Legend of the Guardians

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German title Legend of the Guardians
Original title Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole; Guardians of Ga'Hoole
Guardians of gahoole logo.jpg
Country of production USA ,
original language English
Publishing year 2010
length 96 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
JMK 10
Director Zack Snyder
script John Orloff ,
John Collee
production Zareh Nalbandian
music David Hirschfelder
cut David Burrows

Legend of the Guardians is a 3D - animation film by director Zack Snyder from the year 2010 . The film opened in German cinemas on October 14, 2010. The plot is based on the first three volumes of the 16-part cycle Die Legende der Wächter (Guardians of Ga'Hoole) by Kathryn Lasky .


A family of barn owls lives in the owl kingdom of Tyto (Latin: genus of barn owls ). Father Noctus likes to tell the oldest brothers Kludd and Soren old stories about the fight of the "Guardian Owls of Ga'Hoole", led by Lyze von Kjell, against the forces of evil. Soren believes in the Guardians, while Kludd dismisses the stories as legends. One night while tree branching, Soren falls out of her parents' nest. Sitting helplessly on the floor, he is grabbed and kidnapped by other owls and taken to St. Aegolius boarding school.

There Soren gets to know Gylfie, the elf beef, with whom he “sniffs around” and collects information in Sankt Aegolius. Soren and Gylfie find out that you want to make them moon-confused, a state in which you forget everything, become docile and willless. Together with Grimbel, a renegade overseer in St. Aegolius, they learn to fly and the two manage to escape, while Grimbel is killed by Nyra.

Soren, Gylfie, the great gray owl Morgengrau and the cave owl Digger, who they met on the way to their escape, all believe in the guardians of the Ga'Hoole tree and set off together to the island in the Hoolemeer.

In a storm over the sea, the owls are found by the guards of Ga'Hoole and taken to the Great Tree, where they are questioned by the royal couple, the snowy owls Boron and Barran, about the St. Aegolius boarding school.

On the island of Ga'Hoole, Ezylryb initiates the young owls in his flying skills, which consist in relying on gut feeling (the gizzard ). Soren discovers that the old Flecken screech empire is actually the famous Kjell Lyceum. He wrote a chronicle about the War of the Ice Claws against King Ironbeak that does not glorify the war. Soren is disaffected. Allomere, another guard, returns from a scouting mission with a decimated brigade and two rescued young owls from the Schnabel Mountains, one of whom is the lunar Eglantine, Sorens and Kludd's little sister.

The king sends an army to fight the pure. Soren and the other young owls stay behind. Soren takes care of Eglantine. When she is healed of the moon confusion, she reports that Kludd voluntarily handed her over to Lord Allomere - and that both Kludd and Allomere are traitors. The young owls set out to warn the main army.

They come too late, the pure and their allied bats have already lured the guards into an ambush: the metal spots, called dots, which were collected by the slaves, form an electromagnetic network that is harmful to the owl's metabolism. Only the bats can roam freely there.

When Soren and the young owls arrive, Lord Allomere is punished by Iron Beak and Nyra for not delivering all of the guards. Ironbeak revokes his agreement with Iron Beak to be made King of Ga'Hoole - there could only be one owl kingdom in the world, that of the pure.

Soren neutralizes the electric field with fire, and this leads to the unexpected victory of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole. Ezylryb fights Iron Beak, Soren tries to come to terms with Kludd, who, however, tries fanatically to tear him to his death. Finally, Soren kills Iron Beak when he tries to give him the coup de grace. Nyra and some of the purest manage to escape, but the battle ends victorious for the Guardians, and Ezylryb announces that he will add a new chapter to his chronicle. The final scene shows Soren, who has been appointed guardian, with his family reunited at Ga'Hoole - with the exception of Brother Kludd, who is "missing". You can still see Kludd looking at the red-eyed mask of Eisenschnabel.



Marco Rauch writes in his review of October 12, 2010: “The story offers no surprises and should hardly cause astonishment even with children who have already seen one or the other film.” And “Everything they live on is that they are cute animated. Numerous other animated films have shown that you can expect three-dimensional and original characters even from a younger audience. "

Filmszene.de judges: "The Legend of the Guardians" moves in such dark regions that the good mood song for the film almost seems like an atmospheric foreign body when it accompanies a montage sequence in the middle of the film. [...] So “The Legend of the Guardians” turns out to be a very ambivalent film, which on the one hand offers one of the most bombastic visual experiences of this cinema year, but on the other hand presents a more than poorly executed narrative that is too tough for its young audience and for a older audience is much too clumsy and rushed. Unfortunately, this film can ultimately only be viewed as a failure - even if it failed in spectacular 3D images.

The Los Angeles Times writes about the film: “The Legend of the Guardians is basically a children's version of Braveheart with owls - a dark and dense fable full of noble warriors, tremendous battles and flying feathers. […] The animation is incredibly beautiful, just like the old owl world that it creates. The fights are complex and, in true Snyder tradition, extremely action-oriented. The flight sequences are breathtaking, but, as is so often the case with flights, they take too long. "


The film received the following awards or was nominated:

Tabular overview of awards and nominations
year Award For category result
2012 Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards AACTA Award Grant Freckelton Best visual effects Won
David Hirschfelder Best Original Music Score Nominated
Wayne Pashley
Derryn Pasquill
Polly McKinnon
Fabian Sanjurjo
Phil Heywood
Pete Smith
Best sound Nominated
2011 Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA Saturn Award Legend of the Guardians Best Animated Film Nominated
Alliance of Women Film Journalists EDA Female Focus Award Helen Mirren Actress Defying Age and Ageism Won
Outstanding Achievement by a Woman in the Film Industry Nominated
Annie Awards Annie Sébastien Quessy
Warner Bros.
Best Animated Effects Nominated
David Hirschfelder
Best Music in an Animated Feature Production Nominated
Geoffrey Rush
For playing "Ezylryb".
Best Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production Nominated
Chan-Hee Ryu Best Production Design in an Animated Feature Production Nominated
Australasian Performing Rights Association APRA Music Award David Hirschfelder Feature Film Score of the Year Nominated
Australian Screen Sound Guild ASSG Award Wayne Pashley
Derryn Pasquill
Polly McKinnon
Sonal Joshi
Fabian Sanjurjo
Paul Huntingford
Martin Kwok
Nick Breslin
Damian Candusso
Rick Lisle
Damon Mouris
Martin Oswin
Jenny T. Ward
Andrew Miller
John Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Libby Villa
Big Bang Sound
Best Achievement in Sound for Film Sound Design Won
Wayne Pashley
Phil Heywood
Pete Smith
Big Bang Sound
Best Achievement in Sound for Film Sound Mixing Nominated
Wayne Pashley
Derryn Pasquill
Polly McKinnon
Sonal Joshi
Fabian Sanjurjo
Paul Huntingford
Martin Kwok
Nick Breslin
Damian Candusso
Rick Lisle
Damon Mouris
Martin Oswin
Jenny T. Ward
Andrew Miller
John Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Libby Villa
Big Bang Sound
Feature Film Soundtrack of the Year Nominated
Casting Society of America, USA Artios Kristy Carlson
(Casting Director)
Outstanding Achievement in Casting - Animation Feature Nominated
IF Awards IF Award Wayne Pashley
Polly McKinnon
Derryn Pasquill
Fabian Sanjurjo
Best sound Won
David Hirschfelder Best music Nominated
International Film Music Critics Award (IFMCA) IFMCA Award David Hirschfelder Best Original Score for an Animated Film Nominated
Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA Golden Reel Award Wayne Pashley (supervising sound editor, sound designer, supervising adr editor)
Fabian Sanjurjo (supervising sound effects editor)
John Simpson (supervising foley editor)
Polly McKinnon (supervising dialogue editor)
Nick Breslin (sound effects editor)
Damian Candusso (sound effects editor)
Rick Lisle (sound effects editor)
Andrew Miller (sound effects editor)
Damon Mouris (sound effects editor)
Lisa Simpson (foley editor)
Paul Huntingford (dialogue editor)
Martin Kwok (dialogue editor)
Derryn Pasquill (dialogue editor)
Jenny T. Ward ( dialogue editor)
Best Sound Editing - Sound Effects, Foley, Dialogue and ADR in an Animation Feature Film Nominated
Visual Effects Society Awards VES Award Sébastien Quessy
Kevin Blom
Jérome Escobar
Outstanding Effects Animation in an Animated Feature Motion Picture Nominated
Zareh Nalbandian
Simon Whiteley
Eric Leighton
Alex Weight
Outstanding Animation in an Animated Feature Motion Picture Nominated
Joshua Murtack
James Cunliffe
Jessica Groom
Andrew Hunt
Outstanding Animated Character in an Animated Feature Motion Picture Nominated
2010 Asia Pacific Screen Awards Asia Pacific Screen Award Zareh Nalbandian Best Animated Feature Film Nominated
Australian Film Institute Readers' Choice Award Zareh Nalbandian Nominated
Satellite Awards Satellite Award Legend of the Guardians Best Motion Picture, Animated or Mixed Media Nominated
Grant Freckelton
Chris Bone
Craig Welsh
Best visual effects Nominated
St. Louis Film Critics Association, US SLFCA Award Zack Snyder Best Animated Film Nominated

Film music

The theme song for this film was contributed by Adam Young, better known as " Owl City ", and is called "To the Sky". Likewise, a song - "Kings and Queens" from " 30 Seconds to Mars " - was used for the first trailer.


FFS Film- & Fernseh-Synchron in Munich was responsible for the German dubbing . Alexander Löwe wrote the dialogue book, Dietmar Wunder directed the dialogue.

Role name species English voice actor German voice actor
Soren Barn owl Jim Sturgess Manuel Straube
Kludd Barn owl Ryan Kwanten Philipp Brammer
Gylfie Elf Owl Emily Barclay Marieke Oeffinger
Digger Cave Owl David Wenham Philipp Moog
Dawn Great gray owl Anthony LaPaglia Reinhard Brock
Noctus Barn owl Hugo Weaving Thomas Amper
Marella Barn owl Essie Davis Elisabeth Günther
Eglantine Barn owl Adrienne DeFaria Paulina Rümmelein
Iron beak Sooty owl Joel Edgerton Wolfgang Condrus
Nyra Barn owl Helen Mirren Katharina Lopinski
Ezylryb / Lyze by Kjell Speck Screech Owl Geoffrey Rush Holger Schwiers
Mrs. Plithiver Black mamba Miriam Margolyes Tatiana Pokorny
Allomers Great gray owl Sam Neill Martin Umbach
Grimbel Little Owl Hugo Weaving Ekkehardt Belle
Jutt Long-eared Owl Angus Sampson Gudo Hoegel
Jatt Long-eared Owl Leigh Whannell Pascal Breuer
Boron Snow owl Richard Roxburgh Michael Brennicke
Barran Snow owl Deborra-Lee Furness
Otulissa Spotted owl Abbie Cornish Tatiana Pokorny
Bubo Great Horned Owl Bill Hunter
Strix goiter Spotted owl Sacha Horler
Echidna Beak hedgehog Barry Otto Fred Maire

Deviation from the book

The film includes the first six books. Since not all sections of a book make it into the film, there are also some changes to make the plot more understandable for the viewer. However, there are deviations from the books in this film that go beyond these types of changes.

At the beginning of the film, Soren and his brother Kludd are about the same "age" and do knots (flying exercises in which the young owls jump from branch to branch) together. In the book, however, Soren still has his downy feather dress and can therefore not knead. This inevitably leads to the second deviation, because because Soren does not knead, he does not fall from the tree as in the film due to an accident with his brother, but is pushed from the tree by his brother. In addition, Soren and Kludd are not kidnapped together to Saint Aegolius in the book. The animal that attacks the two young owls in the film does not appear in the books either.

The story told by Father Noctus at the beginning of the film about a battle fought by the guards is also a deviation. Although the battle is mentioned in the books and Ezylryb was the leader of his army as Lyze von Kjell, the Guardians were never involved in the "War of the Ice Claws". Soren only found out about the battle later when he was reading a book written by Lyze von Kjell (Ezylryb).

In the film, the purest and Saint Aegolius are apparently the same. In book 6, Saint Aegolius is attacked and taken over by the purest and is then an organization. Furthermore, Nyra is not the Ablah general of Saint Aegolius in the book, but Skench, who does not appear in the film at all. The full moon sleep march mentioned in the book is also misrepresented in the film. According to the books, in order for the owls to be hypnotized by the moonlight, they don't have to sleep, but rather be exposed to the moonlight. However, it is true that Kludd was or was an avid supporter of the purest. That the purest and the guardians wear iron masks is also a deviation. In the books, Eisenschnabel (Kludd) is the only one who wears such a mask.

Several characters are also represented more or less differently:

The great gray owl Morgengrau is portrayed in the film as an older owl with a lute and a love of music. In the book, however, he is a young orphan with no lute, but with a tendency to war songs. In addition, unlike in the film, he didn't know the cave owl Digger when he met Soren.

In the film, Soren has an obvious weakness for the spotted owl Ottulissa, although he finds her rather annoying in the book. In one chapter there it is even the case that Ottulissa makes him pretty eyes, not the other way around.

The cave owl Digger is portrayed in the film as a funny, slightly idiotic owl who likes to tell a joke. In the book, however, he's a very thoughtful owl.

Mrs. Plithiver is apparently portrayed in the film as a snake who can see. However, the book explains that only blind snakes are taken as housekeepers.

The cousins ​​Jutt and Jatt are portrayed in the film as good friends, although they often quarrel and rival each other in the book.

Eisenschnabel is a bit difficult when it comes to film and books. The actual Iron Beak had already been murdered by Kludd when Soren (Iron Beak) had fought against him; however, the book does not mention exactly when Kludd did so to become Ironbeak himself.

FSK approval and cut version

The FSK refused a 6+ rating for the film. The film would have been released in its normal form from the age of 12. Warner Bros. then cut three of the total of 96 minutes of running time. The FSK then issued an Ab-6 approval. Only the cut theatrical version was released on DVD for home cinema exploitation, while the Blu-ray contains the uncut FSK-12 version.

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