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Fred Maire (born May 20, 1932 ) is a German actor and voice actor .


Maire completed a classical acting training and received theater engagements in Cologne , Basel , Bremen , Berlin and Munich . Maire was particularly influenced by the collaboration with some great directors such as Hans Schweikart, Hans Lietzau and Peter Zadek. In 1978 he met the young Julie Taymor in Bali and developed the play TIRAI (the curtain) with her and a Balinese-Javanese ensemble . A long tour of Bali, Java and Sumatra followed before Maire returned to Germany in 1979 and opened a private theater in Munich. During the Expo 2000 in Hanover , Maire appeared in theater adaptations. In 2004 Maire played Tamara , the crazy story of Tamara de Lempicka and Gabriele d'Annunzio, in Hamburg .

His film and television roles include Peter Beauvais ' documentary play Bernhard Lichtenberg , the Durbridge crime thriller Wie ein Blitz (as commissioner), the television drama Incest - A Case for Sina Teufel (with Renan Demirkan ) as well as guest appearances in the series Hamburg Transit , Die Fifth Column and Günter Stracks The King . Telerop 2000- there is still something to be saved. He also played a patient in the hospital series In All Friendship .

Since 1965 Maire has also worked extensively in the field of dubbing film and television productions, which has also been his artistic focus since the early 1980s . Maire lent his memorable voice a. a. Klaus Kinski ( Cobra Verde , Die Zeitfalle ), David McCallum ( Solo for ONCEL ), Alan Alda ( What women want ), Alan Arkin ( Edward Scissorhands ), David Carradine ( Kung Fu: Under the Sign of the Dragon ), Louis de Funès ( The five-footed calf ), Charley Chase ( fathers of clothes ), Gene Hackman ( his last fight ), Ed Harris (including Abyss ), Dennis Hopper (including The Knife on the Bank , The Marshall ), Harvey Keitel (including code name : Nina , Reservoir Dogs ), Gene Kelly ( The Pirate ), Michael Landon ( Our Little Farm ), Groucho Marx ( Go West , The Marx Brothers in the Circus ), Edward G. Robinson (including Kid Galahad , Who Owns the Town? ) , Peter Sellers ( Where does it hurt? ), Michel Serrault ( Murderous Angel ), Spencer Tracy (including the great Edison ) and the grouchy janitor Argus Filch ( David Bradley ) in the Harry Potter films. He also spoke to Jimmy Bondi, played by Rudolf Zehetgruber (as Robert Mark) in Rudolf Zehetgruber's Dudu films. In 2000 he dubbed the role of the doll restorer in the cartoon Toy Story 2 . In 2009 he could be heard as the balloon seller Carl Fredricksen in the film Above . He also spoke to aging baseball scout Gus Lobel, played by Clint Eastwood in the 2012 film Back in the Game .

After Eberhard Prüter died in October 2014, Maire took over the task of synchronizing his Scottish colleague David McCallum in Navy CIS from season 12 . Eberhard Prüter had previously synchronized the first 11 seasons. In the 14th season he is temporarily replaced by Peter Groeger for health reasons .

His daughter Laura Maire is also active in the acting and dubbing sector.

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