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Coté de Pablo (2011)

Cote de Pablo (* 12. November 1979 in Santiago de Chile as María José de Pablo Fernández ) is a Chilean - American actress and singer .

She became known for the role of Ziva David in the US crime series Navy CIS , for which she won the Imagen Award in 2006 ( Best Supporting Actress - Television category ) and the ALMA Award ( Outstanding Actress in a Drama Television Series ) in 2011. was awarded. In 2016 she again received the Imagen Award ( Best Supporting Actress - Feature Film category ) for portraying Jessica Vega in the American-Chilean disaster film 69 Days of Hope (original title: The 33 ), which was based on the San José mine disaster in August 2010, awarded.


At the age of ten, Coté de Pablo moved to Miami with her parents, Francisco de Pablo and María Olga Fernández, her younger sister Andrea and her brother Francisco , because her mother got a job there with the Spanish-language television station Telemundo . In Miami, she attended Arvida Middle School , where her classmates could not pronounce her first name María José correctly, so she used the common Chilean short form Coté instead.

Then de Pablo studied musical theater at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and graduated in 2000 with the academic degree BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts - Acting and Musical Theater).

In June 2015, Coté de Pablo ended her longstanding relationship with actor Diego Serrano .

Coté de Pablo in a CDC commercial highlighting the dangers of female cancers. (2015)

In the social media is the actress compared to their previous NCIS -Kollegen as Brian Dietzen or Pauley Perrette , not represented. Although there are corresponding accounts with their names on both Facebook and Instagram , these are all fan-operated sites. A German-language Facebook page, on which photos of Coté de Pablo are continuously posted, has over 63,000 fans (as of 2020). The reason for this fact that she does not use social media like other colleagues, the actress stated in an interview that her privacy is very important to her.

Coté de Pablo gave a rare glimpse into her private life in a commercial for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , an agency of the US Department of Health , in 2015, in which she pointed out the dangers of female cancers. De Pablo talked about cancer cases in her own family, her own fears in connection with a cancer test and she also showed pictures of her and her closest relatives.


Early engagements

In her first television role, she hosted a few episodes of Control , a Spanish-language youth program on Univision, alongside Carlos Ponce .

After graduating, Coté de Pablo moved to New York , where she initially earned her living doing odd jobs, including working as a waitress in an Indian restaurant in Manhattan and an Italian eatery in Brooklyn .

From 2001 she received roles at The Public Theater , and there were also appearances in commercials such as for the VW Touareg .

Other roles included guest appearances on the soap opera All My Children , as well as in the series The $ treet and The Education of Max Bickford . Her first leading role in a series was that of Marguerite Cisneros in the court drama The Jury of the Fox Broadcasting Company , of which a first season with ten episodes was produced in 2004, but for which there was no extension.

As Ziva David with Navy CIS (2005-2013, 2019-2020)


Cote de Pablo (2007)

In 2005, Coté de Pablo was earmarked for the musical version of the music film Mambo Kings , which was supposed to premiere on Broadway , but was never shown there. In the middle of these preparations, she received an invitation to a casting for the third season of Navy CIS , in which a successor to the retired main character Caitlin "Kate" Todd , played by Sasha Alexander , was sought. During these test recordings, Coté de Pablo met a colleague who had been invited to this casting for the twelfth time. Both women had to play a scene with Michael Weatherly , the actor of Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo , in front of the assembled film crew. Weatherly, known for his love of improvisation, tried to flirt with both women contrary to the script's guidelines . While the competitor responded, de Pablo, inwardly indignant at the behavior of her colleague, let Michael Weatherly flash off spontaneously. This reaction not only impressed the film crew, but also became the determining element between the characters Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo in the next few years and one of the most important success factors for Navy CIS .

Development to the audience favorite

Michael Weatherly, the male part of Tiva , at the inauguration of the star on the Walk of Fame for Mark Harmon on October 1, 2012

Before the shooting of the third season of Navy CIS began, de Pablo's role character mutated from an originally Eastern European agent to Mossad officer Ziva David . In a 2005 interview, Coté de Pablo said that when she portrayed Ziva David, she never intended people to like her. On the other hand, she always tried to depict a three-dimensional film character. William Webb, Director of Photography, certified the actress during the third season that she brought a unique energy to the set.

While Coté de Pablo initially struggled with negative fan reactions after the departure of Sasha Alexander, she soon became one of the most popular actresses in the history of the series. In particular, the further development of the storyline of Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo , who came closer to each other in the following eight seasons, gave rise to the abbreviation Tiva in fan circles (made up of parts of the first names of both film characters), which symbolized the actor duo Weatherly / de Pablo.

Navy CIS film set while filming episodes 22 and 23 of Season 6 (March 8, 2009)

In September and October 2009, Navy CIS rose to such an extent that it became the most-watched show nationwide, with over 20 million viewers. This increase in the audience's favor was mainly due to a tension arc in which Coté de Pablo with her film character Ziva David was the focus. The suspense began with episodes 22 and 23 (German title Legende (1) and Legende (2) ) of Season 6, which also served as a backdoor pilot for the spin-off Navy CIS: LA . In these two episodes, members of a sleeper cell are liquidated by Mossad agent Michael Rivkin , with whom Ziva has a relationship. Tony , who questions her loyalty, shoots Rivkin in self-defense in her apartment and is then almost shot himself by an angry Ziva . In the last episode of season 6 (German title homecoming , English Aliyah ) travel Gibbs , Tony and Ziva to Israel, the latter remaining in their home country and then by her father to a suicide mission to Somalia is sent. The face of the captured Ziva, disfigured by torture, serves as the cliffhanger for season 7 . While these last episodes of season 6 were seen by around 16.5 million US viewers, interest rose by leaps and bounds at the beginning of the next season to over 20 and 21 million and persisted until the end of the tension arc around Ziva February 2010 at this level. The first five episodes, in which the NCIS team returns from Somalia with Ziva , the rescued girl makes her peace with Tony and finds a father figure in Gibbs , brought the series to the top spot on US television nationwide. For Coté de Pablo, this storyline offered the opportunity to show her film character from a completely different, vulnerable side. The final scene of the story arc at the end of episode 4 (German title Damokles , English Good Cop, Bad Cop ), when Mark Harmon whispered something in the ear of his colleague Coté de Pablo inaudible to the audience, who then laughed at first and then burst into tears, triggered a lot of speculation among fans. In fact, both actors had improvised this scene and kept what was said as a secret.

In the following seasons, the figure of Ziva became more and more adapted and thereby also lost something of the dynamic of the first years that was typical for her. Scenes like the one in episode 11 of season 9, where Ziva duels a mercenary to the sound of Silent Night and takes him down in a single combat after their weapons are empty, while Gibbs, portrayed by Mark Harmon, next door to a female marine Providing obstetrics remained the exception. This is what Coté de Pablo complained in an interview after season 9 when she replied to a viewer question that she wanted the Ziva from season 3 back. De Pablo's film character did not move into the center of the action again until episode 10 of season 11, when the father of Ziva , played by Michael Nouri , the Mossad leader Eli David , and the wife of the Navy CIS director played by Rocky Carroll , murdered Leon Vance become. The following episode 11 (German title Days of Mourning , English title Shiva ) should not only be the most watched episode in the history of Navy CIS in the USA with 22.86 million viewers , but also convince the critics.

In 2012, Coté de Pablo was ranked third in America's most appealing celebrity annual ranking by the market research institute E-Poll Market Research , after Betty White and Sandra Bullock , leaving Hollywood greats like Morgan Freeman and Tom Hanks behind.

In the same year an article appeared in the Israeli daily newspaper The Jerusalem Post , which stated that Ziva is the only film character in the world who portrays a citizen of Israel positively. Since Ziva is proud to be an Israeli, every Israeli can identify with her.

Voluntary exit in 2013

After Coté de Pablo had not renewed her contract, which had expired in the course of season 10, CBS officially announced on July 10, 2013 that the actress would no longer return in season 11. The problem with this was that this only happened a week before filming began, so the producers were forced to rearrange many of the planned storylines. For the time being, de Pablo had her last appearance in episode 2 of season 11 (German title Zivas Liste , English title Past, Present And Future ), in which there is a tearful farewell between Ziva and Tony , who is in the US at the Navy CIS headquarters returns while Ziva remains in Israel to start a new life there.

Fellow actor David McCallum was very critical of de Pablo's exit

While most Navy CIS actors were reluctant to comment on de Pablo's decision, only David McCallum , who featured coroner Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard plays, very critical words:

“It was frustration and anger that someone should just walk out on us. I just don't understand how a leading lady in a show that's worldwide, who ostensibly wants to have a career as an actress, suddenly walks away from such a gem and just vanishes a couple of days before we start production. "

“It was frustration and anger that someone just ran away. I just don't understand how a leading actress on a worldwide show who is supposed to have a career as an actress suddenly runs away from such a gem and disappears just a few days before production starts. "

After Coté de Pablo spoke of a "personal reason" for her decision immediately after her exit, without describing it in detail, she only commented in more detail years later about the reasons for the exit:

“The script just wasn't good enough. That's why I decided to do it. I love the character and I've spent eight years sculpting this character. I just felt that she wasn't treated with due respect. […] 'Ziva' should return to Israel and become a tragic and unhappy woman. "

When the film character Ziva David finally apparently dies in an explosion in Israel in the last episode of the 13th season , a possible return of de Pablo to Navy CIS seemed forever ruled out. This episode also meant the series end of Michael Weatherly, whose film character now devoted himself to the upbringing of Tali , the daughter of Tony and Ziva .

The grief among fans after the withdrawal of Coté de Pablo was not only evident from the ratings for Navy CIS in the US, which rose from an average of 19.3 million per episode in season 10 to an average of 16.6 million per episode Episode in season 13 declined. Numerous, mostly very wistful, fan videos have been and are still being published on YouTube about Ziva , her relationship with Tony and Gibbs or the actor duo Tiva . These videos achieve hits in the millions and hundreds of fans express their feelings in comments like the following:

“I came to the conclusion that Ziva was one, if not THE best character ever written and build in NCIS. She's one of the most memorable and beloved female character in a procedural show and what blessed it was to have Cote de Pablo. "

“I came to the conclusion that Ziva was one of, if not THE best characters ever written and built for NCIS. She's one of the most memorable and beloved female characters in a drama series and what a blessing it has been to have Cote de Pablo. ”

Comeback 2019

In 2017, Coté de Pablo was asked by the producers of Navy CIS if she could envision a comeback as Ziva David . Together with screenwriter Gina Monreal, their storyline was further developed in such a way that de Pablo finally agreed to appear again as a guest star in some episodes. As film producer Frank Cardea reported in an interview in 2020, only Mark Harmon of the Navy CIS cast was informed of de Pablo's comeback:

"When we first even remotely considered bringing Ziva back, there was a secret meeting between Steve Binder, myself, Mark Harmon, Cote, and Gina."

"When we first thought about bringing Ziva back, there was a secret meeting between Steve Binder, me, Mark Harmon, Cote and Gina."

The first indications that a return of Cote de Pablo to NCIS hinted there was in Episode 13 (German title Ziva's secret , English title She ) of the 16th season, than that of Emily Wickersham shown Eleanor Bishop found evidence that Ziva David their Death had only faked. This episode was previously announced in a 10-second trailer during Super Bowl LIII on February 3, 2019 as the disclosure of the biggest secret in NCIS history and promptly hit the biggest one with a rate of 13.37 million viewers in America Season 16 public interest .

Coté de Pablo then actually appeared in person in the very last scene of this season together with Mark Harmon in front of the camera, which was designed as a cliffhanger for season 17. This final scene, which lasted only around 35 seconds, was filmed in great secrecy, as Coté de Pablo said on various American talk shows during their promotional tour for season 17. All actors, with the exception of the inaugurated Mark Harmon, and the majority of the film crew had already been sent on vacation after the apparent end of filming, before de Pablo was on the night of May 1st to 2nd, 2019 by only one hull team Set was welcomed to subsequently film a new ending to season 16 with Mark Harmon. All other Navy CIS actors were surprised to learn of the return of Coté de Pablo until this secretly modified episode was broadcast on CBS on May 23, 2019 .

Maria Koschny is Coté de Pablos voice actress for Navy CIS

Coté de Pablo's engagement in the new season finally comprised four episodes (1, 2, 10 and 11) before she said goodbye to her film role as Ziva David in an emotional final scene in the episode Rule Nine ( In The Wind ) Navy CIS team took to fly to her family in Paris. Questions on her promotional tour whether the Ziva David's storyline actually came to an end or whether a Tiva comeback can be expected in the future , the actress largely left open. For film producer Frank Cardea, de Pablo's possible return to Navy CIS depends primarily on the development opportunities screenwriter Gina Monreal sees in the character Ziva David .

Readers of the "TV Insider" website named Coté de Pablo's return to Navy CIS as the most important TV comeback of 2019, with the actress winning against colleagues like Jennifer Aniston ( The Morning Show ) and Fran Drescher ( Indebted ).

Awards for the role of Ziva David

For their work in NCIS Cote de Pablo, 2006, at the 21st Annual Imagen Awards in the category Best Supporting Actress - Television and 2011 at the ALMA Awards as Outstanding Actress in a Drama Television Series award. She is the only Navy CIS emblem member who has ever received film or television awards for work on the series.

In 2012, de Pablo co-hosted the Tony Awards .

Dubbing voice

Maria Koschny gives Coté de Pablo her dubbing voice at Navy CIS .

Other film projects

Coté de Pablo and the actors of the film 69 Days of Hope at a reception for the Chilean President Sebastián Piñera in Santiago de Chile in January 2014.

During her engagement with Navy CIS de Pablo also worked in the Canadian western The Last Rans of Ransom Pride (original title: The Last Rites of Ransom Pride ) from 2010.

In 2014, after leaving NCIS, she portrayed Jessica Vega, the wife of miner Álex Vega, in the Chilean film 69 Days of Hope . This tells the story of the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped in the mine for 69 days after the San José disaster and their families before they could be rescued in a global rescue operation. Chile's President Sebastián Piñera , who is portrayed by Bob Gunton in the film , invited Coté de Pablo, Antonio Banderas , Juliette Binoche and other members of the cast to the La Moneda presidential palace in Santiago de Chile on January 31, 2014 . Although the film's international box office results were very disappointing, it won many awards at the 2016 Imagen Awards . Coté de Pablo won her second Imagen Award, this time in the category Best Supporting Actress - Feature Film .

She was also cast for the role of the mystic and healer Shira in the two-part miniseries The Dovekeepers , which was based on the novel of the same name by Alice Hoffman about four women who witnessed the siege of Massada .


Due to her musical education, Coté de Pablo also appeared several times as a singer. So she sang at the beginning of the first episode (German title Aus den Augen ... , English Last Man Standing ) of the Navy CIS season 6 part of the song Temptation by Tom Waits . The complete song is included on the NCIS: The Official TV Soundtrack - Volume 1 CD , the series' official soundtrack , and was released in February 2009.

In the film 69 Days of Hope , de Pablo Gracias sang a la vida ('Thanks to Life') by Violeta Parra , which also appears in the film's soundtrack.

On the CD Vivo en vida published by Roberto Pitre in 2014, Coté de Pablo accompanied the pieces of music Samba in Prelude and Cry Me a River with her vocals.

Filmography (selection)

  • 1994–1995: Control (TV series)
  • 2000: The $ treet - who offers more? ( The $ treet , TV series, episode 1x05 Hostile Makeover )
  • 2001: The Education of Max Bickford (TV series, episode 1x06 Do It Yourself )
  • 2004: The Jury (TV series, 10 episodes)
  • 2005–2013, 2019–2020: Navy CIS ( NCIS , TV series, 194 episodes)
  • 2010: The Last Rites of Ransom Pride (The Last Rites of Ransom Pride)
  • 2015: The Dovekeepers (miniseries, 2 episodes)
  • 2015: 69 Days of Hope (The 33)
  • 2016: Prototype (TV movie)


  • 2006: Imagen Award for Best Supporting Actress - Television for Navy CIS
  • 2011: ALMA Award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Television Series for Navy CIS
  • 2016: Imagen Award as Best Supporting Actress - Feature Film for The 33


  • 2008: ALMA Award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Television Series for Navy CIS
  • 2009: ALMA Award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series for Navy CIS
  • 2009: Imagen Award for Best Supporting Actress - Television for Navy CIS
  • 2011: Imagen Award for Best Actress - Television for Navy CIS
  • 2012: ALMA Award for Favorite TV Actress - Drama for Navy CIS

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