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Jungle World
Logo Jungle World.svg
description Left weekly newspaper
language German
publishing company Jungle World Verlags GmbH (Germany)
Headquarters Berlin
First edition June 4th 1997
Frequency of publication weekly / thursdays
Sold edition 16,250 copies
(Publisher, March 2016)
Editors-in-chief Bernd Beier, Markus Ströhlein, Jörn Schulz
executive Director Irene Eidinger, Christine Pfeifer
Web link jungle.world
ISSN (print)
Jungle World Online Logo until 2008

The Jungle World is a left-wing political weekly newspaper . It is published in Berlin and distributed in Germany and Austria .


The weekly newspaper Jungle World was created in 1997 as a result of a labor dispute at the daily newspaper Junge Welt . After the managing director Dietmar Koschmieder had initially deposed the incumbent editor-in-chief Klaus Behnken , the vast majority of the editorial staff went on strike in protest against this decision and occupied the editorial offices. Bernd Beier, Ivo Bozic, Andreas Dietl, Jürgen Elsässer , Jürgen Kiontke, Martin Krauss , Ferdinand Muggenthaler, Stefan Ripplinger , Heike Runge, Heiko von Schrenk, Ralf Schröder, Wolf-Dieter Vogel, Beate Willms and Elke took part in the strike Wittich. The background to the dispute was a dispute about the further political course of the newspaper. Jungle World , initially only planned as a strike newspaper for the editorial majority, was initially produced in the apartment of Klaus Behnken, the former flat share of the band Ton Steine ​​Scherben , on Tempelhofer Ufer 32 in Berlin-Kreuzberg , with borrowed computers. According to Jungle World , it went on sale for the first time on June 4, 1997 without start-up capital or its own means of production, "supported only by the great support of readers and the solidarity of other media" as a regular weekly newspaper with contact address Tempelhofer Ufer 32 .

The 1000th issue of the newspaper appeared on June 7, 2017. For the 20th anniversary, this was entirely the responsibility of former employees.

Political orientation

The newspaper is partially independent. According to its self- image, Jungle World wants to be a platform for different left positions and sees itself as an undogmatic left weekly newspaper as well as an “important platform for left debates and subcultural counter-trends”. In terms of political orientation, it can be classified between radical left and unorthodox left and sees itself in particular as “decidedly not anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic and anti-American”. As a result, the part of the left in the jungle world that can be assigned to the political spectrum of anti-imperialism is regularly and vehemently criticized, among other things as nationalistic and unreflective.

According to the Federal Government's assessment from 2012, the paper shows links to the left-wing extremist spectrum.


The content spectrum of the newspaper covers the classic subject areas of social and left movements. These include the topics of anti-fascism , anti-racism , feminism , criticism of capitalism , ecology and social struggles as well as left-wing theory. In addition, Jungle World sets further priorities in its reporting on the topics of anti-Semitism and Islamism . The topics of business, science, internet and sport are also dealt with regularly. In the section Deutsches Haus , incidents from Germany with a right-wing extremist background are documented every week . Since 2018, literary critic Magnus Klaue has had the column Lahme Literaten , which contains reviews of authors or genres.

The magazine section of Jungle World is called Jungle and is included with every issue. The magazine contains, among other things, the feature pages , the sports pages and a dossier , treated in the changing authors in a longer text mostly political or socio-philosophical topics or preprints are published in literary works. Since the beginning of 2015, the dossier has been dissolved as an independent department and added to the general features section. In addition, the Talmi column by Leo Fischer , the former editor-in-chief of the satirical magazine Titanic, appears in the jungle . The comic page that concludes the magazine section is only available in the print edition and contains comic strips and drawings by Andreas Michalke , Wolfgang Buechs and 18Metzger.

In the jungle blog , mostly shorter posts on current topics that are only published online appear irregularly. In the separate section From Tunis to Tehran , Thomas von der Osten-Sacken writes specifically on topics from the Middle East .

Since 1998, the newspaper's editorial team has produced a special edition once a year in (mostly European) countries. The editorial focus is on the political and cultural situation of the respective country. In 2004, the German Federal Cultural Foundation supported a two-week stay in Israel , during which the editorial team produced a special Israel edition that was advertised under the slogan “Journey to Jerusalem”. In 2007, instead of an international one, a birthday edition was published to mark the ten-year anniversary of the newspaper. In 2014 the editors from Vienna produced an Austria edition. For their 20th birthday, Mischa Pfisterer and Malte Voss produced a film in which former and current members of the editorial team talk about the history of the Jungle World .

All issues are archived freely accessible on the website. The articles in the current issue will gradually be released over the course of the week.


The print edition is divided into a 20-page cover section in Berlin format and a 24-page magazine section in half the Berlin format. Jungle World uses the Floris JW and Floris Text fonts specially designed for the newspaper by the typographer and type designer Lucas de Groot .

A new design was introduced with the 7th edition in 2016. Among other things, the title page has been made clearer and the cover section has been converted from three to five columns. A capital "J" acts as the logo for the print edition.

Circulation and distribution

According to the publisher's service, the newspaper appears nationwide with a weekly circulation of 16,250 copies, with 11,585 copies sold in 2016, including around 6300 subscriptions . These are critical to the newspaper's funding.

The Jungle World is distributed by Carnivora Verlagsservice and is available at numerous train stations as well as in selected kiosks and bookshops in Germany and Austria.


In the feature section overview Today in the feature sections of Perlentaucher and Spiegel-Online , texts published in Jungle World are regularly presented.

When articles were published in Jungle World after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 , which endorsed military action by Western states against al-Qaida or the Taliban , the newspaper was criticized by anti-militarists.

Authors who belong to the political spectrum of anti-Germans also regularly have their say . On the one hand, the Jungle World is often criticized by the Bahamas magazine, which is generally classified as "anti-German" , on the other hand the magazine was classified as one of the most important publications in the anti-German spectrum by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in 2005.

In a response to a parliamentary question in January 2012, the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs referred to “references to events from the left-wing extremist spectrum” in Jungle World , where “issues from the left-wing extremist anti-German spectrum are regularly taken up, among other things”. In the taz , Deniz Yücel described how the later Family Minister Kristina Schröder received him personally in 2006 and granted him a longer interview for Jungle World , which was published in the newspaper.

Authors (selection)

Since it was founded in 1997, the newspaper has published articles from:


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