Bones - the bone hunter

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Television series
German title Bones - the bone hunter
Original title Bones
Bones 2005 logo.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2005-2017
length 42 minutes
Episodes 246 in 12 seasons ( List )
genre Crime , drama
Theme music The Crystal Method - Bones Theme
idea Hart Hanson
production Hart Hanson, Barry Josephson, Stephen Nathan, Ian Toynton, Kathy Reichs
music Peter Himmelman
Sean Callery
First broadcast September 13, 2005 (USA) on Fox
first broadcast
October 19, 2006 on RTL

Bones - The Knochenjägerin (Original title: Bones ; to . Dt bone ) is an American crime series by Hart Hanson , who from 2005 to 2017 by 20th Century Fox for the US channel Fox was produced. In the German-speaking area it is broadcast on RTL , 3+ , VOX and ATV . It is about forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan (played by Emily Deschanel ) and her colleagues at the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington who work with the FBI to help solve crimes.

In the United States, the eleventh season ended in July 2016, and a shortened twelfth and final season was announced in February 2016. In German-speaking countries, the eleventh season began broadcasting in August 2016.

The finale of the 12th season broadcast on March 28, 2017 as the 246th episode in the USA is also the series finale.


The focus of the series is the forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan , whose nickname is Bones . Brennan is portrayed as an outstanding, but somewhat unworldly, scientist: while she is an absolute luminary in her complex subject , she has great difficulty in striking the right tone with others. She often comments on allusions to popular and everyday culture with the words: "I don't know what that means."

Brennan's work consists of identifying the skeletal remains of victims of World War I and other wars at the (fictional) Jeffersonian Institute in Washington. She and her team are repeatedly called in to help solve crimes that are being investigated by the FBI . The investigator Seeley Booth acts as her male counterpart .


The figure of Dr. Temperance Brennan was created by the US anthropologist and bestselling author Kathy Reichs for her debut novel Déjà Dead (English title: Dead don't lie ). A series of books emerged from the novel.

The television series Bones , however, is not a film adaptation of the Temperance Brennan novels. Instead, the series was only very loosely based on the novel. The "Jeffersonian" appearing in the series is fictional and an allusion to the real Smithsonian Institution , one of the most renowned research institutions in the USA.

Kathy Reichs says the TV series' younger Temperance Brennan is "in an earlier phase of her career" compared to her 40-year-old heroine. However, the two main characters differ not only in their age, but also in numerous other character and biographical details.

Nevertheless, the scriptwriters have based the further development of the character in the series on the person of Kathy Reichs herself: the anthropologist Temperance Brennan writes detective novels in her spare time, the main character of her stories is a forensic anthropologist named Kathy Reichs. As the series opens, Brennan has just published Bred in the Bone , which made the New York Times bestseller list . The back cover of Brennan's book features a portrait of the real-life Kathy Reichs.


main characters

Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan

Emily Deschanel plays the role of Temperance Brennan.

Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (nee Joy Keenan) is a passionate scientist who always makes decisions based on empirical and rational principles. Her social skills, on the other hand, are very limited; she often appears cold-hearted, distant and sometimes suspicious.

Temperance Brennan and her brother Russ were abandoned by their parents as children. Since Russ, who was 19 years old at the time, also left her, Temperance grew up with foster families. When an unknown woman is identified, who turns out to be Brennan's biological mother, she gets in contact with her brother Russ again and finds out that her maiden name is Joy Keenan and that her parents belonged to a group of bank robbers. The parents had left Russ, whose original name was Kyle, and Temperance to protect the two children from the other members of the criminal gang. Brennan's father Max Keenan is still alive, but had to remain hidden for a long time as a wanted criminal because he was suspected of killing the FBI's vice director. However, he was acquitted.

Brennan has a good relationship with her colleagues at the Jeffersonian . Angela Montenegro calls Temperance Brennan her best friend. Brennan's steadfast partner in the investigation is FBI agent Seeley Booth. The relationship between the two becomes closer and friendlier through many common and often life-threatening events, but a romantic relationship only develops later. Brennan has several brief relationships, including a particularly close one with FBI agent Sullivan. Sullivan plans to take Brennan to the Caribbean, but she turns down the offer.

In addition to her work at the Jeffersonian Institute, Brennan writes crime novels about forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs that have become bestsellers. In her spare time, Brennan practices karate , which is useful for some aggressive attacks during her investigations.

In episode 5.22, she decides to lead a research project in the Molucca Islands and leaves the Jeffersonian Institute for a year.

In episode 6.23 it is found out that she is expecting a child from Booth. The birth takes place in episode 7.7 in a stable. She names her daughter Christine Angela after her mother and best friend.

In episode 9.6 she and Booth get married, after which they fly to Buenos Aires on their honeymoon in episode 9.7.

In episode 10.15 we learn that she is pregnant again. Booth is the father. There will be a boy named Hank Booth Jr. after Booth's grandfather.

When the lab explodes in the final episode of season 12, she struggles to process information for a while. In the same episode she gets well again.

Special Agent Seeley Joseph Booth

David Boreanaz plays the role of Seeley Booth

Booth is a former elite soldier in the United States Army Rangers and now works for the FBI, which is why he and Dr. Temperance Brennan comes into contact. Right from the start he calls them “bones”, which he doesn't like at all. Unlike Bones' scientific team, he trusts more of his intuition and experience in solving murder cases. Booth's past in the Army still lingers on Booth and influences his approach to the case in episode 1.21.

In many situations, he has to help Bones deal with bereaved relatives and suspects. At first there is a certain skepticism between Booth and the scientists in Bones' team. While he appears self-confident and urbane, he forms quite a contrast to the insecure and sometimes unworldly scientists like Zack Addy or Dr. Jack Hodgins. Since the characters are so different, there is often a lack of understanding of the other.

The Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth is one of his ancestors, which gives him trouble because of his job and his attitude to law and order: This is mentioned in episode 96 ("In the pudding lies the truth"), 5th season, and little later in the anniversary episode number 100 ("Less than the sum of all parts?") from the same season.

Booth and his ex-girlfriend Rebecca have a four-year-old son (at the beginning of the series) named Parker and a younger brother named Jared. Parker moves to England over the course of the series and rarely visits his father. At the beginning of season one, he dated a lawyer named Tessa for a while. He also had an affair with Dr. Camille Saroyan.

Towards the end of the fourth season he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, but it could be removed without permanent health damage. However, early in season five, Booth struggled to adapt to some of his lifestyle habits, such as: B. wearing colorful socks and ties as well as a conspicuous belt buckle.

Towards the end of the fifth season, Booth follows the request of the US Army and returns to Afghanistan as an instructor. Like Brennan, he is leaving the team for a year.

In the first episode of the sixth season he comes back from Afghanistan and from now on lives with a young reporter named Hannah Burley ( Katheryn Winnick ), whom he met there. In episode 6.13 he makes her a marriage proposal, which she does not accept.

In the penultimate episode of season 6, he spends a night with Brennan. Brennan tells him he's going to be a father in the season 6 finale. There will be a daughter named Christine Angela Booth.

Since episode 9.6 he has been married to Temperance Brennan, which Pelant tried to prevent, but after his death in episode 9.4 it could still take place.

At the end of season 9, he is arrested when he shoots three FBI agents in self-defense while he is working on a very delicate case. This is continued in season 10 and you can see that he has been in custody for 3 months at the beginning of season 10.

In episode 10.15 you learn that he is going to be a father again. Brennan is the mother. There will be a son named Hank Booth Jr. After this episode he becomes addicted to gambling again.

Angela Pearly-Gates Montenegro

Michaela Conlin plays the role of Angela Montenegro

She is also part of Dr. Brennan at the Jeffersonian Institute, but she's not a forensic scientist. Angela is an artist and the owner of a patent for software that uses three-dimensional holography to reconstruct the appearance of the dead and the course of events. Much like Booth, she is much more sensitive to the sight of the dead, which is why she takes some cases very seriously. Most of the time, however, she's cheerful and tries, above all, to get Temperance to lead a life outside of work and have fun doing it.

Little is known about Angela's personal life. However, she has a lot of experience in dealing with men and has several relationships, including one with Dr. Jack Hodgins. At the end of the second season, they both plan to get married. The wedding cannot take place, however, as Angela was already married at a fire-water ceremony in Fiji . During the course of the third season, she and Jack hire a private investigator to find Angela's husband so that the marriage can be annulled. But after her husband Grason Barassa agrees, Jack and Angela quarrel and they end their relationship. In episode nine, her father appears, who turns out to be Billy Gibbons , singer and guitarist for the band ZZ Top . Their surname refers to Gibbon's famous 1959 Les Paul guitar, which he named Pearly Gates. In episode 5.20 she and Hodgins get married surprisingly. In the final episode of season 5, she and Hodgins decide to go to Paris while Bones and Booth are away from the United States.

In the premiere of the sixth season, she tells Brennan that she and Hodgins are expecting a child who will be born at the end of the season and is called Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins.

In episode 10.21 you can find out her maiden name. It's called Pookie Noodlin.

Towards the end of last season, it is learned that she and Hodgins are having a second child.

Dr. Jack Stanley Hodgins IV.

TJ Thyne plays Jack Hodgins

Hodgins is the team's entomologist, he also has degrees in geology and mineralogy. He is a believer in various conspiracy theories, sarcastic and sometimes hides behind his humor instead of expressing his opinion clearly. In the first season he often gets into trouble with his superior Dr. Goodman in conflict because he usually disagrees. He is an important reference person for Zack. At the beginning of the first season only Zack knows Jack's secret: Jack is the only heir to a very rich and influential family that is one of the greatest patrons of the Jeffersonian Institute. He's afraid that his colleagues will think that was the only reason he got the job, and that is why he keeps this part of his private life a secret. In addition, Hodgins is a big critic of what, in his opinion, is too much dominated by capital and corporate interests in US politics. Accordingly, he is uncomfortable with his origins and the power of his family inheritance. He had a relationship with Angela that ended in the fourth season, but is taken up again in the fifth season through the spontaneous marriage of the two. In the premiere of the sixth season, we learn that Angela is expecting a child with him, who is born at the end of the season and is called Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins.

In episode 9.15 he learns that he also has a very intelligent, but mentally ill brother, but his parents never told him anything about him.

In episode 10 of the 11th season, he suffers from the consequences of an exploded corpse paralysis on his back and has been in a wheelchair ever since.

Dr. Camille Saroyan

Tamara Taylor plays Camille Saroyan

Dr. Saroyan, known to most as Cam, is a coroner and led the forensic department at the Jeffersonian Institute from Dr. Goodman taken over. In the first few episodes, she and Dr. Brennan, who often wants to steer the search for evidence in a different direction. Cam tries to catch the perpetrator, while Brennan works on the principle of finding out everything about the evidence. Before Cam joined the Jeffersonian Institute, she worked in New York, where she was already involved with Booth. In the second season, the two get closer, but they end the relationship relatively soon.

Cam was previously engaged to a surgeon named Andrew Welton ("Wagner" in the German version). He had a young daughter whose mother had already passed away. After Cam tried to raise little Michelle with Andrew, she realized that he wasn't over Michelle's mother yet and she left him. In episode 18 of season 4, the remains of Wagner are found. Cam sees Michelle for the first time, pretending not to know her. Later in the episode, however, she admits that Cam was like a mother to her and that she felt abandoned when she left. Cam offers to move in with her, which Michelle accepts.

In season 6, Cam meets a gynecologist named Paul Litner. In season 8, she finally begins a relationship with forensic scientist Arastoo Vaziri. They initially keep the relationship a secret, but when Vaziri's life is threatened, Cam confesses her feelings to the team.

In the 11th season after Dr. Brennan's return to the Jeffersonian, Arastoo ends the relationship and leaves the Jeffersonian to continue his career, but returns in episode 10. They later become a couple again. In the penultimate episode of this season, the two get married.

Dr. Lance sweets

John Francis Daley plays Lance Sweets

Sweets lived for a long time in homes and in very difficult foster families and is therefore a late adoptive child. His last aging adoptive family gave him many values ​​- they were like real parents for him. There are many scars on Sweets back that indicate torture with whips . This would also explain the greater life experience and knowledge of human nature, which he shows again and again despite his youth (22/23 years) and which is also very useful in the creation of perpetrator profiles.

Sweets works as a psychologist for the FBI and is mainly used when there is a crisis in a team of investigators. When the FBI notices that Brennan is withdrawing more and more from her partner Booth after the arrest of her father Max Keenan, the two investigators are forced to deal with the young psychologist's unusual situation. The FBI hopes to counteract the threatened disintegration of the team, as the collaboration with Brennan and the Jeffersonian Institute is now very much appreciated.

The character first appears in episode 3.04, and since episode 3.09, Sweets actor John Francis Daley has been part of the main cast .

Sweets has a relationship with Daisy Wick, one of Dr. Brennan's assistant. The relationship deepens, right through to marriage plans. However, their relationship comes to an abrupt end in episode 5.22 when Daisy and Bones set off on an anthropological research mission to the Moluccas for a year . They mutually decide not to wait for the other. However, after Daisy returned to Washington in Season 6, both are eager to have a relationship again. In episode 4 of the 8th season they split up for good.

Sweets listened to metal as a teenager, played jazz on the piano in a bar during the series and said he was good at singing. He also uses the wealth of experience in investigations.

In episode 10.1 you learn that he is the future father of a boy and wants Booth to be the godfather. The mother is Daisy, the baby was not planned because the two had already separated. At the end of the episode, Sweets is murdered by a professional killer and dies from massive internal injuries in the presence of Bones and Booth before the rescue workers arrive.

In episode 8 of season 10, Sweets' son is born. His name is Seeley Lance Wick Sweets. Seeley Booth is the child's godfather.

Minor characters

Matthew Brennan / Max Keenan

Matthew, a former bank robber who served as a high school science teacher, is the father of Temperance and Russ Brennan. He and his wife, Ruth Keenan, went into hiding when Temperance was 15 years old. The reason for this is explained in the last episode of the first season: They fled from a killer to protect the lives of their children. After re-appearing as Max Keenan, Matthew Brennan is ready to do anything to keep his children safe. In the episode A Traitor in the Fire , he even commits murder for it. In the second season, Max, who is still wanted by the FBI as a murderer, faces himself in order to be closer to his daughter and not have to go into hiding all the time. He is acquitted later in the series, however, as the court cannot prove that Max Keenan is the killer.

In season 12, he is shot by a criminal and dies a little later in the hospital from his injuries.

Russ Brennan / Kyle Keenan

Russ is the older brother of Temperance Brennan, who also left her after her parents disappeared. After 15 years, Russ and Temperance meet again in Season 1 and reconcile. Russ is a petty criminal and is occasionally jailed for minor offenses. He has a relationship with a woman named Amy who has two daughters (Hayley and Emma) to whom Russ is like a father. He later works as a mechanic in North Carolina.

Rebecca Stinson

Rebecca ( Jessica Capshaw ) is the mother of Booth's son Parker, who turned down Booth's marriage proposal during pregnancy and is now separated from him. During the second season she and Booth have a brief relationship that they end again.

Caroline Julian

She is a prosecutor and in season three was charged with the murder of Max Keenan. She is also the prosecutor in episode 5.21 in the case of the gravedigger. She is also the one who brings all members of the team back to help Dr. Saving Saroyan's job.

Jared Booth

Jared is the younger brother of Seeley Booth. He made his first appearance in episode 67, during which he arrived in Washington to take a new job in the United States Department of Defense , which he soon lost again in the course of the series. He goes on a motorcycle trip through India. When he comes back from his trip to India, he has a girlfriend and is engaged to her, which his brother doesn't like at first. In season 11, his body is found.

Dr. Brennan's assistant

Several new assistants appear during the fourth season. Dr. However, Brennan hesitates with the decision to find a successor for Zack. So there is a constant change between:

  • Dr. Clark Edison ( Eugene Byrd ) (he succeeds Dr Brennan after the murder allegation and takes over forensic work on their return while Dr Brennan focuses on solving the murder cases)
  • Daisy Wick ( Carla Gallo ) (Is with Dr. Sweets. In season 6 she claims to be separated again. In episode 10.1 she is pregnant with him. In episode 10.8 a boy is born.)
  • Scott Starret ( Michael Badalucco ) (is the oldest of the assistants; appears only in one episode)
  • Wendell Bray ( Michael Grant Terry ) (Dr. Brennan diagnosed him with bone cancer in episode 9.13, whereupon he leaves the institute for a while because there is hardly a chance of recovery. In episode 9.20 he returns.)
  • Colin Fisher ( Joel Moore ) appearances in seasons 4–12: ​​Fisher suffers from depression and therefore has regular stays in mental health facilities. He mostly wears black clothes in his spare time, has a keen sense of black humor, and lives a promiscuous life. With Dr. Hodgins and Dr. He gets along pretty well with Sweets.
  • Arastoo Vaziri ( Pej Vahdat ) (husband of Dr. Saroyan)
  • Vincent Nigel-Murray ( Ryan Cartwright ) (is shot by Jacob Broadsky in the episode 6x22)
  • Finn Abernathy ( Luke Kleintank ) (was with Michelle, Dr. Saroyan's adopted daughter)
  • Dr. Oliver Wells ( Brian Klugman ) Appearances in Seasons 8-11: Wells has an IQ of 160 and several doctorates in various subjects. He's the only intern who's a doctor. Because of his arrogant manner, he is always offensive to most of the team members. Only with Dr. He understands Hodgins.
  • Rudolfo Fuentes ( Ignacio Serricchio ) appearances in seasons 10, 11 and 12
  • Jessica Warren ( Laura Spencer ) has sex with Sweets in season 9, episode 23

Former roles

Dr. Zachary Uriah Addy ( Eric Millegan )

Zack is 22 years old at the beginning of the series and is Bones' assistant. With an IQ of at least 163 and a photographic memory, he's always been the child prodigy of his extended Michigan family . In addition to his doctorate in forensic anthropology (which he completes in volume 2.11), we learn in volume 2.18 that he also has a doctorate in mechanical engineering - with a special interest in aeronautics. He lives in an apartment over Dr. Hodgins' garage. Zack does not have a driver's license and therefore has to be driven to work outside. At the end of the third season he turns out to be an apprentice to the Gormogon killer. Zack is no longer active at the Jeffersonian in the fourth season. In episode 4.5, however, it turns out that Zack never killed anyone, but only told the killer where to find the victim. However, he only tells Dr. Sweets vom and Zack make him promise not to tell any of his friends about it. However, Zack always plays guest roles. Zack's departure turns into a funny assistant interplay. So there is a different assistant in every episode, who shine through their competence, but also have their quirks, so they are fired again and again, or they leave themselves.

At the end of season 11, Zack is suspected of being the killer and kidnaps Bones. At the beginning of season 12, it becomes clear that Zack is not the killer, but the key to the real killer. Finally the others also find out that Zack never killed anyone.

Dr. Daniel Goodman ( Jonathan Adams )

Goodman is a professional archaeologist and director of the Jeffersonian Institute for the first season. The only one who is indirectly above him is Jack Hodgins, who finances the Jeffersonian through his family. Goodman is married with five year old twin girls. With Dr. He is often at odds with Jack Hodgins because Jack does not like his subjective and "unscientific" way of working. The management of the forensic department at the Jeffersonian takes over after the first season, Dr. Camille Saroyan. Goodman no longer appears in the series.

Dr. Gordon Wyatt ( Stephen Fry )

Dr. Wyatt is a psychiatrist and forensic psychologist . After Booth shot a clown figure on an ice cream van out of anger, he has to attend therapy sessions with Dr. Wyatt undergo. In episode 79 he turns out to be an expert on metal culture and a former musician. He later opened a restaurant. In the last season (episode 9) he is consulted by Booth again, since Sweets was killed in season 10. At that time he was already part of Booth's circle of friends. Still, Booth can't persuade him to return to permanent work as an FBI psychiatrist.

Howard Epps ( Heath Freeman )

Epps is a serial killer with a penchant for young, blonde women, whose execution is prevented by Booth and Brennan in episode seven, but who eventually dies in episode 34 after breaking out of prison. He tried to kill Brennan, but Booth intervened. Epps felt cornered and jumped off Dr. Brennan's balcony. Booth tried to save Epps, but failed to hold him, and Epps fell 15 meters.

Tessa Jankow ( Anne Dudek )

Tessa, a business lawyer, is Booth's friend at the beginning of season one. Shortly before a planned vacation trip together, the two split up.

Sam Cullen ( John M. Jackson )

Sam Cullen is the Deputy Director of the FBI in the first season and thus Seeley Booth's superior. In episode 1.20, his daughter gets cancer.

Gormogon ( Laurence Todd Rosenthal )

Gormogon is a serial killer who first kills his victims, then hangs them up and then eats them. At the end of the third season, it turns out that Zack Addy is Gormogon's student. However, Gormogon is then shot by Booth when Zack led the special unit to Gormogon's house. His students are only allowed to call him “the master”.

Cast and dubbing

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz (2012)

The German synchronization was created after the dialogue book and the dialogue director of Sven Hasper by the synchronous company Interopa film in Berlin .

main actor

role actor Voice actor Main role
Supporting role
Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan Emily Deschanel Ranja Bonalana 1x01– 12x12
Special Agent Seeley Booth David Boreanaz Boris Tessmann 1x01-12x12
Angela Montenegro Michaela Conlin Victoria Storm 1x01-12x12
Dr. Jack Hodgins TJ Thyne Sven Hasper 1x01-12x12
Dr. Camille Saroyan Tamara Taylor Anke Reitzenstein 2x07-12x12 2x01–2x06
Special Agent James Aubrey John Boyd Tim Knauer 10x02-12x12 10x01
Dr. Daniel Goodman Jonathan Adams Engelbert von Nordhausen 1x01-1x22
Dr. Zack Addy Eric Millegan David Turba 1x01-3x15 4x05, 4x26, 5x16, 11x22, 12x01, 12x11
Dr. Lance sweets John Francis Daley Hannes Maurer 3x09-10x01 3x04, 3x07, 3x08

supporting cast

role actor Voice actor Supporting role
Parker Booth Ty Panitz
Gavin MacIntosh
Season 1–4:  Leo Vornberger
Season 5–11:  David Kunze
Caroline Julian Patricia Belcher Season 1–5:  Evelyn Meyka
Season 6–12:  Dagmar Biener
Matthew Brennan / Max Keenan James Groh
Ryan O'Neal
Season 1:  Erich Räuker
Season 2–8:  Hans-Jürgen Dittberner
Season 11–12:  Wolfgang Paragraph
1x22, 2x11–11x21, 11x22-12x07
Dr. Clark Edison Eugene Byrd Rainer Fritzsche 3x01-12x12
Daisy Wick Carla Gallo Sonja Spuhl 4x03-12x12
Wendell Bray Michael Grant Terry Tobias Nath 4x04-12x12
Colin Fisher Joel Moore Robin Kahnmeyer 4x06-12x12
Jared Booth Brendan Fehr Kim Hasper 4x09-12x12
Arastoo Vaziri Pej Vahdat Marius Clarén 4x17-12x12
Michelle Welton Dana Davis

Tiffany Hines

Anne Helm 4x18-12x12
Finn Abernathy Luke small tank Ozan Unal 7x02-12x12
Jessica Warren Laura Spencer Annina Braunmiller

Season 12: Anita Hopt

9x23-11x15, 12x4, 12x11
Tessa Jankow Anne Dudek Julia Koberstein 1x02, 1x06
Howard Epps Heath Freeman Gerrit Schmidt-Foss 1x07, 2x04, 2x12
Russ Brennan / Kyle Keenan Loren Dean Dennis Schmidt-Foss 1x22-3x13
Dr. Gordon Wyatt Stephen Fry Hubertus Bengsch 2x13–2x17, 4x21, 5x07, 12x09
Vincent Nigel-Murray Ryan Cartwright Julien Haggége 4x07-6x22
Hannah Burley Katheryn Winnick Magdalena Turba 6x02–6x13
Stephanie Susan "Avalon Harmonia" James Cyndi Lauper Season 5:  Susanne Lüning
From season 8:  Schaukje Könning
5x01, 8x09, 9x06, 10x11
Jacob Broadsky Arnold Vosloo Erich Rauker 6x11, 6x15, 6x22
Walter Sherman Geoff Stults Alexander Doering 6x19
Danny Beck Freddie Prinze Jr. Dennis Schmidt-Foss 9x01, 9x16
Hayes Flynn Reed Diamond Viktor Neumann 7x13, 8x01, 8x12, 9x04

Radiance and reach

Season TV season
TV season
Total audience (USA) Total audience (Germany) Viewers in Germany
(14 to 49 year olds)
1 2005-2006 2006-2007 Tuesday 8 p.m. ET (2005)
Wednesday 8 p.m. ET (2006)
Thursday 9:15 p.m. # 60 8.9 million 3.27 million (13.3%) 1.97 million (18.5%)
2 2006-2007 2007-2008 Wednesday 8 p.m. ET Thursday 10.15 p.m. # 50 9.4 million 2.86 million 17.8%
3 2007-2008 2008-2009 Tuesday 8 p.m. ET (2007)
Monday 8 p.m. ET (2008)
Thursday 10.15 p.m. # 51 8.9 million 3.15 million (14.6%) 19.4%
4th 2008-2009 2009-2010 Wednesday 8 p.m. ET (2008)
Thursday 8 p.m. ET (2009)
Thursday 10.15 p.m. # 32 10.81 million 3.30 million (14.5%) 19.8%
5 2009-2010 2010-2011 Thursday 8 p.m. ET Thursday 9:15 p.m. # 32 10.02 million 3.78 million (12.4%) 2.24 million (17.6%)
6th 2010-2011 2011–2012 Thursday 8 p.m. ET Thursday 9:15 p.m. # 29 11.57 million TBA TBA
7th 2011–2012 2012-2013 Thursday 9 p.m. ET (September 2011 to January 2012) ,
Monday 8 p.m. ET (April to May 2012)
Tuesday 9.15 p.m. # 48 9.26 million 4.07 million (12.9%) 2.41 million (19.7%)
8th 2012-2013 2013-2014 Monday 8 p.m. ET Tuesday 9.15 p.m. # 40 7.3 million TBA TBA
9 2013-2014 2014-2015 Monday 8 p.m. ET (September to November 2013, March to May 2014)
Friday 8 p.m. ET (November 2013 to January 2014)
Tuesday 8.15 p.m. # 40 TBA TBA TBA
10 2014-2015 2015-2016 Thursday 8 p.m. ET Tuesday 8.15 p.m. - TBA TBA TBA


Episode 84 (4x26)

The Season Four Finale One story at the end is a special feature of the series. Everyone has different roles in this episode. Brennan and Booth are married and run a nightclub that is very similar in interior design to the Jeffersonian laboratory and is called "The Lab". Most of the characters are employees of this nightclub or, in the case of Hodgins , regulars there. Camille Saroyan works with Seeley's brother Jared Booth at the FBI. Zack appears as Brennan's personal assistant.
Despite the changed roles, the basic characteristics of the personalities are still there. At the beginning of the episode, Zack finds a body in the club. The FBI, represented by Camille Saroyan and Jared Booth, takes over this case and first questions all employees. During the official investigation, the nightclub team tries to deal with the case independently. However, more and more club employees are being arrested because, among other things, they come into contact with a murder weapon or illegally possess a firearm. Ultimately, the murder case can be solved with the help of Brennan, who later informs her husband Booth that she is pregnant. However, towards the end of the episode it becomes apparent that the fictional story only takes place in Booth's head while he is in a coma. The voiceover spoken by Hodgins during the plot is text that Brennan types into a laptop while he is in bed. As the last act in the sequence, Brennan deletes this text and Booth wakes up. However, he no longer knows who Brennan is.

Episode 94 (5x10)

Emily Deschanel's sister, Zooey Deschanel , made a guest appearance as Dr. Brennan's cousin. There are multiple allusions to the similarity of the two, Booth even thinks she is Brennan's sister.

Offshoot The Finder

On May 10, 2011, a television series based on Richard Greener's book series The Locator was ordered, which - although the underlying book templates of the two series have nothing to do with each other and come from different authors - with the 19th episode of the 6th season of Bones (original title the episode The Finder ) was started as a Bones offshoot by a backdoor pilot . As a result, Booth, together with the skeptical Bones, instructs his old friend Walter Sherman, who according to Booth has the "gift of finding", to find important evidence. Then the protagonists of Bones do not appear any further, except at the end of the episode. Following on from this, the series The Finder was first broadcast by Fox on January 12, 2012 on the Bones slot , but later moved to Friday, the so-called Death Slot , behind Fringe . Due to the rate development, The Finder was finally canceled after 13 episodes, the last episode ran on May 11, 2012.

DVD publications

German publications:

  • First season: March 2007
  • Second season: September 12, 2008
  • Third season: April 9, 2009
  • Fourth season: May 14, 2010
  • Fifth season: September 30, 2011
  • Sixth season: June 22, 2012
  • Seventh season: July 5, 2013
  • Eighth season: March 28, 2014
  • Season 9: June 11, 2015
  • Season 10: July 14, 2016
  • Season 11: May 24, 2017
  • Season 12: July 19, 2018


  1. The second season was released in the USA in early September 2008, but had to do without episode 2.22 Player Under Pressure , as Fox decided not to broadcast it after the rampage at Virginia Tech . However, the episode was broadcast as part of the third season and is therefore also included in the DVD set of the same.
  2. only 4 DVDs
  3. 7 DVDs
  4. only 4 DVDs


In season 10, in the episode Luck In The Game, Bad Luck In The Corpse , Finder-Spyder is named the best search engine on the web. Finder-Spyder is a fictional brand that appears in numerous films and series.

The nickname "Bones" was previously used in the English version of the Spaceship Enterprise series and in the movies as a nickname for the character of Dr. Leonard McCoy used, which was changed in the German dubbing to the nickname "Pille" mainly used by Kirk, the origin of which is based on a saying by McCoy.

Brennan and Booth make a guest appearance in the mystery television series " Sleepy Hollow ", which is based on the short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow , and help solve a supernatural event.

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