Coast Guard (TV series)

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Television series
Original title Coast guard
Coast Guard (TV Series) Logo.jpg
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 1997-2016
Opal film production
length approx. 43 minutes
Episodes 299 in 17 seasons ( List )
genre Police series
music Guest Waltzing (theme music), Carsten Rocker
First broadcast April 19, 1997 on ZDF
Coat of arms of the German coast guard

Coast Guard is a German television series that was broadcast on ZDF from April 1997 to January 2016 . It is a crime series with the focus on the representation of criminal cases at sea. The location of the action was the German Baltic coast .

The television series was followed by an average of around four million viewers. Seventeen seasons with 299 episodes were produced between 1996 and 2013. With the end of the broadcast of season 17, the crime series was discontinued in January 2016.


The background of the series is explained by the voiceover at the beginning :

“ A country's coasts are open borders , open to trade and tourism , but also to crime . In order to maintain safety at sea , the Federal Police ( formerly : the Federal Border Police ), customs and other authorities have joined forces to form a Police at Sea; they are the coast guard . "

Off-voice was Bodo Wolf in seasons 1 to 8 and Michael Kind from seasons 9 to 14 . During seasons 15-17, she was voiced by various other speakers.


The "Coast Guard" was produced by OPAL-Filmproduktion GmbH Berlin on behalf of ZDF. 17 seasons were produced between 1996 and 2013.

Outdoor shots

Albatros II, real the ship Bad Düben of the coast guard

The recordings on the ship “Albatros” were shot up to the seventh season on the “Duderstadt”, a ship of the Federal Border Police , later the Federal Police (BG or BP 14), which has since been decommissioned. The recordings were then made on the successor ships “Neustrelitz” (BP 22) and “Bad Düben” (BP 23). When the location was changed, the ship was called "Albatros II".

Filming was often difficult. On the one hand, there is little space on the ship for the various members of the film team, and on the other hand, the weather on the Baltic Sea is changeable. Finally, there was also the fact that the ships were only loaned by the Federal Police (Bundespolizeiamt See).

The shooting of the episode “Götterdämmerung” posed a particular challenge. Some of the shooting in the Baltic Sea off Eckernförde had to be carried out under heavy seas. The German Navy made one of its submarines available to ZDF for the first time on German television.

Indoor shots

The interior shots of the series were shot in Neustadt (Holstein) on the Baltic Sea from the beginning of 1996 . Studio 1 was initially used for this purpose, the facility of which could now be viewed in the old Glückskleefabrik in Neustadt on non-shooting days in the summer months. Because the Albatros II is larger than the first Albatros ("Duderstadt"), Studio 2 in Neustadt had to be set up, in which the interior shots of the new squadrons were filmed.


The series is about the operations of a fictional crew of a German coast guard ship in the Baltic Sea area. Since the beginning of the series, the regular crew has consisted of the captain Holger Ehlers and other changing actors. The head of the coast guard's operations center, Hermann Gruber , and the former paramedic and current bar host Kalle Schneidewind also play . The storylines of the series are based on the coast guard's area of ​​responsibility in locations on the Baltic Sea coast or play on ships and private yachts. Most of the criminal cases shown are solved successfully and concluded in a television episode. In keeping with the character of a police series, almost all forms of serious criminal offenses are discussed (murder, extortion, kidnapping, etc.), but also offenses with a maritime background ( smuggling , toxic waste transport, fishing offenses, etc.). The investigations are coordinated by the operations center in Neustadt. In almost every episode the Albatros or Albatros II is used as an operational coast guard ship.

Audio description

Since January 2013, new episodes of the series have also been broadcast as audio films .

Positions and roles


From the beginning of the series, Holger Ehlers ( Rüdiger Joswig ) was the captain on board the Albatros and later on the Albatros II. From the 2nd season he was represented in some episodes by Hermann Gruber ( Michael Kind ) and from episode 77 more often by Thure Sander ( Manou Lubowski ).

In episode 273 Ehlers receives the offer to work for the UN as a captain off Somalia and as a result leaves the coast guard. In the following episode, Thure Sander becomes the new commander of the Albatros II.

Watch officer

In the first season, Frederike Hansen ( Julia Bremermann ) of the WO is on board the Albatros. She is also briefly with Holger Ehlers . In episode 14, she says goodbye and takes command of a coast guard boat in the North Sea. She drops in as a guest in the 105th episode, now she's with the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Her successor on board is Britta Larsen ( Christina Greb ) from episode 14 , she is on the Albatros until the beginning of season 3. In episode 28, she is shot in action. Her successor is Heike Schenk ( Ursula Buschhorn ) in episode 29 , but in episode 38 she swallows poisonous water during a dive and is in a coma for some time. From episode 39, you will be deputizing for Rike Claasen ( Nele Woydt ). In episode 40, Schenk wakes up from her coma and quits her duty, she leaves the coast guard and Rike Claasen becomes her official successor, who later is with radio operator Lorenzen and is expecting a child from him. During pregnancy, she first does an office job before she leaves the coast guard. Her successor on board comes in episode 62 Mona Jürgens ( Jasmin Gerat ). This is replaced in the 8th season (episode 86) by Jana Deisenroth ( Stefanie Schmid ). After the 10th season (episode 127) she goes to Cuxhaven and is promoted to captain. Your successor on board is between episode 128 and episode 299 Saskia Berg ( Sabine Petzl ).

Smutje and paramedics

In the first 81 episodes Kalle Schneidewind ( Rainer Basedow ) is Smutje and a medic on board the Albatros. From episode 33 he is now and then represented by Kai Norge ( Andreas Arnstedt ). From episode 68 to episode 80, both work on board at the same time, Norge as a medic and Schneidewind as smutje. In episode 81, Schneidewind retires after he has been declared unfit for sailing, and from episode 82 Kai Norge is his official successor on board. Schneidewind opened a pub and from then on appeared in many episodes as a pub owner, always listening to his former colleagues. In the sixteenth season he is seen less and less, his last appearance so far in episode 273. In episode 278 Norge gets out to go with his girlfriend in the witness protection program. Since then there has been no smutje and paramedic on board the Albatros II.

Chief machinist

From the beginning of the series up to episode 212, Wolfgang Unterbaur ( Elmar Gehlen ) was chief machinist on board the Albatros and later on board the Albatros II, in order to then switch to early retirement to make a world tour. From this he returns in the 15th season and visits his old colleagues, later he visits the crew again to say goodbye to Holger Ehlers in episode 273. From episode 215, Marten Feddersen ( Andreas Dobberkau ) is the new chief machinist on board the Albatros II.


In the first 13 episodes, Rita Friesen ( Lena Lessing ) is the boatwoman on board the Albatros. However, she goes into motherhood. Her successor will be Anke Diekmann ( Anke Kortemeier ) from episode 14 . She can be seen up to and including episode 23, after which she does not appear again. In episode 24 she is replaced by Simone von Ahlbeck ( Miriam Smolka ), she has her last assignment in season 3 (episode 35) and then goes on a special mission in Kosovo with radio operator Kramer . From episode 36, Julia Sandhoff ( Katja Frenzel-Röhl ) is the new boatwoman. However, she is injured during an operation and replaced in episode 66 by Lili Carlson ( Sandra S. Leonhard ). After her replacement, Sandhoff initially works in the office and later works in Scheidewind's pub. You and radio operator Kamp get married on the Albatros. In episode 97 Carlson gets out, her position is taken over in episode 98 by Alex Johannson ( Aline Hochscheid ). However, she dies in episode 163, from episode 164 Leonie Stern ( Annekathrin Bach ) is her successor. In episode 232 she gets out and switches to crisis intervention. From episode 233, she follows Pia Cornelius ( Lara-Isabelle Rentinck ). Since then, she has been the Coast Guard's new boatwoman.

Radio operator

In the first 23 episodes, Rolf Hohmann ( Gregor Weber ) is a radio operator on board the Albatros. For private reasons he leaves the coast guard after episode 23 and quits his duty. From episode 24, Paul Kramer ( Pascal Lalo ) is the successor to Hohmann . However, he gets out again in episode 35 because he is on a special mission in Kosovo with Simone von Ahlbeck . In episode 36 Erik Lorenzen ( Jan Sosniok ) takes over the position of radio operator. In episode 48 he can be moved, but still appears as a guest because he is with Rike Claasen . In this episode 48 Janis "Jan" Kamp ( Patrick Gräser ) takes over the position of radio operator. He can be seen until episode 89, then leaves the coast guard to be there for Julia Sandhoff and his newborn daughter. He was the last radio operator on board the Albatros. Since the change to the Albatros II, the radio has been on the ship's bridge and a communications technician is at the headquarters.

Communication technician

This position has only existed since the introduction of the Albatros II (season 8). Nils Krüger ( Ralph Kretschmar ) takes on this position in episode 92. In episode 157 he quits his job. He is succeeded in episode 158 by Benjamin (Ben) Asmus ( Max Florian Hoppe ). Since leaving, Krüger has appeared several times as a supporting actor.

Coast Guard Chief

In the first 17 episodes, Kurt Weber ( Bodo Wolf ) is head of the coast guard. In episode 17, however, he works against the coast guard out of an emergency and is suspended. His successor as head of the coast guard was Hermann Gruber ( Michael Kind ).

Division of roles according to seasons

Season 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 10 11 12 13 14th 15th 16 17th
Coast Guard Chief
Kurt Weber
Hermann Gruber
Holger Ehlers
Thure Sander
Chief machinist
Wolfgang Unterbaur
Marten Feddersen
Watch officer
Frederike Hansen
Britta Larsen †
Heike Schenk
Rike Claasen
Mona Juergens
Jana Deisenroth
Saskia Berg
Rita Friesen
Anke Diekmann
Simone von Ahlbeck
Julia Sandhoff
Lili Carlson
Alex Johannson †
Leonie Stern
Pia Cornelius
Smutje & paramedics
Kalle Schneidewind
Kai Norge
Radio operator
Rolf Hohmann
Paul Kramer
Erik Lorenzen
Janis Kamp
Communication technician
Nils Kruger
Benjamin Asmus
Legend (meaning of color)
main actor supporting cast


main actor

arranged in the order of entry.

actor role Episodes Seasons Period
Lena Lessing Chief Police Officer in the BGS a. D. Rita Friesen (boatwoman) 1-13
Julia Bremermann Police commissioner at BGS Frederike Hansen ( watch officer ) 1-14
Rüdiger Joswig First Police Chief Commissioner ( formerly: Police Chief Commissioner ) Holger Ehlers (Captain) 1-273 1-16 1997-2014
Bodo Wolf First police chief inspector in the BGS a. D. Kurt Weber ( Head of Operations ) 1-17 1-2 1997-1999
Gregor Weber Police officer in the BGS a. D. Rolf Hohmann ( radio operator ) 1-23 1-2 1997-1999
Elmar Gehlen Police High Commissioner a. D. Wolfgang Unterbaur (Chief Machinist) 1-212
Rainer Basedow Bar host , police chief in BGS a. D. Kalle Schneidewind ( Smutje and paramedics ) 1–82 (leading role)
Anke Kortemeier Police commissioner in the BGS Anke Diekmann (boatwoman) 14-23 2 1999
Christina Greb Police chief commissioner at BGS Britta Larsen † (watch officer) 14-28 2-3 1999-2000
Michael child Police Board (formerly: Police Chief Inspector ; later First Police Chief Inspector ) Hermann Gruber (Head of Operations) 17-299 2-17 1999-2016
Pascal Lalo Police officer at BGS Paul Kramer (radio operator) 24-35 3 2000
Miriam Smolka Police commissioner in the BGS Simone von Ahlbeck (boat woman) 24-35 3 2000
Ursula Buschhorn Police chief commissioner in the BGS a. D. Heike Schenk (watch officer) 29-40 3-4 2000-2001
Andreas Arnstedt Police chief a. D. Kai Norge (Smutje and paramedic) 33, 35
Katja Frenzel-Röhl Police commissioner in the BGS a. D. Julia Sandhoff (boatwoman) 36-65
Jan Sosniok Police officer in the BGS Eric Lorenzen (radio operator and master-at-arms) 36-49
Nele Woydt Police chief commissioner in the BGS Rike Claasen (watch officer) 39-61
Patrick grasses Police chief a. D. Janis "Jan" Kamp (radio operator) 48-89, 97 5-8 2002-2005
Jasmine device Police chief commissioner in the BGS Mona Jürgens (watch officer) 62-85 6-8 2003-2005
Sandra S. Leonhard Police Commissioner Lili Carlson (boatwoman) 66-97
Manou Lubowski First Police Chief Inspector (formerly: Chief Police Officer ) Thure Sander ( Captain ) 77-258 (recurring)
Stefanie Schmid Police chief commissioner Jana Deisenroth (watch officer) 86-127 8-10 2005-2007
Ralph Kretschmar Police chief a. D. Nils Krüger (communication technician) 90-157
252, 265
Aline Hochscheid Police Commissioner Alexandra "Alex" Johannson † (boatwoman) 98-163 9-12 2006-2009
Annekathrin Bach Police Commissioner a. D. Leonie Stern (boatwoman) 164-232 12-15 2009-2011
Sabine Petzl Police Superintendent Saskia Berg (on duty ) 128-299 11-17 2007-2016
Max Florian Hoppe Chief Police Officer Benjamin "Ben" Asmus ( communications technician ) 158-299 12-17 2008-2016
Andreas Dobberkau Police Commissioner Marten Feddersen (Chief Machinist ) 215-299 14-17 2011-2016
Lara-Isabelle Rentinck Police Commissioner Pia Cornelius ( boatwoman ) 233-299 15-17 2011-2016

Recurring performers

arranged in the order of entry.

actor role Episodes Seasons Period
Gisela Hahn Ingrid Ehlers 1-4 1 1997
Eva Habermann Animator Maike Gerber 1-6 1 1997
Jan Sosniok Lifeguard Dette Müller 1-6 1 1997
Sebastian Reznicek Erik Ehlers # 1 1-7 1 1997
Max Urlacher Erik Ehlers # 2 † 67 6th 2003
Astrid M. Fünderich Marine biologist Liv Osterhus 35-45
Saskia Valencia Marine biologist Maja Lieven 98-179 8-13 2005-2009
Elga Schütz KTU - Officials (2010: Erika Schütz ) 99-115
Gisa Zach Journalist Henrike Matani 189-273 13-16 2010-2013

Prominent supporting roles (selection)

Episode list


The series, which is also successful abroad, was shown in the Czech Republic , Russia , Italy , Latvia and Hungary , among others . The first 36 episodes were sold to France and French-speaking areas around the world. The pay-TV rights were sold to the entire Baltic region as well as to Croatia , Poland , Romania , Russia, Serbia , Slovakia and Slovenia . The series was also sold in the German-speaking pay-TV region and was e.g. B. can be seen on Premiere Krimi, now Sky Krimi. All 17 seasons as well as 3 collector's and 3 collector's editions have been released on DVD .


Michael Reufsteck and Stefan Niggemeier came in their work Das Fernsehlexikon. All over 7000 programs from Ally McBeal to the ZDF hit parade to the assessment that the television series Coast Guard is an "[a] ction and successful series that has made more and more elaborate productions over the years", but which "[M] remarkable [...] an enormous fluctuation in terms of staff" prevails.

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