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Macaulay Culkin in Berlin (2010)

Macaulay Carson Culkin (born August 26, 1980 in New York City , New York ) is an American actor and musician . At the beginning of the 1990s he was one of the most internationally known child actors in the film sector, especially through his role as Kevin in Kevin - Alone at Home and Kevin - Alone in New York .


Culkin was born the son of film actors Christopher "Kit" Culkin and Patricia Brentrup. Five of his six siblings are also actors, including Kieran Culkin and Rory Culkin . He is the nephew of actress Bonnie Bedelia and the godfather of Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson .

At the age of four, Culkin first appeared on stage in the play Bach Babies in New York City. After a few more stage appearances, he made his cinema debut in 1988 in the film Rocket Gibraltar - One last crazy weekend! , directed by Daniel Petrie with starring Burt Lancaster . Culkin's breakthrough as an actor came with his role in the film Alone With Uncle Buck (1989).

Culkin (1991)

His popularity with American audiences continued to grow thanks to the successful family comedies Kevin - Home Alone (1990) and Kevin - Alone in New York (1992) - both films directed by Chris Columbus . In 1993, alongside Elijah Wood in Joseph Rubens' thriller The Second Face ( The Good Son ) , Culkin portrayed a boy who tries to kill other people, and so he lost his likable image . However, he was no longer able to build on old successes. In addition, there was the problem of many former child stars of growing out of the defined role model and finding their way into a new one with difficulty.

In the music video " Black or White " (1991) by the pop star Michael Jackson (a single from his album Dangerous ) Culkin and the actors George Wendt and Peggy Lipton had guest appearances; the Director led John Landis . It was first shown on television on November 14, 1991 ; it was broadcast in 27 countries at the same time and seen by around 500 million people. Thus, before YouTube, it was one of the most watched music videos in the world.

At the age of 14, Culkin experienced his parents' divorce war, which also affected custody of him. His father, who always acted as his manager, was known as the aggressive parent who raised his child to appear in the media ("showbiz parent"). Culkin later described the difficult relationship with his father in his 2006 autobiography Junior .

The lack of acting success was also carried over by later films such as Alone with Dad & Co (1994) or Richie Rich (1994), for which Culkin was nominated for the Golden Raspberry in 1995 for worst acting.

On June 21, 1998, Culkin married fellow actress Rachel Miner , but the marriage was divorced on August 5, 2002. He can also be seen with her in the 1998 music video for Sunday by the no-wave / noise rock band Sonic Youth . Between 2002 and January 2011, Culkin was in a relationship with fellow actress Mila Kunis .

It wasn't until 2002/2003 that Culkin continued his acting career with Party Monster . In 2004 he worked in the film Saved! - The high school missionaries too .

In 2008, his sister Dakota Culkin died in a traffic accident.

In the upcoming movie Change Country by Seth Green , he plays the role of Ian. Culkin is the founder and author of the website , which he says was a tribute to lifestyle magazines and the satirical news organization " The Onion ".

Since 2015, Culkin has appeared at irregular intervals as a guest in the online productions Half in the Bag , Re: View and Best of the Worst from Red Letter Media .

In 2018 he changed his middle name from Carson to Macaulay Culkin . The basis for this change was an online vote that he called on Twitter.


Since 2013, Culkin has been active with the American comedy rock band The Pizza Underground. The band gained international attention with their covers of songs by Lou Reeds and The Velvet Underground , the lyrics of which they changed so that the songs were about " pizza ".

Members of the band include Culkin, folk singer Phoebe Kreutz , trumpeter Matt Colbourn, journalist Deenah Vollmer and artist Thomas Bayne. The members of The Pizza Underground are active in or around the New York anti-folk scene. As a joke, the befriended band members replaced words in Velvet underground songs with words from the topic of “pizza”. This is how absurd rhymes and stories came about. The Velvet underground song All Tomorrow's Parties became All Pizza Parties , the song Femme Fatale became Pizza Gal and Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side became Take a Bite of the Wild Slice .

As a multimedia band project, The Pizza Underground also published videos that also linked the motifs The Velvet Underground and Pizza. The band parodied the video by artist and Velvet underground manager Andy Warhol Andy Warhol Eats a Burger in their video Macaulay Culkin Eating a Slice of Pizza .


Culkin is active as part of the artist collective 3MB , which consists of him and the New York musicians Adam Green and Toby Goodshank. Culkin is also part of the Four Gods and a Baby collective . It consists of Culkin, Green, Goodshank, and Thomas Bayne. The artist group works in an educational way and with various media. Among other things, they shot and designed the official music video for Misty's song Total Entertainment Forever with and for Father John Misty .

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