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Anne Helm, 2017

Anne Helm (* 6. July 1986 in Rostock ) is a German voice actress , singer , actress , political activist and politician ( The Left ). She was a member of the Pirate Party Germany from July 2009 to September 2014 . From 2011 to 2016 she was a district councilor for Neukölln . In January 2016 she joined the party Die Linke. Since January 2016 she has been a member of the Federal Coordination Group of the Emancipatory Left . On September 18, 2016 , she was elected to the Berlin House of Representatives. She was a board member of the parliamentary group of Die Linke Berlin as well as media policy spokeswoman and has been the parliamentary group leader of her party in the Berlin parliament since June 2, 2020 and continues to be spokeswoman for strategies against the right .


Anne Helm was born in Rostock as the daughter of the actor and voice actor Gunnar Helm (* 1956). She grew up in Berlin-Neukölln , where she and her Left Party colleague Niklas Schrader have been running the parliamentary office "RigoRosa" since May 2017 . In 2006 Helm passed the Abitur at the Albert Einstein High School . As a voice actress, she had her first speaking role at the age of nine as the main character Babe in A Pig Called Babe . Since then she has dubbed more than 300 productions. In 2007 Anne Helm was nominated for the German Dubbing Prize for outstanding female dubbing with her dubbing of Yohana Cobo in Volver - Return . Helm is the fixed voice of Jennette McCurdy and speaks regularly to Amber Heard , Anna Kendrick , Dana Davis , Margot Robbie , Ellen Page and Ludivine Sagnier .

Since the beginning of 2013 she has been the voice of the TV series Electric Reporter on ZDFinfo .

Her sister Luise Helm is also active in the dubbing and acting field. Since September 1, 2018, she has been married to the left-wing politician Oliver Helm .


Anne Helm introduces herself for the 2013 federal election

In 2009 she became a member of the Pirate Party Germany . Three years later, in the elections for the Berlin District Councils' Assemblies 2011 in the Neukölln district, she successfully took second place on the list for the Pirate Party. For the 2013 federal election she was chosen as the party's direct candidate for the district. Since 2013 she has been the asylum policy officer in her party. At number 5 on the list, she ran for the 2014 European elections . In September 2014 it became public that Helm was leaving the Pirate Party. Together with Martin Delius , Oliver Höfinghoff , Julia Schramm and others, Helm was one of the 36 party or ex-party members who declared in a call to end their cooperation with their former party and instead support them in a “critical and solidarity” manner Party The Left to get involved. In an interview with the newspaper Neues Deutschland , Helm stated that the decision was based on principles that she had developed together with others at the Pirate Party. She now wants to bring this in in the sense of a left social perspective.

In September 2016, she moved into the Berlin House of Representatives via the Left Party's state list, where she became the political spokesperson for the media and strategies against the right in the left-wing parliamentary group. She represented her parliamentary group in the committees for home affairs, security and order, in the committee on European and federal affairs and the media, in the committee for cultural affairs, as well as in the subcommittee on data protection and freedom of information and for the implementation of Article 13.6 of the Basic Law and Section 25 10 ASOG . and is also a member of the parliamentary group's executive committee.

In the course of the announced withdrawal of Carola Bluhm and Udo Wolf from the chairmanship of the House of Representatives parliamentary group, Anne Helm and Carsten Schatz were proposed by them as new chairmen and were elected on June 2, 2020 together with Schatz as their successors. As part of her new role as chairwoman, she gave up her seat on the European and Media Committee and her media policy spokesperson function and currently represents her parliamentary group in both the Interior Committee and the Hohenschönhausen Memorial Committee . She continues to speak for the left-wing parliamentary group in the House of Representatives on strategies against the right.

In the course of the terrorist investigations against Bundeswehr soldiers from 2017 , it became known that she was on a list of terror suspects along with other people and institutions that investigators interpret as a list of possible targets. Since July 2020, Helm has been one of the public persons who can be sent anonymously by email, with the presentation of personal, publicly inaccessible data, etc. a. be threatened with death. The letters were signed with NSU 2.0 .

She was a member of the Intermediate Actors Association (IVS) and is currently in the Federal Drama Association , which merged with the IVS in 2018. In addition, she is a member of LebenLernen auf Segelschiffen eV and the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge .

Controversy over the 2014 Thanks Bomber Harris promotion

In February 2014, Helm came under fire for distributing a photo of two Femen activists via the short message service Twitter , who demonstrated with naked torsos painted with slogans on the occasion of the anniversary of the bombing of Dresden in World War II . One of the two carried the message "Thanks Bomber Harris". Arthur Harris is considered to be the central figure of the British directive on the area bombing of German cities, to which the anti-German spectrum often refers positively. Thereupon she was accused of mocking the bomb victims. Helm confirmed that he had been in Dresden at the time in question, but initially denied that the woman with the above inscription was her. Other media reports were u. a. rejected by the press spokeswoman for the Pirate Party Germany .

In an interview with the left-wing weekly newspaper Jungle World , Helm stated a little later that the people in the photo were her and “Deborah Anderson” (bourgeois Mercedes K. Reichstein), a spokeswoman for Femen Berlin. She is neither anti-German, nor did she want to mock victims with the campaign, but above all “to demonstrate against the way in which the city of Dresden and the local administration commemorates this commemoration”. You get "at the moment threats, ranging from suicide appeals, death threats to rape threats." The State Criminal Police Office in Berlin also informed her that her contact details were published on right-wing extremist websites. Helm now regrets the action, but is also of the opinion that the Allies can certainly be thanked for the liberation of Germany from the Nazis.

In a public meeting of the Neukölln District Assembly on February 26, the parliamentary groups of the SPD and CDU distanced themselves from the action in a joint statement and at the same time condemned the calls for violence and threats against Anne Helm.

Parallel to the meeting, a rally registered by the NPD with around ten participants took place in front of the town hall. The counter-demonstration mobilized almost 300 people.

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Amber Heard

Anna Kendrick

Jennette McCurdy

Ellen Page

Margot Robbie

Ludivine Sagnier

Evan Rachel Wood



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