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ES Posthumus was a music group from Los Angeles that was founded in 2000 by the brothers Helmut and Franz Vonlichten. The ES in the name of the group stands for Experimental Sounds . Due to the death of Franz Vonlichten in May 2010, Helmut Vonlichten announced the end of the group in July.


The musical style of the group combines orchestral and choral sounds with percussion and elements of electronic music.

The music of ES Posthumus is in part strongly reminiscent of film music and for this reason has already been used in some movie trailers, including trailers for Spider-Man ( Pompeii ), Matrix Reloaded and Planet of the Apes . Furthermore, the title Nara of her first album Unearthed serves as the theme song for the TV series Cold Case - No victim is ever forgotten .



Unearthed , released in 2001, is ES Posthumus' first album. It was recorded in collaboration with the Seattle City Symphony Orchestra and the Seattle Choir Company, as well as musicians Michael Landau (guitar), Pedro Eustache (woodwind), Davy Spillane (bagpipes) and Efrain Toro (percussion). All tracks on the album are named after ancient cities.

Track listing

  1. " Antissa "
  2. " Tikal "
  3. " Harappa "
  4. " Ulaid "
  5. " Ebla "
  6. " Nara "
  7. " Cuzco "
  8. " Nineveh "
  9. " Lepcis Magna "
  10. " Menouthis "
  11. " Estremoz "
  12. " Pompeii "
  13. " Isfahan "


Cartographer is the second album by ES Posthumus. The release of the album was originally planned for 2006, but for unknown reasons the date was postponed several times until the album was finally released in early 2008. On Cartographer , ES Posthumus are using for the first time in addition to orchestra and choir also a solo vocal part, which is contributed by the soprano Luna Sans . The album consists of two CDs, with the second CD being composed of remixed versions of the first CD. In the remix versions, the solo vocal parts are replaced by choral singing and solo instruments. The sound of the second CD is therefore more similar to the first album Unearthed .

CD 1 - Luna Sans (vocals)

  1. "Nolitus"
  2. "Isunova"
  3. "Vorrina"
  4. "Selisona"
  5. "Marunae"
  6. "Mosane"
  7. "Decifin"
  8. "Sollente"
  9. "Caarano"
  10. "Raptamei"
  11. "Oraanu"
  12. "Nivaos"
  13. "Nasivern"

CD 2 - Piri Reis Remixes (Remix)

  1. "Ashielf Pi"
  2. "Oraanu Pi"
  3. "Marunae Pi"
  4. "Mosane Pi"
  5. "Isunova Pi"
  6. "Nasivern Pi"
  7. "Selisona Pi"
  8. "Raptamei Pi"
  9. "Caarano Pi"
  10. "Nivaos Pi"
  11. "Sollente Pi"
  12. "Decifin Pi"
  13. "Vorrina Pi"
  14. "Nolitus Pi"
  15. "Odenall Pi"


Makara is ES Posthumus' third album and was released in 2010.

Track listing

  1. "Kalki"
  2. "Varuna"
  3. "Unstoppable"
  4. "Durga"
  5. "Manju"
  6. "Kuvera"
  7. "Ushas"
  8. "Lavanya"
  9. "Vishnu"
  10. "Indra"
  11. "Arise"
  12. "Saint Matthew Passion"
  13. "Krosah"
  14. "Anumati"
  15. "Moonlight Sonata"


  • Posthumus Zone was composed for an NFL sports show on CBS and was best known for its opening credits. In 2005, together with DJ Quik and Bizarre, a remix version entitled Rise to Glory was developed.
  • Unstoppable is the title of the second single that was composed as theme music for the AFC Championship 2007 for CBS.
  • Arise is the third single after Posthumus Zone and Unstoppable and was used as music for the 2008 AFC Championship on CBS. In addition, Arise is the first single from the new album Deciphered , the release date of which is still unknown.
  • Nara became the theme song for the US television series Cold Case - No Victim Is Ever Forgotten .

Individual evidence

  2. Arise (Theme to the AFC Championship on CBS) on CD Baby

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