Monarch Cove

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Television series
Original title Monarch Cove
Country of production United States
original language English
year 2006
length 50 minutes
Episodes 14 in 1 season
genre Soap opera , drama
First broadcast November 4, 2006 (USA) on Lifetime

Monarch Cove is an American soap opera that aired November 4 through December 15, 2006 in prime-time double episodes on Lifetime cable . It is based on the German telenovela Bianca - Paths to happiness . For the American version, the basic story of the telenovela has been retained, but the plot has been shortened.


Bianca Foster, who has just been released from prison, is returning to Monarch Cove, where her grandmother Grace, brother Ben and adoptive sister Kathy still live. Her brother cannot forgive her for being an arsonist and for killing her father. But Bianca was innocently behind bars, but nobody believes her. On the first day she meets Jake Preston and falls in love with him. But Jake is with Elizabeth DeBrett and they are expecting a child. However, he learns that Elizabeth cheated on him with Steven and that the child is his. Jake leaves Elizabeth and Elizabeth then leaves.

Over time, it comes out that Kathy murdered her adoptive father. She was blackmailed by Victor Shilling, who works as a detective for Alexander Preston. Since Alexander believes that his wife Arianna was having an affair with Rex Foster, he has Victor install cameras in the Foster's house. Since the two were not having an affair, Alexander confronted Victor. Victor drew a gun that Kathy took from him and accidentally shot her father. Victor blackmailed her with the footage and, for fear of jail, let her sister convict her innocently. She later begins embezzling the money from the Preston's company with Parker Elian. The two want to flee, but Kathy decides against Parker, shoots him and has him taken into police custody. She escapes Monarch Cove with the money.

In the end, Bianca and Jake get together and get married. The two have a daughter, whom they call Grace, in memory of Bianca's grandmother, who passed away on the show. Ben gets together with Jake's sister Sophia and makes up with his sister.


Main cast

actor Role name consequences
Virginia Williams Bianca Foster 1-14
Kieren Hutchison Jake Preston 1-14
Samantha Shelton Kathy Foster 1-14
Matt Funke Ben Foster 1-14
Simon Rex Eddie Lucas 1-14
Vanessa Lengies Sophia Preston 1-14
Samantha Healy Elizabeth DeBrett 1-14
Shirley Jones Grace Foster 1-10
Rachel Ward Arianna Preston 2-14
Robert Coleby Alexander Preston 2-14
Stephen Martines Parker Elian 4-14

Supporting cast

actor Role name consequences
James Stewart Davey Monroe 1-12
Dillon Stephensen Steve Clarke 1-8, 13th
Catherine Glavicic Selma 2-14
Craig Horner Caleb 1-6, 11-14
Cleo Massey young Bianca Foster 1, 6-8
Christopher Morris Victor Shilling 1, 6-8

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