Dawson's Creek

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Television series
German title Dawson's Creek
Original title Dawson's Creek
Dawsons creek logo.jpg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1998-2003
length 44 minutes
Episodes 128 in 6 seasons
genre Drama , youth series
idea Kevin Williamson
production Kevin Williamson ,
Paul Stupine,
Greg Prange
music Paula Cole
First broadcast January 20, 1998 on The WB
first broadcast
January 3, 1999 on Sat.1

Dawson's Creek is an American youth series that describes four friends growing up in the fictional small town of Capeside, near Boston . The series first aired in the United States on The WB between 1998 and 2003 and comprises 128 episodes.

In six seasons, the relationships of Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen are repeatedly put to the test. They alienate one another, pursue different life paths and yet realize that their years together bind them together. The last years of school as well as the efforts to find your way in the adult world are shown. Seasons 1 through 4 deal with high school years and seasons 5 and 6 deal with college years. Another time jump takes place in the series finale. The friends meet again after five years and one of the main storylines (Joey and her decision between Pacey and Dawson) is broken up.

Cast and dubbing

The series was set to music at Telesynchron Film in Berlin . Erik Paulsen wrote the dialogue books and directed the dialogue.

Role name actor German voice actors Main role Supporting role
Dawson Leery James Van Der Beek Gerrit Schmidt-Foss 1-6
Josephine "Joey" Potter Katie Holmes Dascha Lehmann 1-6
Jennifer "Jen" Lindley Michelle Williams Schaukje Könning 1-6
Pacey Witter Joshua Jackson Dennis Schmidt-Foss 1-6
Evelyn "Grams" Ryan Mary Beth Peil Luise Lunow 1-6
Bessie Potter Nina Repeta Velia Krause 1-4 5-6
Gail Leery Mary-Margaret Humes Heidi Weigelt 1-4 5-6
Mitch Leery John Wesley Shipp Peter Reinhardt 1-4 5
Andrea "Andie" McPhee Meredith Monroe Marie Bierstedt 3-4 2
Jack McPhee Kerr Smith Florian Schmidt-Foss 3-6 2
Audrey Liddell Busy Philipps Melanie Hinze 6th 5
Doug Witter Dylan Neal Timm Brückner (seasons 1–3)
David Nathan (seasons 3–6)
Abby Morgan Monica Keena Andrea Kathrin Loewig 1-2
Henry Parker Michael Pitt Björn Schalla 3
Gretchen Witter Sasha Alexander Ulrike Stürzbecher 4th
Drue Valentine Mark Matkevich Tobias Kluckert 4th
Charlie Todd Chad Michael Murray Vanya Gerick 5
Todd Carr Hal Ozsan Charles Rettinghaus 5-6
C. J. Jensen Ackles Julien Haggége 6th


The three main actors Dawson Leery, Pacey Witter and Joey Potter grow up in the fictional small town of Capeside. Dawson regards both of them as "best friends," while Pacey and Joey don't particularly like each other. Dawson and Joey's homes are separated by a river ("creek"). Joey visits Dawson frequently; She never uses the front door, however, but climbs a ladder into his room, which is on the first floor of the house.

At the beginning of the series, another main character joins the group - Jen Lindley, a big city girl from New York who enjoyed life in New York too much, was given by her parents to her grandmother for betterment. Jen hates Capeside, but soon finds an object of desire in the naive Dawson. The group eventually befriends the siblings Andie and Jack McPhee, who come to Capeside at the beginning of the second season.

The series shows the path through teenage years and the beginning of growing up. Since love keeps finding its way into the group, relationships with each other and with one another become more complicated over time. Again and again it becomes clear that for Dawson in his romantic-dreamy imagination only Joey comes into question as a partner for him. It also results in many of his future relationships being doomed. When Pacey falls in love with Joey after a few years, Dawson even breaks his friendship with his best friend. Dawson has a lot to cope with in his family too. His perfect and romantic worldview is destroyed by an affair between his mother and a work colleague. This leads to the fact that his parents get divorced. Dawson has to see his parents go separate ways. His mother has a promising journalism offering outside of Capeside, while his father works from a substitute teacher to high school football coach. After a while, his parents get together again and have another child.

The series has recurring storylines. Like the eternal question of whether Joey and Dawson will find each other. Key scenes also take place in Dawson's bedroom, where Dawson and Joey are watching TV and having conversations. Young people are regularly put to the test, they are often confronted with death. Jen loses her grandfather and later her best friend Abby. Andie and Jack McPhee, similar to Joey's mother, have to deal with the loss of their brother before appearing on the series. Psychological problems with Andie and the mother often create tensions in the young people's relationships, up to and including Andie's temporary farewell to Italy. Dawson also has to deal with the death of loved ones or loved ones. There is the death of the admired film director Mr. Brooks. On the other hand, shortly after the birth of Dawson's sister Lillian, his father Mitch dies in a car accident. Later follows the death of the robber who ambushed Joey in a dark area of ​​Boston, but whom she presents as a hero for his little daughter.

A common theme is Jack McPhee's homosexuality, from the lack of understanding from the father to the lack of tolerance of some of the small town residents. Likewise, the alleged homosexuality of Doug Witter, the police officer in Cape Side, is repeatedly discussed by his brother Pacey. Doug always denies this. At the end of the series, Doug and Jack become a couple.

After high school, the friends scatter in different directions. Dawson attends the Los Angeles Film Academy as his dream has always been to become a director. After a few months, however, he discovers that the dream was more beautiful than reality and that he misses his friends. He leaves the film academy, moves against his parents' wishes to Boston, where his friends study and work, and continues to fight doggedly for his dream.

Although the friends take different directions in their life, the contact never breaks off completely. At the end of the series, the friends meet again five years after their last meeting. Dawson has become a famous series director, Pacey and Jack went back to Capeside, Joey landed in New York. Jen has now become a mother. She is responsible for the sad ending as she dies at the end of the series. On her deathbed, she asks her best friend Jack to take care of her daughter.

Joey confesses her love to both Pacey and Dawson and knows that she has found a soul mate in Dawson with whom she will always have a special bond. She describes the relationship with Dawson as pure, romantic, and innocent. However, she finally decides for Pacey.


The series tries again and again to take up social issues. The main actors in the series are outsiders who form a clique for themselves. Dawson is the dreamy, romantic, and ideal filmmaker. His best friend is Joey, whose mother died while her father was in jail for drug trafficking; she has been climbing a ladder through Dawson's bedroom window for years. She is raised by her unmarried sister, who is in a relationship with an African American and has one child. Pacey is the black sheep of the broken Witter family; he starts an affair with his teacher. Jen, the big city girl in the small town, has more drug and sex experience than her age should have. They are joined by the mentally ill Andie and her brother Jack, who comes out as homosexual in the course of the series. The whole thing is rounded off by Jen's devout grandmother, who tries to put her on the right track.


  • Dawson's Creek is featured in episode 13 of season 4 of South Park.
  • The project was first presented on the US broadcaster Fox . All other broadcasters rejected it.
  • There were more than 500 applicants for the role of Dawson . Everyone did n't approve of Kevin Williamson until James Van Der Beek walked into the casting room.
  • Katie Holmes ' first big love was her co-star Joshua Jackson . Both are close friends to this day.
  • Series inventor Kevin Williamson left the series after the third season - due to an argument with the broadcaster - and only returned to the series finale.
  • Katie Holmes was the only one in the ensemble who appeared in all 128 episodes.
  • The role of Jack McPhee, which was portrayed by Kerr Smith , is considered to be one of the best portrayals of a homosexual in the United States to this day.
  • The 22nd episode of the 6th season ( shooting days in Capeside ) was actually planned as the season finale, then it was decided on the two-part series finale.
  • Chad Michael Murray , Hilarie Burton , Torrey DeVitto , Lee Norris, and Colin Fickes , all of the One Tree Hill cast , were previously guest stars on Dawson's Creek .
  • The beginning of the third season was very controversial among cast and fans. With the departure of the new character Eve ( Brittany Daniel ), the series finally returned to its origins and reconciled fans with the beginning of the relationship triangle between Pacey, Joey and Dawson.
  • Dawson's Creek was one of only three The WB shows that contained the word "shit". The other two series were Everwood and One Tree Hill .
  • Meredith Monroe returned to the series finale after leaving the show in season four. The scenes in which Monroe's character Andie had to do with Jen ( Michelle Williams ) and Pacey (Joshua Jackson) were cut. They are included as an extra on the last DVD box.
  • In the seventh episode of the first season ( The Breakfast Club ), Pacey (Joshua Jackson) says he thinks the Mighty Ducks films are "strong". Jackson starred in the Mighty Ducks films himself.
  • In the fourth season, Jack (Kerr Smith) and Jen (Michelle Williams) wonder if they should go to the new "gay movie" The Broken Hearts Club . Kerr Smith has a supporting role in this film.
  • In three episodes of the third season Will Krudski was introduced as a childhood friend of Pacey - the resulting spin-off "Young Americans" had a planned 8 episodes in the US summer break and a pilot episode that was never broadcast. In Germany, this series ran in February 2001 under the original title on Pay TV, in July 2002 under the title "Rawley High-The First Semester" on Free TV at ProSieben.
  • During the German dubbing for Dawson's Creek, the brothers Dennis (Joshua Jackson) and Gerrit Schmidt-Foss (James Van Der Beek) worked together on the series. From the second season, the third brother Florian was added, who dubbed Kerr Smith. Dascha Lehmann was also employed in the recording studio as the German voice of Katie Holmes, who married Dennis Schmidt-Foss on August 21, 2001.

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