Cold Case - No victim is ever forgotten

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Television series
German title Cold Case - No victim is ever forgotten
Original title Cold case
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2003-2010
length 44 minutes
Episodes 156 in 7 seasons ( list )
genre Crime , drama
Theme music IT Posthumus - Nara
idea Meredith Stiehm
music Michael A. Levine
First broadcast September 28, 2003 (USA) on CBS
first broadcast
June 9, 2004 on kabel eins

Cold Case is an American crime series that aired from 2003 to 2010. It was developed by Meredith Stiehm , with Jerry Bruckheimer and Shaun Cassidy as executive producers . The focus is on police officers who solve criminal cases that have been filed (hence the title, the English expression cold case denotes an unresolved criminal case that has been filed). The series is set in the city of Philadelphia in the US state of Pennsylvania . Production of the series was discontinued on May 18, 2010 by CBS.


Each episode begins with a flashback that takes the viewer into the year of the crime. Usually some characters are presented in an initially everyday situation. Immediately afterwards, the victim's body and its location are shown, with the victim mostly being one of the people shown in the previous situation. Then the plot jumps to the present. Mostly by chance, the investigators of the Philadelphia Homicide Squad become aware of the unresolved criminal case in the past due to new pieces of evidence or clues. It also happens that old witnesses suddenly decide to testify or body parts are found. Those new leads give investigators reason to reopen the cases.

For this purpose, the friends, family members, co-workers, etc. of the victim are often visited, confronted with the new clues and questioned. Some of the respondents may have already been seen in the flashback. In most cases, the investigators manage to convict and arrest the perpetrator. At the end of almost every episode, investigators label a white box that is holding the evidence with the word “Closed”, thereby closing the case. In addition, one of the participants, mostly Lilly Rush, sees a vision of the victim, accompanied by emotional music.

The private lives of the investigators are brought closer to the viewer as subplots. For example, you learn that a longtime partner of Scotty Valens is mentally ill and Lilly Rush grew up with an alcoholic mother.

The series combines the genres of crime and drama . The fate of the murder victims and their relatives is particularly emphasized. The people are shown how they live today, then, in a dissolve, how they looked at that time. Cold Case largely dispenses with action scenes, even in the flashbacks that show the murder. The series often also addresses social problems, e.g. B. on racism or discrimination of homosexuals .

The music used in the series consists almost entirely of rock and pop songs. As with the other TV productions by Jerry Bruckheimer, there was a consequent departure from a symphonic or orchestral dominated film music consisting of strings, wind instruments, choir singing and piano. In the historical flashbacks, the respective contemporary music from jazz , blues , country and rock is used.


main characters

Lilly Rush

Senior detective. She comes from a poor background. Your mother is an alcoholic . Her relationship with her sister is divided because she had a relationship with her fiancé Patrick. She thinks logically and has the necessary empathy to empathize with the bereaved.

Scott (Scotty) Valens

Senior detective. Puerto Rican native Valens becomes Rush's partner after Chris Lassing leaves the department. His schizophrenic friend Elisa, whom he has known since his youth, commits suicide during the second season. Then he has an affair with Rush's sister Christina. Although he's a hothead at first, his temper cools down as the series progresses and he and Rush become a well-rehearsed team. He also appeared on a season three episode of CSI: NY .

John Stillman

Lieutenant and head of the cold case department. He is Rush's direct supervisor and also fills the role of a fatherly friend. He lives in a divorce from his wife, who could not forgive him for seeming to prefer his job to his private life. The relationship with his adult daughter is also strained. Stillmann served as a soldier in the Vietnam War.

Nick Vera

Senior detective. Nick Vera is Rush's colleague who mainly comes into play when it comes to getting a testimony. He is quick-tempered. During the second season, it becomes clear that he is having a troubled marriage and is likely to be having an affair.

Will Jeffries

Senior detective. The more reserved Will Jeffries has been with Rush's department the longest. Most of the time he has information about past cases and during the second season it is revealed that he had a drug addict niece who died of AIDS . It is also known that Will's wife was killed in a traffic accident.

Kat Miller

Junior detective. Former drug investigator Kat Miller, who did a good job in her department, provided the homicide squad with important clues. Lt. Stillman, impressed with her work, offers Miller a spot on the team to join the Philadelphia Homicide Squad. After some hesitation, she agrees and is now a valuable member of the team. She also has a daughter, Veronica.

Chris Lassing

Junior detective. He was Rush's first partner and left the department after episode four of the first season. His successor was Scotty Valens.

Minor characters

Jason Kite
He made his first appearance in the sixth episode of the first season. He and Rush don't work in the same department, but we do have business dealings. This will soon become love. They have a relationship until Jason breaks up with her, as Rush puts work first.
Joseph Shaw
He made his first appearance in the 23rd episode of the third season and can be seen in further episodes in the fourth season. He is a counseling teacher at a youth rehabilitation center for drug addicts and is supposed to testify in an important case, but is shot. A short time later, someone uses his credit card, and Rush finds out that Joseph was faking his death. Both enter into a relationship that ends just like that with Jason Kite.


The German dubbing was created under the dialogue direction and the dialogue book by Bernd Rumpf on behalf of the dubbing company Cinephon in Berlin .

role actor Voice actor Main role
Supporting role
Det. Lilly Rush Kathryn Morris Bettina White 1x01-7x22
Lt. John Stillman John Finn Jan Spitzer 1x01-7x22
Det. Nick Vera Jeremy Ratchford Lutz Schnell 1x01-7x22
Det. Will Jeffries Thom Barry Axel Lutter 1x01-7x22
Det. Chris Lassing Justin Chambers Viktor Neumann 1x01–1x02, 1x04
Det. Scotty Valens Danny Pino Norman Matt 1x06-7x22
Det. Kat Miller Tracie Thoms Heath Domanowski 3x13-7x03, 7x07-7x22 3x08-3x10, 3x12
Christina Rush Nicki Aycox Dascha Lehmann 2x09-2x21, 7x21-7x22
Jason Kite Josh Hopkins Nicolas Boell 1x06–1.23, 2x01
Det. Josie Sutton Sarah Brown Vera Teltz 3x01-3x05
Joseph Shaw Kenny Johnson Markus Pfeiffer 3x23, 4x01-4x05
Frankie Rafferty Tania Raymonde Julia Meynen 6x09-6x22
Eddie Saccardo Bobby Cannavale Matti Klemm 5x16, 5x18, 6x01, 6x03, 7x03, 7x07–7x08
Paul Cooper Raymond J. Barry Reinhard Kuhnert 6x11-6x23, 7x11

Camera technology

Many image filters and tints are used. The present usually appears in a light blue tint, which, together with the investigators' serious clothes, gives a cool or even sterile impression. This bright, bluish light does not create any action, but rather radiates calm. The scenes played in the past (or short depictions of those involved at the time as a younger alter ego in the present), on the other hand, are shown in contemporary quality and / or given a color tint that matches the scene at that time.

Theme music

The title Nara of the first album Unearthed by the US music group ES Posthumus serves as the theme song of the television series.

DVD release and legal issues

Cold Case is one of the few successful TV series that are not yet available on DVD. The reasons for this are legal problems regarding the music used. Each episode contains several titles from different artists. In order to be broadcast on television, the rights to the pieces of music used do not have to be purchased in full, but they do have to be purchased when they are released on DVD.


In 2016 it was announced that a Japanese adaptation of the series would be filmed. The series is produced by the pay-TV group WOWOW and Warner Bros. International Television Production and is scheduled to air in October 2016. The director is Takafumi Hatano , the cameraman is Yamada Kosuke . The show will be filmed and broadcast in 4K resolution .

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