H 2 O - Suddenly a mermaid

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Television series
German title H 2 O - Suddenly a mermaid
Original title H 2 O: Just Add Water
H2o just add water.png
Country of production Australia
original language English
Year (s) 2006-2010
Jonathan M. Shiff Productions ,
ZDF Enterprises
length 23 minutes
Episodes 78 in 3 seasons ( list )
genre Youth series , drama , fantasy
Theme music No Ordinary Girl
- Ellie Henderson (Season 1)
- Kate Alexa (Season 2)
- Indiana Evans (Season 3)
production Jonathan M. Shiff
First broadcast July 7, 2006 (Australia) on Network Ten
first broadcast
July 30, 2007 on KiKA

H 2 O - Suddenly Mermaid (Original title: H 2 O: Just Add Water ; H 2 O for short ) is an Australian youth series by Jonathan M. Shiff . The series was produced from 2006 to 2009 by Ship's production company Jonathan M. Shiff Productions in collaboration with ZDF Enterprises . It's about three teenage girls and their normal teenage problems, the only difference being that they 're mermaids on the side. The first episode was broadcast on July 7, 2006 by the Australian television station Network Ten , while the German-language first broadcast took place on July 30, 2007 on KiKA .

Actually only planned for two seasons, a third season was produced due to the great success. An offshoot entitled Mako - Simply Mermaid was also broadcast between 2013 and 2016 .


The series tells of three friends ( Emma , Rikki and Cleo in the first two seasons and Bella , Rikki and Cleo in the third season) who can turn into mermaids . To keep this a secret, they lead a more or less secret double life as a human and as a mermaid.

season 1

In the first season, the three become mermaids and are confronted with the fact that they have to keep this a secret.

At the beginning of the season, the two friends Emma and Cleo and their new classmate Rikki stranded on a boat tour together on Mako Island. You get to a crater lake ( Mondsee ), which you can only leave by diving . However, since Cleo is afraid of water, they need so long until the full moon shines through the crater. The next day, they find that they turn into mermaids ten seconds after exposure to water and only turn back when they are dry.

In the following episodes, the three of them discover that each of them has a special ability: Cleo can shape water into every imaginable form, Emma can freeze water and Rikki can heat it. Although they decide to keep this a secret , Lewis , Cleo's friend , learns that they are mermaids.

From episode four, Louise Chatham appears and makes hints about the three. In episode seven you will be warned by her not to look into the full moon or its reflections . They find that they otherwise behave strangely until the moon sets.

As the season progresses, Dr. Linda Denman , a marine biologist, found out that Lewis accidentally left a sample of Cleo on the table. Dr. Denman notes that when it comes into contact with water, it turns into a completely different sample. However, Lewis can arrange for her to leave without knowing the background of the sample.

The series now revolves around smaller side stories and now and then around the full moon. In episode 13 Emma has to rescue the arrogant businessman's son Zane from the sinking boat of Mrs. Chatham, where he can recognize Emma from behind as a mermaid. As the season progresses, Zane keeps looking for and finding clues that point to the existence of sea people. At the same time, he befriends Rikki (which Mrs. Chatham warns against). The three friends find out that Mrs. Chatham, together with her friends Gracie and Julia, also became mermaids there 50 years ago and receive their memorabilia from her in the form of a pendant .

Towards the end of the first season, Dr. Denman to do fish count research. Zane persuades her to look for clues about mermaids too. She discovers and recognizes the three as mermaids on a camera. Because of the friendship between Rikki and Zane, Emma, ​​Rikki, Cleo and Lewis are warned indirectly, but Dr. Denman lock up the three to scientifically examine Emma, ​​Rikki and Cleo as mermaids. When Zane learns that one of the mermaids is Rikki, he helps them escape. Louise advises them to give up their mermaid existence during a lunar eclipse (note: this is not a solar eclipse, even if it looks more like it!) In order not to attract any scientific interest. In order not to jeopardize the intended purpose, she conceals from them that this effect only lasts for twelve hours. Dr. Denman realizes that the three want to give up their strength, but cannot prevent it and therefore leaves without publishing the results.

The season ends with Zane and Rikki splitting up and the three then finding out that their powers still exist.

season 2

The second season is mainly about Charlotte, who Lewis and the secret of the three mermaids gets closer and closer. She also fights against the trio because of Lewis, but above all against Cleo.

At the beginning of the second season, Emma, ​​Cleo and Rikki come under the influence of the full moon and swim to Mako Island, where they get stronger powers: Cleo can now also control the wind, Emma can now also freeze dry things and Rikki can create fire and lightning. However, when they are no longer under the influence of the full moon the next morning, they find that they can no longer properly dose their powers.

They get to know their new classmate Charlotte and get ideas from her that they can transfer to their strengths. Lewis tries to help Cleo practice , but Cleo finds this rather overwhelming, so the two separate.

In the third episode, Zane reappears. He still assumes that the three have given up being a mermaid. While trying to rebuild a relationship with Rikki, he quickly realizes that she still has her powers. In fact, the two are getting back together.

Lewis strains the split from Cleo. Still, he often meets with Cleo and the others. Charlotte shows herself to be helpful to him and slowly comes closer to Lewis. Cleo also doesn't quite cope with the separation, so that she very quickly develops a pronounced distrust of Charlotte.

While Emma and Cleo live in ordinary single-family houses and Zane and his father in a much more expensive building, one does not initially learn anything about the place of residence of Lewis and especially of Rikki. In episode 34 it becomes clear that neither Lewis, Cleo and Emma know their address. She even gives Zane a wrong address. This is because Rikki is ashamed of her home because she lives with her father in a residential trailer. Zane then reveals to Emma and Cleo that Rikki means a lot to him regardless of their living conditions, he is with her and knows that they are still mermaids, so that at the end of the episode Rikki shows the others where they live with confidence. When three episodes later became known to be difficulties with its financing, her pride is so great that she definitely wants to earn the necessary money on her own. This leads to tension between the friends until Rikki collapses from physical exhaustion in an accident.

In episode 35 Emma meets the riding instructor Ash, who impresses her so much that they quickly annoy each other. In episode 40, Ash takes over as managing director of the Juice-Net-Café, Emma's workplace and, more often, a common meeting place for friends. Immediately there is tension again between the two, until Ash dismisses Emma after a misunderstanding. Soon after, Ash recognizes it as such, hires her again, and becomes friends with her. The two get closer, with Emma resisting the suggestion to tell Ash the mermaid secret.

Max Hamilton appears in episode 45. He was the friend of Gracie, who turns out to be Charlotte's grandmother, and assumed a position similar to Lewis in the association of Louise, Gracie and Juliette. He advises Lewis to stand by Cleo and gives him his own research to help Lewis solve unresolved questions about the mermaids. Since Charlotte is now just as suspicious of the trio as Cleo is of Charlotte, she gains access to the research results and learns about the secret of the mermaids.

Charlotte is now convinced that Lewis likes Cleo more than she does, and that this is because Cleo is a mermaid. After an argument with Lewis, she goes to the moon lake under the full moon and purposely bathes in it, so that she becomes a mermaid too.

After the three realize that Charlotte is a mermaid, they give her a chance to accept her into their community. Nevertheless, the three do not manage to build a relationship of trust with her. Rikki in particular is opposed to a friendly relationship with Charlotte. In addition, the three must find that Charlotte has all three powers. She also uses this offensively against people who annoy her, and finally also against Rikki, Cleo and Emma, ​​whom she feels superior to.

The series quickly develops into a dispute between the old and the new mermaid in which Lewis becomes nothing more than a plaything and even hardly notices the fights between the two groups.

Lewis only becomes suspicious when Charlotte Cleo picks up her pendant and tells Lewis that she gave it to her. Cleo feels left alone as a result. When she also gets stress in her family, she sends a cry for help to Lewis and flees to Mako Island. After Lewis realizes that Charlotte intends to use intrigues to cut off all contact with Cleo, he breaks off the relationship with her and looks for Cleo, so that the two get back together.

Charlotte is upset now. In addition, the first full moon is coming up for them. Max warns Lewis that a special planetary constellation ( 50-year full moon ) changes the effect of this full moon, so that the mermaids lose their powers forever if they bathe in the moon lake during this full moon. It is not clear in the series whether the four can still control each other that night when they look into the full moon.

Rikki and Cleo decide to stay with Emma. Charlotte follows them and attacks them from the outside by making all the water in the house go crazy. She annoys and amazes Ash, who is also at Emma's house at the same time. He breaks up with Emma because she doesn't want to explain the oddities to him. To stop Charlotte, Lewis lures her to Mako Island. Since Cleo does not want to leave Lewis alone with Charlotte, the others follow her to Mondsee, where an open fight ensues between them. In this fight, Charlotte ends up in Mondsee and loses her strength.

At the end of the season, Charlotte gives up her courtship for Lewis and reconciles with the others. Emma shows Ash her secret and gets back together with him. So at the end of the season, all three mermaids are back together with their boyfriend.

season 3

The third season is essentially about the new mermaid Bella and the water tentacle .

At the beginning of the third season, you learn that Emma is on a trip around the world. In addition, the full moon is initially no longer dangerous for the two remaining mermaids Cleo and Rikki.

Zane bought the vacant Juice-Net-Café (based on an idea from Rikki) and wants to run it together with Rikki as Rikki’s . Since the full moon no longer causes them problems, they set the full moon day February 7th as the opening date. But rubbery-looking water ( tentacles ) tries to attack Cleo first. When Bella, the singer of the café, Rikki and Cleo meet, the two watch as the water pulls Rikki into the sea and swims with her to Lake Mondsee. Cleo also jumps into the water to help Rikki. Bella jumps after her and also reveals herself as a mermaid. Bella also has an ability, she can turn water into a gelatinous substance ( goo ), with the help of which they can destroy the tentacle and free Rikki. Bella can also harden the water, which she later uses to create a dry path through a river.

In Mondsee cave you can find free divers Will , which is immersed in the cave, and was attacked there by the water tentacle. In the following episodes, Will gets closer to the mermaid secret through his research into the tentacle and because he befriends Bella at the same time, until he finds out in episode 62 (Bella) or 64 (Cleo and Rikki). At the same time, Cleo's separated father befriends Sam.

On full moon days, the girls are now repeatedly attacked by the tentacle. In episode 58, Lewis discovers that the water from Mako Island now has strange magical abilities.

In episode 59, Sophie, Will's sister, appears. She is Will's diving trainer and intrigue helps her get a job in the café. In episode 65, Lewis gets a scholarship as a marine biologist in America and therefore moves there.

While the girls find small crystals that they are now wearing to replace the previous pendants, Sophie begins to work her way up in the café and ensnare Zane. Finally, Rikki breaks up with him. Will is annoyed by the hard training and decides to give up his diving career.

Rikki begins to see the tentacle no longer as an enemy, but as a kind of friend who wants to tell them something. The friends find out that the crystals they use as pendants store moonlight and thus have a great magical and magnetic effect. In episode 74, Rikki finally convinces the others to be caught by the tentacle and brought to Mako Island. The tentacle shows them a kind of film in which they see a comet. After the film first breaks off when Zane and Will appear in the Mondsee, the three of them manage to watch the entire film in episode 77 by simulating a full moon through their crystals. It shows that a comet will hit the earth and wreak havoc.

Meanwhile, the café is in major financial difficulties. Sophie persuades Zane to fund Ryan, a rock expert who suspects valuable crystals on Mako Island, to save the cafe. Ryan blows up the Mondsee on Mako Island. Although it remains accessible, it loses its magical abilities.

Since the magical abilities of the moon lake are no longer available to them, Bella, Rikki and Cleo have to use their own abilities to guide the comet past Earth. They create a column of water and lightning that eventually deflects the comet.

The series ends for Bella, Rikki and Cleo with a successful graduation, as well as with some vague statements: Sophie suggests to withdraw, the relationship between Zane and Rikki seems to be improving and Lewis turns up surprisingly at the graduation ceremony, apparently because of Cleo .

Real main locations

  • Mako Island : Mako Island is a fictional volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean near the coast of Australia. Here Emma, ​​Rikki and Cleo became mermaids by bathing in the moonlit water in one of the caves of the island's extinct volcano.
  • Sea World : In the series, the amusement park is called Marine Park . Cleo works here.

The series was shot on the Australian Gold Coast .


main characters

Cleo Sertori

Cleo lives in a house with her little sister Kim, her father Don, and her mother Bev. In contrast to Emma, ​​she often argues with her sister, as Kim is often only concerned with her own gain. In the second season, Bev broke up with Don and left the family. When Don befriends Sam at the beginning of the third season, Cleo supports the relationship, so that the two eventually get married.

She has various permanent jobs at the Marine World amusement park . At the beginning of the first season, she works in the dolphin - Aquarium , later she is there Eisverkäuferin. In the third season, Cleo gets her own dolphin show there.

During the course of the first season, she realizes that she has more than just friendship for Lewis, whom she has known from an early age. She gets together with him, but separates from him again at the beginning of the second season. During the second season, she has a hostile relationship with Lewis' new friend Charlotte. Towards the end of the second season, she gets back together with Lewis.

Cleo as a mermaid

Of all three, Cleo takes the longest to cope with the new situation as a mermaid.

With the help of her ability, she can shape water however she wants. To do this, it can expand water infinitely and almost let it explode. In season 2, Cleo can also control the wind.

Emma Gilbert

Emma also lives in a house with her little brother Elliot, her mother Lisa and her father Neil. In the series, Emma's family is shown in such a way that they stick together and talk more to each other than in Cleo's family, although Emma doesn't tell her family about her mermaid existence. This manifests itself, for example, in the fact that they absolutely want to spend their vacation together as a family. For the third season, Emma leaves the series with her family to travel around the world.

Emma doesn't have a boyfriend during the first season, but does keep an eye on the athlete Byron every now and then. In the second season she meets the riding instructor Ash and becomes friends with him. Despite their close friendship and the numerous peculiarities of being a mermaid, she decides not to reveal her secret to him. This is portrayed in the series as if this decision was based on principle. After the conflict with Charlotte is resolved, she shows him yet.

Emma as a mermaid

Before her transformation into a mermaid, Emma is described as an ambitious swimming athlete. Since she is no longer allowed to come into public contact with water after her transformation into a mermaid, she now has to leave her previous life behind. After that, however, she shows herself open to the new situation and quickly gets used to it.

Her magical ability as a mermaid allows Emma to freeze water. It can also freeze the liquids of a substance or door locks or burst them open from the inside. In the second season, her strength is increased, so she can create ice or make it snow on a - actually dry - table top .

Rikki Chadwick

In the first season, Rikki's home and her parents remain unknown for the time being, later it is learned that she lives alone with her father Terry in a trailer park . At first she is ashamed of it, but soon manages to look at her family life with more openness. In general, Rikki does not shy away from expressing her position in clear words and has an opinion on almost everything.

During the course of the first season, she befriends Zane , but is not always with him.

In the offshoot Mako - Simply Mermaid one learns that Rikki became a famous book author as an adult, who continues to dive under water as a mermaid and exhibits the treasures found with the help of a foundation all over the world.

Rikki as a mermaid

She sees the new situation as a mermaid as a kind of adventure and since she is new to the city anyway, she finds the fastest way to deal with her mermaid existence and the associated disadvantages vis-à-vis the public.

It can heat water, boil it or make it evaporate. This allows it to dry itself again, for example. Rikki's increased powers in Season 2 allow her to create fire and hurl lightning bolts.

Isabel "Bella" Hartley

Bella is there as the new mermaid from the 3rd season. She has been a mermaid since she was nine years old. Bella was transformed into a lake in Ireland. When Will learns her secret, she befriends him and meets him later.

Bella as a mermaid

Bella can harden water. This turns it into a kind of jelly that turns back into water after a while, or, if the process continues, into a kind of glass or transparent plastic that is stable and does not turn back. Together with Cleo, for example, she can create figures out of water.

Lewis McCartney

He is a friend of the mermaid trio and knows their common secret and their special powers. Although he has no magical abilities himself, he is a very talented scientist. He brings a certain affection for Cleo and helps the mermaids whenever he can. During the first season he gets together with Cleo, which is over at the beginning of the second season. After Cleo broke up with him, he had Charlotte as a girlfriend, and at the end of the second season he got back together with Cleo.

In the middle of the third season Lewis moves to America for a scholarship as a marine biologist, but comes back in the last episode.

Lewis fishes like.

William "Will" Benjamin

Will comes in the third season. He is an apnea diver , a recreational diver who dives without technical aids. For this he is trained by his sister Sophie .

At his parents' request, Will lives in a converted boathouse.

Will befriends Bella. After learning their secret and Lewis emigrates, he is the first point of contact for the trio to discuss magical problems.

Minor characters

Charlotte Watsford

Charlotte is Gracie's granddaughter . She's new to school at the beginning of season two and falls in love with Lewis at first sight. She makes intrigues against Cleo and finally gets together with him.

As the season progresses, she gets closer and closer to the secret of Rikki, Cleo and Emma. Towards the end of the second season, she finds out that Gracie and soon after that Rikki, Emma and Cleo are mermaids. After she deliberately bathes in the moon lake under the full moon in episode 47, she also becomes a mermaid, but with several strong powers. First she wants the friendship of the other three, but then begins to think of herself as a "super mermaid" and the only true mermaid. In the decisive fight against the combined forces of Cleo, Emma and Rikki, however, she loses her own strength instead, as she falls into the Mondsee during the 50-year full moon .

She is very good at drawing .

Charlotte as a mermaid She has all the skills of the other mermaids, later also the extended powers that the trio got on a special full moon night in the first episode of the second season.

Zane Bennett

He is the son of a businessman whose character develops over the course of the series (under the influence of Rikki) and who frees himself from his father's influence . At the beginning of the series he is mean to the trio, but later a liking for Rikki germinates, which he lets look behind his autocratic facade on various occasions. Zane and Rikki get together. When Emma needs to save Zane from drowning , he becomes obsessed with the thought that mermaids might exist. He persuades Dr. Denman to look for mermaids. When she discovers the secret, Zane wants to save Rikki and the others from being sold to science as a sensation. Although he succeeds, the two separate again at the end of the first season.

Zane changes schools. In the third episode of the second season ( Old Love Doesn't Rust ) Zane reappears. His father wanted to build a visitor paradise on Mako Island, which could be prevented. He shows Rikki that he still loves her and the two get back together. By chance he learns that Cleo, Emma and Rikki are still mermaids despite their abandonment (at the end of the first season). He has a red rigid inflatable dinghy is an excellent swimmer and diver goes motocross and revealed throughout the series great technical skills, which even earn him the sympathy of Rikki's father. For IT and engineering services, however, he repeatedly has to resort to the help of Lewis, sometimes for a fee. In the episode The Film Award he tries to surf Mako Island and is attacked by sharks. Rikki manages to save him by heating the water and driving away the sharks.

In the third season he initially runs the Rikki’s café together with Rikki . Since Sophie begins to influence Zane, Rikki separates from him again, with Zane still standing by Rikki. Zane prefers black and dark red clothes.

Miriam Kent

Miriam is the "girl" for Zane. She is as spoiled as she is arrogant. In one episode, she tries to steal Emma's necklace, but is watched by Rikki, who takes it off her again. In another episode, she demands a kiss from Zane for a necklace that he later wants to give Rikki as a devil as she is. She doesn't understand why Zane only loves Rikki and hates Rikki for it. In the second season she no longer appears.


Tiffany is Miriam's best friend and can usually be seen by her side. In the second season she no longer appears.


Nate is a buddy of Zane and thinks he's super great, as you can see in the episode "Nate Irresistible". But otherwise he doesn't appear that often in the series. It turns out that he has an interest in Cleo and even tries to play Lewis off in one episode. From season 3 he plays with his band in "Rikki's".

Dr. Linda Denman

She is a young, beautiful, ambitious marine biologist who examines a sample of Cleo's toenails accidentally abandoned by Lewis and discovers abnormal behavior when in contact with water. She asks Lewis to give her more of his sample. But Lewis remains loyal to the trio and does everything to keep their secret. In one episode, she finds one of Cleo's fish scales on Mako Island at Mondsee and finally even finds out the secret of the mermaids. But since there is a lunar eclipse, you can give up your strength by bathing in the Mondsee for twelve hours and Dr. Make Denman think they are normal girls again for all time (because at this point they believe so).


Byron is an athlete and has his eye on Emma just like she has on him. In season 1, Emma helps him win the swimming tournament. In the second season he no longer appears.

Ash Dove

He's only coming in the second season. At first Emma and her little brother only knew him from riding lessons. Emma finds Ash very showy and annoying at first because he always wants to explain everything to her. After a while he replaces Wilfred, the boss of the Juice-Net-Café, and after she realizes that Ash is okay, she befriends him. After a while, the two even come together. Emma also tells Ash at the end of the second season that she is a mermaid, but that doesn't change anything for Ash.

Sophie Benjamin

Sophie is Will's older sister who is a huge influence on him, who is not necessarily positive. Furthermore, she is in love with Zane, and she even manages to destroy his relationship with Rikki by kissing them while Rikki watches them. She works at Rikki's. Sophie also wants to prevent Will and Bella from getting together. Sophie, Zane and Ryan go to Mako Island and destroy the Mermaid's place.

Louise, Gracie, Julia, Max and Carl

Miss Louise Chatham : She appears now and then at Cleo's and gives her puzzling hints and advice. She knows the girls' secret and knows more than Cleo, Emma and Rikki. She and her two friends used to be in the same situation as Cleo and the others are now. From their vague statements, one can conclude that something has happened to them. But Cleo cannot have a reasonable conversation because the lady always appears suddenly and then disappears again. They are all very close friends now and they help each other with problems. She is the only one who shows up as an old lady with Cleo, Rikki and Emma. Her character is like Emma's: sensitive, determined and determined. Emma carries her pendant. Miss Chatham gave it to her because she said all three followers should be together.

Gracie : She gave up her powers and her existence as a mermaid at the full moon, when all planets are on the same orbit with the moon. She was with Max. She is also Charlotte's grandmother, and Gracie's character is very similar to Cleo, because both of them are personable, naive and a bit insecure. Cleo also carries her pendant. Emma found it on the bottom of Mondsee.

Julia : She told her boyfriend Carl everything, who then took photos of her as a mermaid. That's why the friendship between Louise, Julia and Gracie broke up. But afterwards they got along again. In one of the last episodes of the first season, we learn that she has died. Julia has a lot in common with Rikki, for example she was also very bitchy, loyal, but also smart. Rikki wears her pendant after Zane "bought" it from Miriam. (Miriam bought it from the store Rikki saw him in, just to annoy Rikki.)

Max Hamilton : 50 years ago he also tried to solve the mystery of Mako Island. He helped Gracie, Julia, and Louise, as did Lewis. The trailers that Rikki, Emma and Cleo now have were made by him. Gracie was the unrequited love of his life. After discovering the secrets of Rikki, Emma and Cleo, he helps Lewis.

Carl : He was Julia's boyfriend. She confided her secret to him and he took photos. Because of him, the friendship between Louise, Gracie and Julia broke.

Cast and dubbing

The German synchronization is created for a dialogue book and the dialogue director of Henning Stegelmann by the synchronous company Studio Hamburg Synchron GmbH in Hamburg .

Main cast

Role name actor Main role Supporting role Voice actor
Rikki Chadwick Cariba Heine 1.01-3.26 Celine Fontanges
Emma Gilbert Claire Holt 1.01-2.26 Katharina von Keller
Cleo Sertori Phoebe Tonkin 1.01-3.26 Sonja Stein
Isabel "Bella" Hartley Indiana Evans 3.01-3.26 Simona Pahl
Lewis McCartney Angus McLaren 1.01-3.13 3.26 Leonhard Mahlich
William "Will" Benjamin Luke Mitchell 3.01-3.26 René Dawn-Claude

Supporting cast

Role name actor Supporting role Voice actor Brief description
Zane Bennett Burgess Abernethy 1.01-3.26 Tim Knauer
Nate Jamie Timony 1.01-3.26 Jannik Endemann Friend of Zane
Miriam Kent Annabelle Stephenson 1.02-1.24 Stephanie Kirchberger
Tiffany Alice Hunter 1.02-1.24 Mia Diekow Friend of Miriam
Charlotte Watsford Brittany Byrnes 2.02-2.26 Kristina von Weltzien
Byron Christopher Poree 1.02-1.24 Benny Bossert
Ash Dove Craig Horner 2.09-2.26 Tobias Schmidt Riding instructor, later head of the Juice-Net-Café
Elliot Gilbert Trent Sullivan 1.04-2.26 Brother of Emma
Lisa Gilbert Caroline Kennison 1.02-2.25 Ela Nitzsche Mother of Emma
Neil Gilbert Jared Robinson 1.02-2.25 Volker Hanisch Father of Emma
Kim Sertori Cleo Massey 1.01-3.26 Linda Foelster Sister of Cleo
Don (Donald) Sertori Alan David Lee 1.02-3.26 Achim book Father of Cleo
Bev Sertori Deborah Coulls 1.03-1.20 Mother of Cleo
Samantha Roberts Penni Gray 3.04-3.26 Anne Moll later wife of Cleo's father
Terry Chadwick Andy McPhee 2.08, 2.11 Father of Rikki
Harrison Bennett Joss McWilliam 1.07-1.26 Robert Missler Father of Zane
Annette Watsford Tiffany Lamb 2.06, 2.20, 2.24 Mother of Charlotte
Wilfred Ariu Lang Sio 1.01–2.09 Erik Schäffler Owner of the Juice-Net café
Amber Rebekah Madden-Fisher 2.04-2.24 works in the Juice-Net-Café
Sophie Benjamin Taryn Marler 3.06-3.26 Kaya Marie Möller Will's sister, works at Rikki's
Dr. Linda Denman Lara Cox 1.08, 1.25-1.26 Marine biologist
Ryan Andrew Lees 3.17-3.26 Rock expert
Louise Chatham Christine Amor 1.04-1.26 Micaëla Kreißler old
Max Hamilton Martin Vaughan 2.19-2.26 old

More roles

Role name actor Supporting role Voice actor Brief description
Thea Gilbert Arna Maria Winchester 1.07 Emma's aunt
Emma's grandma Flloyd Kennedy 1.07 Grandma from Emma
Angela Jade Paskins 1.19 Cousin of Cleo
Lenny McCartney Preston Forsyth 1.06 Brother of Lewis
Candy Birgette Paroissien 1.07, 1.22 Friend of Harrison Bennett
Billy Thomas Malios 2.02 Brother of Nate
Isabel "Bella" Hartley Jamie Ellen Ewing 3.10 young
Harrison Bennett Damien Bryson 1.10 young
Gracie Watsford Ashleigh Brewer 1.23, 2.19-2.20 young
Louise Chatham Teri Haddy 1.21, 1.23, 2.19-2.20 young
Julia Dove Amrita Tarr 1.23 young
Taryn Marler 2.19-2.20
Carl Brett Sellwood 1.23 young
Max K. Hamilton Matthew Scully 2.19-2.20 young

The followers

The three pendants were made by Max Hamilton for the original mermaids (Miss Louise Chatham, Gracie and Julia). The first trailer was found by Emma at the bottom of the Moon Lake on Mako Island. She later gave it to Cleo because Miriam tried to steal the pendant. Rikki wanted to buy the second, but Miriam got ahead of her, in the end she got it and the third was given to Emma by Miss Chatham because Miss Chatham wants all three followers to be together. Max says that all followers are different. Emma's has a white stone, Rikki's red, and Cleo's blue.

In season 3, all three carry blue crystal stones from the Mondsee, which they can also use to pull out the water tentacle by sticking them into notches in the wall of the Mondsee. Initially, only Bella wears such a necklace, her crystal stone comes from a moon lake grotto in Ireland, in which she was transformed. Rikkis and Cleos crystal stones come from the Mondsee on Mako Island.

Mermaids in the series

Transformation into mermaids

When the girls touch water, they transform into mermaids within ten seconds . Their legs disappear and a bronze-colored fishtail appears instead. With this you can move exceptionally fast in the water. In addition, their clothes disappear, they wear a bikini top that is also bronze colored, and their hair is loose, no matter what hairstyle they have before. Plus, no matter how little water they touch, they are all wet immediately after they transform. After the reconfiguration, clothes and hairstyle reappear in the same form as before the last transformation. They cannot speak or breathe underwater, but the mermaids use sign language to communicate. You can stay underwater for over 15 minutes.

Mermaids magical skills

Rikki, Emma and Cleo each have a unique magical ability, which they have only used defensively (exception: during a full moon) or to help other people (see above under main characters). Charlotte, on the other hand, has all three of the trio's abilities. She abuses her powers to seek personal revenge and harm the trio. Bella also has an ability, but got it in an Irish cave.

The moon

The full moon turned Rikki, Emma and Cleo into mermaids when they were in the moon lake on Mako Island.

Effect of the full moon on the mermaids

If the mermaids look at the full moon or see a reflection of the full moon in the first two seasons, they can no longer control themselves or their powers and strange things happen to them, e.g. B. Cleo can suddenly sing beautifully, Emma desperately wants Ash to see her as a mermaid and Rikki ignites on Mako Island. After that, however, they cannot remember anything. At the beginning of the second season, Rikki, Emma and Cleo swim to Mako Island under the influence of the full moon and receive increased strength. Even under the influence of the full moon, the three mermaids can prevent Charlotte from touching the moon lake when she discovers it under the full moon.

Effect of the full moon on the Mondsee

When the full moon shines through the crater of the Mondsee, the water in the Mondsee begins to bubble. Anyone who gets in there becomes a mermaid after a few hours.

lunar eclipse

Through Lewis and Miss Chatham, the three girls learn that they lose their strength again if they bathe in the moon lake during an eclipse of the moon. Miss Chatham initially conceals from the three mermaids that this only lasts for twelve hours .

The special moon

Every 50 years all relevant planets are aligned in a line with the full moon. Then the moon is particularly strong and the mermaids can lose their powers and their mermaid existence forever. Gracie, a friend of Miss Chatham, lost her mermaid existence 50 years ago. At the end of the second season, Charlotte also loses her strength and the fishtail.

The tentacle

In the third season the Mondsee changes; both visually and magically. He now has none of the previous powers of the first two seasons. Now, when the full moon rises a wall of water, which in turn water into the crater appears instead into shoots . The tentacle then arises in the crater lake; a kind of transparent squid made of water that moves very quickly through the sea. At the same time, however, it can also appear in water dispensers, for example, although these are not connected to the open sea.

This tentacle tries to catch Cleo, Rikki or Bella by holding them with his arms and taking them to the Mondsee. What he wants there is not initially clear. So he first tries to pull Rikki under the water and hold it there or turn Bella into water. After all three wear the moon crystals as a pendant, the tentacle tries to show them a film that warns them of a comet.

It is suggested that the moon lake has special mechanisms to drive away this comet, but Cleo, Rikki and Bella cannot use them because the moon lake is destroyed by Ryan beforehand.

Production and broadcast

The series was produced as a German-Australian production, a budget of more than 14 million euros was available for its realization. The original version was first broadcast on Network Ten in mid-2006, while the German-language version was broadcast for the first time a year later on KiKA.

In 2008 the series topped the Australian TV charts with a market share of 42% (approx. 10-15 million) and audience ratings in the target group of 8-12 years.

The series is now running in more than 20 countries, including Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Scandinavia, France, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Italy, South Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Romania, Poland and England.

Season Episodes Airing (Australia)
Network Ten
Broadcast (Germany)
Broadcast (Germany)
season 1 26th July 7th to December 29th, 2006 July 30th to August 15th 2007 October 14, 2007 to April 20, 2008
season 2 26th September 28, 2007 to March 21, 2008 April 24 to May 12, 2008 May 4th to November 2nd, 2008
season 3 26th October 26, 2009 to April 16, 2010 (UK) May 20 to June 10, 2010 May 16 to August 8, 2010


Mako - simply mermaid

In July 2011, the production of an offshoot called Mako - Simply Mermaid was announced. The new series, originally called Mako Mermaids , follows the adventures of 15-year-old Zac and the mermaids Sirena, Nixie and Lyla. The shooting began in early May 2012. It essentially follows the theme of the H 2 O series, but extends it to mermaids who have lived in water since birth. The first season was first broadcast on ZDFtivi and KiKA between September 28, 2013. A second season followed from November 19, 2015 and a third season from October 3, 2016. In the third season, the story of Rikki is continued.

H 2 O - Mermaid Adventure

From August 28 to October 2, 2015, the animation series H2O - Mermaid Adventure was shown at KiKA . The series, which was originally called Mermaid Adventures , tells stories about the girls Cleo, Rikki and Emma in 26 episodes as in the real series. The series is aimed at younger viewers and now they can talk underwater. You communicate with the sea creatures and experience adventures there.

Other media


The books are published by Panini Verlag .

tape title Publication date pages ISBN
part 1 Magical transformation March 13, 2008 125 ISBN 978-3-8332-1709-8
Volume 2 A life full of secrets March 13, 2008 127 ISBN 978-3-8332-1710-4
Volume 3 Caught in the net August 15, 2008 137 ISBN 978-3-8332-1797-5
Volume 4 Bad luck at the slumber party October 9, 2008 144 ISBN 978-3-8332-1798-2
Volume 5 Miss Queen of the Sea March 13, 2009 144 ISBN 978-3-8332-1847-7
Volume 6 Totally in love March 13, 2009 144 ISBN 978-3-8332-1848-4
Volume 7 Moonstruck September 18, 2009 144 ISBN 978-3-8332-1944-3
Volume 8 Dangerous experiments September 18, 2009 144 ISBN 978-3-8332-1945-0


In Germany, all episodes of a season are combined in a package of four DVDs each .

Season Publication date length
1st season May 29, 2008 624 minutes
2nd season October 22, 2009 624 minutes
3rd season January 17, 2011 624 minutes

Magazine for the series

On May 28, 2008, the first official magazine for the series was published. The second magazine was published on November 5th, 2008. Since June 18th there is a third magazine, which, unlike the other two, is a photo storybook.


In an H2O online shop operated jointly by ZDF Medienprojekte-Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG and Mundo GmbH, numerous merchandising products are sold for the target group of the program.

Background information

  • The director of the first 13 episodes, Jeffrey Walker , was just 23 years old.
  • The original subtitle of the series is: "Just add water" = "Just add water".
  • Lara Cox (Dr. Denman) and Brittany Byrnes (Charlotte Watsford) already starred in the Australian TV movie " Mermaids ".
  • The underwater recordings are filmed in Sea World, Australia. The location also serves as the backdrop for Cleo's job at the theme park.
  • The official soundtrack for the series is called "H 2 O: Just Add Water Soundtrack" and was sung by Ellie Henderson in the first season and by Kate Alexa in the second. From season 3 the soundtrack will be sung by Indiana Evans alias Isabel "Bella" Hartley.
  • The swimming style used in the underwater shots is called mermaiding .

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