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Sabine Bohlmann (2016)

Sabine Bohlmann (born March 5, 1969 in Munich ) is a German film actress , voice actress and book author .

Live and act

Sabine Bohlmann has been dubbing a large number of films for children's television since 1984. In the 1990s she was in many animated series - at least as a guest speaker. Due to her very high-pitched voice, she is also occasionally used to synchronize girls / children, mainly in series, without being tied to specific actresses.

She dubbed Lisa Simpson in the animated series The Simpsons and also in the movie of the same name The Simpsons - The Movie from the start . When asked how much longer she wanted to speak to Lisa, she replied as long as her voice was still that of an 8-year-old girl.

In the anime series Sailor Moon she spoke for the first 46 episodes of Usagi "Bunny" Tsukino / Sailor Moon , in the fourth season ParaPara from the Amazon Quartet as well as the cat Diana and other small supporting roles. For the new edition of this series, Sailor Moon Crystal , she was hired again in 2015 as the German voice for Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon . She is also known to a wide audience as the German voice of Kenny McCormick in South Park , in this series she also speaks Ike Broflovski and a few other small supporting roles. She starred in the anime Georgie and Cubbi Gummi in Disney's gummy bear gang . In the animated series Super Mario Bros. Super Show! she lent her voice to Princess Toadstool . In 1999 she dubbed the pink bear in Käpt'n Blaubär . She also voiced Cream the Rabbit in Sonic X in 2003. In the anime Monster Rancher , she dubbed Holly, a 15-year-old girl.

Bohlmann took over the synchronization of the Pokémon Pikachu in the first season of the series Pokémon ; after the first 52 episodes, the original Japanese voice actress was used. Bohlmann took on the role of Pikachu again for the 20th Pokémon film "It's your turn". In the anime series One Piece , she also took on the synchronization of several roles, including Aissa, Kodama, Rika and Kamy.

On the Australian sitcom Hey Dad! she dubbed Sarah Monahan . She dubbed Moaning Myrtle in the Harry Potter films, and in 2006 she received The Silhouette as best speaker in a film for this role . She also dubbed Ivyann Schwan as Trixie Young in Ein Satansbraten Seldom Comes Alone . She voiced the French actress Vanessa Paradis in three films.

She also appeared in front of the film camera for years as Jenny Busch in the German soap opera Marienhof . Further appearances in television series took place in Unser Charly , Mit Leib und Seele , Happy Holiday and others.

She has also worked as an author for a number of years. Four of her guides have been published by VGS-Verlag and two children's books by Baumhaus-Verlag.

Together with the jazz saxophonist Carolyn Breuer , she produced a children's jazz CD entitled Der kleine Erdbär . This jazzical was performed as a children's concert from 2007 to 2011.

In 2014 she took on the main role of mandrake in the horror radio play of the same name, which Titania Medien staged based on a template by Hanns Heinz Ewers.

Bohlmann has been married since 1993 and has two children. Her daughter Paulina Rümmelein is also active as an actress and voice actress.

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