Sea Patrol

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Television series
German title Sea Patrol
Original title Sea Patrol
Sea Patrol Logo2.jpg
Country of production Australia
original language English
Year (s) 2007-2011
Australian Film Finance Corporation ,
McElroy All Media
length 42 minutes
Episodes 68 in 5 seasons ( list )
genre Action series , crime series , drama
production Hal McElroy ,
Di McElroy
music Anthony Ammar ,
Les Gock
First broadcast July 7, 2007 (Australia) on Nine Network
first broadcast
July 6, 2011 on The Fourth
main actor
supporting cast

Sea Patrol is an Australian television series that was broadcast from July 5, 2007 to July 12, 2011 on the Australian broadcaster Nine Network . The action takes place largely on the fictional patrol boat HMAS Hammersley of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and is about the work and life of the crew . Despite similarities in locations and content, this series is not a continuation of the Patrol Boat series, which aired from 1979 to 1983 .

The second season in Australia is called Sea Patrol II: The Coup , the third Sea Patrol III: Red Gold , the fourth Sea Patrol IV: The Right Stuff and the fifth season Sea Patrol V: Damage Control .


Sea Patrol follows the life of the crew of the fictional patrol boat HMAS Hammersley of the Royal Australian Navy, which keeps order on the idyllic Australian coast of the state of Queensland and around the Great Barrier Reef . She takes action on violations of Australian law such as illegal fishing in Australian waters, illegal immigration by sea, drug smuggling and other problems encountered while on patrol. In addition to the commander, Lieutenant Commander Mike Flynn, 24 other naval officers, NCOs and crews are stationed on the boat.

main characters

Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn is usually called Mike and is the CO (Commanding Officer) of Hammersley. While teaching at ADFA, he had an affair with a young student, Kate McGregor. The two have always kept this a secret because they have crossed a professional limit. But now they meet again in the first episode of the first season, which leads to tension between them. Mike joined the Navy when he was 17 and has since worked his way up. He is always confident and exudes strength. That's why he's very popular with his crew.

Kate McGregor

Kate McGregor joins the Hammersley in season one and meets Mike, with whom she once had an affair. She is an Executive Officer (XO) and therefore first officer and is usually only called X. She is pretty, cool, professional, smart, and aloof. She keeps her private life secret from her teammates. She is also brave, tough, and striving to be perfect in everything she does. She is success-oriented and left the ADFA with many awards. On board the Hammersley, she finds it difficult to settle in at first, especially with Nav, with whom she shares her cabin, she has problems making friends. This is her facade because the real Kate is on the run from her past and never looks back as she always wants to move forward. Kate was born in England and came to Australia when she was nine when her mother moved here for love. After a short time, the relationship broke up, which shaped Kate strongly. She would never ditch her career for love. The rest of her family lived in England, so she was often lonely and learned early to take responsibility for herself and her mother. This made her a confident and strong personality. When she joined the Navy, she left her past and her mother behind.

Nikki Caetano

Nikki Caetano is Navigation Officer, or Nav for short, on board the Hammersley. She comes from an Australian-Italian family and has four older brothers. The 26-year-old shares her cabin with XO, which she doesn't particularly like at the beginning, as they have already worked together at HMAS Watson, where Kate was her teacher. She is very popular with all other colleagues because of her open and warm-hearted manner. It is emotional and mostly acts according to feelings. She has a relationship with her colleague Josh, which she hides, however, as this would mean the end of her careers.

Andy Thorpe

Andy Thorpe is the oldest and most senior senior seaman. He is 42 years old, is usually called the Charge and is the Chief Petty Officer. He joined the Navy at the age of 16. Charge is a good mechanic and takes care of the machinery aboard the Hammersley.

Robert J. Dixon

Robert J. Dixon is a Leading Seaman, i.e. the lowest-ranking non-commissioned officer, and is responsible for all radio communications, radar and information gathering. Most of them just call him RO (Radio Operator). His friendship and comradeship with the other team members is always strained, as he is viewed by everyone as unworldly and cold. However, this can also come from his childhood, as he was often emotionally abused by his father. He is very conscientious and reliable in obtaining information and in the rest of his work.


The real HMAS Wollongong as HMAS Hammersley (in the HMAS Waterhen base, Sydney)
Cap of the fictional Armidale class boat HMAS Hammersley

The television series shows the war between the sexes and the cultural diversity of the Navy , and addresses contemporary issues such as illegal fishing, refugees, drug trafficking, immigration and people smuggling. The episodes have an underlying mystery that runs through the series.

The cost of producing the first season was AU $ 15 million and that of the third season was AU $ 17 million .

The series was discontinued after the fifth season, because at that time a tax reduction applicable under Australian tax law up to 65 episodes produced expired.


Two real Fremantle-class boats were used during the first season, both of which then served as HMAS Hammersley. HMAS Wollongong was used for filming in Sydney , while HMAS Ipswich was used for six weeks on Dunk Island in Queensland . HMAS Hammersley was decommissioned during the final episode of the first season. The HMAS Kingston , another fictional Fremantle-class boat, is mentioned in many episodes and appears in the ninth episode.

While filming the first season, it was forecast that HMAS Hammersley would have to be replaced with newer Armidale-class boats in the next few seasons. The later seasons use an Armidale class boat, also called HMAS Hammersley , with the Hull number 82. For the second season, the recordings were made on the HMAS Broome and later on the HMAS Launceston . The first season was filmed exclusively on a decommissioned Fremantle-class boat.


The city of Cairns , Dunk Island , Mission Beach and Cowley Beach , which is near Innisfail , as well as the Tamborine Mountains in the Australian state of Queensland and the Navy Base HMAS Waterhen in Sydney , New South were used as outdoor locations Wales . The interior filming all took place at Warner Roadshow Studios in Gold Coast .

Cast and dubbing

The actors of the main characters are listed by name in the screen text of the episodes, the actors who rank under "Guest starring", "Special Guest Starring" and "Co-starring" are summarized below as guest and supporting actors .


The German synchronization was created after the dialogue books by Dirk Müller, Frank Preissler and the dialogue director of Engelbert Nordhausen by the synchronous company Berliner Synchron .

main actor

Most of the changes to the main cast took place in season three, when one new actor was added and four were eliminated.

rank Role name Nickname actor Main role
Main role
Main role
Guest role
Guest role
Voice actor
Lieutenant Commander
Michael "Mike" Flynn CO Ian Stenlake 000000000000001.00000000001-68 000000000000001.00000000001-5 2007-2011 Tobias Kluckert
Lieutenant Kate McGregor XO Lisa McCune 000000000000001.00000000001-68 000000000000001.00000000001-5 2007-2011 Victoria Storm
Chief Petty Officer Andrew "Andy" Thorpe Batch John Batchelor 000000000000001.00000000001-68 000000000000001.00000000001-5 2007-2011 Marco Kroeger
Chief Petty Officer Christopher "Chris" Blake Swain Matthew Holmes 000000000000001.00000000001-68 000000000000001.00000000001-5 2007-2011 Jaron Lowenberg
Leading Seaman Robert Dixon Ro Kristian Schmid 000000000000001.00000000001-68 000000000000001.00000000001-5 2007-2011 Tobias Nath
Able Seaman Tobias "Toby" Jones Chefo Josh Lawson 000000000000001.00000000001-13 000000000000001.00000000001 2007 Rainer Fritzsche
Leading Seaman Joshua "Josh" Holiday ET David Lyons 000000000000001.00000000001-27 000000000000001.00000000001-3 2007-2009 Tim Knauer
Lieutenant Nicole "Nikki" Caetano Nav Saskia Burmeister 000000000000001.00000000001-39 000000000000001.00000000001-3 2007-2009 Nicole Hannak
Petty officer Peter "Pete" Tomaszewski Buffer Jeremy Lindsay Taylor 000000000000001.00000000001-39 000000000000001.00000000001-3 2007-2009 Markus Pfeiffer
Seaman William "Billy" Webb Spider Jay Ryan 000000000000001.00000000001-39 000000000000001.00000000001-3 2007-2009 Nico Mamone
Able Seaman Rebecca Brown bomber Kirsty Lee Allan 000000000000014.000000000014-55 000000000000002.00000000002-4 2008-2010 Anna Grisebach
Leading Seaman Leo Kosov-Meyer 2Dads Nikolai Nikolaeff 000000000000028.000000000028-68 000000000000003.00000000003-5 2009-2011 Leonhard Mahlich
Petty officer Dylan Mulholland Dutchy Conrad Coleby 000000000000040.000000000040-68 000000000000004.00000000004-5 2010-2011 Tommy Morgenstern
Seaman Jessica Bird Bird Danielle Horvat 000000000000040.000000000040-68 000000000000004.00000000004-5 2010-2011 Julia Kaufmann
Midshipman Ryan White Dominic Deutscher 000000000000055.000000000055-68 000000000000005.00000000005 2011 4th 2010 Niclas Lutz
  1. Episodes 1–39
  2. Episodes 40-68
  3. Episode 68

Guest and supporting actors

Major guest and supporting actors who appear in more than one episode include (associated seasons are shown in brackets):

From season 1:

From season 2:

From season 3:

From season 4:

From season 5:



In Australia, the first season started on July 5, 2007 on Nine Network and ended on October 4, 2007. The second season ran from March 31 to June 23, 2008. A third season ran from May 18 to June 27, 2008 Aired July 15, 2009 and a fourth from April 15 to July 29, 2010. The fifth and final season started on April 26, 2011.


The German premiere of the series took place without interruptions from July 6, 2011 to February 22, 2012 in double episodes on the station Das Vierte .


According to a press release published by Nine Network in 2007 , the series has been sold in over 100 countries. This deal allows the series to be broadcast on many Hallmark channels around the world including the United Kingdom , Serbia , Indonesia , India , Russia , Norway , South Africa , Mexico , Poland , Vietnam and Palau . The series can also be seen in Belgium on Eén , in Italy on Rai 1 , and in France and the Netherlands on 13th Street .

Awards and nominations

Logie Award
  • Nominee - Most Popular Person on Australian Television - Lisa McCune (2008)
  • Nominee - Best Actress - Lisa McCune (2008)
  • Nominated - Best Performance on a TV Series - Newcomer - David Lyons (2008)
  • Nominated - Best Performance in a Series - Newcomer - Kirsty Lee Allan (2009)

DVD publications

In Australia, the first season was released just ten days after it ended on October 17, 2007. The second season followed on November 6, 2008, the third on October 1, 2009 and the fourth on August 19, 2010. The fifth and final season went on sale August 4, 2011.

The German-language release of the first two seasons took place on April 27 and July 27, 2012. The third season was released on October 26, 2012. The fourth season was released on January 25, 2013. The fifth and final season was released on April 26, 2013.

Season Australia Germany
1 October 17, 2007 April 27, 2012
2 November 6, 2008 July 27, 2012
3 October 1, 2009 October 26, 2012
4th August 19, 2010 January 25, 2013
5 4th August 2011 April 26, 2013

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