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Tim Knauer (born November 9, 1981 in Hamburg ) is a German actor and voice actor .


Tim Knauer, the younger brother of actress Anja Knauer , already gained experience behind the microphone as a schoolboy, e. B. in the ARD synchronization Listen who's hammering and in radio play productions like TKKG . After graduating from high school, he took speaking lessons from the Hamburg HfMT professor Marianne Bernhardt. Besides his work as an actor, synchronous and radio speaker, he studied business administration at the University of Hamburg and graduated in 2008 as a business graduate .

Film and television productions

Knauer was first seen on German television in 2000, for example, he had episode appearances in the television series Alphateam - Die Lebensretter im OP or Die Rettungsflieger . From 2001 he got a permanent part in the ZDF early evening series Hallo Robbie! , where he played the zookeeper Tom for eight years with cross-over appearances in Unser Charly (2001, 2012). He became known to a broader television audience through the role of Roberto Schrift in Lindenstrasse , which he played from summer 2006 to the end of January 2007, and also had two new guest appearances in 2012 and 2020.

Tim Knauer gained stage experience in productions by the Hamburg artist Michael Batz in 2011. In January he took part in the staged reading of the documentary 39 Days Curiohaus on the occasion of the commemoration day of the victims of National Socialism and in spring he played at the 9th portal game in Hamburg Michel the journeyman Siggi.


Already at the age of 12 he dubbed a leading role in the series in the US sitcom Listen, Who Is Hammering and was heard as Randy from 1993 to 1995 on the ARD evening program. In the reruns on the private broadcaster RTL , however, his voice is replaced by Clemens Ostermann due to a new synchronization . At the beginning of the 2000s, Knauer established himself in the dubbing industry. He took on various teenage characters, for example as Noah in the sitcom What's Up, Noah? for Phillip Van Dyke or in the drama series Ein Wink des Himmels as Josh Greene for Austin O'Brien , 2007 for Jesse Tyler Ferguson in the sitcom The Class and for Burgess Abernethy in H 2 O - Suddenly Mermaid . But he also lent his voice to animated cartoon characters, e.g. B. 'Access Time' in Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne (2001), 'Russel van Eden' in Mimis Plan (2003), 'Neji Hyūga' in Naruto (since 2006), 'Yu Kanda' in D. Gray -man (2011) , 'Dudley Puppy' in TUFF Puppy (2011) or 'Leonardo' in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TV series) (since 2012).

In the crime and fantasy genre Knauer could already be heard in 2003 in the 1st season of the action series 24 as petty criminal Rick, from 2010 in various leading roles, for example in Vampire Diaries as Matt Donovan for Zach Roerig , in Southland as Officer Ben Sherman for Benjamin McKenzie and The Forgotten as Tyler Davies, 2011 for Mark Ryder as Cesare Borgia in Borgia , for David Lyons as Seaman Josh 'ET' Holiday in Sea Patrol and 2012 as Robin Hood in Robin Hood . In the drama genre he lends his voice to Martin Hristov in the Bulgarian series Undercover . His voice is known in comedy as the football star Sammy from the Blue Mountain State series (2010) and since 2012 he has spoken Steve in Shameless and Nick in New Girl .

In several BBC literature adaptations, which were published in German on DVD in 2009 , he spoke the main male character, e.g. B. in Casanova , played by David Tennant , in David Copperfield for Ciarán McMenamin , in Fingersmith for Rupert Evans and in Tess of the D'Urbervilles for Eddie Redmayne , or the antagonist Willoughby in Sense and Sensuality or Wickham in Wenn Jane Austen knew , a modern version of the classic "Pride and Prejudice". In 2016 he lent his German voice to the British actor Jordan Waller, who played the role of Lord Alfred Paget in the great historical drama Victoria .

German cinema-goers heard Knauer's voice in films, among others in the Woody Allen comedy Anything Else (2004) for Jason Biggs , in the drama Dandelion - Eine Liebe in Idaho (2006) for Vincent Kartheiser , in the Gus Van Sant films Last Days (2007 ) as Scott and Paranoid Park (2008) as Jared, in the science fiction film Tron: Legacy (2010) for Cillian Murphy , in Joel Schumacher's literary adaptation Twelve (2010) as Hunter, in the fantasy film Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) for Sam Claflin , in the science fiction film Souls (2013) for Jake Abel and more recently (2012-2014) as dwarf Fili in The Hobbit (film trilogy) for Dean O'Gorman .

Radio play productions

Knauer could already be heard in several radio play productions as a student. For example, he spoke in 1996 in the Europe radio play series TKKG (episode 98 The Sharks from the Lotus Garden ) directed by Heikedine Körting the role of Gotti. In the same year the label released '' Secret dog Bello Bond '' based on the children's book series by Thomas Brezina , in which he was heard in the 1st and 3rd episodes as 'Schmatzer'. Three years later Knauer took part in the radio play series " Animorphs ", published by Ravensburger Verlag, in which he spoke in the first four parts of Marco, who turns into a gorilla to fight. From 2005 onwards Knauer again appeared in episodes under Heikedine Körting's direction in the successful radio play series Five Friends (episodes 62, 71, 79, 84) and Die drei ??? (Episode 126) and directed by Thomas Karallus in The Three !!! (Episode 1, 3, 5, 8) as well as in Die Teufelskicker (episode 20, 24, 33). He was also heard as Zane again in the audio version of the Ki.Ka youth series H2O - Suddenly Mermaid , which was released in 2010 with the original speakers.

In 2009 Tim Knauer also worked in the adult genre of the radio play market, e.g. B. in Der Hexer after Edgar Wallace , revised and produced by Sven Schreivogel and in the 3rd and 4th episodes of the science fiction radio play series The SATCHMO Trilogy by the Hamburg indie label fuenf59. In productions of the Hörplanet label he could be heard in Sister Amelie (2010-2011) in episode 1 Disappeared Without a Trace and episode 7 Broken Hearts , and in the crime series Lady Bedfort (2011) in episode 40 Shadows in the Corn Field and 44 Charlatan . Since the end of 2012 he has also played the title role of Wolfgang Mozart in the series Amadeus , which is produced by the same label.


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