Middle Persian day names

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Every day (rōs) in the month (māh) was designated as follows in the period of Middle Persian usage.

Day of the month Middle Persian (pahlavi) name
1. Ear masd
2. Wahman
3. Ardwahisht
4th Schahrewar
5. Spandarmad
6th Hordād
7th Amurdād
8th. Day pad Ādur
9. Ā major
10. Ābān
11. Chwar
12. Mah
13. Tir
14th Gosch
15th Day pad Mihr
16. Mihr
17th Srosh
18th Quickly
19th Frawardīn
20th Truly
21st R.A.M
22nd Wād
23. Day pad Dēn
24. The
25th Ard (Ahrischwang)
26th Ashtad
27. Asman
28. Sāmyād
29 Māraspand
30th Anagrān

Each day was divided into individual times of the day (rōsgār). The five times (Gāhs):

Period Middle Persian (pahlavi) name
tomorrow Hāwan
afternoon Rapihwin
Eve Usērin
Sunset until midnight 1 Ēbsrūsrim
Midnight to Dawn 1 Ushahin

1 collectively referred to as night (Schab).

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