Vampire Diaries

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Television series
German title Vampire Diaries
Original title The Vampire Diaries
Vampire-diaries-logo 261 130.png
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2009-2017
Alloy Entertainment ,
Warner Bros. Television ,
CBS Television,
Outerbanks Entertainment
length about 40 minutes
Episodes 171 in 8 seasons ( List )
genre Fantasy , youth series , mystery , drama , horror
idea Kevin Williamson ,
Julie Plec ,
LJ Smith (based on novel)
music Michael Suby
First broadcast September 10, 2009 (USA) on The CW
first broadcast
January 20, 2010 on ProSieben

Vampire Diaries (Original title: The Vampire Diaries ) is an American series on the television channel The CW . It is based on the book series of the same name by LJ Smith . Screenwriter Kevin Williamson has been to films like Scream! , I know what you did last summer or Damn it and responsible for the Dawson's Creek series .

The series consists of eight seasons with a total of 171 episodes and aired in the United States from September 10, 2009 to March 10, 2017. In Germany, the first two seasons of the series were broadcast on the television station ProSieben . From the third season it was broadcast on Sixx .


A main character in the series is high school student Elena Gilbert, who lost her parents in a car accident. Her aunt Jenna Sommers, the mother's younger sister, has come to Mystic Falls to take care of her and her younger brother Jeremy. When the new classmate Stefan Salvatore suddenly appears on the scene, he immediately arouses Elena's interest. Little does she suspect that Stefan is a centuries-old vampire . When Stefan's older brother Damon turns up, who is also attracted to Elena, things roll over. Stefan becomes suspicious because he knows that Damon is up to no good. Elena is thrown into a world of whose existence she has not yet suspected.

First season

Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder at Comic-Con in San Diego. (2012)
Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley at PaleyFest 2014

After the death of their parents, Elena and Jeremy Gilbert now live in their parents' house with their aunt Jenna Sommers. Stefan Salvatore appears as a new student at their high school and immediately fascinates Elena. They will come together over the course of the season. Later he reveals to her that he is a centuries-old vampire, but tries to feed on animal blood. At the beginning of the series, Stefan's brother Damon also appears, who is also a vampire, but prefers to seek human victims, and is therefore responsible for the mysterious animal attacks in Mystic Falls. Damon is still in a lot of trouble, but still interested in Elena. Stefan plans to kill Damon several times during the season, most notably when Damon kills his human nephew. Damon does something with Caroline too. He uses them, drinks their blood and manipulates them. But that's not all Elena's best friend Bonnie and the history teacher Alaric also join a witch and a vampire hunter in the circle of the paranormal. Elena later finds out that the Salvatore brothers are so interested in her because she is the likeness of Katherine Pierce, who used to have a relationship with both of them. Katherine is now said to be locked in a crypt with other vampires. However, many people have an interest in opening them; Damon in particular feels the need for it because, unlike Stefan, he is still in love with Katherine. But Katherine has a difficult past, which will only be known later.

After the opening of the crypt, Mystic Falls has to fight again with a "vampire problem", which the founding council is supposed to solve with the help of an invention by Elena's great-grandfather and which is partly being solved. Anna, a vampire with whom Jeremy fell in love, dies, along with her mother, who rescued Anna from the crypt.

Second season

Katherine appears again and pretends to be Elena for the time being, which she can use to fool Damon for a moment. Caroline, who got some of Damon's blood after a car accident, is killed by Katherine and becomes a vampire. At first she has little control, but Stefan teaches her to control himself.

Mason Lockwood, the late mayor's brother, reappears to find the moonstone. He's a werewolf and after some back and forth he tells Tyler about the curse that lies on the Lockwood family and what has to happen for it to be triggered.

In search of the moonstone that is needed to lift the sun-moon curse of all vampires, Katherine gets Jenna to ram a knife into her stomach in front of Elena's eyes. In order to protect other people, Elena separates from Stefan. Through an ambush, they manage to lock Katherine back in the crypt.

Elena is kidnapped and handed over to Elijah, who is one of the original vampires alongside his brother Klaus, who wants to sacrifice her to lift the curse. When she is rescued, Elijah is impaled by Damon and Stefan, but comes back to life. Later Elena wants to sacrifice herself voluntarily to put an end to it all. However, they find out that there is a dagger that can be used to bring a primeval vampire into a state similar to death. They manage to stab Elijah with it, whereupon Katherine escapes from the crypt. Later, Klaus, a hybrid of vampire and werewolf, turns up himself, whereupon, with Bonnie's help, plans are forged on how to kill Klaus. After Elena freed Elijah from his condition, it turns out that this one too wants to see Klaus dead. Elijah tells Elena that there is no sun-moon curse. Klaus came up with this, it is actually a hybrid of vampire and werewolf; the werewolf side is blocked by a curse. To break this curse, a vampire victim, a werewolf victim and a doppelganger victim are necessary in addition to the moonstone. Elena as the doppelganger plays an important role in the ritual and is to be sacrificed. After Caroline, who was originally intended as a victim, has been able to free herself with Tyler, Jenna, who is turned into a vampire by Klaus, is to be sacrificed, as well as Jules, who has the werewolf role in the ritual. To save Elena, Damon forced his blood on her so that she could go on living as a vampire. Elena disagrees with this, however; together with Bonnie they use a spell that binds Elena's life to John's.

After the ritual is complete and Klaus has killed Jenna and Jules, as well as allegedly Elena, and his werewolf page has been activated, Elijah has the opportunity to kill him. However, he lets his brother go as he promises to reunite him with his family. Later, Klaus sticks a dagger into his brother's heart. Elena comes back to life thanks to the spell, but John dies because Elena's life was tied to his.

Damon was bitten by this one in a fight with Tyler Lockwood. Since a werewolf's bite kills a vampire, Stefan tries to find a cure for Damon. He learns that only Klaus's blood can save a vampire from a werewolf bite. He finally surrenders himself to Klaus in order to get the cure and to save his brother.

Third season

Alaric has been taking care of Elena and Jeremy since Jenna's death.

Meanwhile, Stefan and Klaus roam the country and leave bloodbaths everywhere. Klaus has the goal of creating a hybrid army, which is not possible without Elena, who he thinks is dead. Stefan finds out that he had a close friendship with Klaus in the 1920s, who erased the memory of Stefan's memory and entertained his sister Rebekah. It is now being brought back to life by Klaus to give him information about why the werewolves' transformation doesn't work. This question can only be answered by a primal witch. However, this requires the necklace that Stefan Elena gave at the beginning of the series.

Katherine and Jeremy find out that the ancient vampires fled earlier from a vampire hunter and ancient vampire named Mikael. After Katherine found him in a mausoleum, she brings him back to life - unsuspecting that it only feeds on vampire blood.

Klaus finds out that Elena is still alive and uses her blood to transform Tyler into a hybrid. After Klaus kidnaps Elena to draw her blood and Stefan tries to save her, Klaus manages to switch off Stefan's feelings through manipulation. As a result, he injures Elena, who later wakes up in the hospital. When everyone tries to kill Klaus, Mikael dies. Klaus is saved by Stefan, whereupon Klaus grants Stefan his freedom. However, the latter does not want to switch on his feelings again.

Bonnie finds out that her mother is alive and goes to see her.

Later Elijah is able to free all of his siblings from their death-like condition and they stand against Klaus by also bringing his mother Esther back to life. Esther, who as a ghost was able to observe the lives of her children over the years, is shocked by their malice and bloodlust. With the help of a spell, she decides to tie the lives of her children together. Finn, himself suffering from being an original vampire, wants to sacrifice himself and thus also kill his siblings through the magic. The plan fails, however, as Esther needs the power of the Bennett witches, Bonnies and their mother. Damon turns Bonnie's mother into a vampire at the last minute, so Esther can't go ahead with her plan. Stefan, who now has his feelings back, wants to win Elena back, but Elena is no longer sure which of the two brothers she prefers. She postpones her decision at first and Damon and Stefan decide that the one who does not receive the girl will leave the city afterwards and grant the other happiness.

Meanwhile, mysterious murders take place in Mystic Falls. It is later revealed that Alaric committed these murders. By using his ring, which resuscitates him if he is killed by a supernatural being, his dark side comes to light. Esther takes advantage of this and transforms Alaric into an original vampire, with the task of killing Klaus and his siblings. However, she ties Alaric's life to Elena's life so that he doesn't live forever. Alaric supposedly succeeds in killing Klaus. Rebekah tells Stefan in a phone call that Klaus is now dead, the deal has broken and she is now on her way to kill Elena because the original vampires are only so safe from Alaric's attempted murder.

While Matt tries to get Elena to safety in his pickup truck, they cross the same bridge where Elena's parents died. She tells Damon on her cell phone that she has chosen Stefan. When Rebekah gets in their way and Matt throws the steering wheel, Elena and Matt fall into the river. Stefan comes to the scene of the accident and wants to save Elena, but she signals to him that he should save Matt first. While rescuing Matt, Elena dies and then Alaric, whose life is linked to hers. Damon learns that Elena received his vampire blood from a doctor before she died. The season ends with Elena opening her eyes again.

Fourth season

Elena survived the accident because Damon's vampire blood was still in her circulation when she died. She now has the choice of completing the transformation or dying. However, she is captured by Pastor Young together with Caroline, Rebekah and Stefan. After Elena voluntarily completes the transformation, they can break free. Damon wants to keep his promise and leave town because Elena chose Stefan, but Stefan asks him to stay and support Elena in her new life.

Meanwhile, Klaus wants to get back into his body, from which he was released at the end of the third season and transferred to Tyler's body. He succeeds in doing this with Bonnie's help.

Later they are visited by the vampire hunter Connor who tries to kill all the vampires in the city. There is a hunter's mark on Connor's arm, which Jeremy can see as the only one and thus also seems to have been chosen as a hunter. Meanwhile Elena tries to live her life normally, but it fails. She kills Connor and is thereby cursed with which she is supposed to be driven to suicide by ghosts. She is saved from this by Damon, who has been linked to her by a creation bond since her transformation. Because of Elena’s feelings for Damon through the creation bond, Elena breaks up with Stefan and temporarily gets together with Damon, but the relationship suffers from the creation bond because Damon is unsure whether their feelings are only from there.

After becoming a hunter, Jeremy successfully overcomes his instinct to kill vampires and his sister too. They find out that he can lead them to a cure for vampirism. Everyone starts looking for it together. Here Jeremy is killed and the dangerous Silas is unintentionally brought back to life. Elena can't take the loss. So Damon uses the creation bond to get them to turn off their humanity. As a result, she burns her own house with Jeremy's body in it.

Meanwhile, Klaus leaves Mystic Falls and moves to New Orleans with his brother Elijah.

Silas, who can change his appearance at will, tries, with Bonnie's help, to break the line between the realm of the living and the dead. He finally succeeds in this, whereby in Mystic Falls pure chaos reigns due to the appearance of deceased such as Alaric, Lexi, Kol and the vampire hunter. Since Bonnie manages to close the border again, the worst can be prevented. Bonnie can bring Jeremy back to life, but pays for it with her own life. However, Jeremy can still see and communicate with her.

After Elena turned her feelings back on, the producer cord is broken and she finally realizes that her feelings for Damon are real. The two become a couple again. Elena later gives the attacking Katherine the cure, which turns her back into a human. Because of Elena's decision for Damon, Stefan decides to leave the city. Before that, however, he wants to lock Silas' body, which has meanwhile been rendered harmless by Bonnie's magic, in a large safe and sink it in a nearby lake. Suddenly, however, Silas stands alive in front of him and reveals his true face to Stefan for the first time: He looks just like Stefan, because he is a doppelganger. After this revelation, he effortlessly overpowers Stefan, locks him in the safe and sinks him alive in the lake in his place.

Fifth season

Elena and Caroline go to college together. They try to be as normal as possible until they realize something is wrong with college. Her roommate, who has some kind of relationship with Elena's father, is mysteriously killed at a party. The fact that it was murder and that she was murdered by a vampire is covered up.

In the meantime, Damon learns that Bonnie has long been dead. Together with Jeremy, Damon seeks ways to bring them back among the living.

Elena has the feeling from time to time that something is wrong with Stefan, but does not dare to call him. After Stefan returns, his brain is burned by the witch Qetsiyah, so that he cannot remember anything.

The 2000 year old immortal Silas seeks a way to die. Katherine's blood turns out to be a cure and he sucks the cure out of her. Silas, who wanted to marry a witch and has played her great love in order to get a means of immortality, is haunted by the witch because she wants to take revenge. It turns out that Sila's lover Amara is not dead, but the anchor to the other side. Through a ritual, Bonnie becomes the new anchor and Silas and Amara can finally die.

At a party for Bonnie, Damon has a conversation with Wes, who turned Jesse into a vampire and, through a means he developed, turned into a vampire-blood-drinking monster. Elena stakes Jesse when he tries to kill Damon. A little later, Damon wakes up in a cell in whose side cell Elena is locked. Damon tells Elena that he had been here before in the 1950s and was abused by the Whitmore family, all of whom were "vampire researchers". They tried to use the healing power of the vampires and to wipe out the vampire race. Damon tells how after five years he escaped with the help of his cell mate Enzo, but had to leave him behind. Damon manages to escape. Elena is still in the hands of Wes, who tries to pump out all of her blood. Stefan saves her. Damon breaks up with Elena because he thinks he is not good for her.

Meanwhile, Caroline and Katherine manage to clear Stefan's trauma. Katherine and Stefan spend the night together. Katherine is dying shortly thereafter as she is aging rapidly due to the lack of a cure in her blood and 500 years of time catch up with her. Her daughter Nadia does everything she can to save her mother. While everyone is sitting in the living room, drinking bourbon and celebrating Katherine's end, Elena sits with her to forgive her. Shortly before she dies, Katherine grabs Elena's head, says a spell and takes possession of her body because her family were travelers. Katherine's body dies, but her spirit lives on in Elena. Then Katherine pretends to be Elena. Her body should now belong to Katherine permanently. Damon tries to reconcile with Elena, but is coldly rejected by Katherine and kills Elena's friend Aaron. Katherine, who has always loved Stefan, is now planning to get back with him. After a while, during which Elena, but in reality Katherine, has behaved strangely, the others realize that it must be Katherine, who lives in Elena's body. Since Nadia was bitten by a werewolf, they use Nadia as a decoy to lure Katherine to the Salvatores' home. She is killed and Elena regains control of her body. As a parting gift, she leaves Elena a syringe that contains the poison that was also given to Jesse, but there is also werewolf poison in it. Damon was also injected with the same venom, only without the werewolf venom.

To get the cure, Stefan surrenders himself to the travelers. Just as Elena and Damon are talking, Enzo shows up to give them the cure. Damon confesses to Elena that it was he who killed Aaron. Elena and Damon then split up for good, even though they are in love. Stefan's brain is used to track down the last living doppelganger. Caroline is sent off, accompanied by Enzo, to find and kill him. Enzo kills the last doppelganger. He takes Stefan and Elena hostage to find out who killed the love of his life, Maggie. Damon also joins and admits the act, whereupon Enzo switches off his feelings and tries to kidnap Elena. Stefan catches up with him and kills Enzo.

Since the Other Side , a place where all dead supernatural beings live, who have not found peace, begins to crumble, Enzo is able to terrorize Stefan and Damon from there. To stop this, Damon promises that he will bring Enzo back from the other side. So begins the search for a way to bring people back from the Other Side. The Travelers begin with a spell that dissolves all spirit magic so that only the true magic of the Travelers works. This spell also reverses the transformation into a vampire, so that Damon, Stefan, Caroline and Elena have to leave Mystic Falls in order not to die. Stefan is killed on the way by a traveler who is a passenger in Tyler's body. Enzo and Bonnie use Liv, a witch from an old coven, to cast a spell that will allow Stefan and Enzo to return from the other side. For that they need a victim from the Travelers. Sheriff Forbes organizes a party in a bar with free drinks to attract as many travelers as possible. Thanks to a sabotaged gas pipe, Damon and Elena, who are again a couple, trigger an explosion in which the Travelers and the two are killed. With the help of Liv's spell, Alaric, Stefan, Elena, Enzo, Tyler and Liv's twin brother Luke return to the world of the living. Damon and Bonnie stay behind while the other side collapses.

Sixth season

Elena asks Alaric to manipulate her because she can no longer take the loss of Damon. She forgets ever loving Damon. Shortly thereafter, Alaric is transformed back into a person - Elena's chance of maybe getting her memories back disappears. Damon and Bonnie are trapped in a parallel universe where Mystic Falls is forever May 10, 1994. You look in vain for ways to come back. They quickly realize that they are not alone, that a young man named Kai is also trapped there. The parallel universe is the prison for the psychopathic Kai. Since he had murdered his entire family, he was banished there by his coven. Bonnie manages to bring Damon back and is inadvertently left with Kai. A short time later, Kai also manages to escape, but this time Bonnie stays behind again.

After Damon returns, his brother Stefan tells him that Elena has given up her memories of him. Without further ado, Damon decides to get Elena back; what seems very difficult at first, then works. Damon then decides to free Bonnie with the help of Elena and Jeremy. The three of them manage it and then find out that Bonnie took another cure with her.

Caroline discovers her feelings for Stefan, although he always pushes her away with his way. After Caroline's mother dies of a brain tumor, she can't cope with it and decides to switch off her humanity. Caroline decides to capture one of the descendants of the Salvators, whom only Stefan knows about, in order to force him to switch off his humanity as well. Which in the end he does. Alaric and Enzo then try to capture them.

In a prison world Bonnie and Damon Lily try to free the mother of Stefan and Damon, through her Stefan gets his humanity back and Elena also flips Caroline's switch again. It is learned that Stefan inherited the Ripper gene from Lily and that Damon no longer regards her as a family member. When Lily destroys the only way the family can still be saved, Stefan locks her in the basement.

Elena takes the cure, becomes human again and gets her memories back. A relationship crisis looms when Damon tries to become human again, but everyone tries to dissuade him. Damon eventually decides to take the cure with Elena.

Kai shows up at Jo's wedding and stabs her in the stomach. He also puts a curse on him, in which Elena faints and is thus bound to Bonnie. Damon then outwits Kai and kills him.

In the last scene you can see how many years have passed after Elena's death and how Mystic Falls became a ghost town.

Seventh season

Five of the six heretics (Nora, Valerie, Beau, Malcolm, Mary Louise) are now free and live in Mystic Falls with Lily. Damon and Alaric are on vacation in Europe with Bonnie. She tries to keep an eye on both of them. Matt graduated from the Police Academy. Stefan and Caroline decide to remain good friends despite their feelings for each other.

While in Paris, Alaric tries to get in touch with his dead wife through a fortune teller, but no one can help him. In Mystic Falls, Stefan, Caroline and Matt try in vain to kill the heretics with an explosion. At the police academy graduation ceremony, the heretics take revenge and kill all police candidates except Matt. Then Stefan and Lily make an agreement: The heretics are allowed to continue living in Mystic Falls, but all of the remaining residents are evacuated with the statement that a mine fire is blazing under the city . Stefan and Caroline find each other again.

Alaric learns about the phoenix stone, through which it should be possible to reanimate the dead. Lily is also looking for this stone to reawaken her lover, Julian. Valerie wants to prevent this, however, because Julian had beaten her so that she lost their child with Stefan. Bonnie manages to bring Jo back to life. Only afterwards do Bonnie and Alaric find out that only souls of killed vampires live in the phoenix stone and that a vampire soul (Florence) now lives in Jo's body. Since the human body is incompatible with a vampire soul, Florence dies a short time later. Furthermore, it turns out that the Gemini circle had saved the twins shortly before Jo's death and that they are now in Caroline's stomach.

With the help of the magic of the remaining heretics, Lily succeeds in resuscitating Julian. Stefan, who has learned that Julian had killed his unborn child, and Damon, who has learned that it was Lily's idea to tie Elena's life to Bonnie, both decide to kill Julian, but they both become with the help of the phoenix sword banned into the phoenix stone. With the help of Bonnie and Valerie, they both escape the stone. The heretics had meanwhile created a bonding spell between Lily and Julian to protect Julian. After Lily, Nora and Beau are convinced that Julian killed Valerie's child, they turn against him. Lily stakes herself in order to kill Julian with the attachment spell, but the spell has since been lifted by Mary-Louise, so the sacrifice was in vain.

Stefan and Damon have delusions during their time in the Phoenix Stone. Damon drives through this to Elena's coffin and burns it. Driven by grief and anger, Damon drives to Julian and is almost killed by him; Stefan and Valerie save him in time. With the help of Valerie, Stefan also manages to kill Julian. It also turns out that Tyler had taken Elena out of the coffin beforehand, so she wasn't burned. With the help of Matt, Enzo is captured. The heretics receive mysterious postcards from the huntress Rayna Cruz. Rayna Cruz is insensitive to magic due to a shamanic spell and has a total of eight lives. She has been hunting vampires for over a century. She owns the phoenix sword and the phoenix stone, with which she banishes vampires. When Nora, Mary-Louise and Bonnie track down the Slayer, they only meet an old woman in a mental hospital. In the absence of Nora and Mary-Louise, the old woman overpowers Bonnie with a trick and reveals herself to be Rayna Cruz. Enzo comes to Bonnie's last minute to help. However, after Bonnie has left the room for a moment, Enzo escapes with the old woman.

It becomes clear that Enzo works for the armory , a secret institution that collects rare relics and magical items. After Rayna Cruz died as an old woman in an armory cell , she wakes up again as a young woman and escapes from the cell. After blackmailing Enzo with her sword, she hunts vampires again. Meanwhile, Alaric's twins are born to Caroline in the hospital. Fearing they might attract the Slayer, Nora, Mary-Louise and Beau leave the hospital, but she kills Beau. The other two heretics are captured by the armory . Damon and Rayna fight in the hospital. At the last moment before Rayna will kill Damon with the phoenix sword, Stefan intervenes and is hit by the sword. He survives, but is now marked with a scar, so Rayna always knows where he is, and she doesn't stop chasing him until he's dead. After it has also been found that all marked vampires will die with the final death of Rayna, Stefan reluctantly flees with Valerie and leaves Caroline alone, who takes care of the twins with Alaric. Damon decides to lie in a coffin next to Elena and let himself dry out.

A leap of three years follows. Rayna continues to chase Stefan, who wakes Damon. Rayna also held Caroline hostage. In a television studio, Stefan and Damon meet Rayna, who offers to let Stefan's scar pass on to Damon. Stefan manages to escape and Rayna pursues him. In flashbacks, the viewer learns that Stefan has traveled the world with Valerie for the last three years, Caroline met Alaric and the armory captured Rayna Cruz and used her blood to develop tablets that suppress magic. Enzo saved Bonnie from the armory , gave her the magic suppressing tablets and hid them in a forest cabin. The two fell in love and became a couple. With the help of Enzo, Bonnie smuggled herself into a mental hospital in order to establish contact with the sister of the armory manager Alex St. John, Virgina St. John, and to find out why the armory is after Bonnie. From her, Bonnie learns that there is a mysterious crypt in the basement where evil reigns. It was sealed four years ago and only a Bennett witch can open it again. Alex hears her other sister calling from the crypt where she was accidentally imprisoned four years ago, so Alex is determined to open the crypt.

Rayna Cruz finds Stefan at an airfield and kills him with the phoenix sword just before Valerie finishes transferring the scar to Damon. Mary-Louise and Nora, who were released from the armory , are also on the airfield. Enzo learns that the tablets containing Rayna's blood are toxic. Marie-Louise had to take one tablet a day and now has only a short time to live. Rayna discovers the two heretics and hunts them, but loses her sword with stone in the car of the two. Together, Marie-Louise and Nora decide to destroy the sword and the stone, which also kills both heretics. Due to the destruction of the phoenix stone, all vampire souls trapped in it are free again, but not in the correct body. Stefan's soul is in an alcoholic bus driver who has just had an accident and is fleeing the police, while Stefan's body is a mass murderer vampire. With the help of Valerie it is possible to put Stefan back into his body.

Bonnie is starting to get sick too. Together with Rayna Cruz, Enzo and Damon develop the plan for Rayna to kill all vampires who have escaped from the Phoenix Stone, for which Bonnie receives Rayna's life force. After failing to kill all the vampires from the Phoenix Stone with the help of Caroline, Stefan, Alaric and Matt, Damon asks the armory for help in exchange for opening the crypt. This will kill any remaining vampires from the armory . Bonnie opens the tomb. As Alex and her crew descend, they are attacked by an invisible force. After Bonnie has enchanted the entire mansion of the armory so that no one could escape from it, the crew members die in the mansion. Rayna Cruz gives her life to Bonnie. As she dies, she reveals to Damon that Bonnie is now the Slayer and will not rest until all the vampires are dead. Bonnie defends herself against the slayer's burden in her sleep and would rather die. Damon uses a ruse to provoke Bonnie so that she wakes up. From now on she is hunting her vampire friends. The Slayer Curse can only be broken if the corpse of the last shaman involved in the spell at that time is cremated. However, this body is in the armory mansion . After Alaric's twins suck off the wards, Damon goes into the mansion and burns the shaman, bringing Bonnie back to normal. However, he suddenly hears Elena's voice and goes deeper into the crypt. Enzo also goes into the crypt and is pulled down by a being. In the last scene, Damon and Enzo can be seen hanging up numerous corpses in a warehouse.

Eighth season

Damon and Enzo are still missing and are influenced by the Siren Sybil. Both try to fight against them and to preserve their humanity. Sybil is again forced by the devil Arcadius to seek out evil people and hand over their souls to him.

Caroline and Alaric have hired the new nanny Seline, who later turns out to be Sybil's "sister" and is looking for her. The two were banished from their village thousands of years ago because they could see. Initially ignorant, she and Sybil ate human flesh to survive. When Sybil found out about this, she wanted to kill herself and Seline entered into a deal with Cade: They promised to serve him for him and to hand over evil souls to him who would then suffer in hell with him if he would give them eternal life in return. So they became superhuman sirens.

Damon later finds out that Seline Alaric's children, Lizzie and Josie, want to replace herself and her sister for herself and her sister so that they can finally be free from Cade. Stefan also finds out and offers himself and Damon instead of the twins. Together they exhibit their feelings and look for damn souls for Cade. As a result, Stefan's and Caroline's engagement suffers, but so does Bonnie and Enzo's relationship. But Bonnie manages to get Enzo to stop his feelings and the two of them travel. Enzo tries to persuade Bonnie to become a vampire so they can be together forever, but Bonnie refuses. Instead, it occurs to her that Enzo can take the cure.

Matt finds his father, Peter Maxwell, and learns that his paternal family are the original founders of Mystic Falls. Damon kills Tyler and lets Matt find the body. Influenced, Matt rings the bell of the Church of Mystic Falls and thus partially opens the gate to hell. Cade returns to the world of the living and kills Sybil and Seline, since he no longer considers them useful.

In order to kill him, the gang find out that there is a dagger made from his bones. But first they want to give him the cure and Bonnie and Enzo want to take it from Elena's blood. Stefan, who still has his feelings on display, wants to kill Elena on Cade's behalf to punish Damon. He kills Enzo and Bonnie gives him the cure. Through her pain, Bonnie creates a new dimension for Enzo and partially regains her powers. He doesn't end up in hell and can still communicate with Bonnie.

Stefan becomes human again and feels very guilty. Kai manages to escape from hell, but suffers from the fact that hell calls for his soul and he therefore "falls apart". He kidnaps Elena's body and tries to make a deal with Cade. But Bonnie manages to send him to a new prison world with the help of the twins and Stefan stabs Cade.

In the episode "We're planning a june wedding", Stefan and Caroline get married, Bonnie is their maid of honor. Katherine became the new guide to hell after Cade's death, hiring Matt's mother Kelly to blow up the wedding and her daughter Vicki to ring the bell 12 times. Hellfire would break out over Mystic Falls. Bonnie and the twins are almost killed, but manage to extinguish Kelly's fire with magic, but Bonnie falls over and dies. She meets Elena again and Elena asks her to go back and live her life. Enzo supports Elena and Bonnie comes back.

In the series finale, Katherine reappears, but like Cade, can be killed with a dagger from her bones. Damon wants to take over, but has to stay with Katherine and burn in hellfire. He manipulates Stefan to let him do this, not knowing that he has taken verbena. When hellfire breaks out, Bonnie tries to send it back but doesn't seem strong enough. She gets support from her Grams and other Bennett witches. Katherine must die in Hellfire and be stabbed right when it breaks out. Only in this way can hell be destroyed. Shortly before Damon stabs her, Stefan appears from behind, injects him with the cure and takes over the role. A short time later, he meets Elena and tells her what happened: He gave Damon the cure so that his death would not make it go away and sacrificed yourself. He also wanted to give Damon the chance to eventually have a human life with Elena after all. Later we learn that Stefan first spent eternal life with Lexi, and then with Damon who has also found peace. Elena and Damon got married, and Elena saw her parents, Uncle John and Jenna again after her death because Bonnie had managed to break the spell. Bonnie has traveled the world and kept her promise to Enzo to enjoy her life. Matt became sheriff and Tyler made peace with Vicky.


On February 6, 2009, The CW announced that a pilot for the series would go into production. Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec were hired as writers and executive producers. A full season was announced on May 19, and aired in the United States on September 10. Filming will in Covington in the US state of Georgia instead. On January 16, 2010, The CW extended the Vampire Diaries for a second season and on April 26, 2011 for a third. After the third season had remained stable in the ratings , The CW announced on May 3, 2012 the extension for a fourth season. In February 2013, the production of a fifth season was announced. On February 13, 2014, The CW extended the series for a sixth season. Season 7 was approved on January 11, 2015. And on March 11, 2016, The CW extended the series to an eighth and final season with 16 episodes.


The series was set to music at the Cinephon in Berlin . Kathrin Kabbathas wrote the dialogue books with Ulrike Lau, Martin Schmitz directed the dialogue.

Main cast

Role name actor image Main role
Supporting role
Voice actor
Elena Salvatore, b. Gilbert Nina Dobrev Nina Dobrev 1.01-6.22 7.22 (a) , 8.16 Tanya Kahana
Katerina Petrova / Katherine Pierce 2.01-3.09
1.06, 1.13, 1.20, 1.22, 4.06, 4.14, 4.18-4.23, 8.16
Amara 5.03-5.07
Stefan Salvatore Paul Wesley Paul Wesley 1.01-8.16 Tommy Morgenstern
Silas 5.01-5.07 4.19, 4.23, 5.22
Tom Avery 5.16-5.17
Damon Salvatore Ian Somerhalder Ian Somerhalder 1.01-8.16 Ozan Unal
Bonnie Bennett Katerina Graham Katerina Graham 1.01-8.16 Julia Kaufmann
Caroline Salvatore, b. Forbes Candice King Candice Accola 1.01-8.16 Yvonne Greitzke
Matt Donovan Zach Roerig Zach Roerig 1.01-8.16 Tim Knauer
Tyler Lockwood Michael Trevino Michael Trevino 1.01-6.22 7.03–7.04, 7.11, 7.14,
8.03–8.04, 8.10, 8.16
Julien Haggège
Jeremy Gilbert Steven R. McQueen Steven R. McQueen 1.01-6.14 6.22, 8.16 Julius Jellinek
Jenna Sommers Sara Canning Sara Canning 1.01-2.21 3.22, 5.11, 8.16 Eva Michaelis
Vicki Donovan Kayla Ewell Kayla Ewell 1.01–1.07 2.22-3.06, 5.11, 5.18

8.10, 8.15-8.16

Giuliana Jakobeit
Alaric Saltzman Matthew Davis Matthew Davis 1.14-3.22
4.02, 4.22-4.23
5.11, 5.22
Alexander Doering
Niklaus "Klaus" Mikaelson Joseph Morgan Joseph Morgan 3.01-4.23 2.19-2.22, 5.11, 7.14 Björn Schalla
Lorenzo "Enzo" St. John Michael Malarkey Michael Malarkey 6.01-8.16 5.09-5.22 Nico Sablik
(a) Speaking role

Supporting cast

Only characters are listed who have actively contributed to the plot in at least two episodes.

Role name actor Supporting role
Voice actor
Mr. William Tanner Benjamin Ayres 1.01–1.03 Peter Flechtner
Zach Salvatore Chris William Martin 1.01–1.05, 6.04 Sascha Rotermund
Sheriff Elizabeth "Liz" Forbes Marguerite MacIntyre 1.04–6.15, 6.19, 8.03, 8.10, 8.16 Sabine Falkenberg
Logan Fell Chris Johnson 1.04-1.06, 1.09-1.10 Dennis Schmidt-Foss
Mayor Richard Lockwood Rob Pralgo 1.04-1.22 Florian Halm
Carol Lockwood Susan Walters 1.04-4.09 Andrea Aust
Sheila Bennett Jasmine Guy 1.05-1.14, 3.07, 4.01, 4.14, 4.22-4.23, 5.18, 5.20, 5.22, 8.10, 8.16 Heidrun Bartholomäus
Alexia "Lexi" Branson Arielle Kebbel 1.08, 2.15, 3.07, 4.08, 4.17, 4.22-4.23, 5.22, 8.16 Anja Stadlober
Emily Bennett Bianca Lawson 1.08–1.09, 1.13, 1.20, 2.22, 5.11 Julia Meynen
Noah Dillon Casey 1.10–1.12 Philip Kazcor
Isobel Flemming-Saltzman Mia Kirshner 1.11, 1.15, 1.20-1.21, 2.16-2.17 Julia digit
Annabelle "Anna" Zhu Malese Jow 1.11-1.22, 2.22-3.07 Anne Helm
Ben McKittrick Sean Faris 1.12-1.14 Robin Kahnmeyer
Pearl Zhu Kelly Hu 1.13-1.20, 3.07 Nana Spier
Harper Sterling Sulieman 1.14-1.17, 1.20 Nico Sablik
Kelly Donovan Melinda Clarke 1.15-1.18, 8.15 Sabine Arnhold
Bethanne Jeni Perillo 1.15-1.16
Frederick Stephen Martines 1.16-1.17, 3.07 Daniel Fehlow
Johnathan "John" Gilbert David Anders 1.18-2.01, 2.12-2.21, 5.11, 8.16 Norman Matt
Henry Wattles Evan Gamble 1.20, 2.04, 7.10-7.11, 8.10
Mason Lockwood Taylor Kinney 2.01-2.06, 2.10, 3.06-3.07 Sascha Rotermund
Aimee Bradley Tiya Sircar 2.03, 2.05, 2.07 Nadine Leopold
Sarah Maiara Walsh 2.05, 2.07 Maria Koschny
Trevor Trent Ford 2.08-2.09, 2.19 Karlo Hackenberger
Rosmarie "Rose" Lauren Cohan 2.08-2.12, 3.19 Ursula Hugo
Elijah Mikaelson Daniel Gillies 2.08-2.22, 3.08, 3.12-3.15, 3.22, 4.04, 4.18-4.20, 5.11 Nicolas Boell
Luka Martin Bryton James 2.09-2.16 Nico Mamone
Dr. Jonas Martin Randy J. Goodwin 2.09-2.16 Ingo Albrecht
Jules Michaela McManus 2.11-2.14, 2.20-2.21 Katrin Fröhlich
Andie Star Dawn Olivieri 2.13-2.15, 2.19, 3.01 Ulrike Stürzbecher
Brady Stephen Amell 2.13-2.14
Maddox Gino Anthony Pesi 2.17-2.20 Dennis Schmidt-Foss
Greta Martin Lisa Tucker 2.19-2.21 Kristina von Weltzien
Ray Sutton David Gallagher 3.01-3.02 Till Völger
Bill Forbes Jack Coleman 3.02-3.04, 3.12-3.13 Uwe Büschken
Gloria Charmin Lee 3.03-3.04 Anja Godenschweger
Mikael Sebastian Roché 3.03-3.09 Erich Rauker
Rebekah Mikaelson Claire Holt 3.03-3.10, 3.13-4.04, 4.09-5.01, 5.11 Nicole Hannak
Esther Mikaelson Alice Evans 3.08, 3.13-3.15, 3.19-3.20 Svantje washer
Dr. Meredith Fell Torrey DeVitto 3.10-4.03, 4.15 Luise Helm
Jamie Bennett Robert Ri'chard 3.12, 3.17, 3.20 Max fields
Abby Bennett Persia White 3.12-3.21, 4.12, 8.12 Marion Elskis
Kol Mikaelson Nathaniel Buzolic 3.13-3.15, 3.19, 4.10-4.12, 4.22-4.23, 5.18 Patrick Baehr
Finn Mikaelson Casper Zafer 3.13-3.18 Martin Kautz
legend Cassidy Freeman 3.16-3.18 Victoria Storm
Pastor Young Michael Reilly Burke 4.01-4.02 Johannes Berenz
Connor Jordan Todd Williams 4.02-4.06, 4.22-4.23 Torben Liebrecht
April Young Grace Phipps 4.02-4.10, 4.19 Shandra Schadt
Hayley Marshall Phoebe Tonkin 4.03-4.09, 4.16, 4.20 Kaya Marie Möller
Alexander Paul Telfer 4.04, 4.22-4.23 Roman Wolko
Professor Atticus Shane David Alpay 4.04-4.17 Tobias Nath
Kimberley Alyssa Diaz 4.06-4.09 Maria Koschny
Adrian Micah Parker 4.06-4.09, 4.23
Rudy Hopkins Rick Worthy 4.10-5.01 Jörg Hengstler
Caitlin Shane Camille Guaty 4.13-4.14
Galen Vaughn Charlie Bewley 4.13-4.15, 4.22-4.23 Dominik Auer
Want Aaron Jay Rome 4.16-4.17
Silas Raymond Scott Parks 4.19-4.22 Matthias Rimpler
Nadia Petrova Olga Fonda 5.01-5.15 Katharina Schwarzmaier
Jesse Kendrick Sampson 5.01-5.08
Dianne Freeman Sabrina Mayfield 5.01, 5.06, 5.13
Dr. Wes Maxfield Rick Cosnett 5.02-5.15 Michael Deffert
Qetsiyah / Tessa Janina Gavankar 5.03-5.07 Marieke Oeffinger
Aaron Shaun Sipos 5.05-5.12, 5.16 Jan Makino
Sloan Caitlin McHugh 5.13-5.19 Dana Friedrich
Olivia "Liv" Parker Penelope Mitchell 5.13-6.13, 6.21-6.22 Annina Braunmiller
Lucas "Luke" Parker Chris Brochu 5.16–6.01, 6.07–6.12 Konrad Bösherz
Markos Raffi Barsoumian 5.17-5.22 Jaron Lowenberg
Dr. Josette Laughlin /


Jodi Lyn O'Keefe 6.01-6.22, 7.04-7.06, 8.16 Svantje washer
Liam Davis Marco James 6.01-6.08, 6.16 Nicolás Artajo
Tripp Cooke Colin Ferguson 6.01–6.07 Peter Flechtner
Ivy Emily Chang 6.01–6.06 Mia Diekow
Monique Gabrielle Walsh 6.01–6.09 Rubina Nath
Malachai "Kai" Parker Chris Wood 6.03-6.22, 8.12-8.14 Vanya Gerick
Joshua Parker Christopher Cousins 6.08, 6.12, 6.21-6.22 Robin Brosch
Sarah Nelson Tristin Mays 6.11–6.18, 8.02 Laurine Betz
Colin Phelps Drew Stephenson 6.11–6.12
Lillian "Lily" Salvatore Annie Wersching 6.15-7.10 Katharina Spiering
Valerie Tulle Elizabeth Blackmore 7.01-7.18 Lisa Braun
Nora Hildegard Scarlett Byrne 7.01-7.16 Luisa Wietzorek
Mary-Louise Teressa Liane 7.01-7.16 Lara Trautmann
Beau Jaiden Kane 7.01-7.08, 7.13
Oscar Chompers Tim Kang 7.03–7.05 Lutz Schnell
Julian Gayle Todd Lasance 7.03-7.13 Adam Nümm
Josette "Josie" Saltzman Lily Rose Mumford 7.04, 7.13-7.14, 7.21-8.16
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Saltzman Tierney Mumford 7.04, 7.13-7.14, 7.21-8.16
Penny Ares Ana Nogueira 7.11–7.15, 7.20, 7.22 Eva Thärichen
Rayna Cruz Leslie-Anne Huff 7.12-7.20 Esra Vural
Alexandra "Alex" St. John Mouzam Makkar 7.14-7.20 Susanne Geier
Virginia St. John Aisha Duran 7.18–8.01 Wicki Kalaitzi
Dorian Demetrius Bridges 8.01-8.16 Edin Hasanović
Seline Kristen Gutoskie 8.01–8.12 Lina Rabea Mohr
Sybil Nathalie Kelley 8.01–8.12 Nora Jokhosha
Georgie Allison Scagliotti 8.01–8.04
Peter Maxwell Joel Gretsch 8.04-8.16
Arcadius Wolé Parks 8.04-8.14 Milton Welsh
Violet fur Sammi Hanratty 8.08-8.10 Amelie Plaas-Link
Beatrice Bennett Jaz Sinclair 8.12, 8.16 Lea Sprick


In Germany, the first eleven episodes of the first season were seen by an average of two million people, which corresponds to a market share of 13.3 percent among the important 14 to 49 year olds. At the end of the first season these values ​​decreased. The remaining eleven episodes were seen by an average of 1.54 million people and achieved a market share of 10.3 percent in the advertising-relevant target group.

The first eleven episodes of the second season watched an average of 1.69 million viewers. An average market share of 10.8 percent was achieved in the advertising-relevant target group.


United States

In the US, the series started on The CW on September 10, 2009 and reached 4.8 million people. The first season ran there until May 13, 2010. The second season started on September 9, 2010 and ended on May 12, 2011. The third season was broadcast between September 15, 2011 and May 10, 2012. The fourth season was broadcast from October 11, 2012 to May 16, 2013.

In February 2013, The CW extended the series for a fifth season, which premiered on October 3, 2013. The season finale was shown on May 15, 2014.

The broadcast of the eighth and final season began on October 21, 2016 and ended on March 10, 2017.


In Germany, the series started on January 20, 2010. The broadcast initially ended with the episode Lebenslinien on March 24, 2010. ProSieben continued the broadcast of the first season on October 13, 2010. The first season finale aired on December 22, 2010. The broadcast of the second season began on January 10, 2011 on ProSieben and ended in the meantime on April 4, 2011 with the episode The Metamorphosis . On August 15, 2011, the broadcast of the second season continued, but due to poor audience ratings, the last episode was shown on ProSieben on August 29, 2011. The series changed channels and was continued from September 8 to October 27, 2011 on Sixx . The German premiere of the third season was broadcast from March 15, 2012 to July 26, 2012 as a cut preview version (FSK12) on Sixx. In addition, ProSieben and Sixx made the current episode available online for seven days after it was broadcast.

Sixx aired the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries from March 7, 2013 to July 25, 2013. The fifth season was from February 6, 2014 to October 9 on sixx. The sixth season has been broadcast on sixx since February 26, 2015. The first eleven episodes of the seventh season were broadcast on sixx from March 17 to May 26, 2016. The pay TV broadcaster ProSieben Fun had meanwhile started to broadcast the season in double episodes early Saturday evening and took over the German premiere of the remaining episodes on July 16, 2016, which ended on August 20 of the same year. From October 13, 2016, sixx broadcast the remaining episodes of the season. Because of the time slot at 8:15 p.m., some of them were shown cut. The eighth and final season was broadcast on sixx from March 30, 2017. The entire series has now been made available on demand in online video stores.


The Swiss broadcaster SF Zwei broadcast the first season from September 25, 2010 to April 30, 2011.

Spin-off The Originals

In January 2013, the production of a backdoor pilot episode called The Originals was announced. The episode aired during the fourth season on April 25, 2013. Just one day after the episode was broadcast, The CW gave the green light for a first season with 13 episodes. The spin-off treats the original vampire family around Klaus Mikaelson ( Joseph Morgan ) and mostly takes place in the French quarter of New Orleans .


The series was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in various countries .

United States
  • Season 1 was released on August 31, 2010
  • Season 2 was released on August 30, 2011
  • Season 3 was released on September 11, 2012
  • Season 4 was released on September 3, 2013
  • Season 5 was released on September 9, 2014
  • Season 6 was released on September 1, 2015
  • Season 7 was released on August 16, 2016
Great Britain
  • Season 1 was released on August 23, 2010
  • Season 2 was released on August 22, 2011
  • Season 3 was released on August 20, 2012
  • Season 4 was released on August 26, 2013
  • Season 5 was released on October 27, 2014
  • Season 6 was released on October 26, 2015
  • Season 7 was released on October 24, 2016
  • Season 1 was released on September 1, 2010
  • Season 2 was released on September 7, 2011
  • Season 3 was released on September 5, 2012
  • Season 1.1 was released on DVD on October 22, 2010
  • Season 1.2 was released on DVD on February 11, 2011
  • Season 1 was released on June 3, 2011 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc
  • Season 2 was released on December 2, 2011 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc
  • Season 3 was released on December 14, 2012 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc
  • Season 4 was released on December 6, 2013 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc
  • Season 5 was released on December 4, 2014 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc
  • Season 6 was released on December 3, 2015 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc
  • Season 7 was released on December 15, 2016 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc
  • Season 8 was released on December 7, 2018 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc

Awards and nominations


People's Choice Awards :

  • 2010: Favorite New TV Drama
  • 2012: Favorite TV Drama Actress (Nina Dobrev)
  • 2014: Favorite On-Screen Chemistry (Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder)
  • 2014: Favorite TV Drama Actor (Ian Somerhalder)
  • 2015: Favorite TV Duo (Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder)

Teen Choice Awards :

  • 2010: Breakout Star Female (Nina Dobrev)
  • 2010: Breakout Star Male (Paul Wesley)
  • 2010: Breakout Show
  • 2010: Fantasy / Sci-Fi Show
  • 2010: Actor Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Paul Wesley)
  • 2010: Actress Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Nina Dobrev)
  • 2010: Villain (Ian Somerhalder)
  • 2011: Fantasy / Sci-Fi Show
  • 2011: Actor Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Ian Somerhalder)
  • 2011: Actress Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Nina Dobrev)
  • 2011: Scene Stealer Female (Katerina Graham)
  • 2011: Scene Stealer Male (Michael Trevino)
  • 2012: Fantasy / Sci-Fi Show
  • 2012: Actor Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Ian Somerhalder)
  • 2012: Actress Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Nina Dobrev)
  • 2012: Scene Stealer Female (Candice Accola)
  • 2012: Scene Stealer Male (Michael Trevino)
  • 2013: Fantasy / Sci-Fi Show
  • 2013: Actor Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Ian Somerhalder)
  • 2013: Actress Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Nina Dobrev)
  • 2014: Fantasy / Sci-Fi Show
  • 2014: Actor Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Ian Somerhalder)
  • 2014: Actress Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Nina Dobrev)
  • 2015: Fantasy / Sci-Fi Show
  • 2015: Actress Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Nina Dobrev)
  • 2015: Liplock (Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder)


Saturn Awards :

  • 2010: Best Network Television Series
  • 2011: Best Network Television Series
  • 2012: Best Teen Series
  • 2013: Best Teen Series
  • 2014: Best Teen Series
  • 2015: Best Teen Series

People's Choice Awards :

  • 2010: Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy Show
  • 2011: Favorite TV Drama Actor (Ian Somerhalder)
  • 2012: Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy Show
  • 2012: Favorite Network TV Drama
  • 2012: Favorite TV Drama Actor (Ian Somerhalder)
  • 2013: Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy Show
  • 2013: Favorite TV Drama Actress (Nina Dobrev)
  • 2013: Favorite TV Drama Actor (Paul Wesley)
  • 2013: Favorite TV Drama Actor (Ian Somerhalder)
  • 2013: Favorite TV Fan Following
  • 2014: Favorite TV Drama Actor (Ian Somerhalder)
  • 2014: Favorite TV Drama Actress (Nina Dobrev)
  • 2014: Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • 2016: Favorite Network Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV Show

Teen Choice Awards :

  • 2010: Scene Stealer Female (Katerina Graham)
  • 2011: Choice Vampire (Nina Dobrev)
  • 2011: Choice Vampire (Paul Wesley)
  • 2011: Choice Vampire (Ian Somerhalder)
  • 2012: Actress Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Katerina Graham)
  • 2012: Villain (Joseph Morgan)
  • 2013: Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy Show
  • 2013: Actor Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Ian Somerhalder)
  • 2013: Actor Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Paul Wesley)
  • 2013: Actress Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Nina Dobrev)
  • 2013: Actress Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Katerina Graham)
  • 2013: Scene Stealer Male (Steven R. McQueen)
  • 2013: Scene Stealer Female (Candice Accola)
  • 2014: Actress Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Katerina Graham)
  • 2014: Actor Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Paul Wesley)
  • 2014: Villian (Paul Wesley)
  • 2015: Liplock (Candice Accola & Paul Wesley)
  • 2015: Actor Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Paul Wesley / Ian Somerhalder)
  • 2015: Actress Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Candice Accola)
  • 2015: Chemistry (Katerina Graham & Ian Somerhalder)
  • 2015: Villain (Chris Wood)
  • 2016: Choice TV Show: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • 2016: Actor Fantasy / Sci-Fi (Paul Wesley / Ian Somerhalder)
  • 2016: Actress: Sci-Fi / Fantasy (Candice Accola / Kat Graham)
  • 2016: Chemistry (Katerina Graham & Ian Somerhalder)
  • 2016: Liplock (Candice King & Paul Wesley)

Differences between book and series

  • Elena Gilbert has blonde hair in the book but dark brown in the series; Caroline Forbes is described in the book as "auburn" (red-brown) when it comes to hair, but is blonde in the series.
  • Elena and Caroline are friends in the series. They are no longer in the book.
  • Elena has a little sister in the book , Margret. She has a brother on the show, Jeremy.
  • Her aunt is called Judith in the book, not Jenna.
  • Damon's brother is Stefano in the book and Stefan in the series.
  • In the book Elena has a girlfriend named Meredith, but not in the series. However, the name appears in season 3 in the form of the doctor.
  • The book never mentions Elena slept with Damon.
  • In the book, Stefan has black curls. In the series, his hair is brown.
  • In the book, Bonnie is a little white girl with red hair and a heart-shaped face who is quite shy. In the series, she is a colored girl with brown hair who is much more confident and develops much stronger powers. In the book, however, she fell in love with Matt and Damon and was with a werewolf. On the show, she initially hated Damon. But that changed in Season 6 and they became best friends. And she wasn't in a relationship with a werewolf either. She also comes from the Celts in the book and from the Witches of Salem in the series .
  • Of the original vampires, only Niklaus appears in the book, and he does not turn into a hybrid, as in the series.
  • Stefano and Damon in the book come from the Italian Renaissance and are therefore around 600 years old. In the series, however, they come from the city of Elena's birth and are only about 160 years old.
  • The name of the city has changed. From Fell's Church (book) to Mystic Falls (series)
  • In the book, strong vampires (i.e. who regularly feed on human blood) have the ability to transform themselves into animals. Damon was only accompanied by a black raven (this only happened very briefly at the beginning of the series) but was of no consequence.
  • In the book, Klaus loved and transformed Katherine. However, in the series, Katherine has been fleeing Klaus for more than five centuries. And in the series, Klaus didn't transform her, but a vampire named Rose gave her vampire blood and then Katherine killed herself.
  • In the book, Alaric is engaged to Elena's girlfriend Meredith. In the series, however, he is with Elena's aunt Jenna until she is killed by Klaus.

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