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Leigh Whannell (2010)

Leigh Whannell (born January 17, 1977 in Melbourne ) is an Australian screenwriter , actor and director .

life and career

His most important work so far was the script for the short film and the film adaptation of the thriller Saw , in which he also played the role of Adam, one of the main characters in the film. He also came up with John Kramer / Jigsaw, the central antagonist of the film series.

Whannell also wrote the script for Saw II and was also an executive producer on the film. Whannell also wrote the script for Saw III . It was through his joint production with James Wan on the short film Saw , the forerunner of the horror thriller film series with the same title, that the concept and idea of ​​the Saw films first came about .

He also wrote the script for the films Dead Silence and Insidious , which, like the Saw films, he produced with James Wan. He also played a supporting role in Insidious . The 2015 film Insidious: Chapter 3 - Every Story Has a Beginning is Whannell's directorial debut. In 2018, Upgrade was followed by his second feature film as a director.

In Matrix Reloaded Whannell had a small appearance as Axel in Death Sentence - death sentence as Spink .

Whannell has been married to the American actress Corbett Tuck since 2009, with whom he has a daughter (* 2013) and dizygoti twins, a boy and a girl (* 2017).


As a performer

As a screenwriter

As a director

Individual evidence

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