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Television series
German title NCIS
Original title Navy NCIS (2003-2004)
NCIS (since 2004)
NCIS (TV series) logo.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) since 2003
length 43 minutes
Episodes 398 in 17 seasons ( List )
genre Crime series , drama
Theme music Matt Hawkins
Maurice Jackson
Neil Martin
idea Donald P. Bellisario
Don McGill
production Donald P. Bellisario (until 2007)
Chas. Floyd Johnson (from 2007)
Shane Brennan (2007–2011)
Gary Glasberg (2011–2016)
Frank Cardea (since 2016)
George Schenck (since 2016)
music Brian Kirk
First broadcast September 23, 2003 (USA) on CBS
first broadcast
March 17, 2005 on Sat.1

Navy CIS is a US crime series produced since 2003 and is about a team of investigators from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), a US federal agency based in Washington, DC until September 2011 . The series is about solving crimes in which members of the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps are involved. The original English title was Navy NCIS during the first season and was renamed NCIS at the beginning of the second season .

Navy CIS was founded on an idea by Donald P. Bellisario and Don McGill, is a spin-off from JAG - On behalf of the honor and in turn produced two offshoots. Navy CIS: LA (2009) is set in Los Angeles and Navy CIS: New Orleans (2014) is set in the New Orleans branch .

Navy CIS was the most watched television series in the world in 2014. In 2013 Navy CIS was also the most watched television series in the advertising-relevant target group in Germany. In 2012 and 2014, the series was number two of the most watched TV series in the advertising-relevant target group in Germany. Navy CIS is also one of the most popular series in Austria .

On May 6, 2020, the show was extended for the 18th season by the broadcaster CBS.


The NCIS team solves the first case in a backdoor pilot in the series JAG - On behalf of honor . In the double episode Icy Times of the eighth season of JAG - On behalf of the honor , the main character, Commander Harmon Rabb, is suspected of the murder of Lieutenant Loren Singer. The main characters from Navy CIS are introduced to solve the Singer murder. Vivian Blackadder, who appeared in the backdoor pilot Eisige Zeiten , no longer appears in the series. Special agent Caitlin Todd, who is still a member of the United States Secret Service in the first episode, joins Gibbs' team at the end of this episode. While the JAG episodes are primarily geared towards the genre of courtroom drama, Navy CIS focuses on the criminal investigation.

season 1

The first season accompanies investigators at NCIS headquarters in Washington, DC, in the first episode to Air Force One . A Navy commander in charge of nuclear football suddenly fell dead. During the investigation, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the head of the unit, meets FBI senior agent Tobias Fornell, who becomes a good friend of Gibbs' later in the series, which neither of them would ever admit.

Gibbs is accompanied by his colleagues Tony DiNozzo and Kate Todd, who move from Secret Service to Gibbs' team in the first episode . With the help of forensic scientist Abby Sciuto and coroner Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard can find Gibbs' team in every episode and convict the perpetrator. As the season progresses, the character of Timothy McGee is introduced. McGee is a young Norfolk agent who from time to time helps the team out with his computer skills.

The highlight of the season is the appearance of the terrorist Ari Haswari, who in the episode Nightmare in the Basement Dr. Mallard and Todd held hostage. Further, in the hostage-taking of an assistant to Dr. Mallard, Gerald Jackson, shot and can no longer carry out his work. When the hostage is freed , Ari can flee. By the season finale, Gibbs' desire to hunt down the terrorist becomes obsessive ; however, it always escapes.

season 2

At the beginning of the second season, McGee becomes a permanent member of Gibbs' team. He is often raised by DiNozzo and Todd. McGee is initially treated harshly and demanding by Gibbs so that he can fit into the team.

Also in this season, the members of the NCIS investigate cases of murder, espionage , terrorism and kidnapping . So Dr. Mallard subsequently Bloody Puzzle of a contract killer kidnapped, making Gibbs and his team fall into a race against time and try to save the life of the coroner.

Furthermore, at the end of the season, DiNozzo opens a letter that contains a white-brownish powder. It is later found out that DiNozzo became infected with the pulmonary plague . Todd was not infected, but he pretends to DiNozzo that she is. Gibbs and Abby try to find an antidote. Ultimately, DiNozzo can be saved as the bacterium destroys itself after several hours.

In the season finale, the terrorist Ari Haswari, who appeared in the first season, returns and tries to kill Gibbs. However, this can be thwarted. During the investigation, Haswari shot Todd from a great distance on the roof of a warehouse. The episode ends with Todd dying in front of Gibbs and DiNozzo.

season 3

The first episode of the third season begins with the flashback of the death of Agent Kate Todd. The hunt for Ari Haswari begins and the team comes dangerously close to the terrorist. Todd shows up to NCIS members and makes it clear that they shouldn't blame themselves. When Haswari threatens to kill Gibbs in the basement of Gibbs' house, he is shot by his half-sister Ziva David. Ziva David is a Mossad agent who has come to Washington for support. She then becomes the liaison officer for NCIS.

The Director of NCIS, Thomas Morrow, is moving to Homeland Security as Deputy Director . He is succeeded by Jenny Shepard, Gibbs' former partner and romance. Because of this past, she often finds it difficult to give Gibbs orders. Still, they have a distant relationship and get along well.

In the season finale, Gibbs is seriously injured by an explosion and falls into a coma. After he wakes up, he cannot remember anything that has happened in the past 15 years. Only his mentor and old friend Mike Franks can help him remember. After Gibbs has completely regained his memory, he quits the service, goes on early retirement and goes to Mexico with Franks .

Season 4

At the beginning of the season, Gibbs is retiring in Mexico, and the NCIS team, led by DiNozzo, has to get used to it when the FBI sees Ziva David as the prime suspect in an assassination attempt. David then contacts Gibbs. After Gibbs helped David, he returned to Mexico. But his retirement was interrupted again a short time later because he was needed in a reopened case. After that, Gibbs decides to return to NCIS.

During the season, DiNozzo took on an undercover assignment under the direction of director Jenny Shepard . He is supposed to start a relationship with Jeanne Benoit, the daughter of the internationally sought-after arms dealer René Benoit alias "La Grenouille" (in German: "The Frog"). During this undercover mission, DiNozzo falls in love with Benoit. Subsequently, the director plans to meet an informant who knows something about Grenouille. However, he was shot before the meeting. This is one of the reasons Shepard has become increasingly fixated on hunt down Grenouille. Also, Shepard and Grenouille appear to have shared a past. Gibbs tries unsuccessfully to slow down Shepard and bring Shepard back down to earth.

The season finale shows DiNozzo and Benoit in the hospital, where they are taken hostage by a drug dealer in the morgue. DiNozzo succeeds in freeing himself and Benoit, risking being exposed as an undercover agent.

Season 5

The viewer is given the impression that DiNozzo is driving his car. This car explodes on the open road. The NCIS team that observed the action initially assume that DiNozzo was killed in the explosion. The first investigations indicate that DiNozzo actually sat in this car. Only the coroner Mallard found out during the autopsy that the corpse could not be DiNozzo. A little later, DiNozzo reappears in the NCIS office. The hunt for the arms dealer Grenouille begins. He shows up at Shepard's house and asks for protection, which he is denied. At the end of the episode, Grenouille's body is shown in the water, but the NCIS team is initially not informed of his death. Only in the episode Long Live the Queen did the FBI investigate the murder of Grenouille within the NCIS. Suspects include the director, DiNozzo and Benoit, who is returning from South Africa . The investigation is brought to an end by the CIA agent Trent Kort. Gibbs continues to suspect Shepard for comparing a cartridge case from her gun to the ballistics report.

Later, the audience learns that Shepard is terminally ill. In the last two episodes of the season, Shepard and Franks investigate a distant case involving the Oshimaida Code . After Shepard is killed in an exchange of fire in an abandoned diner in the desert, NCIS Assistant Director Leon Vance opens the investigation. Gibbs is kept at a distance in the investigation, but makes contact with Franks, who informs him of the events. Franks kills the hit man in Shepard's house. To make the body disappear, the house is then set on fire. This is later used to pretend that Jenny Shepard perished in her home. The real events are kept secret. At the end of the episode, Leon Vance becomes the new director of NCIS, transferring DiNozzo, David and McGee to new positions. Gibbs gets a new team.

Season 6

After all members of Gibbs' team have been transferred, Gibbs has to train his new team, consisting of Keating, Lee and Langer. He learns that one of these employees is spying on NCIS. This was the reason for the breakup of Gibbs' team. After Keating is suspected and interrogated, Lee shoots Agent Langer, who used to work for the FBI. Director Leon Vance thinks the case is closed, but Gibbs has doubts. He gets his old team back. As the season progresses, it turns out that Lee, who is being blackmailed, is the actual spy. Eventually, Lee is shot dead in an exchange of fire between the blackmailer and Gibbs. During the season, David establishes a relationship with Mossad agent Michael. DiNozzo is skeptical about the relationship, he fears that Michael is taking advantage of David. David believes that DiNozzo acts out of jealousy, her trust in Michael remains unbroken. In the penultimate episode of the season, it emerges that Michael is actually spying for the Mossad in America, accidentally killing a Homeland Security agent. DiNozzo then goes to Michael, who is staying in David's apartment, and tells him to leave the country. Michael attacks DiNozzo and breaks his arm. In a tough fight, DiNozzo can finally shoot him. David doesn't believe DiNozzo that he shot Michael in self-defense. She accuses him of having shot Michael out of a feeling of jealousy. In the last episode, DiNozzo is interrogated in Israel by David's father, the head of the Mossad, on the death of Michael. DiNozzo provokes him to say that Michael acted on his behalf. Still, David decides to leave NCIS and return to work for the Mossad.

Season 7

At the beginning of the seventh season, Ziva David is held captive by terrorists in Africa. Gibbs, DiNozzo and McGee are about to free David and bring her back to Washington, DC . In order for this to happen, DiNozzo and McGee allow themselves to be deliberately captured. As a result of the rescue, David gets out of the Mossad and returns to NCIS. There she is initially placed under observation and is not allowed to work directly with the team. When the trust is restored, she becomes a citizen of the United States and takes her swearing-in in the season finale. The NCIS team also gets to know DiNozzo's father. The relationship between father and son is shown and clarified in more detail. In addition, Gibbs' father reappears, who visits him for Christmas. In addition, Gibbs is faced with a case this season in which his mother-in-law, the mother of his late wife Shannon, plays a role.

In addition, the season offers a new action space around the drug cartel , whereby Gibbs is confronted with his past. Abby plays a big role in revealing Gibbs' secret here.

Season 8

After Gibbs returns from Mexico at the end of season seven, drug cartel leader Paloma Reynosa visits Gibbs' father. But he is prepared for the visit. After the attack, Gibbs puts his father out of danger. Franks comes to his aid later. After the revenge-driven hunt, the boss of the cartel is shot, not by Gibbs or Franks, but by her own brother Alejandro Rivera, which was not planned. This is then arrested by Gibbs. Gibbs' team is assigned to protect David's father, the director of the Mossad, as the season progresses. There is an ambush in which the director of the NCIS, Leon Vance, is injured and is hospitalized. In various flashbacks, more and more of his past is brought to light, including a. how he got to NCIS and how he and Gibbs first met. DiNozzo is the first to learn about his time with the Baltimore Police Department. In addition, the relationship between Ziva and her father is discussed more. A new NCIS team, led by Special Agent EJ Barrett, will also be introduced during the season. The so-called port-to-port killer is hunted by both NCIS teams . He was trained years ago by Leon Vance, Trent Kort and the current SECNAV in a secret mission to become a contract killer and seeks revenge. He kills Gibbs' friend and mentor, Mike Franks, in the season finale. Barrett is kidnapped by the port killer because she is the niece of the SECNAV. After their liberation and the death of the port murderer, the SECNAV resigns. The new SECNAV gives Tony a secret assignment to track down an insider who is selling classified material.

Season 9

At the beginning of the ninth season, the time between the end of the eighth and the beginning of the ninth season is summarized from DiNozzo's point of view: He was on a secret mission that he had received from the new SECNAV. Another member of EJ Barrett's team was killed. Barrett himself went into hiding.

As the season progresses, Gibbs' past will be examined again. His first and deceased wife and daughter are particularly discussed. Gibbs also travels to Afghanistan . Gibbs and his team hunt down the terrorist Harper Dearing for a few episodes at the end of the season. He carried out several attacks on Navy ships and later installed a bomb in Director Vance's car. This later explodes right in front of the main NCIS building. That scene and the one that follows, in which Dr. Mallard learns about the bombing by phone and has a heart attack as a result, are the cliffhanger for the next season.

Season 10

Season ten starts at the end of the previous season. Dr. Mallard survived his heart attack and is now in the hospital. Many agents were injured or killed in the explosion outside NCIS headquarters. However, no people significant to the plot are killed. Ziva and Tony survive as they got stuck in the elevator when the bomb went off. They had to cover a long time, but not everything is known about it. The hunt for the terrorist Harper Dearing continues. After an FBI attempt to kill Dearing fails, Gibbs sets off on his own in search of Dearing and finds him in the house where Evan was born. After Dearing Gibbs explains his reasons and explains that he was expecting him, he reaches for a gun and is stabbed by Gibbs.

In the double episode Shabbat Shalom and Shiva , Eli David comes to Washington DC under the pretext of wanting to visit his daughter Ziva. In truth, however, he has arranged a secret meeting with the head of the Iranian secret service Arash Kazmi, a friend from his youth Maintain peace between Palestine / Iran and Iraq. Eli David dies along with Director Vance's wife Jackie in an attack on Vance's house. Ilan Bodnar, David's deputy and potential successor to the Mossad, who tries to prevent peace, is responsible for this. Bodnar, who is also in Washington, manages to escape. In the last scene of the second episode, Kazmi is killed by a car bomb.

Later, Ziva kills Ilan Bodnar, leading the DoD to investigate . This brings up Gibbs' past again, which results in an investigation against him. Former Judge Advocate General AJ Chegwidden takes on his defense. Ultimately, Tony, Tim and Ziva surrender their badges and quit NCIS. Gibbs finds himself on a rifle four months later, aiming it at TC Fornell, his best friend with the FBI.

Season 11

At the beginning of the 11th season, Ziva David (played by Coté de Pablo ) leaves the series. After a very dramatic farewell to Ziva, Tony flies back to Washington alone after traveling to Israel at the end of Season 10 to look for Ziva. In Washington, the new SecNav is bugged with a buggy pen and the team comes into contact with Eleanor Bishop (played by Emily Wickersham ) for the first time , as she has written a report about this bugging method. As a result, Death from the Air , McGee's friend Delilah is seriously injured in a bomb attack at the Conrad Gala and has to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. Since Bishop is the person who knows the most about the assassin Parsa, she helps the team catch him. When she succeeds, she becomes a permanent member of the team. A new NCIS team is introduced in episodes New Orleans 1 and New Orleans 2 , including Special Agent Dwayne King Pride, who is part of the Fed along with Gibbs and three other agents . Five heard. Season 11 ends with the episode Jackson , in which Gibbs' father is buried. Gibbs meets old friends and the actor Ralph Waite is remembered.

Season 12

At the beginning of season 12, Gibbs and McGee received the order in the episode The Needle in a Haystack to fly to Moscow to protect NCIS IT specialist Kevin Hussein from terrorists and to bring him home. On their return flight they are shot by the terrorist Sergei Mishnev and their helicopter crashes over the Russian forests. It also turns out that Mishnev has infiltrated NCIS with a virus. Gibbs hits him with his gun, after which Mishnev is apparently dead.

In The Wrong Choice , Ducky meets his old friend Maggie in London about a murder case, whom he left in the 1970s because of an argument with their best friend, Angus. After Angus is killed by the same killer that the NCIS is looking for in Washington, Ducky and Maggie find each other again and a romantic conversation ensues.

After the Christmas episode Krampus , in which McGee says goodbye to his father, who died as a result of his cancer, Gibbs meets his two ex-wives Diane and Rebecca in chess . Sergei Mishnev survived, contrary to what was expected, targeting all the important people in Gibbs' life. Because of this, he shoots Diane. Gibbs has another chance to kill Mishnev but fails again. After Palmer and his wife Breena were able to celebrate the birth of their daughter Victoria Elizabeth and after Tony's youth was shown in The Mentor , Fornell can take revenge for the murder of Diane, with whom he was reunited despite the divorce a few years ago , and with Gibbs' help, shoot Sergei Mishnev. Now it becomes clear why the terrorist was targeting Gibbs: He wanted revenge for the death of his half-brother Ari Haswari, who was shot by Ziva David in season 3, not least because of Gibbs.

Towards the end of the season, the NCIS team and Special Agent Gibbs are tracking the terror cell The Call , which children use for their ends. The longtime agent Dorneget dies while investigating the dangerous terrorist group. His mother, CIA agent Joanne Teague (played by Mimi Rogers ), then travels there and contributes significantly to the prosecution of The Call . Gibbs is unable to understand how innocent children can become children of war, as was the title of the last episode. He tries again and again to build trust in a boy named Luke, but ends up in his line of fire and is hit by the bullets from Luke's gun.

Season 13

Season 13 starts with the action of The Call . Gibbs' life is saved in an operating room by the surgeon Cyril Taft. The trauma continues to burden him later, however, so that it manifests itself physically, which means that the otherwise perfectly healthy Gibbs feels compelled to confide in Cyril Taft.

In the middle of the season, Eleanor Bishop's marriage began to fall into turmoil after her husband had an affair. Ducky's personal life also comes into the spotlight in episode 11. You learn about his past in England and his half-brother Nicholas, who was believed to be dead.

At the end of the season, DiNozzo leaves the team because he has to take care of his daughter Tali, whose mother Ziva was apparently killed at the end of the season. Fornell was also seriously injured in the case that preoccupies MI6, CIA, FBI and NCIS.

Season 14

At the beginning of season 14, Nick Torres and Alex Quinn join the team. Tobias Fornell is at Gibbs' home for the entire season as a result of his gunshot wounds at the end of season 13.

At the end of the season, Gibbs, McGee and Torres lead a rescue mission for two Navy soldiers in Paraguay. The rescue mission, which also rescues children, is carried out successfully and the ARC is almost defeated. Gibbs and McGee stay behind so the others can escape. This serves as a cliffhanger for season 15.

Season 15

Season 15 takes up the end of the previous season, McGee and Gibbs are in captivity in Paraguay, while the freed can escape around Torres. Some time later, the team manages to free both of them.

In the middle of the season, Jack Sloane meets the team and works as a psychologist.

At the end of the season, Abby leaves the team because Clayton Reeves was shot. Both had dinner together and were then attacked on purpose, as a prisoner wanted to take revenge on Abby, as she is responsible for his imprisonment.

In the final episode, Director Vance is captured. This is done by a war criminal whose camp was destroyed by Vance. In this liberation operation, when the camp was destroyed, Sloane was also liberated. This can also be seen as a cliffhanger for season 16.

Production method and characteristics

During filming on March 8, 2009

The action takes place in the city of Washington, DC , but it is actually produced in Valencia , part of the city of Santa Clarita ( California ). When shooting outdoors, many shots are made in southern California and rarely in Washington. The NCIS Washington Field Office in Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in the Anacostia Annex, District of Columbia is used for scenes with the NCIS headquarters .

Production history

Donald P. Bellisario , who also co-wrote JAG and other popular television series such as Magnum and Back to the Past , is co-inventor and executive producer with Don McGill . Donald P. Bellisario announced in early May 2007 that he would no longer be available as a producer for Navy CIS from season five. He wants to dedicate himself to new projects in the future, his previous task should be the previous co-producer Chas. Floyd Johnson and chief writer Shane Brennan take over. This decision was preceded by differences between Bellisario and leading actor Mark Harmon . Harmon had complained about the sometimes chaotic shooting conditions and threatened to quit the series. Even so, Donald P. Bellisario retained the title of Executive Producer.


Original logo of the series from season 2

The producer Donald P. Bellisario decided at the beginning of the series for the title name Navy NCIS to avoid confusion with the popular series CSI . A reference to this topic can be found in the first episode, Air Force One . After the establishment of the series, a likelihood of confusion seemed less likely, so that from the second season the title could be changed to the originally intended name NCIS . Sat.1 , on the other hand, chose Navy CIS, a completely new and grammatically incorrect variant (correctly called Naval CIS ) as the title.

Writers strike

From November 2007 to February 2008, a writers' strike in the US brought production of NCIS to a standstill in the middle of season five. The scriptwriters stopped work to get a new contract. NCIS Executive Producer Shane Brennan was also among the strikers. The production company Belisarius Productions in association with Paramount Network Television originally ordered 24 episodes of the fifth season. Eleven episodes were filmed by the end of the strike. After the writers' strike ended, eight more episodes were produced for the fifth season. The sixth season comprised 25 episodes due to the shortened fifth season.

Corona crisis

Due to a shooting stop due to the corona pandemic , the production of the 17th season was reduced from the planned 24 episodes to 20. The productions of NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans had to be shut down.

Episode structure

The episode usually begins with the portrayal of a crime or its discovery without the appearance of the main characters. This is followed by the series opening credits, which are changed from season to season and are largely provided with scenes from the current season. Now the protagonists of the series appear, mostly in the NCIS office. A topic of conversation is introduced, often in a humorous way, carried out further in the course of the episode and resolved at the end or retained as a tension element for further episodes. Suddenly, Special Agent Gibbs enters the room and informs the team of the crime. This is followed by the crime scene analysis, in which usually all agents, as well as the pathologist Dr. Mallard and his assistant Palmer attend. Initial assumptions are made and the background to the victims is known. Then the investigative work begins: the autopsy takes place, the evidence is examined by Abby Sciuto at NCIS headquarters and everyone in the team takes on an investigative task or is assigned it by Gibbs. Suspects are interrogated, theories put forward and validity checked. Each of the protagonists contributes to the clarification and the puzzle is put together more and more as the process progresses. So the case is ultimately resolved, often through a confession.

From the second season onwards, freeze frames in black and white are defining the style . They show an image - often the facial expression of a main character - that will follow. As soon as the picture is shown in the course of the action, the next freeze frame follows. The last one closes the episode.

A cliff hanger is used at the end of each season . A season theme in the style of a “red thread” introduced at the beginning of the season and continuously expanded is either completely dissolved or carried over to the next season, then dissolved or continued. Once a topic has been told to the end, the basis for a new topic is often laid in the same episode.


There have been personnel changes on the staff over the years . The most important of these are the scriptwriters , who are or were also executive producers and production managers. The following people were significantly involved in the development of the stories told in Navy CIS, as well as, in brackets, the seasons belonging to the episodes:

  • Jack Bernstein (1-3)
  • Frank Cardea (1–)
  • George Schenck (1–)
  • Steven D. Binder (4-)
  • Christopher J. Waild (5-)
  • Nicole Mirante-Matthews (8–)

Cast and dubbing

Some characters who played in JAG also appear in Navy CIS . Patrick Labyorteaux plays his role as Bud Roberts in the episodes Leap to Death and Rogue . Even Alicia Coppola plays her JAG role as Lieutenant Commander Faith Coleman, who appears in several episodes. Adam Baldwin embodied the character of Commander Michael Rainer in both series. Sean Murray , known in Navy CIS as Special Agent Timothy McGee, played Ensign Guitry, son of a friend of Admiral Chegwidden's in JAG . Aside from Murray, Michael Bellisario , known as Mike Roberts, appears as Assistant Forensic Technician Charles "Chip" Sterling in several episodes. Steven Culp , CIA agent Clayton Webb in JAG , plays CIS Commander William Skinner in Navy . John M. Jackson plays his role as AJ Chegwidden at the end of season ten.


The German synchronization was for a dialogue book by Martina Marx and the dialogue director of Theodor Dopheide by the synchronous company Arena synchronous in Berlin . In the course of the series, the voice actor Norman Matt took over both tasks at short notice .

main actor

Role name actor Main role Supporting role Voice actor
Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon 1.01– Wolfgang Condrus
Dr. Donald "Ducky" Horatio Mallard David McCallum 1.01– Eberhard Prüter ,
Fred Maire ,
Peter Groeger
Special Agent Timothy "Tim" Farragut McGee Sean Murray 2.01– 1.07, 1.11, 1.18-1.23 Timm Neu ,
Marius Clarén
Director Leon Vance Rocky Carroll 6.01– 5.14-5.15, 5.17, 5.19 Leon Boden
Dr. James "Jimmy" Palmer Brian Dietzen 6.01– 1.21-5.13 Rainer Fritzsche
Special Agent Eleanor "Ellie" Bishop Emily Wickersham 11.12– 11.09-11.11 Josephine Schmidt
Special Agent Nicholas "Nick" Torres Wilmer Valderrama 14.01– Tim Knauer
Special Agent Jacqueline "Jack" Sloane Maria Bello 15.05– April 15 Katrin Fröhlich
Kasie Hines Diona Reasonover 16.01– 15.17-15.24 Giovanna Winterfeldt
Abigail "Abby" Sciuto Pauley Perrette 1.01-15.22 Antje von der Ahe
Special Agent Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo Michael Weatherly 1.01-13.24 Norman Matt
Special Agent Caitlin "Kate" Todd Sasha Alexander 1.01-2.23 3.01-3.02, 9.14, 12.23 Ghadah Al-Akel
Special Agent Ziva David Cote de Pablo 3.04-11.02 3.01-3.02, 16.24-17.02, 17.10-17.11 Maria Koschny
Director Jennifer "Jenny" Shepard Lauren Holly 3.09-5.19 3.01-3.08, 9.14, 12.23 Arianne Borbach
Special Agent Alexandra "Alex" Quinn Jennifer Esposito 14.01-14.24 Cathlen Gawlich
Clayton Reeves Duane Henry 14.05-15.22 13.23-13.24 Tobias Schmidt


  1. Episodes 1–258
  2. Episodes 259–310, 316–
  3. Episodes 311-315 (were dubbed by Fred Maire)
  4. Episodes 1-35
  5. since episode 36
  6. Leading role in seasons 6–9 (but not in every episode), but not shown in the intro; Performed since season 10

Guest and supporting actors

Major guest and supporting actors who appear in more than one episode include (associated seasons are shown in brackets):

From season 1:

From season 2:

From season 3:

From season 4:

From season 5:

From season 6:

From season 7:

From season 8:

From season 9:

From season 10:

From season 11:

From season 12:

From season 13:


Navy CIS seasons range from 23 to 25 episodes. Due to the writers' strike , the fifth season only consists of 19 episodes.

United States

In the US, the first season began broadcasting on September 23, 2003 and ended on May 25, 2004. Since then, a new season has been aired each year in September and ends the following May. The usual time slot is Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. on CBS . On September 22, 2009, the seventh season started broadcasting in the USA, and it ends with the season finale "Rule Fifty-One" on May 25, 2010. The number of viewers has increased almost continuously from season to season and since the 6th season the series is among the top 5 in the United States. With the ninth season, the series reached 3rd place in the overall ranking and thus had the most viewers since the series began. On January 11, 2011, the series almost reached the 22 million mark for the first time since it began broadcasting in 2003. The series set a new record. On February 1, 2011, the series again set a new record with 22.85 million viewers. After the success of the episode on February 1, 2011, NCIS was extended early on February 2, 2011 for a ninth season.

The 200th episode in the series aired on February 7, 2012. Less than a month later, CBS announced the extension for a tenth season, which aired on September 25, 2012. Early in the airing of this season, CBS ordered an eleventh season of the series in early February 2013 after Mark Harmon renewed his contract. The twelfth season aired from September 23, 2014. A 14th and 15th season of the series was ordered through CBS. In April 2018, CBS ordered a 16th season, for which Mark Harmon renewed his contract for two years.


Free TV

The series has been running on German free TV since March 17, 2005 on the private broadcaster Sat.1 . Furthermore, older episodes have been repeated on kabel eins since 2010 .

Sat.1 broadcast the first two seasons (with a short interruption) and the first six episodes of the third season in a row from March 17, 2005 to January 7, 2007, always on Thursdays. On August 13, 2006, Sat.1 changed the broadcast slot and continued broadcasting the third season on Sunday as part of Crime Sunday .

Since the fourth season, the series has always been broadcast on Sundays. The first broadcast of a season has since started either in January, February or March. After a summer break, the season usually ends in October or November for the first time. If no first broadcasts of a season follow, then Sat.1 repeated previous seasons on the broadcasting slot.

Since October 17, 2016, Sat.1 has broadcast the series for the first time on Mondays at 8:15 p.m. The 15th season of the series has been running on Sat.1 since December 11, 2017.

From January 8, 2019, the series will be broadcast on Tuesdays at 8:15 p.m. on Sat.1. While the three remaining episodes of the 15th season will initially be broadcast on January 8, 2019, the 16th season will be broadcast on Sat.1 from January 15th. After a summer break, Sat.1 will show the remaining episodes of the 16th season on October 9th in the usual broadcasting slot.

Pay TV

The series has been running on German pay TV since 2009 on 13th Street and since 2012 on FOX Channel .

In Germany, the series was considered a quota guarantee, and repeats are accordingly often broadcast. In July 2013, for example, more than 400 repetitions were planned for free and pay TV. The series had a total of 4665 broadcasts on free and pay TV in 2014.


In Austria, the series has been broadcast on ORF 1 since December 9, 2007 . The station had started broadcasting the first three episodes of the first season and began broadcasting episodes of the fourth season on January 13, 2008. It started with the seventh episode and was used in the middle of the season. In addition, ORF secured the rights to broadcast the fifth season, which ran for a short time in spring 2008 and then continued on August 31, 2008. The 6th season started on ORF 1 on February 6, 2011. From June 3, 2011, the private broadcaster Puls 4 will also be showing the series, starting with the first two seasons.


In Switzerland, the series has been running on the 3+ channel since June 26, 2007, beginning with the first season . Season 7 ran from March 8 to November 16, 2010. From February 15 to November 7, 2011, the 8th season ran on 3+. The 9th season has been broadcast on 3+ since July 23, 2012.


Navy CIS is distributed internationally by CBS Studios International. The series is broadcast in over 200 countries and dubbed or subtitled in 59 languages.

DVD release

While in the USA and Great Britain the whole season appears in a DVD box, in Germany a season is divided into two parts. The DVD versions in the USA also always contain bonus material such as comments by the authors, directors or actors as well as making-of scenes, while the German DVD boxes including the third season were released without bonus material. Only the DVD box of the second part of the third season contains a report about the real NCIS and other extras. Another special feature is that the German DVD boxes appear under the original title NCIS, although the series is called Navy CIS in Germany. The fourth season has been available in the US since October 23, 2007. The bonus material includes a feature in which the cast members answer questions from the fans, as well as audio commentary (including for "The Little Sister" with Sean Murray and Terrence O'Hara , the director of the episode, and another comment with Sean Murray and Cote de Pablo). The fourth season has been available in Germany since June 5, 2008. As with the previous seasons, this one is divided into two half-season boxes. The fifth season was put together in one box for the first time and appeared on May 7, 2009. On August 5, 2010, the sixth season was released in two half-boxes. There are also collection boxes that contain seasons one to six. The seventh season was released in two halves on June 9, 2011. A publication of the eighth season, divided into two half-season boxes, was released on June 14, 2012.

On October 13, 2012, a complete box with the first eight seasons was released. The two half-seasons for the ninth season were released on June 6, 2013. On January 3, 2014, the tenth season was released in the form of two half-seasons on DVD. The eleventh season appeared on December 18, 2014, also in the form of two half-seasons.


Press review

Navy CIS is one of the longest running, high-viewer drama series on television. Still, the press and television critics rarely deal with the series. Vera HC Chan headlined “NCIS: the number one television series nobody talks about” for Yahoo 2013 . Chan sees the series as a workplace comedy in addition to the murder investigation. The comedic elements compensate for serious issues such as PTSD , gun smuggling, religious or sexual intolerance.

Gillian Flynn, writer of Entertainment Weekly , said in February 2007 that while NCIS doesn't offend intelligence, it doesn't really strain it either. The mysteries in NCIS , ie serial killers, weapons dealers and some terrorism, are "excellent" , but the reason for switching on is the team that solves the cases. The investigators in NCIS each correspond to a certain type ( "the stud, the nerd, the perky-Goth-tech-girl-with-pigtails-and-skull-shirts" ) and are inspired by "brilliant" scripts and "brave" actors . With “charming” predictability, each episode contains at least one of the following elements: Chief investigator Gibbs gets confused because of the technology, Ziva made some mistakes with the English language, the clumsy McGee suffered from humiliations like “ poison sumac in the crotch”, and from the Team members would be made lovable bourgeois sex-related jokes. Sometimes NCIS is less of a crime drama than a cheerful family comedy , in which the team members ruthlessly tease each other with jokes about manicures, girlfriends and love affairs.

Jon Caramanica described Navy CIS in an article published in the Los Angeles Times in 2010 as procedural - a genre that in German has the meaning of a drama series with a closed storyline - with a mixture of light and shadow that no other television series can offer have. Typically, the series undercut the seriousness of the average procedural with the "equivalent of a fanfare and a whooping pillow", it is a procedural with a "slapstick heart". However, NCIS has become "more irritating" with increasing age. What once felt unfocused and tiring, is now the break from the "grumpy" crime investigation that takes place elsewhere on CBS and at which you hardly get a laugh. The series seems liberated like improvised theater. Gibbs was the upright man, "stingy with appreciation" ( stingy with approval mainly bring), a minimalist with words, the threat of a severe haircut expressed. He is immutable, which allows everyone around him to explore all its absurdity.

On the series has a rating of 8.8 / 10 based on over 16,500 votes and at the series has a rating of 8/10 based on 67,000 votes.

NCIS is in the US according to a survey by market research firm Harris Interactive from 2011 the most popular series of all time ( english favorite television show of all time ).

Awards and nominations

ALMA Awards

  • Won - Outstanding Actress in a Drama Television Series - Coté de Pablo (2011)


  • Won - Top Television Series - Matt Hawkins, Maurice Jackson, Neil Martin (2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009)
  • Won - Top Television Series - Steven Bramson (2004)

BMI Film & TV Awards

  • Won - BMI TV Music Award - Joseph Conlan (2005)
  • Won - BMI TV Music Award - Brian Kirk (2008, 2009)

Emmy Awards

NAACP Image Awards

  • Nominated - Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - Rocky Carroll (2010)

People's Choice Awards

  • Nominated - Most Popular Drama Series (2009)
  • Nominated - Favorite Actor in a Drama Series - Mark Harmon (2009)
  • Nominated - Favorite Actor in a Drama Series - Mark Harmon (2013)
  • Nominated - Favorite Actress in a Drama Series - Pauley Perrette (2013)

Imagen Awards

  • Won - Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series - Coté de Pablo (2006)
  • Nominated - Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series - Coté de Pablo (2009)

Young Artist Awards


Three soundtrack albums have been released for the series.

The former was released on February 10, 2009 in the USA on CD and as MP3 download under the title NCIS: The Official Soundtrack . In Germany, the CD was released as a CD import under the title NCIS: The Official TV Soundtrack - Vol.1 . The soundtrack is divided into two CDs, CD 1 contains twelve general songs that appear in the series, CD 2, entitled Abby's Lab , contains ten songs that run in the series in Abby's laboratory. The song Fear was created in collaboration with Pauley Perrette, the actress of Abby Sciuto. Coté de Pablo, the actress of Ziva David, is the interpreter of the song Temptation , a cover version of a piece by Tom Waits , which she sings in the first episode of the sixth season. Some of the songs hadn't appeared in the series at the time the album was released.

On November 3, 2009 the second album with the title NCIS: The Official Soundtrack - Vol. 2 followed in the USA as CD and MP3 download, in Germany as a CD import. This twelve-track album features Bitter and Blue by Michael Weatherly, starring Anthony DiNozzo.

On March 29, 2011, the third album was released under the title NCIS: The Official TV Score both in the USA as an MP3 download and CD or CD import. The album contains fifteen songs that NCIS composer Brian Kirk has mixed from the NCIS score to form independent music tracks. The NCIS Main Theme can also be found under the songs .


NCIS: Los Angeles

In the USA, Navy CIS: LA has been broadcast on the slot behind Navy CIS since September 22, 2009 . The team on the new series was introduced in the sixth season of the mother series (Legend I & II) . Actors include Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J as well as Daniela Ruah and Linda Hunt . This had created another spin-off in the series universe of JAG - On behalf of the honor by the great success of Navy CIS .


Another offshoot called NCIS: Red was developed for the 2013/14 television season. In the planned series, Kim Raver and John Corbett , among others, played members of a nationwide investigative, mobile emergency team that lives and works together. A season four episode of Navy CIS: LA served as the backdoor pilot for the planned series. However, CBS decided against ordering the series.

NCIS: New Orleans

In 2013 it was announced that CBS was working on another spin-off. The new series is set in New Orleans and was introduced via a two-part backdoor pilot of the parent series NCIS. For Navy CIS: New Orleans , Scott Bakula , CCH Pounder and Zoe McLellan were signed up in early February 2014 . This backdoor episode, entitled Crescent City , aired on CBS on March 25th and April 1st, 2014. The series was officially ordered in May 2014.

Series universe

Due to a crossover between Navy CIS: LA and the series Hawaii Five-0 , which is also broadcast on CBS , this series also plays in the same series universe as Navy CIS , Navy CIS: LA and JAG - On behalf of the honor .

In episode 01x06 of the TV series Scorpion , actress Linda Hunt has a guest appearance as Hetty Lange , who she also plays in the series NCIS: Los Angeles . Thus Scorpion plays in the same series universe as JAG , NCIS , NCIS: Los Angeles , NCIS: New Orleans , Mac Gyver and Hawaii Five-0 .


  • Sasha Alexander left at the end of the second season at her own request, as the stresses of a series shoot for possibly many more seasons were too high for her.
  • Coté de Pablo left the series after the first two episodes of the eleventh season, although she had been offered a significant raise for an extension of her contract.
  • Mark Harmon, Rocky Carroll and Lauren Holly were in front of the camera for Navy CIS for the second time for a television series. They had previously played together in twenty episodes in the Chicago Hope hospital series. Previously, Mark Harmon and Rocky Carroll had played 74 episodes together without Lauren Holly.
  • The USS Seahawk, on which DiNozzo was temporarily stationed, is fictional, although a USS Seahawk was the scene of action in JAG - On behalf of the honor .
  • The 17th episode of the first season Five Musketeers (orig. The Truth is out there ) is a reference to the X-Files :
    • Actor Brian Thompson ( known as Alien Bounty Hunter from the X-Files ) played the role of Master Chief PO Vince Nutter - David Nutter was the third most popular director of the X-Files (15 episodes).
    • The character PO Howard Carter was a nod to the creator of the X-Files Chris Carter (201 episodes).
    • The character Darin Spotnitz was an allusion to the second most popular author Frank Spotnitz (48 episodes).
    • The character PO David Bowman was a reference to the second most popular director Rob Bowman (33 episodes).
    • The character PO Gordon was an allusion to the fifth most popular writer Howard Gordon (20 episodes).
    • The character PO James Morgan was a reference to the sixth most popular writer, Glen Morgan (15 episodes).
    • The character PO Wong was an allusion to the sixth most popular author James Wong (15 episodes).
  • Whenever news is on television in the background, just like JAG , it runs on the fictional channel ZNN , which is based on the US news channel CNN .
  • In the 4th episode of the 5th season A False Identity (org. Identity Crisis ) Thomas Betro, acting director of NCIS at the time of the US premiere of the episode, had a small supporting role.
  • Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo) directed the 18th episode of season 10 Marine Dex .
  • At the end of the first episode of the twelfth season, Sat.1 showed an obituary for Eberhard Prüter (voice actor for Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard) who died in October 2014 .
  • Rocky Carroll (Director Leon Vance) directed episodes 12.13 A Hero's Honor and 13.06 Guilt .


  • Nikolas Immer: Hero with a serial format. On the character disposition of Special Agent Gibbs in Donald P. Bellisario's "Navy CIS" . In: Nikolas Immer, Mareen van Marwyck (Ed.): Aesthetic Heroism. Conceptual and figurative paradigms of the hero. Bielefeld 2013, ISBN 978-3-8376-2253-9 , pp. 349–377.

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Commons : Navy CIS  - Collection of Images, Videos and Audio Files

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