Kevin - Alone in New York

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German title Kevin - Alone in New York
Original title Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1992
length 120 minutes
Age rating FSK 6 (DVD) / 12 (cinema)
Director Chris Columbus
script John Hughes
production Duncan Henderson ,
John Hughes,
Mark Radcliffe ,
Richard Vane
music John Williams
camera Julio Macat
cut Raja Gosnell

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Kevin - Home Alone

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At home alone again

Kevin - Alone in New York (original title Home Alone 2: Lost in New York ) is an American comedy film directed by Chris Columbus from 1992. It is a sequel to the comedy Kevin - Alone at home from 1990.


The McCallister family flies to Florida for the Christmas holidays . Kevin is not very fond of this, as there are no Christmas trees in Florida and his mother plans to decorate an artificial Christmas tree or a palm tree. He also falls out with his family again after his big brother Buzz ridiculed him during the school choir's Christmas concert. During the night a newspaper is blown on the door; the headline over photos of the "wet bandits" Marv and Harry, known from the first adventure, announces that they have broken out of prison.

As in the first film, the alarm clock fails on the day of departure, this time due to an inattention on the part of Peter McCallister. When he tries to remove the battery for the video camera from the charger, he does not notice that the power switch, which he pulls out of the socket, belongs to the alarm clock. So Kate and Peter are woken up by the doorbell the next morning and there is a hustle and bustle in the McCallister's house. When they arrive at the airport, the family has to run back to their departure gate. Kevin searches for batteries for his cassette recorder in his father's pocket as he walks and finally stops to insert them. As a result, he loses sight of his family, caught a false gate because of a man whom he - only seen from behind - thought was his father, and flies to New York City by mistake while the rest of his family is on the plane to Miami . Since Kevin involuntarily took Peter's bag with his credit card at the departure airport, he takes advantage of it and nests himself in the Hotel The Plaza under a clever pretext . He also visits the city's sights, including Central Park and the World Trade Center with a view of all of New York City.

When Kevin went on a trip to town the next day and went shopping at Duncan's Toy Chest , among other things , he unexpectedly met the burglars Marv and Harry, against whom he defended his home in the first film. When he stands in front of a shop while studying a map and the two have the opportunity to read an embroidered signature on Kevin's backpack, they later want to take revenge on him and start to run after him. Kevin runs back to the hotel to call for help. Unfortunately, Kevin's parents had the credit card blocked, which is why the suspicious concierge of the Plaza assumes that Kevin stole the card so that he cannot stay at the hotel. When escaping through the delivery entrance, he jumps right into the arms of the crooks waiting there, but after a short time he can shake them off again thanks to the help of a passerby. Before that, however, they told him that they were planning to steal the proceeds from the toy store Duncan's Toy Chest that had been donated to a children's hospital .

Alone in Central Park, Kevin meets a woman who feeds pigeons and, after a brief shock about her appearance, befriends her. As he follows a blinking star, he discovers the hospital for which the donations that Marv and Harry are trying to steal are intended. The sight of a boy of about the same age at the window of the hospital awakens in Kevin the desire to thwart that plan. He prepared the empty house of his uncle Rob with numerous traps, lured the burglars there after he had photographed them plundering the cash registers and called the police. However, the plan seems to fail when it slips in an icy place and falls into the hands of the crooks. Determined to get rid of him for good, they take him to the park, where they meet the pigeon woman. This frees Kevin and temporarily incapacitates the burglars with a bucket full of pigeon feed and the following flock of pigeons. This gives Kevin the time he needs to attract the police's attention with ignited fireworks rockets. Marv and Harry are arrested again.

Meanwhile, Kevin's family has arrived in New York City and checked into the Plaza Hotel to confront the receptionists and look for Kevin. His mother hurries through the nightly streets of New York asking every passer-by she meets about Kevin. When she tries to put two police officers on him and starts talking to them, she suddenly has the crucial idea where Kevin could be. Eventually she finds him by the largest Christmas tree in town in front of Rockefeller Center . They both apologize to each other and go back to the hotel.

The next morning, the McCallisters wake up in front of a mountain of Christmas presents in their hotel suite. Before unpacking, Buzz takes the floor to reconcile with Kevin. Shortly afterwards, Kevin discovers two lovebird figures on the Christmas tree - the same ones he got from Mr. Duncan, the owner of the toy shop. He sneaks out of the hotel room, grabs his two lovebirds and sets off for Central Park to give the pigeon woman one of them as a token of their friendship.

The film ends with Kevin's father receiving from the hotel a statement of the room service expenses of $ 967.43 on his credit card and having to pay for it.


The family home McCallister is located in the US state of Illinois , 671 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka; the scenes that take place in and around Duncan's Toyshop toy store were filmed in Chicago .

Donald Trump and director Chris Columbus have cameo appearances : Donald Trump in the scene when Kevin asks him for directions to reception in the Plaza Hotel, and Chris Columbus as a customer with a baby in Duncan's toy store. Trump received the cameo as he was the owner of the Plaza Hotel at the time. According to Matt Damon in an interview, Trump's participation was a condition for filming permission.

Kevin in New York alone grossed around 359 million US dollars in cinemas around the world , including around 173.6 million US dollars in cinemas in the United States.


role actor German voice actor
Kevin McCallister Macaulay Culkin Florian Bauer
Kate McCallister Catherine O'Hara Christina Hoeltel
Peter McCallister John Heard Elmar Wepper
Harry Lime Joe Pesci Mogens von Gadow
Marv Merchants Daniel Stern Michael Schwarzmaier
Uncle Frank McCallister Gerry Bamman Horst Sachtleben
Aunt Leslie McCallister Terry Snell Marion Hartmann
Buzz McCallister Devin Ratray Philipp Brammer
Linnie McCallister Angela Goethals Sabine Bohlmann
Megan McCallister Hillary Wolf Julia Haacke
Fuller McCallister Kieran Culkin Raphael Martinez
Pigeon woman Brenda Fricker Anita Höfer
Officer Bennett Rod Sell Ulf J. Söhmisch
EF Duncan Eddie Bracken Fred Maire
Hector, hotel concierge Tim Curry Pierre Franckh
Mrs. Stone, receptionist Dana Ivey Eva-Maria Lahl
Cedric Rob Schneider Oliver Mink
Donald Trump Donald Trump Ulf-Jürgen Wagner
Game show host Bob Eubanks Leon Rainer
Gangster Johnny
on TV
Ralph Foody Thomas Rau
Officer Cliff Fred Krause Werner Abrolat
taxi driver Mario Todisco Thomas Rau
Prostitute # 2 Fran McGee Manuela Renard
Patrolman Ron Canada Holger Schwiers


Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times on November 20, 1992 that the film was likely to be a commercial success. However, he himself would not like the second part with the "sadistic little hero" as much as the first. The violence that is visible in many scenes and taken from the cartoons is only funny in the cartoons.

"Continuation of the hit movie" Kevin - Alone at Home "with similar means. [...] The initial enjoyment of the comedy is thoroughly denatured by the final running the gauntlet with its gleefully rolled out meanness. "


The film received the People's Choice Award and the Golden Screen in 1993 . John Williams won the BMI Film Music Award in 1993 . Senta Moses was nominated for the Young Artist Award in 1994.

The German Film and Media Assessment FBW in Wiesbaden awarded the film the rating "valuable".

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