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With first work is usually only in retrospect, the first artistic work of one in the literature and in the visual arts , the applied arts , the performing arts or music as author referred to people working, which came into the public eye with his work.

Depending on the art form, but not least depending on the interest of opinion-forming experts or the media in a complete work , this can actually refer to a first work or to that work that, after first attempts on a smaller scale, dares to make a debut and see it as an independent one standing work was presented to the public. (For example, it is not uncommon for writers to first publish relatively short articles in anthologies by small publishers that have barely been noticed by the media and only make a name for themselves after they have presented a novel or an independent volume of poetry .)

The plural “first works” can in turn refer to the aforementioned example of first attempts on a smaller scale or, in the fine arts, to a first creative period that included several works.


I.a. In the case of actors, singers and musicians who only interpret the work or the originals of others, the first appearance is not referred to as a "first work", but as a "first appearance" or "debut", and for athletes also as a "debut".

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