Kevin Volchok. Marissa and Ryan are accepted into the University of California at Berkeley . Ryan plans his future with Sadie, while Marissa is unsure whether she even wants to study. Ultimately, Sadie leaves Ryan, which hits him very hard.

At first it seems like Seth has to choose between Summer and Brown University . Summer then applies there and is accepted, but Seth not because he missed his interview due to smoking marijuana . He separates from Summer so that she doesn't give up her studies . Nevertheless, he flies to the meeting of the future Brown students, maybe to be accepted. On campus he meets Anna, who was also accepted into Brown. After he explains his problem to her, she promises to help. However, when Summer sees them together on campus, she thinks Seth broke up with her to be with Anna. Despite all efforts, Seth is not accepted. At Anna's request, he applies to the Rhode Island School of Design with his comic strip "Atomic County" , which he published with Zach the previous year . Back in Newport, Summer still doesn't talk to Seth, even Anna can't convince her. On the night of the prom , Seth finally tells Summer the truth. He later receives confirmation that he can study at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Sandy and Kirsten Cohen continue to have problems in their marriage. The two decide to sell the Newport Group . However, Sandy ultimately decides differently. Kirsten and Seth don't like Sandy's shift to attract customers at all. When Sandy is finally given the choice of whether to testify against the head of the future hospital or keep silent, which would harm Kirsten and his family, he finally decides to get out of the real estate business and to become a lawyer again. Seth takes time to smoke a joint on a visit to the Newport Group , which in turn causes a fire, causing some offices in the Newport Group to burn down. Seth is arrested and eventually confesses to Sandy that the fire was his fault. Sandy forgives him, however, because he reproaches himself for paying little attention to his son.

Kirsten sees Theresa at the airport with her baby, which she tells Ryan, who then goes to Theresa. Theresa tells him about a paternity test that proves that the baby is Eddie's. She is now working and raising the child alone.

At the prom, Kevin cheats on Marissa, who then leaves the ball. Before Kevin leaves the ball, he steals money from Taylor Townsend's handbag, a good friend of the four, Ryan notices and a fight breaks out between the two. Ryan injures Kevin, so he has to go to the emergency room. Kevin threatens Ryan there to go to the police if he doesn't help him with a break-in . The two then break into a house and Kevin steals the owner's luxury limousine. Ryan asks Marissa to give him an alibi . Kevin is almost caught by the police and wants to flee to Mexico , so he continues to extort money from Ryan. After suggesting it, Marissa and her father decide to work on a yacht for a year rather than go to university. Everyone accepts their decision. Julie gives her an expensive pearl necklace as a farewell or graduation gift. Marissa also finds out the truth about the matter between Kevin and Ryan, so she sells the pearl necklace and gives the money to Ryan so he can give it to Kevin to be left alone. Kevin wants to talk to Marissa, who is waiting in the car, but Ryan refuses. Finally, he and Marissa drive off in the car. Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa celebrate their private graduation the next day. Ryan then drives Marissa to the airport. The two are followed by the drunk Kevin, who tries to stop them and rams them several times. Ryan loses control and the car overturns. Ryan is only slightly injured and is able to free himself, but Marissa is seriously injured. He brings her to safety and wants to get help, but Marissa asks him to stay. Eventually she dies in his arms.

4th season (2006-2007)

After Marissa's death, Ryan leaves the Cohen's house and gets involved in an illegal boxing ring to "feel himself". Summer visits Brown University and participates in environmental activities and demonstrations while avoiding phone calls from Seth. Seth still lives in Newport and works in a comic book shop. Marissa's younger sister Kaitlin comes back from boarding school to support her mother after Marissa's death. Julie and Neil Roberts' relationship fails. Neil gets closer to his ex-wife Gloria and eventually leaves Newport to take a job in Seattle.

Ryan looks for Kevin with the help of Julie, but he now faces Sandy, who promises to help him. Ryan finds out about this and Sandy takes him to the apartment where Kevin is staying. Ryan hits him several times, but realizes that Kevin himself is suffering very much from what happened and closes the matter. (He won't get over the matter until later, though.) Kevin goes to jail. Summer is later suspended by the Brown, as Che, a supposed friend, accuses her of all of her environmental actions after her arrest (she freed rabbits from an animal laboratory ).

Taylor has meanwhile married in Paris , which she initially hides from everyone. She wants to get a divorce, which is only possible if she is unfaithful. Therefore she asks Ryan for help, who agrees after initial hesitation. Due to his help, Taylor falls in love with Ryan, who also has feelings, but does not want to admit them because he is still attached to Marissa. At a party, however, both stand by their feelings and start a relationship. However, this does not last very long, as Taylor wants to have some time to herself, and her ex-husband appears who wants her back. This is how Ryan realizes that he and Taylor actually have nothing in common. Nevertheless, the two find their way back together and Taylor also helps Ryan when his father Frank comes out of prison and seeks contact with his son.

Kirsten and Julie are now enjoying great success with their dating agency. However, behind Kirsten's back, Julie provides some customers with young guys who can have sex with them for money . Gordon Bullit is now a silent partner and through him Frank Atwood also gets a job. Bullit wants to inspire Julie for a date and a relationship with the help of Kaitlin. Julie, on the other hand, develops feelings for Frank and when it comes to a decision between the two, she chooses Frank.

Meanwhile, Seth Summer proposes marriage because she thinks she is pregnant. When this is not confirmed, however, both actually no longer want to marry, which they hide from each other. Meanwhile, Seth doesn't know what to do with his life, which is why he falls into a deep crisis.

Kirsten is not feeling very well and on her 40th birthday see a doctor who tells her that she is pregnant. After a brief shock, Kirsten confesses to the rest of the family that she is pregnant and they are all happy about the offspring.

In the penultimate episode, Newport is struck by an earthquake . As a result, Julie and Kaitlin are trapped in an ice cream parlor and found by Frank. Summer and Seth narrowly avoid a car accident. Kirsten and Sandy are in the mall and Sandy is helping to prevent a mass panic. In an aftershock , the pregnant Kirsten falls, but nothing happens to the baby. Ryan is seriously injured while trying to save Taylor from a falling closet. In the end, everyone meets in the hospital. It also turns out that the Cohen's house was so badly damaged by the quake that it is no longer habitable.

This is followed by a small leap in time of 5 to 6 months. The Cohens live with the Coopers, where it turns out that not only Kirsten but also Julie is pregnant. Summer and Seth, on the other hand, don't know what to do with their lives. Shortly afterwards, Summer is approached by George , who is an organization for environmental protection , and who would like to have Summer with them. Taylor and Ryan split up due to Taylor studying in Paris. Frank and Julie broke up because he was overwhelmed with Julie's pregnancy. Bullit was there for her and wanted to marry her, even though the baby is not his. Since the Cohens cannot find a suitable new house and they no longer want to live in Newport, Ryan and Seth drive to Berkeley to buy their old house back. At first the couple who live there oppose it, but when Sandy and Kirsten also come, Kirsten goes into labor and Julie postpones her wedding with Bullit to Berkeley, the two of them sell the house back to the Cohens. Frank tries to prevent the wedding of Julie and Bullit at the last moment, whereupon Julie decides not to marry Frank or Bullit, but to take care of herself and Kaitilin first.

After Seth's request, Summer decides to spend a year with George while Seth wants to start his studies in Rhode Island. Ryan and Taylor spend their trip to Paris together.

Another leap in time of several years follows. You can see how the further life of the main characters goes: Ryan is on the campus of Berkeley University; Summer protests against nuclear power ; Seth looks at a picture of Summer in his new room; Sandy now teaches law at Berkeley University; Julie Cooper catches up with her high school diploma while Kaitlin, Bullit and Frank Atwood sit in the audience with Frank and Julie's son; Seth marries Summer, Ryan is the best man and Taylor is the bridesmaid, although it can be seen that the two still have feelings for each other. Sandy, Kirsten and their daughter Sophie Rose Cohen can be seen among the guests. The last scene of the episode ends with Ryan coming from a construction site - his new job as an architect - and seeing a boy with his bike near his car who doesn't seem very happy and might need help. This reminds him of the situation when he met Sandy and the latter gave him a better life. After thinking for a moment, he asks him if he needs help.

Special offers

The only specials from OC, California were broadcast in the US before the second season: The OC - Obsess Completely on September 16, and Welcome to The OC - A Day in the Life on September 23, 2004. They provide a behind-the-scenes look and contain interviews with the cast and producers of the series. There are also extras on all DVD seasons, such as "making of" and music videos, especially from indie and alternative bands such as Death Cab for Cutie , Rooney , Phantom Planet , The Killers and The Thrills . “Phantom Planet” also plays the series’s theme music.

Episode list


main actor

The series was set to music at the Cinephon in Berlin . Erik Paulsen wrote the dialogue books together with Eva Schaaf and directed the dialogue together with Björn Schalla .

actor Role name Main role
Guest role
Voice actor
Peter Gallagher Sandford "Sandy" Cohen 1.01-4.16 Peter Reinhardt
Kelly Rowan Kirsten Cohen 1.01-4.16 Andrea Kathrin Loewig
Benjamin McKenzie Ryan Francis Atwood 1.01-4.16 Tommy Morgenstern
Adam Brody Seth Ezekiel Cohen 1.01-4.16 Benedikt Gutjan
Mischa Barton Marissa Cooper 1.01-3.25 Maria Koschny
Tate Donovan James "Jimmy" Cooper 1.01-2.07 2.24-3.03, 4.07 Peter Flechtner
Chris Carmack Luke Ward 1.02-1.24 1.01, 2.01 Björn Schalla
Melinda Clarke Julie Cooper 1.14-4.16 1.01-1.13 Sabine Arnhold
Rachel Bilson Summer Roberts 1.14-4.16 1.01-1.13 Bianca Krahl
Alan Dale Caleb Nichol 2.01-2.23 1.06-1.27 Thomas Kästner
Autumn Reeser Taylor Townsend 4.01-4.16 3.02-3.25 Luise Helm
Shailene Woodley
Kaitlin Cooper 1.01-1.27 Julia Meynen
Willa Holland 4.01-4.16 3.12-3.25

supporting cast

actor role Season Voice actor
Michael Nouri Dr. Neil Roberts 1-4 Frank Glaubrecht
Bradley Stryker
Logan Marshall-Green
Trey Atwood 1
Michael Deffert
Dennis Schmidt-Foss
Navi Rawat Theresa Diaz 1-3 Tanja Geke
Rosalind Chao Dr. Kim 1, 3-4 Iris Artajo
Eric Balfour Eddie 1-2 Tobias Kluckert
Linda Lavin Sophie Cohen 1-2 Anne Wollner
Brian McNamara Carson Ward 1-2 Stephan Rabow
Amanda Righetti Hailey Nichol 1-2 Victoria Storm
Daphne Ashbrook Dawn Atwood 1, 3 Judith Brandt
Samaire Armstrong Anna Stern 1, 3 Marie Bierstedt
Ashley Hartman Holly Fisher 1, 4 Susanne Geier
Bonnie Somerville Rachel Hoffman 1 Ulrike Stürzbecher
Taylor Handley Oliver Trask 1 Tobias Müller
Nikki Griffin Jess Sathers 2-3 Tanya Kahana
Michael Cassidy Zach Stephens 2 Ozan Unal
Nicholas Gonzalez DJ 2 Daniel Fehlow
Olivia Wilde Alex Kelly 2 Anja Stadlober
Shannon Lucio Lindsay Wheeler-Gardner 2 Julia Kaufmann
Kathleen York Renee Wheeler 2 Christin Marquitan
Kim Delaney Rebecca Bloom 2 Heidrun Bartholomäus
Billy Campbell Carter Buckley 2 Viktor Neumann
Marguerite Moreau Reed Carlson 2 Ghada Al-Akel
Johnny Messner Lance Baldwin 2 Thomas Nero Wolff
Paula Trickey Veronica Townsend 3-4 Katrin Zimmermann
Cam Gigandet Kevin Volchok 3-4 Sebastian Schulz
Jeri Ryan Charlotte Morgan 3 Anke Reitzenstein
Eric Mabius Jack Hess 3 Matthias Hinze
Jeff Hephner Matt Ramsey 3 Timmo Niesner
Ryan Donowho Johnny Harper 3 Julien Haggége
Johnny Lewis Dennis "Chili" Childress 3 Marius Clarén
Kayla Ewell Casey 3 Dascha Lehmann
Morena Baccarin Maya Griffin 3 Melanie Hinze
Nikki Reed Sadie Campbell 3 Ilona Brokowski
Jackson Rathbone Justin 3 Fabian Hollwitz
Chris Pratt Winchester "Che" Cook 4th Vanya Gerick
Kevin Sorbo Frank Atwood 4th Torsten Michaelis
Gary Grubbs Gordon Bullit 4th Hans-Werner Bussinger
Brandon Quinn Spencer Bullit 4th Marius Clarén
Wayne Dalglish Brad Ward 4th Tino Hillebrand
Corey Price Eric Ward 4th Till Völger
Henri Lubatti Henri-Michel de Momourant 4th Robert Missler
Chris Brown Will Tutt 4th Patrick Schröder

Broadcast history

First season

The first broadcast of the first season was from August 5, 2003 to May 5, 2004 on the US broadcaster FOX . The German-language first broadcast was broadcast by the Austrian broadcaster ORF 1 from October 2, 2004. The German broadcasting station was broadcast by ProSieben from January 19 to June 29, 2005.

Second season

The second season was to be seen from November 4, 2004 to May 19, 2005 on the US broadcaster FOX . The Austrian broadcaster ORF 1 broadcast the German-language first broadcast . The German station ProSieben broadcast the German premiere from July 6 to December 7, 2005.

Third season

From September 8, 2005 to May 18, 2006, the third season was broadcast. The Austrian broadcaster ORF 1 began its German-language first broadcast on May 25, 2006. After two episodes broadcast, the ProSieben broadcaster took over the German-language first broadcast with the third episode on June 17, 2006 and October 14, 2006.

Fourth season

In the USA, the fourth season started on November 2, 2006. Due to falling audience numbers, FOX initially only ordered 16 episodes, with the option of additional episodes, depending on the success of the new episodes. However, the bad ratings continued, despite a short-term change of broadcasting slot, which is why FOX announced on January 3 that the series would be discontinued on February 22, 2007 after the sixteenth and final episode of the fourth season had been broadcast. One of the main reasons for the falling audience ratings was the fact that Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton) no longer played in Season 4. This went so far that OC fans in America organized a "Save Marissa Day", with which they protested against the death of Marissa. The German broadcaster ProSieben broadcast the German-language first broadcast from June 17 to September 30, 2007. The German broadcaster ORF 1 broadcast the German first broadcast in Austria from June 23, 2007 to October 6, 2007.

Success and Awards

The first season of OC, California was at times the best-selling series DVD in Germany. Nevertheless, the audience ratings for the critically acclaimed first season were never particularly high. At the beginning of the second season, the ratings sank internationally, which critics attributed to the arguably constructed story. ProSieben took OC, California out of the evening program early after two seasons and started broadcasting on Saturday afternoon from 2006, hoping to survive alongside the ailing ratings hit Smallville . The series was now able to achieve slightly better market shares on the new slot.

OC, California received multiple Teen Choice Awards from 2003-2006 .

DVD sets

In the USA, the first season has been available in English since April 2005, the second season since September 2005. The third season was released on October 24, 2006. In German-speaking countries, the DVDs of the first and second season are in June 2005 and January 2006, respectively appeared and contain all episodes as well as a DVD with specials. The third season was released on December 1, 2006, the fourth season was released in the US on May 22, 2007 on DVD. In addition to the 16 episodes, behind-the-scenes documentaries, a gag reel and deleted scenes are included. The fourth season and a complete box of all seasons were released on November 23, 2007 in Germany. All seasons are approved for ages 12 and over.



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  • OC Mix 3 Merry Chrismukkah Wb (Warner), November 2005, EAN 0093624870029
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