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A debut ( French début for 'beginning') is the name given to the first work that someone presents to the public in a certain area , or the first stage appearance , especially in the theater, in the opera, in ballet, but also in film or on the Concert podium. The role in which an artist makes his debut is called debut role (with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe also inaugural role ) and the artist is called debutants . Presenting yourself for the first time, for example as a player in a team, is often referred to as your or “his debut”.

In Switzerland you usually write Début as in French , but debut and debutant .


  • A musician presents his debut album .
  • An athlete makes his debut at his first professional use or his first competition.
  • An actor makes his debut in the theater or in a film in a specific role.
  • An opera singer makes his debut at a specific opera house.
  • A (young) director receives a sponsorship award for his debut film .
  • A (young) writer receives a prize for his first novel, e.g. B. the debut price of the Buddenbrookhaus .
  • Originally called the official debut of young girls to society, usually at a ball . The debutantes were accepted into society, so they were considered adults (and marriageable). This is partly still practiced today.


Only with authors in an art form , such as B. in the case of writers or visual artists , a debut can also mean a first work .

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