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Craig Horner (born January 24, 1983 in Brisbane , Queensland ) is an Australian actor .


Craig Horner discovered his interest in acting during his school days, where he appeared in school plays such as A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Maids . At first, the musically very talented Horner was a member of the band Earth for Now and had a first successful appearance with the group in Hollywood . In February 2012 Horner left the band with another colleague and among other things released two solo singles on iTunes , meanwhile he is a member of the band Ithaka. Horner returned to Australia and attended St. Peters Lutheran College in Brisbane . After graduating from college, he began an acting career.

His first role was in the children's sci-fi television series Cybergirl . Horner has appeared in various series and smaller Australian film productions since 2001. Among the most famous are H₂O - Suddenly Mermaid , in which he played the role of Ash . In 2006 Horner also had a supporting role in the slasher flick See No Evil . In 2008 he played Garry Miller in Blue Water High and took on the lead role of Richard Cypher in the fantasy series Legend of the Seeker , which is roughly based on the book series The Sword of Truth by US author Terry Goodkind .

In addition to his work as an actor, the nature-loving Horner also practices sports such as soccer , tennis , snowboarding , volleyball and swimming .


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