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As communications technology collectively known techniques for technology-based communication . Communication technology is the knowledge or teaching of communication technology. For telecommunications , e.g. As mobile communications , satellite communications and telephony , these are the communications technology , wireless technology , switching technology , transmission technology , high-frequency technology , microelectronics , technical computer science and printing technology .

In some cases, communication networks are also included in communication technology. Due to the fluid demarcation between the technologies and information technology , they are often summarized under the generic term information and communication technology ("IuK technology" or "ICT" for short).

Education, job description and further links

Some universities of applied sciences offer courses such as media and communication technology (or media and communication technology ).

The website of the Information Technology Society in the Association of Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (VDE), which deals with the topic in nine specialist groups, provides an overview of current developments in these areas .


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