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Oliver-Kim Hasper (born August 5, 1975 in Berlin ) is a German actor and voice actor . He had his first dubbing role at the age of 7. He also works as a dialogue book author and dialogue director . His brother is the actor and voice actor Sven Hasper .

Roles (selection)

Hasper spoke the dubbing voices of several well-known actors and also outside of the film in computer games.

movie theater

In the Spider-Man films he dubbed James Franco in the role of Harry Osborn . In four American Pie films he borrowed Jason Biggs in the lead role of Jim Levenstein his voice, that of Ryan Phillippe shown Sebastian Valmont in Cruel Intentions . In the movie Tristan und Isolde he spoke Tristan and in Saw and Saw III he was the voice of Adam Faulkner , played by Leigh Whannell . In the movie Fighting he dubbed Channing Tatum in the role of Shawn MacArthur. He also spoke to Chris Evans in Final Call - If He Hangs Up She Must Die and Zach Braff in Your Ex - My Nightmare and The Last Kiss . He also spoke the roles of young Noah in Like a Single Day and Jim in Jim Carroll - In the Streets of New York .


Hasper also speaks in roles in television series, such as Paul Pfeiffer ( Josh Saviano ) in the US series Wonderful Years , which he spoke at a young age. In addition to some cartoon and anime series such as B. Rock'n Cop , Hasper also spoke the voice of Michael "Berg" Bergen ( Ryan Reynolds ) in the sitcom A Trio to Bite , Dagget in the animated series The Beaver Brothers , Matt Camden ( Barry Watson ) in the series A Heavenly One Family , John "JD" Dorian ( Zach Braff ) in Scrubs , Kenneth Parcell ( Jack McBrayer ) in 30 Rock , Mitchell Pritchett ( Jesse Tyler Ferguson ) in Modern Family , Henry Dunn ( Christopher Gorham ) in Harper's Island , Auggie Anderson (Christopher Gorham) in Covert Affairs , Charles "Chuck" Bass ( Ed Westwick ) in Gossip Girl , Greg Harris ( Samuel Page ) in Mad Men , Peter Quinn ( Rupert Friend ) in Homeland (TV series) , in Prison Break he's the voice of FBI agent Bill Kim ( Reggie Lee ) and lent his voice to Jamie Oliver a . a. for the show Oliver's Twist . He also speaks Light Yagami, the main character of the anime Death Note . He recently took on the dubbing voice for the role of Urahara Kisuke in the anime series Bleach . In the anime series Detective Conan , he also spoke individual roles that appeared in a few episodes. In three of the five Digimon seasons published in Germany ( Digimon 02 , Digimon Tamers and Digimon Frontier ) he also takes on the role of the narrator. He also dubbed Tristan Taylor in the Yu-Gi-Oh! - Row and Hige in the anime series Wolf's Rain . Among other things, he spoke the main male character Keitaro Urashima in the anime Love Hina , and in Erased he also spoke the main role of Satoru Fujinuma (adult). He also worked as a voice actor for Disney; so he lends his voice to the character Vince in the series Great Break . He also dubbed Hamish Linklater as John Joseph Jacobs in Pushing Daisies and Joel Spira in Blood Ties . He also dubbed the young chef Jamie in Jamie's 15 minute menu . Since 2018 he has been dubbing Tom Austen in The Royals as Jasper Frost. In the series Black Sails he speaks the pastor Lambrick ( Mark Elderkin ), who appears in eight episodes. In the series Shooter he plays the main role of Bob Lee Swagger in 3 seasons. He also speaks in the series "Orange is the new Black" the writer Larry Bloom, played by Jason Biggs.

Computer games

Radio plays

Hasper says in Point Whitmark the role of Tom Cole , in Five to Dick , in the last hero Amon of Falkenfels and Abrafaxe the Abrax . Hasper Michael Odd lends his voice to the Lady Bedfort radio play Lady Bedfort and the Black Lady . He also speaks a few supporting characters in various other radio plays.


Kim Hasper spoke advertising for ARD for our star for Oslo and Comet 2010 . In addition, his voice can be found in Milchschnitte, Ebay, Nescafé, Kappa, Fanta and o2 advertisements.

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